Effects of cytomegalovirus - do not occur often, but can be severe

February 22, 2014

 the effects of cytomegalovirus
 Effects of cytomegalovirus (CMV) can be fatal, but they do not occur frequently, usually the same people almost do not face these problems. Fear is only those who have a sharp steady decline in immunity. Practice has shown that it is people with immune deficiencies, pregnant women and newborns.


Effects of cytomegalovirus in men and women

Peculiarities of cytomegalovirus (CMV) in people with normal immunity is that it runs invisibly in the form of a protracted course of acute respiratory infection with lesions of the salivary glands, or as a mononucleosis syndrome. In some cases, a small (low-grade) temperature after the cytomegalovirus (CMV) can be kept for several weeks. CMV - infection can also affect the genitals. Men usually affects the urethra and testicles, in women - cervical canal.

Implications for cytomegalovirus men are usually in the long flowing infectious and inflammatory process, because inflammation of viral origin, sooner or later joined by a bacterial infection. Identify the cause of this process is not easy, often men go to the doctor at the time of the survey for infertility. The consequences for women are exactly the same: a viral infection, "opens the door" for bacterial and mixed infectious-inflammatory process leads to infertility.

In order to win infertility in this case need to carefully examine the patient and the results of the survey assign adequate treatment.


The effects of cytomegalovirus infection in patients with immunodeficiency

In immunocompromised patients CMV manifests itself in full force. Infectious and inflammatory processes in these patients receive acute or chronic generalized renal disease (acute and chronic nephritis), liver (acute and chronic hepatitis), pancreas Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know  Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know
   (acute and chronic pancreatitis), gastrointestinal tract (acute and chronic gastoenterokolit) and so on.

But the most frequent consequence of CMV infection in immunocompromised patients is pneumonia caused by a mixed viral and bacterial infection. The disease can occur very difficult transition in the chronic form.

Very often it affects the central nervous system, mainly the shell and brain tissue and organs of vision. In patients with reduced immunity often develop chronic meningoencephalitis, which leads to lower intelligence and dementia. With the defeat of the organs of vision can develop blindness.


Effects of cytomegalovirus in pregnant women

Pregnant women who have had CMV infection is great enough risk of intrauterine infection of the fetus in the transmission of CMV from mother to fetus. In this primary CMV infection (if a woman is infected for the first time during pregnancy) is much more dangerous relapse of chronic infection. But, fortunately, in most cases, even primary CMV - infection is without consequences.

If CMV infection occurred in the first trimester or the first half of the second trimester, when the fetus intrauterine infection often develop malformations incompatible with life, and pregnancy is terminated by spontaneous abortion Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it?  Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it?

In later periods, the threat of intrauterine infection persists and the consequence of such infections may be damage to the central nervous system. The effects are manifested in the form of hydrocephalus (water on the brain when the baby's head becomes abnormally large), microcephaly (head of the child is very melenko due to lower volume of the brain), seizures, dementia, impaired vision and hearing even blindness and deafness. Sometimes the child is born apparently healthy, and the symptoms of intrauterine infection manifested him in a few weeks, months and even years.


Effects of cytomegalovirus for babies

CMV infection in newborns in most cases runs hard, in generalized form with the defeat of the internal organs and the central nervous system. Liver damage as acute hepatitis Acute hepatitis - always seriously  Acute hepatitis - always seriously
   It leads to progressive jaundice caused by the large amount of bile pigments in the blood, hemolytic anemia (anemia caused by destruction of red blood cells), reduction in blood platelets, and increased tendency to bleeding.

The defeat of the central nervous system may be manifested in the form of seizures, as well as the severe consequences of meningoencephalitis as mental retardation, and even complete mental retardation Mental retardation - if the mind is underdeveloped  Mental retardation - if the mind is underdeveloped

The consequence of CMV infection in newborns can also be visual and hearing impairment, even blindness and deafness.

Galina Romanenko

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Valtrex - help with different types of herpes

July 22, 2012

 Valtrex - is an antiviral drug, which is particularly sensitive to exhibit various types of herpes virus. It is used to treat and prevent recurrence of numerous types and locations of herpes infection.

 Valtrex - help with different types of herpes

How does valtrex

Valtrex (INN - valacyclovir) is a second-generation antiviral drug that produces a group of pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline (UK). Antiviral drug acyclovir is the first generation Acyclovir - as it is safe?  Acyclovir - as it is safe?
 Also first released this pharmaceutical company.

Valtrex is available in tablets of 500 mg. When the pill inside Valtrex enzymatically converted to acyclovir and inhibits the synthesis of DNA viruses are sensitive to it, ie it prevents their reproduction. Sensitivity to the drug exhibit Herpes simplex viruses I, II and VI types of herpes virus that causes shingles Ringworm - not only infectious disease  Ringworm - not only infectious disease
 , Cytomegalovirus.

Valtrex only differs from the method of delivery of acyclovir, resulting in its greater bioavailability (the ability to penetrate the tissue is higher than that of acyclovir in 4-5 times) and efficiency. Acyclovir is today often ineffective against the herpes virus while Valtrex in most cases completely inhibits the action of these viruses. It blocks the multiplication of viruses and their transmission to sexual partners reduces the duration of the acute phase of the disease with shingles. The number taking the drug can be reduced to one (instead of 3-5 receptions a day of acyclovir).

 Valtrex - help with different types of herpes

Who can receive Valtrex

Valtrex is appointed:

  • for the treatment of herpes zoster (shingles) - it contributes to the rapid completion of the acute stage of the disease, reduce the pain caused by the herpes virus lesion branches of peripheral nerves;
  • in the treatment of herpetic lesions of the skin and mucous membranes caused by the herpes simplex virus Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple  Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple
   I and II;
  • the treatment of "cold" on the lips, caused by the herpes simplex virus;
  • to prevent a recurrence of herpes simplex;
  • for the prevention of genital herpes infection of healthy sexual partner;
  • for the prevention of viral lesions during the transplant (transplant) bodies, in particular the prevention of cytomegalovirus infections and herpes, as before the transplant is performed actively suppressing the immune system of the patient, thereby joining a viral infection.

 Valtrex - help with different types of herpes

Contraindications for use

Admission Valtrex is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to it (or to acyclovir) of the patient. Babies Valtrex is not used due to lack of data on its impact on the child's body. With caution it is administered to patients with AIDS.

During pregnancy, Valtrex is prescribed only when the intended benefits to the body of the pregnant woman greater than the potential risk to the fetus. Laboratory tests did not reveal his Valtrex teratogenicity (ability to cause abnormal development) on the fetus. This reliable data on the effect of this drug on the fetus is not due to lack of adequate clinical trials in pregnant women.

Metabolite Valtrex Acyclovir is excreted in mother's milk. Therefore, nursing mothers, this drug is prescribed with caution and only when indicated.

Precautions Valtrex is prescribed for severe liver disease in violation of their functions, despite the fact that evidence of its negative impact on these patients have been identified. At decrease in renal function reduce the dose of Valtrex in accordance with the laboratory parameters that determine the degree of chronic renal failure.

In appointing Valtrex sick and dehydrated elderly patients, it is recommended to consume more fluids.

 Valtrex - help with different types of herpes

Side effects

Valtrex have a lot of side effects:

  • the central nervous system - headache, dizziness, mental confusion, hallucinations, impaired cognitive abilities; in rare cases develop psychosis, convulsions and coma;
  • the part of the digestive system - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, transient abnormal liver function;
  • from respiratory - disordered breathing;
  • from the blood - decrease in the number of white blood cells (the threat of additional bacterial infection), and platelets (increased bleeding);
  • by the kidneys and urinary tract - kidney colic Renal colic: a signal that the danger in the bud  Renal colic: a signal that the danger in the bud
 , Renal failure;
  • allergic reactions - rashes (including urticaria), itching, angioneurotic edema, very rarely - anaphylactic shock;
  • AIDS patients with a long reception Valtrex may develop renal dysfunction, anemia, decrease in the number of platelets and increased bleeding.

Valtrex - an effective antiviral drug that is taken only on prescription.

Galina Romanenko

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