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September 19th, 2013

  • Ringworm - not only infectious disease
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 lichen species

Types of depriving

Lisha used to be called any skin diseases. Currently known as "shingles" retained only for those skin diseases which are characterized by the appearance of scaly rash. Not all types of depriving contagious, there are some that are not caused by infectious agents, internal reasons.

The term "ringworm" unites a number of dermatosis (skin diseases) that are caused by various reasons and have a completely different appearance. So, there is a pink shingles Pink versicolor - treatment is not required  Pink versicolor - treatment is not required
 , Lichen planus (caused by internal factors), psoriasis (psoriasis), chromophytosis, lichen simplex (impetigo), ringworm Ringworm - how not to be left without hair  Ringworm - how not to be left without hair
   (some fungal skin disease) and so on.

 Forms | Ringworm - not only infectious disease

Pink zoster

Pink zoster (shingles Gilbert) - a scaly skin disease of infectious origin. Pathogen it exactly unknown, but suggests that it is a virus. Contagiousness (infectiousness) the disease is negligible, they can become infected only in the event that weakened the body's defenses (immune system). Pink zoster often develops after hypothermia, endured colds and so on. They can be transmitted through personal items, bedding of the patient, as well as by direct contact with him.

The disease most often occurs in young and middle aged, badly. On the skin of the trunk and flexor surfaces of the extremities appear symmetrical pinkish-yellow slightly raised above the skin spots rounded shape up to 1-2 cm in diameter. At the center of the spot there is a gentle folds of the skin, slight scaling and on the edge - corolla pinkish-red color, free from flakes. Often, a week before the rash appears on the skin of the mother plaque - large patches of bright pink to 4 cm in diameter with scales on the surface. Pink zoster may be accompanied by itching, sometimes at the beginning of the disease there is a small rise in temperature.

A month and a half spots fade away and gradually disappear, leaving no trace. Ringworm can go on their own without treatment. Do not wear narrow, constricting clothes and irritate the body of synthetic and coarse woolen cloth. For the treatment prescribed drugs that reduce swelling of tissues and relieves itching (antihistamines such as suprastin), drugs that strengthen the walls of blood vessels, preventing propotevanie liquid part of blood into the surrounding tissue and the formation of edema (eg Ascorutinum).

 Forms | Ringworm - not only infectious disease


Pityriasis versicolor or multicolored Colorful lichen: relapses  Colorful lichen: relapses
   - A disease caused by the yeast and characterized by the appearance of brown spots on the skin of the body mostly. The disease is not very contagious, occurs mostly in people with excessive sweating and changes in the chemical composition of sweat.

Manifested chromophytosis as brown spots that appear around the mouth of the hair follicles, light can itch. The spots fused together to form larger lesions. The surface is slightly scaly patches visible bran flakes, which are best detected when poskablivanii. The rash often located on the skin of the chest, back, shoulders, abdomen. Over time, the spots fade, and in their place are unpainted white areas of the skin. Long-term course of the disease, chronic.

Diagnosis is based on medical examination and confirmed by laboratory tests: in the scales taken from rashes, found the thread and fungus spores. Held as iodine sample or sample Balser: land affected skin smeared with tincture of iodine, and then wiped with alcohol: mushroom loosened skin quickly absorbs iodine and tinea versicolor spots stand out, turning to dark brown color on the background of slightly yellowed skin intact.

Treatment of the disease begins with the treatment of hyperhidrosis. The rash is treated with 3-5% solution of salicylic alcohol, used as antifungal agents. Treatment is carried out under laboratory control.

 Forms | Ringworm - not only infectious disease


So previously called fungal skin diseases of humans and animals caused by fungi Microsporum canis and Trichophyton tonsurans. Now ringworm, depending on the fungus causes it is called microsporia or trichophytosis.

It is very contagious (contagious) skin disease that affects the skin and its appendages (hair and nails). Most ringworm affects people with reduced immunity Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults  Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults
 Therefore it is as often occurs in children. Minor skin trauma (cuts, abrasions) also contribute to the contamination. The source of infection is a sick person or an animal (cat, dog, etc.), as well as household items, through which passed the infection.

The incubation period (time from infection until the first signs of the disease) ranges from several days to a month and a half, after which the skin appear round, scaly, slightly itchy spots. On the scalp lesion appears at the site of baldness rounded shape with broken at the level of a few millimeters from the head of hair.

The diagnosis of ringworm is established on the basis of medical examination and laboratory-confirmed: in scales and areas of affected skin, take the study found fungi - mycosis pathogens. The affected areas of skin fungus can also be seen in the rays of fluorescent lamps Wood - they get the green light.

Treatment is carried out with the help of antifungal drugs. Local lesion smeared iodine solutions and ointments (salicylic sulfur, sulfur tar and so on). Be sure to control the treatment is carried out: a person is considered cured after obtaining three negative results of the survey on the fungus.

Remember zoster may be different, to understand this and correctly treat the disease can only be a doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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Pink zoster - the unknown nature of the disease - Forum

June 21, 2013

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I was once also affected by this disease. Of course, I got to comment to the doctor, who prescribed me a treatment pink lichen clotrimazole. Having come to the pharmacy, I was amazed at the cost of this ointment, she stood less than 30 rubles. I even flashed the thought that perhaps it would be no effective remedy. But it was not there. Already after the first application I felt the itch decreased. As a result, I got rid of this unpleasant disease in less than a month.
I called a physician advised when gioksizan pink shingles. I somehow did not read the instructions to read, but in vain. I am relying on professionalism. This cream not only did not help me, and I think even worse done. Itching, of course, passed, nothing was scratched. But do not overgrown spots. I wish I did not use it. Price pleased me too, but the treatment had no effect.
Andrew, you are a strange man, just saw the appointment of the drug does not work I had to do some re-appointment and the doctor prescribed medication to another. It happens that the same drug helps some people and not others, the main time to consult, rather than continue to make stupid, despite the lack of results, and then say that the drug is bad.
Dear Daria, I, you know, not a walker to doctors, especially in the second round. For a long time to understand that if you want to get well, help yourself. Internet teach and deliver a diagnosis, and how to treat - will tell. Here's an example there - to sense something that went. I do not want to say that all doctors are, but I'll deal in such things as some spots on the skin. Gone, not left.
Andrew, I agree with you, the Internet tells us sometimes better doctor. Before sludge all about fifty bucks, quarreled with all the more ill, and not only denies, but also more interesting than. Yes, and the doctor may not be qualified in a slipshod for a miserable salary that your sores are not needed in FIG. However, you can put yourself not correct diagnosis and so suffer from the self that no doctor then will not cure.
I still think that pink zoster disease belongs to the category of those that occur in violation of the immune system. It seems to be clearly not transferred, but whence it arises? I have a doctor friend said that it's more like herpes, but he puts it, in his own way. And it's definitely a virus. Therefore, the main purpose - is to put in order the immune system.
Stand by Roman, I also made it as an assignment for herpes type. Appointed at tsikloferon pink zoster, as many as 10 shots. In addition, more immunomodulators and anti-herpes acyclovir. Two courses passed with a break. At first I did not understand the connection, in addition to the plaques on the body blisters something was not normal. But the doctor explained that it is common practice, and it just so treats.
Oh, and I was worn out with this muck from her daughter. I do not know how she contracted ringworm, as no cats or other animals we have. Treated natural dermatologist. Generally some sear home with the help of iodine, but I think it is wrong. Then scars may remain, but it is very ugly and unpleasant for everyone. We prescribed creams and compresses. Cured successfully.
Angela, I think that this infection can be picked up not only on animals but also on the sick person. In principle the disease are more prone to people with weakened immune systems. Because the medicine is known not a few cases when a person is in contact with the patient is not infected because of their strong immune system. Therefore, we would like to advise you to pay attention to what you do to strengthen the immunity of the child. To the disease has not returned to the girl again.
What does the cat, if I recommended treatment pink lichen acyclovir, although very reason not found? But I just said that I have a cold after these spots have appeared. Because the doctor knows best what treatment to assign. I saw tablets, but not smeared. It was too big an area was struck on the body, an ointment is not impossible to satiate. I believe that acyclovir saved me from this misfortune.
People rodnenky, tell me how to get rid of the pink lichen. Already worn out, my strength is gone. I tried everything, beginning and ending with the popular traditional medicine. Maybe someone can recommend an effective ointment to this infection gone. I have razpolzlis spots all over the body, especially a lot of them on the chest and behind the ears. I am afraid that on the face does not move.
Nastasya, of course you are applying at. Here each diploma doctor and the diagnosis we put right by your comments. You refer to a hospital, even if no one, for that they are there to help people. The article even says that it can not be treated, so can you just the variety of medications and exacerbate the disease.
Nastasya, be patient, it will have to go through. It is clear that such a "beauty" and on the street once again not to marry, but it is a disease. I sympathize with you, but I do not advise to smear. Get used to this crap cream quickly. Maybe it's better that some of the people's recommendations? Yes, even celandine, and then use more. At least a little itch stops.
Poor thing, how can you torture all the time. I also know what kind of crap, she has recently been ill. But I can see the luckier I have spots on the back and belly are not sprawling. I smeared triderm, sold in a pharmacy. Good tool, my friends also helped. You can try, damage certainly will not be. And try not to wet, at least on the face.
Inna, here you advise triderm cream pink lichen. I personally did not help. I smeared over a week, but more spots spread throughout the body. I have one old lady suggested to smear ointment sulfuric, though it's not exactly pleasant procedure, but effective. I have just a week's all gone, not even a speck left. So each approach its treatment.
Here's something I do not understand, pink versicolor is a fungus? Judging by the description, it seems. Although if you look at the symptoms, they are different in these two diseases. I, pah-pah, it was not anything like that, but now, after reading here, I will be afraid of any spots on the body. I do not want to pick up this crap. Still, it's contagious, which would not be here talking ((.
Alena, and it is not the same and not another. Doctors themselves are not decided on the nature of the occurrence. And what you know about the skin disease ringworm pink, if you did not touch it? I have here the interest is there. Because Mom systematically treat this disease for 6 years. All with varying success. Here, looking for money, at least not completely get rid, but relief.
I do not know who was only one spot and successfully gone, and I have since these medallions have walked all over the body. Two weeks have passed and they are gone. Secretly I tell you that my doctor prescribed acyclovir tablets as the main drug. Somehow, she thought it would help. Maybe it helped, or maybe the past itself, who knows. Pets little contact with me, just in case. I am afraid that does not happen again.
I do not understand. All write, ask, but how to cure pink zoster, is not written a word. If I understand correctly, this stuff does not treat, or simply wait when all will pass on their own, or suffer, as are recurrent relapses. While that's written that you support this infection once in their lifetime.
Darinka, we even doctors do not know from what appears pink shingles. Well, okay, I do not know it, but they are obliged to treat it. Just do not know how to properly diagnose and everything. Like the first time they see these spots, by golly. What sort of response - will take place itself? And then are surprised that patients engage in self, Old in the internet are looking for. Best of self, rather than wait for the deterioration. I was wrong?
When I touched this infection, the doctor gave me a purpose and wrote a cure pink lichen, as I remember with great hope for recovery, drinking drugs such as Zodak, Tsetrin. But defeat on my skin did not stop. Then I turned to the internet, only here I learned that such tabletochki not speed up the healing process, and the disease is not treated. All that is subject to them, it's only weaken intolerable itching. In other words, the doctor just tried to alleviate my suffering.
Ivan, I had the same problem. The doctor has been written so many drugs that already frightened. On the Internet, I read what is actually pink zoster Gibert not applied treatment. It is a strange skin disease is not clear because of what appeared in itself passes. So we remain with you just wait and try to stick to the recommendations.
I often pops up this sore. All because of my problems with immunity. What ointment pink lichen help you? I have subscribed to the doctors so many things, but unfortunately, they do not help either immediately or over time, it is no longer effective. My last doctor said she did not know what I prescribe. Maybe there are sufferers who helped good a preparation?
Ian, even if your doctor can not find you a suitable ointment, why do you think that there is someone able to advise you on the correct medication. I was a little shocked by the last sentence of your doctor. I think that you just do not need to search for advisors in the network, among which, it should be noted, there may be people with bad intentions, and to find a qualified professional. To deepen in your problem and begin to treat not the consequences and causes.
The first time I heard about this disease. I wonder how many different species of lichen there. I wonder after all, what could cause this disease, I'm here and have not found the answer. And judging by the reviews, the reasons may be different, all the disease passes individually. Is it possible to protect yourself from this? Maybe you need to take immunomodulators to boost immunity?
Karina, I'm surprised you. Do not you never heard of this disease? It is now quite common, every tenth person has ever been ill with it. I myself suffered three years ago. I am grateful to her friend suggested how to get rid of. The truth still had to be smeared with for about a month, but at least a trace of spots left, and something good.
I once encountered a similar problem, eruptions have been in the area of ​​the neck, but there was a strong itch. At that time, I lived a cat, which for six months before I treated by stripping, so I was scared and immediately ran to the dermatologist. I believe that if any changes in the skin should definitely consult a specialist and do not try to help themselves.
Valeria, cats and dogs are the main carriers of the disease, so it is necessary to completely eliminate their cohabitation with humans. For example, in urban apartments, many animals kept, it would be good to make the hosts pay for them later. This has forced many to abandon cats, dogs, and then there would be fewer cases.
I just have some kind of attack against this disease. I have it there every summer for some reason. Does anyone know the cause of the pink lichen? I already break. Basically it all comes down to immunity. But why is it at me in the summer going? No animals, I do not touch, do not get sick. Already waved pharmacies ointments, gels buy. Not really, they help me.
Alexander, as you look to colleagues at work, maybe some of them every year, this infection is sick, you do pick up a from her infection. The first thing you need to urgently stop to shake hands with colleagues refrain from friendly hugs and kisses on the cheek. Also, in no case, do not use common soap and do not let his cup to the other so that they drank some coffee.
Olga, well, at the expense of the cup can not worry if you carefully read the material. you would see that it says that the disease is likely not contagious. Although it is said this is not very confident, therefore, on the other hand still need to be afraid of those who have suspicious stains. In any case, if you see next to a man, it is necessary to send him to the hospital and did not listen to his tale that he is not contagious.
I thought it was exclusively a childhood disease, we have the garden one girl was ill. And then there's the pink. Once at ease. Marvel at how the world of contagion, appears out of nowhere and goes nowhere. And again, most cases of stress. as well as in our time not to be nervous. It turns out that none of this does not SAG *** IAOD and it can stick to each. But still need basic precautions.
I once had one velvety patch on the arm, flaky, by all indications - this is it. But I have nothing to smear, the doctor was going to go. And they take it and be gone without a trace. Here I swear, did not do anything. Is it possible? Then I lived alone, no one was infected.)) Now I look with apprehension, if there was anything like that. But it looks, like it is not repeated.
Nastya, if you have had a pronounced symptom that had rather go to the doctor and ask him how to treat pink deprive. You pulled up to the last, is this thing you did not pass. In the future, it is better not to risk it because if you would, something contagious, you can become a peddler and the cause of the disease to other people. Believe me then still know everything and nobody will thank you for it.
whether it is possible to sunbathe in the pink shingles?
Inna, is not only possible, but necessary. But of course within reason, do not get carried away with lying on the beach in the very hot sun. Salt water and pink zoster, is implacable enemies, the sea will accelerate recovery and itching is not as strong. But smear while irritated place with all sorts of unnecessary means, let the skin breathe and quickly dries up. And of course, do not worry about it.
I read the comments and made a desperate feyspalm. People who have certain symptoms and lung cancer if you have something does not match, then you have something else! I myself had been ill with them, re-read so many things, so I know that govoryu.1) RL can not be obtained from the animals! 2) RL is not a fungus, he is not treated with antifungal drugs, he never treated anything to drink only antiallergic + support immunity. The more you TRЁTE ITS and annoying - the longer it PROHODIT.3) RL sick once. If you do, he repeated, it means that the treatment you are herded inside the virus and did not allow the body to overcome it and develop immunitet.4) after lung cancer remains the dark pigment spots. If you are white, it is not lung cancer, and some other, pityriasis or color! In general, everything. I eruptions stopped after 4 weeks after the mother's spots, and then only peel off the skin.
I also suffered this terrible disease. Went to the dermatologist - it is not contagious, causes: stress and hypothermia. Verified. Ill said once in a lifetime. This virus is the most secure, as I was told. You can not cure anything, but I wrote out the ointment. This ointment did not change anything, I decided myself to undergo treatment at its discretion: Malov and ointment AKRIDERM. This proven tools that helped me get rid of the virus without a trace! And suffered almost 3 months, thought to go crazy, I razdrozhalo anything and everything! Maybe you can help. Wipe malovitom and apply ointment points on damaged skin. I wish you health! And less nervous and not supercool !!!
I tell your story . after prolonged antibiotic treatment led to a dramatic decrease in immunity .  week after treatment plaque appeared on the neck, and then more and more . at night, a terrible itch . I went to the doctor the dermatologist (very well) .  She asks: "taking antibiotics?" That's the result of the pink lichen clings to the weakened body, and a terrible itch only at night and the local obsypaniya mainly P . A . not passed and if ill .  it is no longer ill .  treatment of strengthening the immune system, in no case do not rub out anyone any place (even in the shower), she told me not to wash 4 months .  and I have not washed naturally only the head and place of hygiene, calcium gluconate and salicylic alcohol-lubricated .  I have just completed the appointment of lubrication-salicylic alcohol and limiting wash .  salicylic alcohol relieves itching and patches on the pale eyes and took me 2 weeks and continued not to wash the period which marked Dr. .
Why is there no one wrote about calcium gluconate ?! I have one and a half months of torment ended in the same meeting with the good doctor. You can not heal itself will take place (ever), but you can make 10 injections of calcium gluconate (10 ml) and do not be afraid to undress in 2 weeks. Within three days all the spots turn white! Do not be afraid of injections! Tablets and ointments from this lichen are ineffective!
may all who have long tormented by this garbage is not pink shingles? Pink zoster - a reaction to the virus, and the other person may not occur. I had it. first thought is allergic to approx. dermatologist looked eruption, found mother's spot, with which it all began. I sent a quartz lamp in a procedural. Treatment requires !!!!. said the summer and enough sun. made 2 sessions on the lamp (it was the new year), a couple of weeks it went. no smear. husband, the child is not infected.
Good evening! .  .  . .  . .  .  . .  .  . .  .  .  .
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