Rotavirus: a favorable prognosis - Treatment

June 22, 2013

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 treatment of rotavirus infection


The most common cause of acute diarrhea, especially in children - rotavirus infection. Rotavirus is highly contagious and is easily transmitted from person to person by direct contact with infected objects. Although doctors can diagnose rotavirus infection by performing analysis of samples of feces, often these tests are not required. Except in very rare cases, the infection goes away on their own rotavirus in a few days, without requiring medical intervention.

 Treatment | Rotavirus: favorable prognosis

"Watchful waiting"

As such drugs rotavirus does not exist: the majority of people infected with rotavirus do not require specific treatment under medical supervision, and infection symptoms disappear after a few days. With regard to the method of rotavirus "watchful waiting" - that is, the observation of the dynamics of the disease and its symptoms.

When rotavirus recommended bed rest and an increase in the number of consumed liquid helps prevent dehydration - one of the most dangerous consequences of rotavirus.

Usually the symptoms of rotavirus infection in this mode disappear on their own within a few days. If the diarrhea lasts more than a week or intense vomiting occurs for more than two days, you should consult a doctor who will recommend more aggressive treatments.

 Treatment | Rotavirus: favorable prognosis


Enough common effects of rotavirus infection, provoking diarrhea and vomiting - dehydration, prevention and treatment which is applied rehydration therapy, the recovery of loss of fluid and electrolytes. If the symptoms of rotavirus infection is quite soft, intensive treatment is not required - enough to eat an adequate amount of fluid in the home.

However, in acute treatment of symptoms of dehydration caused by rotavirus is most often requires special oral rehydration solution, restoring the chemical balance in the body. For rehydration of the body are not suitable drinks containing sugar - they may cause irritation of the digestive system and aggravate diarrhea.

 Treatment | Rotavirus: favorable prognosis

Intravenous rehydration

In some cases of rotavirus infection required hospitalization and intravenous rehydration, compensates for the loss of body fluids and electrolytes. This intensive treatment is necessary in case of acute and prolonged symptoms of rotavirus infection that can cause dehydration and lead to death. Intravenous rehydration is often used in cases of dehydration in young children or elderly people with weakened immune systems.

 Treatment | Rotavirus: favorable prognosis

Light diet

To return to the usual diet after the weakening of rotavirus should be gradually - solid food (especially fatty and fried) may have an irritating effect on the intestinal mucosa already damaged rotavirus. To restore the body recommended a light diet - the usual pasta, white rice, bananas Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
 Dry toast and crackers. In addition, the better to eat small meals more often.

 Treatment | Rotavirus: favorable prognosis

The complex of therapeutic measures

Drugs specifically directed against Rotavirus does not exist. The main treatment of rotavirus infection is aimed at eliminating the pathological symptoms that develop as a result of exposure to the virus. In the first place, this struggle with dehydration or dehydration, elimination of intestinal disorders and various disorders of other organs and systems (cardiovascular, urinary system), as well as the prevention of secondary bacterial infections. During the remedial measures necessary to adhere to nutritional advice. It should refrain from the use of milk and dairy products, as they are for the development of excellent bacteria breeding ground.

No need to force the patient to eat hard, especially when you consider that your appetite will be reduced. The main principle of supply should be to eat small meals at regular intervals, which helps to prevent vomiting. Drinking cooked homemade jelly or fruit drinks, as well as low-fat broth. During the acute period of the disease need to eliminate fatty, smoked, canned or pickled foods. Best option in the diet of rotavirus infection Diet for rotavirus infection: drink plenty of fluids  Diet for rotavirus infection: drink plenty of fluids
   it is cooked in water with no oil or butter rice porridge. With the improvement of the general condition and elimination of pathological symptoms of the diet can be extended, but the first time to eat food only boiled and stewed.

Given that one of the most severe manifestations of the infection is frequent diarrhea and vomiting, the drug therapy should be aimed at filling the volume of lost fluids.

For this purpose, you can use the powder rehydron, which is diluted in one liter of water. If therapy is a child, the single dose given to 50 ml rehydron. Should not be given a large amount of powder at one time, as it often leads to a resumption of vomiting. Even in the case of missing the reception of the powder is not necessary to increase the subsequent dose, it must be not more than 50 ml. The interval between doses rehydron is about 30 minutes. Restores the volume of liquid is particularly important to children aged one year and older. If the background of vomiting and diarrhea are eliminated symptoms of dehydration, you have small children it can cause death.

As for the reaction temperature, it is necessary to achieve temperature reduction only in numbers 38 about C and above. For this purpose, use of the rectal temperature, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory component. For a child is the most common treatment option, as it does not affect his sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   and wakefulness. If the effect of rectal suppositories is not sufficient and the temperature continues to hold at high numbers, you can assign the drug acetaminophen with analginum. The most justified the use of rotavirus infection paracetamol. The dose of medication is adjusted depending on the patient's age, the initial dose for children should be a quarter of Analgin tablets.

Good results give general wiping body vodka solution. This procedure effectively reduces the temperature and results in an easier condition. It is important to wipe off the whole body, rather than individual parts of the body to prevent the difference in temperature. After completion of the procedure necessary to keep your feet warm, so I need to put on warm socks. When lowering the temperature already given tablets or rectal put the candle, then you should wait for thirty minutes and only then start wiping body. In the course of treatment should always be monitored the temperature of the reaction, so long as the increase in body temperature above 39 about With adversely affects the functions of the main systems of the organism, especially the brain.

Intestinal disorders in rotavirus infection is often accompanied by painful sensations that may occur by the type of colicky pain. Appointment antispasmodics eliminates the pain, to this end, the solution can be applied shpy standard therapeutic dose. The most difficult children carry the infection, while an adult can suffer viral infection without negative health consequences. In most clinical cases in adults there is a distinct clinical picture of the disease, specific treatment in most cases is not carried out.

 Treatment | Rotavirus: favorable prognosis

Things to remember

Conduct an effective treatment possible without observance of preventive measures. In the first place you can put event with hygienic orientation. Always before eating wash hands with soap, that was not the source of infection in the form of dirty hands. All products should be washed thoroughly and, to comply with all recommendations for heat treatment. The water which is used for drinking, should be boiled, it is especially dangerous to drink water How to drink water to lose weight  How to drink water to lose weight
   from untrusted sources.

Also alimentary route of infection can be spread by airborne droplets, so the period of illness the sick person should be isolated .  This will help prevent infection of other family members, people who are in close contact with the patient .  Especially actually deal with issues of prevention during flu season .  Natural herbal remedies, which have antiviral properties (natural volatile), it is recommended to use the period of deterioration of the epidemiological situation of influenza .  This group of drugs approved for use at any age, as well as pregnant women, so their purpose is justified from the point of view of prevention .  There are specific prevention, which includes the appointment of vaccines that contain live attenuated virus culture .  There are several types of vaccines created, they have passed the required clinical trials and approved for use .