Losing weight with the help of activated charcoal - rapid cleansing of the body

June 11, 2009

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 Losing weight with the help of activated carbon
 Year after year, we as the last straws for stellar diet, hoping that someone who really, and the stars know exactly how to get rid of excess weight. And this year was no exception. Rating diets star of the last decade led by weight loss with activated charcoal. Agree, pretty non-trivial and requires little effort and cost way to lose weight.

It turns out that this diet is not there yesterday, though relatively recently - about ten years ago. After appearing in the sale of various sorbents activated carbon forgotten about. Although it is best activated carbon filter material, and its scope is very extensive. Many celebrities use activated carbon for weight loss, including soloist Girls Aloud Sarah Harding. It is a powdered activated carbon food that helps removes toxins, decay products and other harmful substances.


What is activated carbon?

During the combustion of wood is sometimes not enough oxygen for complete combustion. After the water evaporates, containing carbon in the wood is converted into carbon black or ash. That is what we see in the extinct fire or fireplace that burned down wood.

Activated carbon - is the same carbon prepared by chemical activation at high temperatures (1000 ° C) using oxidising gas.

This increases the porosity of the coal structure, thereby increasing its surface adsorption and as a result three - four times the efficiency is improved (compared with charcoal). The resulting preparation has excellent adsorption and catalytic action. The most common raw material for the manufacture of activated carbon used wood and coal, animal bones, walnut and coconut sawdust.

Activated charcoal acts as a filter, cleaning our body. Therefore, it is widely used in medicine: infections, food poisoning, allergies and diarrhea.


Activated carbon and slimming

The "new" fashion for slimming and detoxification with activated carbon is not so new. Man has used coal from the earliest times, but not for weight loss. The earliest historical mention of the use of coal, refers to ancient India where Sanskrit scriptures say that drinking water must first pass through the coal, soaking in copper vessels and exposed to sunlight.

The unique and useful properties of coal were also known in ancient Egypt, where charcoal is used for medical purposes is already 1500 years before our era. Ancient Romans also used coal to clean drinking water, beer and wine.

At the end of the XVIII century, scientists have known that carbon is able to absorb a variety of gases, vapors and solutes. In everyday life, people have observed that if by boiling water in a pot, where before it was cooked dinner, throw some wood embers, the taste and smell of food disappear. Eventually, the activated carbon was used for the purification of sugars, for trapping fuel in natural gas, in dyeing textiles, leather tanning.

The assertion that the activated carbon promotes weight loss is still not entirely unfounded. As an independent agent to reset the excess weight he is completely useless: only detoxifies and cleanses the digestive tract. But as an aid - it is very effective. The fact that the activated carbon to some extent affects the metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 . It may be disrupted due to the presence in the body of a large amount of slag. Their removal - this is the goal pursued by taking this drug.



With prolonged use of activated carbon can also have a negative impact. In particular, induce vomiting, nausea and general toxicosis. Therefore, the activated carbon should be no more than ten days. Activated carbon serves as a means of emergency aid and continuous use can significantly weaken the organism, because it absorbs not only harmful and toxic substances, but also on vitamins, amino acids, including the essential enzymes, without which the body is unable to function normally .

To cleanse the body is recommended to use activated carbon Activated carbon - old but indispensable  Activated carbon - old but indispensable
   as follows: The first day - one tablet second day - two tablets third day - three tablets and so on, until the number of tablets will not be - one tablet per 10 kg of body weight, then pills of activated carbon start descending until reach to zero.

This method of cleansing the body Methods for purification of the body  Methods for purification of the body
   the most gentle and is characterized by its low cost and simplicity. Take the pill the next morning, on an empty stomach, drinking a glass of warm mineral or boiled water.

Acceptance of activated carbon in therapeutic doses has no contraindications, even pregnant women, often helps to alleviate the phenomenon of toxicity, facilitates the work of the liver and cleanses the body of accumulated therein harmful substances, toxins, toxins. On the development of the child and the color of his skin at the birth of activated charcoal method has no side effects.


Interaction with other drugs

Activated carbon has adsorbent properties and while receiving the high dose with other drugs can significantly reduce their absorption from the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of other drugs. It should stand an hour or two between taking activated charcoal and other medicines.

Activated charcoal is sold in pharmacies in tablets and is recommended for cleansing the body Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration  Cleansing the body - comprehensive restoration
 But he was never competent recommended as a means of diet. It can be used as an aid to dieting. In order not to gain weight soon after a course of slimming activated carbon, lead a healthy lifestyle.

Celery soup for weight loss: continuous use

December 17, 2014

 Celery soup for weight loss
 Among the many ways to lose weight are especially popular diets based on practically limitless use of a product or special meals, helps to lose weight. Dishes such a lot, but is especially known for soups on the basis of celery or cabbage. No hunger pangs, more than that, more often celery soup for weight loss, the sooner leave the hated kilograms.


There are thin

The more a person eats, the more it consumes calories. The more calories enters the body, the more they are deposited under the skin. It would seem that everything is simple, and the most popular slogan of losing weight is to eat less a call (or even not at all there - the slogan is also not uncommon).

Indeed, restrictions on food necessarily help lose weight, examples of this darkness. The main thing - do not stop half way and limit your diet to achieve the perfect size. But in practice this is not easy. The constant feeling of hunger, fatigue, headache, malaise and bad mood - faithful companions of any diet. And if you add to this a strong psychological discomfort caused by the rejection of the "tasty", the envy of those who imagine anything not refuse, it becomes clear why strict diets kept unit.

But even those who manage to lose weight with the help of the covenant of the great ballerina, calls for "eat less" is rarely achieved save weight permanently. And there is a simple explanation. The fact that the human body is rather complicated, and it is easy to adapt to changing conditions. Thus, the metabolism varies with caloric: the smaller it is, the less calories. And at some point, the weight starts to add even a small amount of calories.

That's why nutritionists do not recommend strict diet. Much better to eat plenty, but choose to eat the right foods to help you lose weight.


Right product

Weight Loss Products - is, above all, rich in fiber and potassium vegetables. Fiber does not contain calories, it leaves the body unchanged, simultaneously purifying the intestines of harmful substances and stimulate digestion. This fiber creates a wonderful feeling of satiety, filling the stomach. This quality fiber is used in many weight loss diets.

There is even the term "negative calorie". Foods with negative calories - are products on the digestion of which the body spends more energy than it receives from incineration.

As for potassium, it helps rid the body of excess fluid How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways  How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways
 , To put it simply - the swelling. It is no secret that obesity often - it's not just the excess fat, but also unnecessary water. Getting rid of it can be achieved to reduce the volume of, and in addition, to stimulate fat burning.

Therefore, the diet should be rich in vegetables? Yes, of course. Even those who are not seeking to lose weight, nutritionists strongly recommend to eat at least a pound a day as a vegetable. Slimming same vegetables can replace other sources of calories, for example, rolls with butter and cakes - the benefits of celery, carrots and cabbage will be much more. Vegetables are good in salads, hot dishes, as garnish. But the best option for losing weight - it's vegetable soup. Recipes soups for weight loss a lot, and the best of them is celery soup.


Celery soup for weight loss: the secrets of effective

The whole day has a delicious and hearty soup, indulging in the additive, and thus lose weight - possible? The inventors of celery soup diet say that yes, maybe. Celery malokalorien, it effectively removes the feeling of hunger due to the high fiber content, cleanses the body, stimulates metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 It improves digestion. Due to the content of sodium celery easily allows you to do without salt. A strong flavor of celery stalks attached to even the most simple meals taste.

Soup for weight loss with celery can be prepared in different ways and from different vegetables, but you must follow a few rules:

  • To salt the soup can not be;
  • Use spices, too, is not recommended as a last resort, you can add a bit of garlic Garlic health: almost a panacea  Garlic health: almost a panacea
   or a pinch of black pepper;
  • The soup does not add any fat, fried vegetables, sour cream feeding too should be abandoned;
  • You can use celery stalks and fresh herbs. Roots, even though they are low-calorie, too, are not suitable for soup;
  • To prepare the soup used only non-starchy vegetables (ie potatoes and beets should be excluded, carrots - limit).

The most popular soup recipe - equal parts of celery and cabbage (cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli). These vegetables add 2-3 tomatoes, onions 5-6 (or 5-6 stalks leeks for more delicate taste), a sweet pepper. Some add to the soup a couple of carrots and greens.

Cook the soup in boiling water for 10 minutes over high heat. Then Bates fire and cook the soup until the vegetables are tender. Ready soup can be wiped using a blender or there is so - in any case it will be very useful.


Diet with celery soup

Methods slimming soup of celery different. It is possible for three days and only eat soup broth, but without limitation. You can complement the other soup dishes - such as vegetables, fruit, a small amount of lean meat.

The most famous diet with soup offers in addition to the first day of liquid dish eat any fruit except bananas for Bananas: the benefits and harms health  Bananas: the benefits and harms health
 . On the second day the menu includes soup and a baked kartoshinu. The diet of the third and fifth day of the soup and salad. On the fourth day you can also taste the soup in addition to a piece of boiled chicken breast. On the sixth day - a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice or a couple of apples. The Seventh-day menu includes soup and a plate other than rice without salt.

Of course, the menu is not very diverse, but because of celery soup with hunger will not. And the result will be, and how: the developers promise a loss diets 5-8 kg for 7 days.

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