Xenical - only under medical supervision

February 4, 2007

  • Xenical - only under medical supervision
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 The active ingredient in Xenical is orlistat capsules, which refers to a lipase inhibitor. It is used in the treatment of people suffering from overweight and obesity. Xenical is not absorbed into the blood, and operates in the stomach and small intestine, blocking the activity of the two constituents of the gastric juice: gastric lipase and pancreatic lipase. Normally these substances are digested fats for human consumption.

Fats contained in the products are composed of molecules that are too large to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Gastric and pancreatic lipases cleave them into smaller molecules, so that they can easily get into the blood. Orlistat inhibits the function of enzymes, whereby the body can not use the fat as a source of energy or transform it in fatty tissue. Instead, the fat is displayed during bowel movements, helping to reduce weight.


How to use Xenical?

Xenical should be used in conjunction with increased physical activity and a low-calorie diet. Approximately 30% of all calories should come from fat, at the same time during each meal you need to eat approximately the same amount of fat as well as products from other food groups. For example, if a patient can eat 1400 calories a day, at every meal he can eat about 15 grams of fat. The doctor assigned to receive Xenical should develop a detailed plan for the patient's nutrition and physical activity.

Xenical typically prescribed to patients with a body mass index of 30 or more. In some cases, it receives patients with a BMI of 28 or higher if the patients have diseases that can be aggravated by obesity.



Xenical should be taken during meals or immediately after, in extreme cases - for one hour after eating. If a patient misses a meal or the meal contains no fat, it does not need to take the drug - it has no effect if the patient not to eat fat.

Do not take more than three Xenical capsules per day.

Since the drug is to prevent the absorption of fat in the use of very fatty foods may experience symptoms such as flatulence, oily secretions Discharges in women when there is cause for concern  Discharges in women when there is cause for concern
   from the anus, frequent urge to defecate, and the soft, fatty stools.

Xenical can disrupt the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins - A, D, E, and K. In order to get all the necessary nutrients, it should be included in the diet as many fruits and vegetables. If your doctor has recommended intake of vitamins, take them at least two hours before receiving Xenical, or before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams

If while taking Xenical you there is a strong and / or prolonged rectal bleeding, as soon as possible to consult with your doctor.

Severe diarrhea Diarrhea (diarrhea) - a familiar nuisance  Diarrhea (diarrhea) - a familiar nuisance
 Which is sometimes a side effect of Xenical, can weaken the effect of birth control pills Birth control pills - do not forget to consult a doctor  Birth control pills - do not forget to consult a doctor
 . Therefore, the appearance of such side effects need to use additional means of protection against pregnancy.

If during the 12 weeks of treatment your weight decrease of at least 5%, the physician would probably tell stop taking the drug. When it is necessary to continue to eat right and exercise regularly to keep the outcome.

Use Xenical with caution in the following cases:

Long-term kidney disease

  • Diabetes (at weight reduction sugar level may return to normal fairly quickly, so you need time to adjust the dose of antidiabetic drugs)
  • Hypothyroidism, or decreased activity of the thyroid gland
  • Epilepsy (Xenical may affect the absorption of antiepileptic drugs)

How to make yourself lose weight - psychological tricks and global strategy

November 15, 2014

  • How to make yourself lose weight - psychological tricks and global strategy
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 how to make yourself lose weight
 Probably everyone knows that a healthy weight and a slim figure Practical tips for a slim figure  Practical tips for a slim figure
   - It is not only beautiful, but also good for health. But force yourself to lose weight, overcome years been forming habits, change diet, start to exercise more?

Many people lack the motivation only on short-term efforts, but they are not sufficient to achieve significant and sustainable results. Moreover, many sincerely believe that they can lose weight quickly - even if they have accumulated a few dozen extra kilos. In fact, to get rid of the excess fat tissue and find a beautiful body (it is not the same thing - for the first goal quite a low calorie diet, the second you need to also engage in sports), you need a long, hard and thoroughly work on yourself. In most cases, it will have to forever change the way of life, and this in turn requires internal changes. Thus, we come to what many experts say - slimming begins in the head, with your motivation, attitude, attitude towards themselves, their achievements and failures.


How mentally force yourself to lose weight

Imagine yourself slim. You may come across this advice found in many books and articles about attracting success and wealth: if you want to get rich, think like a rich man. Does this advice in the case of money, is not precisely known, but psychologists say that it works fine for those who want to lose weight. Visualize the future itself - that what you will be in six months or a year: how good you'll look and feel without the extra kilos. Here you can rely on your imagination, or use old photos of the time, when you were slim. Think about what you would like to, but can not do because of their excess weight, and imagine what the future of these studies will be available to you.

It is important to motivate yourself that will be in your life, when you become slim, but not because of her leave.

For example, do not tell yourself, "I cease to look so bad," and "I will look attractive and elegant." Positive motivation in most cases effectively negative.

Consider also that in the long term, extra weight can lead to serious health problems. Losing weight will help you not only become more beautiful, but also improve their chances of staying healthy and active in old age.


Strive for achievable goals

Lose ten kilograms in one month is extremely difficult, and often it is harmful to health. It is much better and easier to lose weight, for example, one or two kilograms per month. Putting ourselves unrealistic goals, you will constantly feel the psychological pressure (even if you will not tell anyone about the purpose), and if you do not reach that very likely to negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   and added a sense of guilt. Negative emotions and depression often leads to failure of diets, overeating and redial dropped kilograms.

Make a list of deliverables. This is, firstly, at least partially relieve you of a completely natural fear of big goals. Secondly, it will make the process of achieving a clear - you'll see some small steps gradually lead you to the desired result. You can include in your list, for example, the following items:

  • Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables every day;
  • The practice of sport, at least for half an hour, at least five times a week;
  • Drink alcohol only on weekends (or not use it at all);
  • Eating meat or fish with a side dish of fresh vegetables instead of potatoes or rice;
  • Drink at least one and a half liters of water a day.


Enlist the support of friends or family

Most people need psychological support, especially when they are on the way to a difficult goal. If you have to lose many kilos, tell us about someone from friends or relatives, and refer to them when you feel that your motivation is weakening - such moments certainly will come.

You can also contact a support group or through social networks to find people who, like you, want to lose weight and need to be like-minded. Psychologists say that the vast majority of people who can rely on someone's support, better able to cope with serious tasks than those who try to reach the goal alone.


Reward yourself

For example, for every dropped two or three kilograms of giving yourself a massage, manicure or pedicure, going to the movies, or anything else.