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October 5, 2006

  • Bulimia - how to deal with an invisible enemy?
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 Bulimia causes


The exact cause of bulimia is unknown. As is the case with other mental illnesses Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?  Mental illness - ashamed to ask for help?
 On the origin and development of eating disorders can be affected by many factors, including such as heredity, lifestyle factors, psychological disorders, the influence of family and society.

 Causes | Bulimia - how to deal with an invisible enemy?

  • Biology. There may be genes that make some people more susceptible to eating disorders than others. For example, people whose close relatives have suffered from bulimia, are also quite likely to develop the disease. It is also likely that the lack of serotonin may play a role in the development of bulimia.
  • Habits. Some habits, such as part of a diet or a very active sports, may contribute to the development of bulimia. Diet - the main cause of overeating; as soon as the person ceases to follow strict dietary restrictions, he starts to overeat.
  • Psychological health. Very often, overeating and bulimia cause serious psychological problems such as low self-esteem, perfectionism, impulsivity, anger management difficulties, family conflicts, relationship problems Seven of problems in relationships and how to solve them  Seven of problems in relationships and how to solve them
   and so on.
  • Society. Modern society often requires its members to harmony, if not thinness. The success and significance are often equated to comply with generally accepted standards of beauty. Media exacerbate the problem that popularize images of slim celebrities as standard, which should be equal to everyone who wants to keep up with the times and to achieve something in life.

 Causes | Bulimia - how to deal with an invisible enemy?

Risk factors

  • Women. Women and girls bulimia is more common than in men. Probably, the reason is that women are more susceptible to public opinion, including the media.
  • Age. Bulimia often begins in young people between 15 and 23 years.
  • Family history. Probability of bulimia is higher in those whose close relatives also suffered from the disease.
  • Diets. After a successful weight loss compliments of others or their own satisfaction with the appearance can make people again go on a diet to get even better results.
  • Influence of family. Eating habits a person gets from the family. The propensity to overeating and bulimia - is no exception.
  • Psychological disorders. Disorders related to nutrition, are most susceptible to people suffering from depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 , Increased anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 , Obsessive-compulsive disorders.
  • Sports, work and creativity. Athletes, actors, announcers on television, dancers and models are at risk of developing eating disorders. The constant need to keep yourself in some form can cause bulimia.

 Causes | Bulimia - how to deal with an invisible enemy?


Bulimia can cause some very serious complications, such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Severe damage to teeth
  • Eating Disorders and possible dependence on laxatives
  • Abuse of alcohol and drugs
  • In some cases, bulimia can also lead to death.

 Causes | Bulimia - how to deal with an invisible enemy?

The diagnostic criteria for bulimia

To diagnose a patient bulimia, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Repeated episodes of overeating
  • Repeated attempts to cope with the consequences of overeating during which the patient is causing vomiting, laxatives or diuretics, starve or exhaust yourself Physical exercise
  • These episodes occur at least twice a week for three months or more
  • Weight and appearance of the patient's body has a huge effect on self-esteem
  • The patient is not anorexia

For some people, the condition does not meet all these criteria, it is still diagnosed with bulimia. Do not try to diagnose yourself or a loved one alone - it can only make a specialist.

Bulimia - how to deal with an invisible enemy? - Forum

October 5, 2006

  • Bulimia - how to deal with an invisible enemy?
  • Signs
  • What is bulimia?
  • Symptoms
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  • The dangerous bulimia?
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Hey girl, my name is Vlad me 17 ask you not to judge strictly .   but I also strodayu videmo from the disease .   It all started back in the year ie 2011 .  Then I had a horror of thick, but did not notice his tolstoty .  With the growth of 156 I weighed 65kilogramm .  Soon passes a year and during that time I did not keeping any diets do not follow the weight, losing 16 kilograms, 17 .  a year later, my weight composes 48 cl .  Many of my friends think that I'm on a diet, taking diet pills, etc. . d .  at the time when I was sitting on the night of the telly and guzzled rolls with sour cream .  Time passes and I see a change in the catfish, and I like it starts . When I'm trying to watch my weight and keep fit .  Soon I liked it and I decided not to eat after six, and soon all your body hunger strike .  I was on a hunger strike lasted about a month, to say honestly I liked the feeling of hunger .  I easily then refused to eat could not eat at all for weeks, half a year passed, and I fell like a chain .  Zhru horrible and when it came, and now my thoughts about food, ever think that I would have for lunch, etc. . d .  home run with joy knowing that we sing, knowing that this will not do what you need to monitor the body I was mistaken for a toilet .   blyuvashki do about half a year and it is rare abusing laxatives .  And while not losing weight !!! Before the new year of 2013 as a posodila zheludak that there could .  If before I fell into the hungry obmaraki now fall into dipressivnoe overeating .  My weight has remained as before, catfish understand that losing my mind .  After all, I only 17 . help, advise what to do at this point in my life right only hunger .  I can not tell my mother I do not want her to hurt !!!!
Hi! Bulimia for about 2 years .   I started having problems with the stomach, heaviness in the stomach's constant, even tea, poor sleep, depression and sluggish state .   Depression - the main thing that excites .  I had to go to a therapist, but why do I have all this happened - and not admitted to treat symptoms .   It is very important for yourself to understand - what is the worst thing that you do should be ashamed of itself and understand how you are hurting yourself and make you ashamed every time I think about it .  I'm at the end of January, a full complication and the body gradually began to recover .   They say that in this case you need patience - but I try to make it, I had .  Earlier during each meal I thought it would be fun it's "somewhere" day .   He worried that pen and that just want to go and vomit, but now it is almost no .  It is said to completely get rid of the habit - you need 21 days .  Maybe that's true, maybe not, but if, honestly - every month I do better! And yet, get for yourself - puke - this is the most unusual for the body and when you stop, and you are sure to throw! - You will be hard at first to deal with each other and with the food, but everything is in your hands, and most importantly - it is the mood .   I used to Tuscany with metroklopramid and heartburn in the bag, but now I can easily get out on the street without pills .   It's nice to feel normal, not the puffy eyes from the extrusion of himself all that time to eat voraciously! Yes, I have recovered to 2-3 kg during the last six months, but I try to feel the food .   do not overeat, and if suddenly overeat - to eat something for welding .  But I'm sure that the exercise and cancellation tsipraleksa introduce me into shape! Until not too late - stop!
With 17 years I was sick bulimia (up to 22 and 26 to me now), the desire to lose weight and be slim .  Initially grew thin way-out of the fatty write, and then did the food, but eventually I pereklinilo and began to eat and vomit .  It was eerie and scary time, permanent with depression, stress, abuse their parents (but no one ever knew about my illness) .  Against the background of the disease began to crumble teeth and cavities occur (about 4 had to be removed, the rest are all fillings) .  When I realized that I was trying to overcome the sick themselves and shit reduce their desires in a day .  Then I kept a diary in which the days get along without vomiting .  After 2 years, I was able to achieve only the fact that 5 days a week passed safely .  I met a guy, fell in love, and it helped me not once, gradually get rid of the disease .  We moved in together and I almost led a good life, but the trouble is, I began to recover in his eyes, began to torment gases, stomach pain .  I became nervous again dipressiya, the disease went away but came seemingly new .  We parted with a guy, and now I'm alone with myself .  I took all the will in his hands and began to make diet food minima of salt, fat, juice, water, excluded black bread .  He began jogging, rollerblading .  I've got hobbies, work, not to mention the fact that I did not went to college and did not even dream about it, because the disease and stress would be back again .  I began to adapt to life with one, I went to work in another city, and rented an apartment one .  I came home and read a book in peace, rest, and I will not be bothered .  Then I poznakomilass guy and decided to return to his city, but unfortunately a serious relationship did not work and I felt that bulimia attacks me again, but not for long and I'll meet with the guy, and now my husband .  There were good relations meeting, he insisted that I go in for sports, I started going to the gym, running (it relieves tension, stress, appeared easy) .  However, stomach pain and gas still attack I .  Take various pills vitamins, I received goiter, treated .  I have fought and will not step back back .  I was admitted to the institutes, finishing 4th course, I get a job .  I am now 26 years old and I'm pregnant .  I am strong, I will fight and never come back, I imagine it obscheayu .  Today I stumbled on this subject, and only just now remembered the illness .  I have long forgotten, chased away the time! Only strong people can win and set up themselves, no doctors and relatives .  Only you and harmony in yourself, do not run away from the problems and not to say that there are no problems .  Stand face to face .
Five Steps to healing from bulimia .  Good afternoon, I would like to share their story of recovery from bulimia .  I was sick 5 years, the day induce vomiting to 7 times, drinking laxatives bursts, breaks in the days between the attacks were not, then there overate every day .  During his illness, I went to a psychotherapist, read books, tried to be treated non-traditional methods - in general over the years have tried many things, but there was no improvement .  I want to tell you, I still managed to win, I hope someone can help is to take the path of healing .  Just sorry if the story is chaotic .  Now I understand that the ill bulimia because she wanted to hurt her, unconsciously of course .  I, like any girl, like so many in this life - love, romance, beautiful courtship, a good job, an expensive car, their homes, family - and all the girlish dreams can be a long list .  But that's all it was, it was necessary to change their attitude to life, to restructure their thinking, start to do something .  And I like even tried .  But each failure was the reason for a trip to the supermarket for a huge bag of food .  It seems to be killing two birds - and stress seized (this at the level of instincts improves mood), and solve any problems do not - at least at the moment, I eat, I do not to solve problems .  I really was easier to self-pity, seizing "stress" (good even if stress happened by itself, but if not, it had unwittingly it currently make up one's mind - that's at work on me narugalis, here with his mother quarreled, there is still lots of reasons ) .  It really is easier than to be able to hold back, not to succumb to stress and actually do something to heal .  That is the first step on my road to recovery was - realize their desire to hurt bulimia .  Everyone can be a reason, but who she is sick, all run by the changes their lives and solve some problems hidden behind this sore .  Perhaps at this point it makes sense to turn to a therapist to identify the true desire to hurt bulimia .  When this realization came into my head, I stopped feeling sorry for yourself, take such a miserable and misunderstood this wicked world .  I began to look at everything easier, there is nothing wrong in my life, everything that happens to us, whatever we need, thanks to even the "bad" events, we are constantly learning something .  That is the second step was the breaking of his whole being and giving up in order to self-pity .  Himself need to love and to spare .  And do not be pathetic at relatives .  Although this like .  I began to communicate more with friends, ride a *** Veloso, rollerblading, skating, I finished the course and changed the job, I arrange a mortgage .  I began to take concrete steps to implement their dreams, not just sigh for them, seizing all chips and soda .  I have excluded from the life of a computer, television (all that is so tempting stacks up against the harsh reality), respectively, excluding the snack before the computer and telecom .  That is the third step on my journey of healing began RETURN in real life .  So gradually gone psychological dependence on food .  For me, it was expressed in the fact that I go to the store and calmly walk past the shelves with "favorite" foods, have no desire to sweep the whole regiment here and now .  But there was a physical relationship .  That is for 5 years, my body does not work .  If I eat, the food is not digested properly, and the intestines are not working .  The result is consistently poor health, bad mood, bloating (as humanoid) and constipation for 4 days .  I had to eat in large quantities to new food pushed the old .  That is, in fact they were the same attacks, but without the psychological need for scuffing .  I ate once a day, and causes vomiting also once - to go to the toilet .  I was examined by doctors, he passed all the tests .  Doctors have not revealed anything critical, so I decided to eat as my body like .  That is the fourth step to recovery - Fixed power mode .  Each has his own .  I'll tell you about his .  I wake up in the morning and drink a glass of water .  Then breakfast is only an hour and a half .  During this time, the water washes the stomach, intestines, prepares them for the working day .  This simple recipe is known to many, but for some reason they are neglected, and yet it was he who decided my problem with constipation .  Go to the bathroom (I certainly apologize for such details, but our sore does not need to shun such things), I eat breakfast cereal (like oatmeal) with grain bread .  It is not very much .  (On the number later) .  Then, at lunch eat salad (there beets, which also improves peristalsis), and fruit for dinner, I sth hot (mashed potatoes, pasta, eggs) .  Here reservation - I'm a vegetarian, so my diet no meat and fish, but that each in its own way .  I do not call all to become vegetarians, if you want meat and fish - please, but try not to foul his exhausted body, eat boiled meat and fish .  A few more tips on nutrition - everything is standard here - do not eat fatty, strongly acute .  Do not wash down the food with liquid - it contributes to the emergence of a feeling of heaviness in the stomach (it was one of my problems, I felt very uncomfortable, and it was another reason to eat) .  At first it's hard, and then the body gets used .  So nature has (remember how young children eat all suhomyatku?) .  With regard to the number of .  We actually eat more than you need for our body .  We eat for the company, out of boredom, to chew on the computer, because it is necessary (as already lunch time), etc. . d .  Every time I want to put something in his mouth (I have a sweet tooth terrible, so often it's chocolate, candy and ice cream), I ask myself - Nastya, and you're really hungry right now? Sometimes you have to restrain myself .  Once I found an article on the Internet, where scientists conducted a study - how to eat, and full of thin people .  It was found that the thin eat only when hungry and full - when you want to, selectively eat lean and full eat all that I want, thin sometimes forget about the food, and never miss a full lunch or dinner .  It makes me spodvigli brilliant idea: Do I really need to eat in a day as much as I used to have in her lifetime? It was the fifth step - awareness of the body's needs in food .  I thought that if I have a little, I'll limp with a bad mood and evil .  Nothing like this! The body receives the necessary minimum (well, of course I sometimes indulge his) and he says to me thanks! When my size I have a day to eat the amount of food like 5 of my jaw and I this enough! This all the myths about what to eat for lunch the first, second, third, tenth and dessert .  Eat because you feel .  Nedoest better than overeat .  I also advise not to mix at a time, many types of food .  In general here on this stage, you need a good try and identify the individual for himself the power graph .  Do not neglect these known tips of their invented for a reason, they really help you attain a healthy life .  Many write about healing from bulimia - think that more important to you - your health or your figure? That is the rule that one thing .  I once read many articles came to indignation - how so - why, if I want to be healthy, you must accept the fact that I have a lot of weight and fat figure? Could not combine both ??????????? CAN!!!!!!!!!! Girls, girls, women! CAN!!! You can be beautiful, slim and healthy at the same time !!!! I could! And so can you! I really want to believe that my five steps to healing will help you recover or find his five steps to a happy and healthy life .  I'm more than a year at the height of 160 cm hold the weight (or rather he held) 47-48 kg, I'm skinny, with a fresh complexion .  When you see the numbers of my weight, please note that I asthenic body type !! If you have the same growth is possible for you to be comfortable weight of 50 kg or more .  Many doctors have told me that my 47 kg - little weight, but I'm comfortable in it, to me it is good, I feel light and energetic .  Maybe some will try to discern my anorexia (well at least it was over me), but it is not .  I have no desire to lose weight on, I feel good in my weight, I do not need no more, no less .  I went through all this myself, I know what I'm saying, if you need support or just a suggestion - write to the post ***, but write letters to specific issues, I feel sorry for anyone I will not, I can only criticize so you could see what you are missing .  The subject line must specify "bulimia", and I can not promise to answer immediately, there is little time on the computer .  You can write your thoughts about my story .  And the last - I am not a doctor, I can only give friendly advice and share their experiences .  I wish you good luck and good health! Anastasia . 
Hello everybody! I like all the others realized his terrible illness that lasts for almost 2 years .  All like bolshenstve began with the desire to lose weight .  My height 167 weight was 70 kg, in one terrible moment, I began to recover and now I have weighed 75 kg, for me it was the limit . I decided to lose weight, starving for weeks, tried a bunch of diets .   anything for a long time did not help .  So two years ago, when I was 19, I got a new job that takes up all my time, even at meal time was not . At that moment I lost weight for 1, 5 months to 10 kg, was very happy, but did not feel were even fainting .  Started summer occupation was replaced .   It has become more free time .   I was pleased with myself, but I would still lose weight, or even be not to gain weight .   Here then began my sad story . eating of, vomiting .   I could not even think that this is my kasnetsya .   After all, I knew about the disease before and always govarit myself that it's awful and I have never come across with her . but alas! .   His illness, I realized from the very beginning, and the beginning of the fight against this .  There were small successes, I do not induce vomiting 2, 3, 4 weeks .   but as soon as the nervous, lost control of himself .   Often I wonder why I do this .   I have a young man who loves me and thin and thick . I have friends, have a job, a lot of interest . and I have this obsession with losing weight disease + .   Always attacks come when I'm alone, like a demon in the head dwell .   tired already .  Posde vomiting colitis heart, ugly face, red eyes, depressed mood, feelings of inadequacy and indifference to all event .   I am trying to fight the power circuit design, rummaging in his head .   I am trying to regroup .
Hi girls .  I have all the worse .  Boole began 17 years and from 22 to 27 actively progressed .  So much money for food flies, always tried to stay alone at home not one Mechelen .  But do not forget about health, I knew what I was doing, saw grass, vitamins, potassium, etc. . d .  and t . P .  But worse was 26-27 years began in the morning and ended only when sleeping lay .  The reason for that was a lot of stress for the year .  As a consequence of all this, I just usually stayed on the illness, he knew a hundred losing many nutrients and vitamins can not cope with the disease .  .  .   . .  . .  .  .  .  .   .  . .  .  .  .  .
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It's horrible.

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