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October 5, 2006

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Girls, a month ago I went to the emergency room because my weight growth of 170 kg became 36, I was very ill, doctors had to pull me into the last moment.Seychas I weigh 38 kg, but I do not score I can, it is an irreversible process, the doctors said so and I do not have smogu.Eto very sad, I'm only 13 let.Ne even think about losing weight.
yes you girls that you have to lose weight to be engaged in sports eat more fruits and neither of these fast foods and sweet eshte just normal food and do not have to starve yourself and invent it all
dear girl, and lovely woman !!! do not listen to no one, love yourself such what you est.polnymi or thin you are, it's not important, because what Mother Nature gave you, and that you need to learn to appreciate !!! Believe me it's worth it !!!
girls for every person all individually. Do not bother with diets and exhausting your body hunger. especially in a period of 13-19 years, while the main formation! even do not dare to think. I do not sit on any diet, but in itself thin, because the complexion and structure. 16 years old, height 168, and weigh 49 and for me it is quite normal. if you do not eat, you can lose a day or even 1 kg 2. Train your body better than exhausting. and if they decide to do something else, know the measure. ;)
Here is another example of anorexia (my own bitter experience, the stage, as far as I can tell, is that the initial) I have never sat on a diet, but my brother all summer teasing me, what I'm fat! And, of course, I was greatly hurt .  I decided to intensively engage in sports .  In mid-September, I suddenly began to disappear appetite, I had time for this month three times ill .  In October I had the pressure plummeted, a few days later, I woke up with a wild pain in the abdomen (the walls already crawling like!) I vomited all day .  And my mom said that I need to eat more, because I have overweight .  And I must say, in my 14 years with the growth of 1 . 60m .  I weigh 45 kg .  To be honest, for me it is a lot of .  And that happened yesterday rather strange (if not scary!) Thing .  I, as usual, came from English, immediately went to the dance .  In the middle of the lesson, I suddenly felt very tired, all the movements began to perform something like .  At the end of the group had to start and watched as we dance .  I do not like to the audience somehow to do everything, we have to show their best side .  Here, finally, the lesson was over, I went to the locker room .  And then I have sharply felt dizzy, I was drastically short of breath .  I told my sister that I feel bad, but she thought I was kidding, because she, too, was tired as I am .  To be honest, I myself thought I kidding, until I began to dress .  Then I swam before my eyes, I fell back on the bench .  Julia (my sister) said it will buy the water .  I get dressed and followed her .  But there was something .  When I started down the stairs, I suddenly there was a failure in my head, and I staggered from side to side, almost tumbling down the stairs .  And then he shied head against the wall .  I was sick, my head was spinning incredibly, the body refused to obey .  Fortunately, in front of me was a girl in our group, she tried to help me, but I sat on the stairs, wrapped her arms around his head and felt that I was losing consciousness .  The other girls ran, somehow led me down .  I collapsed on the sofa, stood down, and then passed out for a moment, I thought that I was someone strangling .  Well at least, it was the package close .  I was sick, and quite strongly .  Girls once dragged me to the bathroom, helped wash .  Julia phoned parents .  I get dressed, thanked the group went out .  I still strongly swayed .  Arrived parents bombarded me with questions, how I feel .  When I told my mother said that it is a serious mental disorder - anorexia .  I did not understand, I explained .  You know, somehow scary .  When we got home, my mother tried to feed me, but I did not want to have .  More .  Recently, as often happens, I was used to, and do not attach any special significance .  But when I learned about the disease, I'm really scared (and in fact it happened last night!) .  Here, I write now and I do not know what to do .   P . S .  After yesterday, I vowed never to laugh at Justin Bieber (well, when he threw up on stage) because this evening I realized how bad it was !!! We - the growing organism, everything will be, but not right away !!!
my body is designed strange. there is not desirable. I 1-2 times a day and eat everything, losing weight, respectively. Then just hit on rzhachku eat eat a little bit better. and normal weight and slim. Some write that to lose weight in the 13-17 years can not be definitive, injury and blah blah blah. but some need to lose weight. because if you're 14, a small increase, and it weighs 75, how can we not lose weight? there are certain rules. signs which indicated the age, weight and height, which is necessary to complete the sootvetstvovat.esli little to lose 3 kg can not hurt. just some paranoid to thinness.
God, ka all this seriously !!! Of course I know what it is - eats candy, and you can not stop .  And I, my dear girl, I know that this artificial vomiting after that (stomach problems? And I have an ulcer and duodenal ulcer it since 16 years) .  But that's calorie count, I have long ceased .  And your goal - to come to the same .  Just understand that you can eat and in what quantities, but nothing - you hear? - Do not exclude from your diet! Understand one thing - anything that you would not have happened if you had one day decided to go on a diet .  I do not know what you spodviglo it, but, by God, I believe at this point that the real basis can only be medical indications .  And never drive for thinness .  Yes, what the hell difference how many kg if there is a favorite thing, friends and a man ?! And men - they are only in words like thin .  In practice - almost the opposite! And those words that, generally speaking, unworthy people . Here you can afford to answer the question, why are you doing this ?! I could not afford .  In general, I never in my life did not sit any diet, eating like a bull before this whole story at 170 cm weighing 50 kg, in what does not refusing .  With me it happened in the nervous system .  BUT! I already wrote, I am now 42 kg, I can not have children .  And with a weight of 50 kg is not a fact that I can .  So, if it is necessary to dial 60, then in my life I have never been - and I agree on this !!! Maybe so, but - healthy! In the end, she was to blame! I was able to afford it to impress, you know? I'm not afraid to get fat !!! P-I c-and-x-i-h-e-s-k and well! You're counting every calorie and harass a workout, thus proving yourself that you are sick !!! In the name of what ?!
You know I do the same thing when I Toko started to grow thin, fl was very hard elsli someone eating after 6, I categorically forbidden me, I thought figs with him and abandoning the diet ate, right now, is my food anyway, ie it is not !!! But if I give myself a weakness and at least half a candy sem, all as a chain, then I have nothing ostnovit, I eat, eat until it is bad !! The situation is really like yours !!! Vomiting cause I'm afraid ... because a child had stomach problems all the time so had to live ... and now the diet part of my life, and instead of vomiting izvozhu yourself workouts until his uvelechenie (I wrote) to 6 times !! !!!!! It can and stupid ... just maybe you understand chchto obozhrotosti feeling in the stomach when you think every calories !! It's terrible !!!!!
The fact that you are not objectively perceive - it's just not amazing))) I personally refused to get fat to the last, even when it is virtually unable to walk .  There is only the beginning in the hospital when lying under the dripper with fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and it is because if it is all the same to me forcefully into the blood dripping calories that pleasure does not deliver, so can at least eat, do yourself a pleasure? According to the principle - to die, so with music))) I do not want to scare you, but this disease - it is not the flu, it is rapidly and completely fails .  And the longer you go with it, the longer it takes to get out of this will be, and the greater the probability of survival of eating disorders in the future recurrences .  You know, the body - it is designed in such a strange way .   Here I am, for example, half a day ate 3-4 small apples and a pair of low-fat yogurt 0, 1% Valio 40 kcal / 100 g (with slight variations) .  The body - he, poor fellow, did not get a damn thing he needed substance .  And in the end, when I started there, it was well, just as the chain fell, the body had everything you need and it's all by demanding, constantly, satiety was not at all .  I could starve to abdominal pain in 20 minutes .  Sobtvenno, and now with this problem .  This is called bulimia .  And it happens in almost all former anorectics .  And this is a very long time does not pass, it takes ofigitelnaja willpower to behave .  And I thought that if I really wanted to have six months continuously, but tolerated, it means that I can then have the willpower .  But - as the body is stronger than it appears . You are sure to go to a dietitian, but try at least to believe him .  I once could not .  The main thing that you are not caught sovdepovsky maniac who you rolled the menu on 3000 calories, so you tolstel without thinking about what you have broken psyche and 3000 kcal you yourself would not vpihnete, just disappointed again become its consume 500 .  Tell your doctor everything as it is, heart to heart talk with him! If even for a visit to a therapist is not ripe yet! I'm very worried for you .   In the 13 years to ruin the metabolism (and you're doing just that) - it is a problem for life, so with gynecology something exactly (((
Ladies, you're all crazy poshodili .   all these regulations and standards regarding the computation height / weight - bredyatinu !!! The body itself makes it clear that there are overweight, and when it is not .   eg shortness of breath when climbing stairs - overweight; fatigue - insufficient .   learn to read better your body and throw the scale out the window and had them do not come !!! A little history .   Of course muzhkoy body differs from the female, but as an example: always weighed a lot at growth 180, weight was 120, simple exercises and eliminating overeating weight dropped to 81 (over all), it took 4 . 5 months .   but I had exactly the problem, that is, . to .  because lishego weight was terrible asthma, and when she lost weight, of course, has not disappeared, but it has no problems .   Next: my wife's height 156, weight 50, when she won a kilogram 6 - 7, she began shortness of breath when climbing stairs, my "kicks" lost weight (bicycle, walking, a ban on food 4 hours before sleep) now It weighs 50, and such a combination - it is thin .  
Girl, sweet as you age there? 13?! Yes uvas else whole life ahead! It is impossible, of course, in absentia to diagnose, but it seems that you just anorexia .  I have 23 of them a year, I'm trying to get out of all that I've done with this disease! Firstly, the 500 kcal - Are you crazy? !!!! Read at least intelligent books, but you only have the primary exchange (if it is lying on the couch and do nothing) still need 1200 !!! And you still manage to exercise some fun !!!! Expensive!!!! This is bad, really bad end !!! Hair - bye, monthly - bye, depression - hello, insomnia - hello !!! And yet - aggression, unwillingness to see anybody, dangerous changes in metabolism, etc. . d .  and t . P . ! Well, objectively calculate yourself daily diet !!! If you do not believe any of those around - go to a dietitian, in the end! Believe me, I went through this, that the enemy would not wish .  Drip with parenteral nutrition, crowd psychotherapists, loss of a job, almost lost a loved one, a lot of money !!! ugrohali Still - 170 cm . 42 kg .  (at least mine was - 32, that is able to add yet 10), there is no monthly, and was not, and it is not clear when they will be generally complete disorder of the digestive system, in short, life is beautiful and amazing .   And give birth to children ?! And the future of her beloved husband dearly and cherish ?! Well you kill yourself !!!! Do not go in my footsteps !!!!! This - the most terrible, what happened to me in life was !!!
yesterday returned from the hospital. Parenteral nutrition, injections, hormone pills, drip. half of what's happening to you do not remember. I only remember what you fat cow. This is associated with the German concentration camp, and the doctors wondering why you're still alive. In the beginning was 50 pounds and height is 179 and then the itch go on a diet because there is no waist. 45 is better, but -ravno bad, just a mirror 43- narrows all, in fact I am a fat pig. 40 -nikomu do not believe anything I do not want to hear, if I eat this apple that I have to start obesity. When I was 39, and again lost consciousness, I was taken to the hospital, did not help, has slipped to 38, then 39 again, I feel like a pig. I understand that you need to eat, but I can not swallow. In general, girls, boys do not sit on a diet !!! it is not life that you can not anything else to think about!
Can you please tell how to make a person sick with anorexia see a doctor? If the discussion of the issue is this man smiling with happiness and takes it as a compliment
Uh ... so easy to say, Val !!! Meanwhile, it is not just a fad diet or some people get sick and the way they need a real expert help !!!
Girls she was ill with the disease, hammered into trouble after an absence of menstruation as a half a year. I think of the joy of children. Now I weigh their required weight. By the way the doctors, I also run so do not deal with this nonsense, because I also thought I yato side seem thick and oily, it took a lot of fun, because it just was not strong enough!
Girls, do you have someone man is? As they look at your problem? Trying to help, or spit ?? or they just like it? I, for example, has never been so thin, I'm do not know how, but it seems to me, trying to do something to help. although a full rejection of another's opinion is certainly problematichno..Rasskazhite about his men.
I can say for myself .   I passed through it .  It is better to weigh more than the melt before our eyes, while not noticing .   It seems that there is still something extra .   And no one can dokrichatsya .  All transitions from the discharge into the category of enemies of friends, who can not understand that how it should be! And who should be - it is not clear uzhesamoy .  A molchel who wrote about stakg carcass simply molchel .  Willpower we all have for this great mind is not necessary .  But health is not kuish .  I am now waiting for the monthly, eat into the throat 3 to somehow recover .  Still, in my heart I feel freaking calories, causing izvozhu then cruel training .   And all this is not a joke .  I want children, but not crashing fertility, which has already earned .  I'm 19 and I feel like all 91 .  Girls chase in the neck of those who at least appear when any favors as well as molchel on this page .  A woman must love yourself .  I was never a full, like mnenikto not say how I came up with the problem herself .  And my friend with an increase in weight was 40 164 .  Her MCH asked whether utebya fat on the thighs, my dear? Long after the girl ate hormones to monthly return .   It's scary .  This is a joke life .
And Kate Moss leg curves, although to be honest, then she turned out so Nitsche, proto photo is not entirely successful, it is very arched back and ribs as she got out ... very hochsu recover (I wrote a comment 60) but I can not! suffer very much, I'm afraid to sleep with the guys, they'll see my kada bony charms, run away and never come back ... even with all its thinness me boys still pay attention, tell cool character, highlight it ... but I izyuminkimalo ... I want a boy, and this should be at least kakayanitfigura, not shorter than the mountain of bones .. I suffer because I'm not like normal girls !!! Cton hope my answer!
Just do accidentally get here, but after reading a few of comments, I realized, I feel sorry for you, because you are torturing yourself ... Girls, forget about your diet !!!! As a man, povidavschy women with different zamorochkami on this subject, I say to you: Find a guy and live happily !! Maybe you just love is not enough ??? and remember *** excellent cure ailments and bad thoughts in my head, and so much fun !! Instead of going to glut oneself and poblevat, Pester go to my man and join in love with him, I assure you in such situations, men rarely refuse ... no, we just do not give up !! I'm sure it will be a perfect replacement of all this nonsense diet! look, and a healthy appetite will be. most importantly, do not hide it from everyone. Good luck girls!
Olya (65), print the first two pictures with dystrophic, slip her and SPRO, "want to be like that?" (With a smooth, normal friendly intonation) if responsible "yes", SPRO: "And what is your motivation? Why? For Who? if you can convince me that it is really worth it and really need, I'll help you . But I think you proved to everyone that you're done: you have a very good willpower, you BEM has proven that you can (usually girls zabolivayut anorexia as trying to not just lose weight, but at the same time to prove to myself and to all okruzheyuschim, they steel willpower, they can bring himself to do what others can not . That is why girls want to lose weight fall much to be seen: 2-3 sizes to hear from okruzhayuschth: "On how you lost weight!" Podrozumivaya under this admiration) . . .  .  . .  .  . .  . . .  .  .  . . . .  .  .  . .  . .  .  . Good luck!
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