How many calories a day you need to lose weight - everyone has their own rate - Individual metabolism

November 14th, 2014

  • How many calories a day you need to lose weight - everyone has their own rate
  • Individual metabolism

 how many calories you need a day to lose weight the individual metabolism

Individual metabolism

This is another factor that can not take into account the formula. For a person with a normal or a little overweight and normal metabolism ERD is calculated according to the formula is quite accurate. However, if you have reason to believe that the speed of your metabolism is higher or lower than average, perhaps your figure CWA is too small or large. Those who have the weight much higher than normal, it is best to consult a doctor so that he examined a patient for possible problems with the metabolism; for all others it is not necessary.

Traditionally wishing to lose weight is recommended to reduce energy intake at 500-1000 calories - it allows a person a week to lose 0.5-0.9 kg, respectively. Eating 500 calories a day less than you need, it will lead to a shortage of 3,500 calories a week - is a deficit needed to lose only 0.5 kg of fat.

In practice, the answer to the question, how many calories you need a day to lose weight, it is very individual. In obesity, especially in its most severe form, permitted low calorie diet - people can consume about 1000 kcal per day (sometimes less) that provides rapid weight reduction. Such weight loss, however, should take place only under the supervision of a physician.

On the other hand, for a person with little overweight even limit total caloric intake per 500 kcal per day may be too rigid. In most cases much more useful and, ultimately, to effectively reduce caloric diet on day 250 kcal, 250 kcal and other burn due to more intense exercise.

Let us remember the woman from our first example, the weight is 60 kg. If it is engaged in light physical labor, or working at the office and a lot of training in their spare time, provided that it has no health problems that affect the metabolism, it is necessary to consume approximately 2064 calories a day. To lose weight by 0.5 kg per week, it is necessary to use daily 1564 kcal, 1814 kcal either, and, for example, run a week for 30-35 minutes at a speed of 11 km / h, or about 20-25 minutes at a speed of 16 km / h, or about hour swim at a speed of 0.6 km / h.


Most people need to reduce caloric intake

Before you go on a low-calorie diet, try to calculate how many calories you consume on a daily basis. Studies conducted in a number of Western countries have shown that an adult on average, receives 10% of calories a day more than you need. It may seem that it is a little, but gradually the excessive caloric intake will inevitably lead to the emergence of excess weight. Experts say that some people in order to reduce weight, it may be enough just to start to stick their calories (of course, it does not help when a large overweight and obesity).

Whereby there is an excess of calories and how to reduce caloric intake? First of all, pay attention to drink. Many of us like sodas, juices from concentrates, containing a lot of sugar, milk shakes. Often drink, unlike food, subconsciously perceived as a source of calories, carbohydrates and fat, but this is certainly not the case. A couple of glasses of lemonade a day for several months or years (depending on age and level of physical activity) can cause fatty deposits to cope with that will be very difficult. Therefore it is necessary to replace soft drinks and juices in commercial fresh water and (best of all - vegetable) juice and tea and coffee without sugar and milk.

Also, be aware that alcohol is very high in calories - not to mention the fact that they are generally harmful to health. If the evening you drink alcohol, try to eat in the day, at least 200-300 calories less than usual.

  • Whenever possible, choose products with reduced fat content and minimum sugar content.
  • Instead of frying meat, fish or vegetables, cook them on the grill, cook, cook or bake.
  • As often as possible, replace the cookies, chips and pastries fresh vegetables and fruits, berries, dried fruit and nuts.

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Practical tips to slim figure - diet and lifestyle

January 2, 2013

  • Practical tips for a slim figure
  • Diet and lifestyle

 slim figure diet and lifestyle

Slim figure: diet and lifestyle

Weight loss - the eternal theme, and often hotly debated. Everyone knows that it is much more useful and effective weight loss is slow and orderly, but not everyone can follow for a long time a certain system. In fact, this is no big deal. Proper weight loss - is a special mode is not just food, but also life in general, including mood and mindset. If you are willing to slow and, therefore, the most effective weight loss with a continuing result, follow the simple tips.


Proper nutrition

What is considered the best food? It must be stable, with no deviations in excess or strike. The total calorie daily menu should not exceed 1,600 calories - in this case, the possible discharge of a gradual weight without compromising health. Do not get too hope for a diet with high protein content - it can lead to serious disruptions in the different systems of the body.


Calm and patience

It often happens that the first signs of weight loss a person believes that the goal is reached and begins to live in the former regime. This is one of the biggest misconceptions, and perhaps the main mistake of losing weight.

Even if progress is desired weight, it is another very important task - to preserve the harmony of the silhouette. That is why you need to exercise a lot of patience, and as long as possible to try to extend this effective diet that brings results.


High self-organization

Even after the release of a person's diet did not pounce on the food, it often ignores the rules that kept some time. For example, after a multi-week diet, he can once again begin to absorb the chips in front of TV. It is important to organize themselves so as not to succumb to temptations. We must understand that the slightest shift in the direction of junk food will stop the process of losing weight or, most worryingly, will lead to rapid weight gain, and more. Doctors, nutritionists recommend to always keep a food diary, which record everything eaten in a day. In the case of failures, it is worth paying attention to it, that in the future not to repeat mistakes.


Saving habits

The scheme, which should be losing weight while on a diet, it is necessary to maintain as long as possible, trying to stick with it for life. This also applies to the number of meals, and its volume, and the lack of snacks, and save the daily calories. These simple techniques will allow not gain weight, eliminating the need for short-term diets such as "shock therapy."


There are all but moderately

Diet - is, above all, healthy nutrition, not a hard limit menu. You can and should eat everything, but in moderation. The amount will also be different for each type of food - for fruits and vegetables is one thing for a sweet dessert - another. It is necessary to consume enough of complex carbohydrates, which are the energy for the body, as well as seafood are important for a healthy heart.


More fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals beneficial to the digestive fiber, but they are quite low in calories, making them indispensable companions of proper and healthy diet. The only rule - they should be as small as possible is heat treated, the more - fried in butter.


Limiting fat

Fat - is the enemy number one during weight loss. Healthy menu should include lean meats and fish, very small amount of butter, and a moderate amount of vegetation (olive, sunflower, mixed grades). Good fats are very well derive from the nuts. Any finished products, cooked in fat, should be excluded from the diet. The same goes for canned foods containing salt.


No stress and depression

Between the physical and mental state has always been a great relationship. One affects the other - it is a fact. For this reason, first of all, we should not see some diet restriction, which spoils the mood, and secondly, it is necessary in general to avoid stressful situations that may provoke unrestrained appetite.


Physical activity

During weight loss without physical activity is necessary. In order to lose weight gradually it needs only half an hour a day walking briskly. It is also better to change some habits to useful. You can, for example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walk pass a couple of bus stops on foot, instead of catching a ride.

In this case, any activity will only benefit, and it must be taken into account. For example, one hour walk to the supermarket will cost 215 calories, which is already a lot. Therefore, do not neglect the shopping, it can be very useful for the figure.

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