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February 25, 2007

  • The effectiveness of diet - Know thyself
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To understand their own motivation

If you can not understand their own behavior and motivation of their actions, do not expect that the chosen diet will save you from extra kilograms, and even more so do not expect to consolidate the achieved results.

The more you know, the better prepared you are to start weight loss program and its successful continuation. As we know, knowledge - force. Knowledge of its capabilities - the power of those who are dieting. The source of power is hidden in ourselves, and we can open it with just a few simple steps.

First of all, a little pofantaziruem. Imagine yourself slim ... and grown thin to the desired weight. Surely, it is you can do, and even with pleasure. Every day we think of a lot of different things, for example, is what I would do after work, different pleasant situation in which would be presenting their response to certain events.

This time, imagine that you have reached the target. You slim and attractive, happy with themselves, do not suffer from complexes, dressed in their favorite top and mini-skirt and dance in a disco or enclosed million contract in a suit by Armani - whichever you prefer. Periodically conjures up this pleasant picture. Of course, this is just imagination, but the game is useful - it helps to stick to the plan and to keep the initial determination. Drawing a mental image of perfection, you pave the way to translate your dreams into reality.

 Motivation | Effective Diet - Know thyself

Interview with itself

Periodically go back to the image created in the imagination - "drive" him in the disco, cinema, shopping, get acquainted with the men and the like. Now set his imaginary twin slender few questions. It is possible that the answers will make you wonder. Use them to plan further action. So, questions:

  • What are the reasons you originally decided to go on a diet?
  • Looking back, think about why you failed earlier to lose weight?
  • What is it this time you have done differently, so the diet has been effective?
  • Can you determine what the biggest obstacle you had to overcome on the way to a new, slim figure?
  • Have you applied for assistance from the outside? If so, what was their help?
  • What was the reaction of your family phenomenal success in losing weight?
  • In your opinion, what are the three major traits helped you achieve this goal?
  • Can you think of one main feature of the character, which in the past prevented you lose weight?
  • How has your life changed after weight loss?
  • What advice would you give to other women who are on a diet and want to be sure that will bring it started to end?
  • Now that you have found the body of your dreams, you do not regret any of the strengths and the time spent?
  • What else has changed in you, in addition to the weight?

If you candidly answering questions, the answers to some of them you will definitely surprise you. So you learn a lot about yourself - and not just about the relationship to diet and weight loss. You know what subconsciously did not dare to admit, and that always hurt your diet.

Remember all the responses received in this game, periodically return to them and never forget. Knowledge of this kind gives you unlimited power and authority over them. This is an innovative approach to conscious diet will help you achieve this goal.

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