How to get rid of acne during pregnancy

November 4, 2010

  • How to get rid of acne during pregnancy
  • What causes acne during pregnancy?

 get rid of acne pregnancy
 Acne - the worst nightmare for any woman. But the victims of acne during pregnancy are even those women who never faced the problem of acne before. According to experts, acne - one of the worst satellites pregnancy, which can permanently deprive the future mother of rest and good mood: someone like that is spotlessly clean skin is covered with acne? The appearance of acne in pregnancy is associated with an unstable medical hormonal, who during the childbearing out of control.

The problem with acne during pregnancy is that it is necessary to check the composition and safety of each remedies for acne The remedy for acne: a responsible choice  The remedy for acne: a responsible choice
 Not to harm the child, which greatly limits the possibilities of treatment. In this article we look at some acne treatments are safe during pregnancy.

 How to get rid of acne during pregnancy

Causes of Acne During Pregnancy

So, the main culprit of acne during pregnancy - galloping hormones. In early pregnancy increases levels of the hormone progesterone. Progesterone is similar to the action of male hormones and stimulates the production of androgens, are responsible for the sebaceous glands. As a result, the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, which clogs the pores and leads to acne black acne and other skin problems. It is noticed that acne by the end of the second trimester is less strong and it can be controlled.

If you always, even as a teenager, was a clear skin, acne will disappear on their own after birth. However, if you decide to breastfeed, be prepared for the fact that acne linger with you for some time. If you have always had problems with the skin or pimples appear at the time of ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
 , Acne during pregnancy will increase. In some cases, we recommend the use of drugs for acne (only after consultation with a gynecologist and with his consent). If moderate rash, you can get the popular and home remedies.

 How to get rid of acne during pregnancy

How is acne during pregnancy?

Acne disappears or gets worse during pregnancy depends on the level of hormones. If increased levels of androgens, acne aggravated. Aggravation can also occur when there is insufficient moisture, if you do not drink enough water. Depleted hormones and the resulting toxins are not diluted with water and excreted in the urine. Therefore, it is important to drink plenty of clean fresh water during pregnancy, especially if you have problems with the skin.

 How to get rid of acne during pregnancy

When it disappears acne during pregnancy?

In most cases, qualitative and quantitative characteristics of acne diminishes as approaching deadline childbirth. This is due to an increase in estrogen levels in the body Estrogen - the key to bone health  Estrogen - the key to bone health
 . In some women the skin is completely clear after a few months after birth, while others had never had skin problems before pregnancy, after childbirth suddenly discover skin acne. This occurs due to the sudden decrease in estrogen levels in the body. But every woman is unique, so the biological processes take place with individual characteristics and to predict potential problems with the skin is not possible.

 How to get rid of acne during pregnancy

Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

Drugstore remedies for acne that can be used by pregnant women, should not contain harmful ingredients. Some components of medical cosmetics Medical cosmetics: beauty from the pharmacy  Medical cosmetics: beauty from the pharmacy
   enter the bloodstream, and may cause birth defects in the baby. Therefore, before using any, even the most innocuous of funds from acne, consult your gynecologist. Some non-prescription cosmetic products contain benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient, it is harmless to pregnant women. However, many products contain salicylic acid which is not so harmless.

Azelaic acid and erythromycin also can not be used without first consulting a physician. In addition, it is very powerful tools that can be used only when a strong eruption. The best acne treatment of mild to moderate severity - regular skin care. Clean your skin twice or thrice a day of mild detergent, for example, Neutrogena or Dove. It helps regulate sebum production, which in turn leads to a reduction of acne.

 How to get rid of acne during pregnancy

Acne during pregnancy and the child's sex

Curiously, acne during pregnancy is sometimes associated with the sex of the child, but this is unconfirmed information. Thus, it is believed that acne is an expectant mother, or lack thereof give the baby's gender if the acne does not, then you will have a boy, because girls are "stealing beauty" Mom, why have that acne appears. Although these predictions come true with 50% probability, the science does not support this method.

Remember that acne during pregnancy - a temporary phenomenon, and soon your skin will return to its original beauty. So stop getting nervous about it and do not use tools that can harm your baby.

Creon in Pregnancy - Is the reception?

September 24, 2013

 Creon in pregnancy
 Creon in pregnancy, like any other drug, can be used only on prescription. Contraindication to its use for pregnant women is not, however, it is recommended to be used with caution, as Creon clinical trials in pregnant women have been conducted.

 Creon in Pregnancy - Is the reception?

Under what conditions during pregnancy may be appointed Creon

During pregnancy, under the influence of hormones may significantly reduce the motor activity of smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. As a result, from the very beginning of pregnancy, a woman may experience digestive problems. This happens because of the stagnation of food in the stomach and intestines.

The main manifestation of digestive disorders in this case will be constipation, bloating, and intoxication, which develops due to the re-absorption of toxic decomposition products of food into the bloodstream. Intoxication may show weakness and headaches. With increasing gestational age and increasing the volume of the uterus that begins to prop up and squeeze the stomach and intestines, further exacerbating the situation.

Also during pregnancy may experience exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis, which has long existed among these women. And in some cases, the first symptoms of pancreatitis occur is during pregnancy.

Finally, changes in tastes of pregnant women can lead to overeating or eat large amounts of fatty, fried foods, leading to digestive disorders such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, which is very dangerous during pregnancy.

 Creon in Pregnancy - Is the reception?

As Creon helps a pregnant woman to establish a process of digestion

Creon - is an enzyme preparation, which includes enzymes that break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Get it from the pancreas of pigs. Creon usually very well tolerated by pregnant women and allows them to establish a process of digestion.

Creon special feature is that a part of his great natural gelatin capsule include pancreatin, which is "packed" in a variety of microspheres - small beads coated with an enteric coating.

If ingestion Creon Creon - medicine to help digestion  Creon - medicine to help digestion
   its outer gelatin capsule dissolves quickly in the stomach and small (less than 2 mm in diameter) microspheres mixed in food situated in the stomach. During the time spent in the stomach microspheres with pancreatin Pancreatin - a means to improve digestion  Pancreatin - a means to improve digestion
   well mixed with food, while remaining neutral.

After the transfer of food from the stomach into the duodenum enteric coat microspheres under the action of an alkali content of dissolved enzymes are uniformly intermixed with the food. Everything happens, just like in natural digestion when the duodenum pancreatic juice Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know  Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know
   It comes in small portions under the influence of advancing food.

Mix with food, enzymes are beginning to break down fats, carbohydrates and proteins. In addition, the enzymes that break down proteins, have contributed to increasing the motor activity of the upper gastrointestinal tract and promote the improvement of stool through the intestines. As a result, constipation disappears, and with it decreases intoxication - a favorable impact on the condition of the body of mother and child.

If a woman suffers from some kind of allergic disease, the timely excretion of toxic products of disintegration of the food will contribute to improvement of the body.

Thus, Creon during pregnancy can help relieve a number of problems, not only with digestion, but with intoxication, as well as to reduce the allergy.

 Creon in Pregnancy - Is the reception?

Why Creon can be taken only on prescription?

During pregnancy, changes the metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 And with him the work of all organs and body systems. Therefore, to predict exactly how the woman's body will react to a particular drug is difficult. That is why, in order to accurately answer this question, in clinical trials.

But clinical trials carried out on pregnant women is prohibited, are carried out only laboratory research on animals and their offspring. In the absence of data on any adverse effects of the drug on the woman or fetus manufacturer of medicines indicated in the instructions to the drug, that its use is possible only on prescription and for health reasons. That is actually a doctor, after weighing all the pros and cons, taking responsibility in the appointment of the drug to a pregnant woman.

Creon - is an enzyme preparation, which is often prescribed during pregnancy, but it does not mean that a woman can take it yourself without a prescription.

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