Clothes for pregnant women: the secrets of the wardrobe

September 22, 2006

  • Clothes for pregnant women: the secrets of the wardrobe
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 clothes for pregnant women
 You will be happy and looking forward to the birth of the child. However, much less inspiring you're concerned about the need for a time to give up your favorite stylish clothes and go to the dimensionless platya- "tent" and bulky sweaters. Leave all the fears - few simple tricks, and you will become a fashionable mom.

Important in this period - wear clothes in the same style as usual, that is, not to change your stylistic preferences. If you wear a black and feel comfortable in such clothes and confident - and do not go to the pink only for the reason that you will have a child. Prefer monochromatic clothing prints - choose your favorite neutral tone - say, a gray, black or khaki - and create a new wardrobe on the basis of color. Do not like bows, ruffles and other girlish shtuchki- rejoice that passed the time when almost no one thing for pregnant women not without such decorations.

 Clothes for pregnant women: the secrets of the wardrobe

Clothes for pregnant women: Do not rush to buy

Clothing for pregnant women is expensive, especially when you consider that you will be wearing it just a few short months. Basically, the more you have given birth to friends and relatives, the better - much can be taken from them. Do not forget to take a walk on sales and discount stores - often after childbirth, women are trying to recover at least part of the money spent on clothes and let their "pregnant" dress in such stores. A little patience - and you can fill up your wardrobe with stylish designer maternity clothes at a fraction of its original price.

 Clothes for pregnant women: the secrets of the wardrobe

Arrange the revision of his wardrobe - and her husband's wardrobe

In the wardrobe of every woman can find a few things that she save up to case pick a couple of extra kilos. Free top, stretch skirts and pants with an elastic band - irreplaceable clothing that's great rescue you in the first months of pregnancy.

If you show a little ingenuity, you can for a couple of months to extend the life of even your favorite jeans. The simple trick: pull the rubber band through the loop or hole for the button and wind it around the buttons or button-fastening. Result - a few centimeters of extra space. In the store you can buy a rubber belt that must be worn on the waist over jeans (they can not button up). To hide this innocent ruse, wear a long shirt or tunic.

Your new shape perfectly accentuate some silhouettes: shirt trapeze dresses and tops with high-waisted, narrow skirt- "pencil" in conjunction with a free shirt or blouse. For the brave ladies who want to not hide their situation, but rather to emphasize it is recommended to combine the trousers with a low-slung on the hips with a tight-fitting T-shirt. Another tip: any clothing from falling or stretch fabric will serve you until the day of delivery.

Oh, and do not forget to rummage in the wardrobe of his second half. For example, one of his shirts unbuttoned form can be an excellent complement the ensemble of tight T-shirts and jeans or a stamp - the classic version. To make this more feminine style, roll up your sleeves and put on a necklace or bracelet.

 Clothes for pregnant women: the secrets of the wardrobe

Start by buying a few "transitional" gizmos

When ordinary clothes become too small, but you're not ready to move to full maternity clothes, buy a few inexpensive trousers and blouses for a couple of sizes too big of your own. For many women, a real salvation are boutiques and shops specializing in clothes for the full - it can be found as a "transitional" clothing and clothing that can be worn even in the later stages. In addition, for the full Clothing cheaper clothes for pregnant women, which is also important.

If you buy clothes for pregnant women at an early period, in the beginning it will be too great for you, and then be too close. You're upset, and spend a lot of extra money. Extra bonus "transitional" clothes: it will help you out even after childbirth, when you begin to return to the previous form.

The temperature during the pregnancy when the immune system is weakened

July 17, 2012

 temperature during pregnancy
 Pregnancy, despite the fact that is one of the happiest periods in a woman's life, conceals many pitfalls. The temperature rise during pregnancy is no exception. Almost all expectant mothers experiencing episodes of temperature increase during the childbearing. Typically, hyperthermia associated with viral or infectious processes, is a characteristic symptom of colds. Given the weakened immune system of a pregnant woman, it is especially important as far as possible to avoid contact with infected people and to engage in the prevention of SARS and influenza. But, nevertheless, the temperature of temperature strife, and it is not always indicative of infection.

 The temperature during the pregnancy when the immune system is weakened

Fever during pregnancy: the norm

The body temperature of pregnant women are generally the same as that of the other healthy individuals i.e. not greater than 37 degrees. But the part of pregnant women in the first trimester there is a somewhat elevated temperature (not above 37, 4 degrees). Such a rise in temperature in early pregnancy (at 0, 0-1 degrees) is a variant of the norm, provided that no additional features (intoxication, runny nose, cough, etc.). Rising temperatures in the first weeks of pregnancy is associated with increased generation and the influence of pregnancy hormone - progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology  Progesterone - norm and pathology
   on thermoregulation center, located in the hypothalamus of the brain. During pregnancy, women are more immune system is weakened, which prevents the perception of the embryo as a foreign body and its exclusion. This explains the slight increase in temperature.

 The temperature during the pregnancy when the immune system is weakened


Hyperthermia (elevated body temperature) plays an important role in the fight against infections and is a protective mechanism. Due to the high temperature accelerated all biochemical processes in the body, increases the excretion of harmful agents (decay products of damaged tissue cells), increased sweating, urination becomes more frequent, and the immune system produces antibodies. All of these processes are aimed at the detoxification during illness. In addition, high body temperature causes the death of microorganisms.

 The temperature during the pregnancy when the immune system is weakened

Effect of high temperature on pregnancy

Despite the fact that the increase in body temperature during infection pregnant is a protective reaction, pyrexia may adversely affect the development and growth of the fetus .  It should take into account not only the level of temperature and duration of fever and its causes .  It proves that the increase in body temperature to 38 degrees poses no risk to the fetus .  The danger arises when the figures above 38 degrees, which lasts for two or three days or more, especially in the early stages of pregnancy .  In the first twelve weeks of pregnancy there is a bookmark all the organs and systems of the future child .  Heat the female body may disrupt the processes that lead to the irreversible .  Hyperthermia, which appeared in the first four weeks, is a violation Bookmark neural tube, which is fraught with developmental disabilities, brain and spinal cord .  In the following weeks, the formation of other malformations (splitting of the upper lip and palate, malformations of the jaw and / or the eyeballs) .

Furthermore, due to the action of heat breaks down protein synthesis, which leads to the formation of clots in blood vessels of the embryo and the placenta. It is fraught with fetal death and miscarriage Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it?  Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it?
 . In the later stages of pregnancy due to hyperthermia Hyperthermia - when the body is overheated  Hyperthermia - when the body is overheated
   the fetus develops acute hypoxia, fetoplacental insufficiency Placental insufficiency - deviation from the norm  Placental insufficiency - deviation from the norm
 And in the placenta and blood clots are formed multiple infarcts. Fever in late pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth, infections or fetal death.

 The temperature during the pregnancy when the immune system is weakened

Ways to reduce the temperature

In the fight with high fever during pregnancy preference should be given national treatment methods. The patient showed abundant warm drink (cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks, milk method, decoctions of chamomile and sage). Well it lowers the temperature of tea with raspberries. Do not lose relevance body rub vodka or 3% vinegar. Receiving hot tubs and foot baths during pregnancy is contraindicated.

Of medicaments pregnant only paracetamol is allowed, but not more than four times per day. Aspirin in the first trimester is teratogenic, and in later periods increase the risk of bleeding during childbirth and the postpartum period.

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