Sling - the salvation for parents?

May 11, 2012

 More recently, many believed babywearing absurd and just a funny quirk that causes horrible back pain moms. Now, however, many mothers who are trying to carry the baby in a sling, recognized that it is fashionable and comfortable.

There are many tools that are used to transport the child: sumki- "kengurushniki" slings, slings, scarves and sling pockets. And who knows what else will come up, and what lies ahead. Wear your baby on her side or on the chest - it allows hands-free operation. According to some experts, babywearing developing relationship between parent and child. It is said that if the mother carries the baby close to your body, a baby cries less.

 Sling - the salvation for parents?

Harmful if babywearing?

Well, what about my mother? Crying whether moms who are children in slings more than those who have never tried babywearing?

Some manufacturers of pharmacological agents in their advertising campaigns claim that it is - perfectly true. In their opinion, babywearing gives a very heavy load on his back, neck and shoulders. Many mothers can live with back pain Back pain: Do not start the process  Back pain: Do not start the process
 As a "pleasant" pain, ie the pain can be endured for the sake of the child. In addition, babywearing also gives mothers more serious, an impressive sight. Furthermore, if the mothers who are children sling looks tired, the people can understand why.

Manufacturers of medicines are hoping that after such advertisements, mothers who use slings to transport the child immediately realize how terrible babywearing in fact, and immediately run to buy painkillers from back pain. Unfortunately, they achieve the opposite effect.

After one of these campaigns in the United States, mothers-fans slings come into this rage and a scandal on a national scale. About babywearing spoke on the social network Twitter. In addition, in response to advertising on YouTube and a host of video clips in which mothers using slings, practically foaming at the mouth expressed their dislike of this advertising campaign. Mom bloggers also offered to boycott the pharmaceutical firm. Finally, representatives of the company admitted its mistake and apologized to all the mothers, using slings.

This situation has shown how powerful the mother appeared, to defend their interests. Who would have thought that babywearing is so popular, and that mothers are able to defeat the powerful pharmaceutical companies for some hours by simply using messages on Twitter, video clips to YouTube and blogs for moms?

 Sling - the salvation for parents?

Motherboard views

Babywearing is not new, it did not appear today or even yesterday. This concept has existed in many cultures around the world for thousands of years, but has become very popular in recent years. But in this case it is not equivalent to the popularity of fashion. Mothers who carry their children in slings, babywearing take seriously.

Use of slings, according to many mothers, involves close contact between mother (or father) and child, which in itself has many advantages. Children who are in a sling, happy little cry, feel safe, before beginning to talk, and enjoy a safe, warm and supportive environment, while parents wear them. Parents who resorted to using slings, do not consider them a fashion trend, and babywearing perceived as a kind of lifestyle.

Most mothers who try babywearing, recommend it to her friends. For example, they can offer in May-sling, which is considered one of the best kinds of slings. Mothers-in babywearing newcomers often do not know how to use slings impact on their daily lives.

Some children are so fond of sitting on their hands, that mothers just have to use slings. And if the mother of these children were previously aware of the slings, they are very lucky. If the mother has to deal simultaneously with household chores and sit with the child, without sling it can not do. Babywearing allows you to wash the dishes, watching and washing, fill the beds, cook a simple meal (without plate), and a long walk with a baby in a sling. Using a sling, mom feel free, so they are free to use both hands.

Sometimes, the mother also use slings where the baby can be worn on both the front and rear. They are somewhat similar to a backpack. These slings are versatile, as they can be worn as a newborn and older children (up to three years).

Most mothers are most often infants in slings front, as in a position they are easier to cuddle and watch them. Babies and children up to three years longer like to be worn on the back, because it gives them the opportunity to look good. They can watch the making mom. When children fuss or mothers to keep them under control, for example, during a trip to the grocery store, slings - perfect. Some slings are designed for children weighing up to 18 kilograms, so you can wear fairly large and heavy baby, if needed. Some moms are happy their children in a sling to two, and sometimes up to five years if it is the only child. Slings - is an amazing device that does not make life easier for a mother.

 Sling - the salvation for parents?

The benefits of babywearing

Slings - a very useful thing to have to use all the parents. On the one hand, you have a free hand, the other - the child next to you, and everyone is happy.

In addition to the close relationship between parent and child, and the educational advantages offered babywearing, here are a few reasons why you should use slings:

  • Housework. Using slings, you can do many things that can not be made impossible if to keep the child in his arms. Of course, you should stay away from hot surfaces or any other hazardous activities while you are wearing baby in a sling.
  • The ability to put the baby to sleep. Many children are very difficult to put to bed. But if the child is tired, and you wear it in a sling, he immediately falls asleep. After that, you can gently shift the toddler in his bed or cradle, where it will continue to sleep. However, not all so smoothly. If you want to do something productive, while the child is asleep, and you do not want to wear it at the time, you can miss the moment when the baby wakes up. In addition, some children do not sleep in cribs or cradles, because Mom always carry them in slings. Kids will always doze off and will not be able to sleep a long time.
  • Fitness. Some young mothers is very difficult to find time for the gym or even exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
 , Which have not been associated with their baby. That is why babywearing - it's wonderful. You can carry the baby and go for long walks, during which time your child is enjoying the new sights and sounds. This is particularly advantageous, as mothers do not need to hire a babysitter and listen to your child at a time when they are trying to identify lessons for fifteen minutes on the treadmill.
  • Purchases. Going shopping with children - it is always a challenge. Parents can never predict whether a child will come to the delight of fluorescent lamps in the supermarket, or, conversely, to cry because that him carry back and forth. Of course, you can draw children's toys, food and random objects, but it does not always work. Babywearing pushes all these efforts by the wayside. Mom happy to put the baby in a sling and go shopping with him. Babywearing makes a purchase at the grocery store with your child easy and enjoyable experience. Some children behave so quietly that my mother even forget that they took the child with her. This is especially true if the child is worn on the back. Baby just looking around, trying to see as much as possible. It also gives mothers the opportunity to talk with her friends on the phone.
  • Good behavior. Children who start walking, very curious. They like to run around with exposed elbows, sweeping away everything in its path. Of course, when you are at home, it is bearable (you Set your reliable, and the only thing that children can break it own toys and other items that are not of great value). But if you come to visit friends who keep valuable trinkets at low surfaces, broken objects do not cause laughter and emotion. In such cases, you should immediately get a baby sling and carry it to the end of your friendly visit.
  • Food. Many mothers know how hard it is to eat when the child is dissatisfied with something. Or how hard it is to eat when the child simply wants to be kept on hand. Only one way: Place the child in a sling on his back and eat standing. Of course, this is not the most enjoyable meal in the world, but this is the harsh reality, and so you will be able to eat normally. Maybe you'll eat very fast, but it's still better than uncontrolled behavior of the child and his attempts to climb a hand in your salad.
  • Close contact with the child and hands-free. Moms love it when a child is close to them, but they also like their hands are free. Babywearing allows both one and the other. What a pleasure to watch the parents who are their children in their arms. They are pumped up muscles. But most moms choose slings to not overwork your muscles.

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