Teething: difficult time - How to start

October 26, 2013

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 both starts teething

How it starts teething

The appearance of the first tooth usually very worried about the child. Of course, there are children who have this period is painless - just one day the parents find in the mouth of their offspring first tooth. But such cases - the exception rather than the rule. Most children experiencing discomfort during teething.

About a couple of weeks - a month before the baby teeth gums redden and swell a little. It is associated with increased blood supply. Also, the child may experience increased salivation Increased salivation - deviation from the norm  Increased salivation - deviation from the norm
 . Springing from the mouth of saliva can cause irritation of the skin around the lips and chin.

The last week or two before the final teething - quite a difficult time. Kids feel pain and itching in the gums and to reduce discomfort, mouthing all kinds of things, trying to gnaw the bed and now the gums hands. It is important to keep this period of the cleanliness of hands of the child and the surrounding things.

Children become restless, often cry. Immunity during dentition is slightly reduced, and a child may have a runny nose. Such a runny nose usually lasts no more than three or four days and is characterized by clear mucus without admixture of pus. It does not require special treatment, you just clean the baby's nose.

Sometimes unpleasant sensations transmitted to the ears - then the child begins to pull himself over the ears in an attempt to reduce the pain and itching. Child's appetite decreases, the baby eats unwillingly, although not usually refuses the breast.

Teething gives a lot of anxiety especially at night. Baby wakes up with a loud cry, and to reassure him it is not so simple. At night, the sensitivity of the human brain to the pain increased, and the infants - is no exception. Sometimes pediatricians recommend the evening to give the child medication to reduce the pain that night passed quietly, but without the advice of a doctor should not be given medicines baby.


The temperature and diarrhea

Against the background of teething in children is often a fever. As a rule, it does not exceed thirty-eight degrees Celsius. If the temperature is higher, you should seek medical advice. It is possible that the temperature increase caused by some other reasons in addition to teething, it is therefore desirable to eliminate these causes.

When the first teeth in children The teeth in children - any abnormalities need treatment?  The teeth in children - any abnormalities need treatment?
   often stomach ache and diarrhea occur. To date, a clear explanation for it. Some doctors believe that eating disorders occur due to the fact that the mother, wanting to comfort the baby, feed him more often. In the opinion of other doctors, the cause of diarrhea, the infection can be caused due to the fact that the child is drawn into the mouth. Whatever the cause of diarrhea, the diarrhea lasts more than two days, watery stools may be up to three times a day. In most cases, diarrhea goes spontaneously and do not need treatment, although consultation with a physician will not hurt.


How to help your child teething

Preferably well in advance to buy a baby toy with pimples, which massage the gums, thus reducing discomfort. In addition, you can buy in a drugstore and special ring-teethers. Such means are plastic or rubber rings are embossed. Sometimes, these rings are filled with liquid. In this case, they need to give the child after cooling in the refrigerator. Low temperatures soothe irritated gums, and while the bumps on the surface of the ring has a massaging effect. In an extreme case, if you do not have teethers, or they do not like a child, you can give your baby a conventional drying.

Relieve pain and itching in the gums and help regular massage index finger. Pre finger to wash and wrap clean gauze. The best effect can be achieved if a gauze wet in cold water and wring out. You can also use special soft brush to massage the gums, which are sold in pharmacies.

Sometimes it helps kids sucking pacifiers or chilled metal spoon. Of course, it is not necessary to give the baby small objects that he can swallow.

Reduce discomfort in the gums to help special anesthetic gels. Such gels contain in the structure a small dose of anesthetic, such as lidocaine, as well as cooling and binding agents. Such gels are, for example, "Kalgel" "Dentinox" "Mundizal" and others. These funds can be used normally, even without consulting a doctor, gels should smear the gums when a child exhibits a concern, but not more than three or four days in a row. Use analgesic gels should not be preventive.

The only contraindication to the use of such funds can serve intolerance of certain components of the drug. If you suspect that a child may have an allergic reaction to the drug, it is better to consult in advance with your doctor to doctor appointed gel, designed for children with allergies.

If teething is accompanied by fever, after consultation with the pediatrician can give the child intended for children based drugs paracetamol or ibuprofen. Such agents will not only help reduce the temperature but also reduce inflammation and pain. Giving antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs for the prevention of, and can not exceed the dose. It is also unacceptable to give young children to drugs based on aspirin or analgin.

Antipyretics may be given in the form of syrups or in the form of suppositories. For young children, the second option is preferable, especially when teething is accompanied by digestive disorders.


Teeth and quality of life

Teething - a difficult time for a child. And that means that we should not further complicate these periods. For example, when teething Teething - how to help the baby?  Teething - how to help the baby?
 Should abandon the introduction of complementary foods is better to wait with tasting of new products before the time when the condition of the baby is stabilized. Otherwise it will be difficult to understand any of the child abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
   and skin reactions due to teething or as a reaction to the lure.

It is desirable in those days, and to refrain from vaccination, as well as on any major changes in the baby's life: journeys, visits and visitors to such events. It is necessary to respect the normal day in which there is no room for the unexpected.

In this difficult time the child is most needed love and care of parents. Do not worry, that the child may spoiled or "go bad." Firstly, pamper the crumbs of the first year of life in general is almost impossible. And secondly, the child who has hurt and itch gums, is in need of parental care and parental warmth and cruel to deprive him of such manifestations of love.

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Baby massage - what its good for your baby - Technique

October 26, 2013

  • Baby massage - what its good for your baby
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 Equipment baby massage

Equipment baby massage

Massage - an indispensable element in the development of the child up to a year, as the majority of newborns can be considered healthy, and it is only conditionally massage, gymnastics, water treatment and fresh air fully restore their health. Massage can make the course using the professional expertise of the masseur, but you can own, having mastered the basic techniques. It does not require much effort, but gives a great result.


Effect of massage on the body of the child

Childbirth - it's always a trauma not only to the mother but also for the child. Baby born with still imperfect organs and tissues, so, if before the year is not engaged with the baby massage, gymnastics, water procedures and a walk in the fresh air (not less than three hours a day in any weather), then to, he did not learn to walk ( muscle weakness), will often get sick with colds (immunity disorders), bad eating (it could be because anemia) and sleep (disorders of the nervous system). In the future, due to the weakness of the muscles in these children formed incorrect posture Violation of posture - not just a cosmetic defect  Violation of posture - not just a cosmetic defect
 Many of them suffer from chronic diseases.

When driving improved all organs and systems of the body, because activates the muscle, which is involved in the circulatory system, which means that not only muscles but also the bones, internal organs, the brain get extra food and oxygen. In addition, under the influence of tissue massage the child shall be exempt from the products of metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 . A gentle touch of the hands of the mother or the masseur cause a child's sense of comfort and psychological protection.



Massage and exercises can be conducted for children from 1, 5 - 2 months. Sometimes massage and appointed at an earlier date, but this is a special indications. Especially shows massages and gymnastics:

  • preterm infants, children, and children born with low birth weight;
  • lagging in the physical development of the child;
  • after recovery (for example, after the common cold);
  • with rickets Rickets - all about vitamins  Rickets - all about vitamins
  • at tendency to obesity;
  • in various diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.



There are a number of diseases in which massage is contraindicated, is:

  • any acute illness and a large underweight;
  • skin diseases (diathesis, pustules on the skin);
  • expressed manifestations of rickets (the child can break the pen or leg);
  • congenital heart disease Heart defects - time heals?  Heart defects - time heals?
   with severe symptoms (shortness of breath, cyanosis);
  • various types of hernias.


Rules of baby massage to a year

Massage should be done according to certain rules, which strictly adhere to the best:

  • massage is performed between feedings when the baby is awake (but not naughty) and ready for physical activity, and the room ventilated;
  • first made massage, gymnastics and then as massage warms up the muscles and prepare them for gymnastic exercises;
  • you need to start a massage with light strokes, gradually moving to a less forgiving techniques (rubbing, kneading, vibration);
  • gradually, from session to session you need to increase the intensity and duration of massage;
  • There are places on the body of the child, which the mother is better not touch (massage therapist can do here), is the area of ​​the liver (right upper quadrant), kidneys (lower back), genitals; patella, anterior surface of the tibia and inner thighs - these places are the most prone to injury.


Massage technique

During the massage the children apply techniques such as stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration. Always Send the Prince putting some baby on his stomach. This must be done, even if it is not able to keep the head from treatments for 5-10 seconds and gradually increasing the time. After the massage Policy Pay gymnastics.

Mother alone can only be stroking, putting some on his stomach and gymnastics, all other methods are only performed a massage therapist.

  • The first method of massage - stroking

Stroking calms the child and gives him a sense of comfort while relaxing the muscles and preparing for other methods. Relax not only muscles but also the blood vessels and the blood rushes to your muscles, bringing them additional food and oxygen. Belly stroke clockwise, back - up from the buttocks and back handle - on the inner surface of the hand to the shoulder, feet - on the outer surface of the back of the foot to the thigh.

  • The second method of massage - rubbing

Rubbing - a more intense massage techniques (performed by a masseur), it causes a rush of blood to the skin and its redness. Rubbing produce one or two fingers in a circle. Especially shown rubbing techniques in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

  • The third receiving massage - kneading

Kneading - it is also an intensive method, it is performed a massage therapist and affects more deeply located tissue, there is increased blood supply and nutrition, improves skin tone and contractility of the muscles.

  • Fourth massage techniques - vibration

Vibration - the strongest reception, accompanied by shaking the underlying tissue, it is used only for special indications. It is indicated for children with overweight and to strengthen the spine.

Remember: the movement - this is life and it is needed, even a very small man.