Aggressive child from birth to two years

October 21, 2011

 Aggressive child from birth to two years
 What is aggression? Translation of the word is quite harmless: moving forward, but in our society the concept of aggression has a pronounced negative connotation. The child's aggression is considered a long and loud crying, and angry words to the other man, and pugnacity, and many other manifestations. All parents face child aggression - this is the stage of development of the child, and whether there will be a long time the aggressive behavior of the child depends largely on them.

 Aggressive child from birth to two years

The aggression of the child up to a year

A child under one year communicating with the outside world by means of shouting, a caring mother rather quickly learns to distinguish between what wants her child, listening to his tone. With two months children can grimace to show how they are dissatisfied with what to do with an adult, and the cry becomes emotionally charged. Negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
   young child reinforces crimping body, shrieking, movements of hands and feet, later he can throw the toy or repel person against whom it is directed anger.

In many ways, the severity of this behavior depends on the behavior of the child's parents. Children will read all the information about the psychological atmosphere in the house and the attitude to it. If the parents are in conflict with each other, can talk in a raised voice, are hostile to the child, for example, due to the fact that he is unwanted, the child first months of life begins to feel acute sense of their own vulnerability and disadvantage. Next comes into play genetic mechanisms: the child can react fears the emergence of neurotic disorders (tics, jerks), and may try to counter malevolent world by aggression toward him.

 Aggressive child from birth to two years


Biting at this age, too many mothers are perceived as a manifestation of aggression on the part of the child, but this is not true. Just start at a certain time cut his teeth in connection with which the child experiences persistent discomfort in the gums, which forces him to chew on everything, including the mother's breast. In this case, the mother should just firmly but calmly tell your child that you can not do, and to remove the breasts from the mouth of the baby. Post it on demand, almost immediately, but if the situation is repeated - again all easy, but the breast did not give a longer period of time. Usually after three - five attempts at the correct behavior of the mother, the child ceases to bite. If the mother reacts violently: jumps, screams - a child can be fun, and then biting last much longer.

 Aggressive child from birth to two years

From one to two years

With children from birth to two years is required to speak the right language, not allowing even negative statements about third parties, since during this period the phenomenon of imprinting information, and the child will unconsciously copy the behavior of their parents' lifetime.

At the end of the first year of life - the beginning of the second, children begin to walk, and their activity increases many times. Interest them, first of all, the surrounding objects and people. All objects are within reach of the child will try "to the tooth". People interested in their otherness, difference from the parents. The child begins to actively explore the world. His aggression is at this age is primarily due to the inconsistent actions of the parents, when there are no clear boundaries and limits, the child is everything, and when, suddenly, there is "no" - it causes a storm of negative emotions on the part of the child.

Raising a child, parents must stick to only two rules:

  • Block only what really threatens the lives and health of the child, and these prohibitions should not be much.
  • If the prohibition is, it is always active, regardless of who is the child and what his mood.

Other actions of the child that the parents do not like, but do not threaten his life better transform, for example, can not tear the book and the newspaper - it is possible. However, the newspaper contains a lot of lead and is not a substitute for safe, many mothers give to tear the child a roll of toilet paper - it is soft and does not contain harmful contaminants, and the baby for a long time been on their own and develop fine motor skills. It's fun and he had to tear the book is unlikely to be.

As the child grows some restrictions are changed, but it is a natural process that will not be perceived by a child so badly.

Svetlana Shimkovich

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Baby diapers: at once and not just

September 25, 2011

 baby diapers
 In caring for a small child baby diapers - absolutely indispensable thing. If at the end of the twentieth century, physicians argued, is harmful to use them or not, then eventually all consumers estimate their advantages and disadvantages, and producers have perfected the technology issue. The range of baby diapers in shops is so wide that to understand the variety of models and famous brands is sometimes difficult.

The very first children's paper disposable diapers have been released in the US in 1965 by Procter & Gamble Co. Developers unusual accessory believed that it will be very popular in the market of children's goods, and even registered a patent. Subsequently, these diapers began to produce under the brand Pampers. The word "diaper" stuck in the Russian language, almost entirely replaced from everyday use of the term "diaper".

 Baby diapers: at once and not just

Disposable diapers

All children's diapers, produced by modern manufacturers globally and regionally, can be divided into two main types: disposable and reusable.

Quality disposable diapers are usually made of cotton fiber. Their structure generally includes three layers. The one that is in direct contact with the baby's skin, made of a hypoallergenic material. Beneath it is a layer of cellulose or other adsorbent trap moisture and prevent its further spread. To produce the outer layer of diapers manufacturers use synthetic materials that do not allow moisture to penetrate the child's clothing.

Most of these diapers are fixed on the child's body by means of Velcro fasteners, and baby legs tightly wraps elastic bands that do not allow children to fall out all sorts of unexpected outside.

Disposable diapers because so called, that they should be changed often enough, avoiding hours of the child's stay in the same diaper. The optimal duration of the break between changing diapers should be two to three hours. This is necessary to ensure that the delicate skin baby properly ventilated.

Often, the sale can be found and breathable diapers. They have the ability to pass the steam and at the same time to hold the liquid. The breathable diapers there is an additional layer of a special porous film, due to which and achieved a similar effect.

On the issue of disposable diapers specialize in such well-known international brands like Pampers, Goo.N, Huggies, Libero, Merries and many others.

 Baby diapers: at once and not just

Reusable nappies

Reusable diapers appearance almost indistinguishable from one-off: they just made a pair of knickers on velcro. The only difference is that they have a fabric base and washable. The special inner pocket reusable diaper inserted removable inserts. Usually they are made of microfiber, highly hygroscopic. The inner layer of reusable diapers should be made of cotton, since any synthetic impurities can cause skin irritation and baby diaper rash. It does not cause the so-called greenhouse effect, and therefore can not be afraid that the child has diaper rash, diaper dermatitis Dermatitis - what to do with the inflamed skin?  Dermatitis - what to do with the inflamed skin?
   or an allergy.

Inserts in reusable baby diapers should be changed about every three hours, but the need to arrange the child is no longer airing long, cloth diapers because the skin is already good enough breathing. They are machine washable and hand, they dry quickly. Disposable diapers, as opposed to one-time, are virtually dimensionless: Velcro fastener and help them adapt a child of any build and build.

Svetlana Usankova

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