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November 11, 2013

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I was thinking, and noted that my first stage often catches. Even on heavy bags. But I know a young lady who has already hernia appear. To whom she just did not go, poor. And massage, stretching, and did not help once. Things are there. And I heard that when the herniated appear, they generally can not touch it, they will gradually disappear.
Galya, you can not think, and go to the clinic. Then you find out exactly what stage, and whether it is. Maybe something else disguised as a disease. But my aunt hernia cut out a lot of money was removed. A year later at the same place, it rose again. It is unclear if the doctors know that it is useless, why torture people operations? Now every now and offer to remove them.
As far as I know, the disease occurs in many school and university students - the result of improper sitting at the desk. And helping this exercise. At least I thought so. And it turns out that you can get sick at any age. Although, I believe, an active lifestyle with regular physical activity is to protect the appearance of the disease.
Valera, the causes of this disease are many. For example the hard work and exercise, so do not overdo exercise. Also cute girls and women should take care of the feet and do not walk on high heels as they like to do it. Of course if you follow the way of life, the correct walking and nutrition, you can avoid many diseases, not just this one.
Unfortunately, if before the disease occurs only in the elderly, in our days it is possible to find many young people. I do not know what the reason for this phenomenon. Even my husband a few years ago was diagnosed with this disease, although very much doubt that the diagnosis was correct. Despite this more cases of the disease, and patients they are younger.
Svetlana, let someone tell you at all! I just put this diagnosis ten years. Do not tell me that while it is a concern, but my mother was shocked. And I just did not think about it and did not pay attention. Now 15 years later, it has me a little annoying. Simply, if at that age have already a disease, what happens next?
What's that, Svetlana! Our friend's daughter 12 years lay in the hospital with a diagnosis! That they have all inherited, doctors said the girl and now a long and difficult treatment, that in the future do not have to be disabled. But it is not even a high school student and how it will carry and give birth to children in the future if everything is falling apart and it hurts ...
But my mom does not feel much pain, but she had a bad case of foot and not unbent back, she could barely walk like 100 years old! Hands, too weak even to put his signature really can or bag of milk to open, so we are very worried, and suddenly it is not treatable? She was prescribed a course of injections and physical therapy, but there are no visible results.
Marina, despite how old your mother and what studies have been performed. There is no certainty that the treatment assignment correctly, and the result is special because it is not visible. And in general the symptoms that you describe is not quite like a disease of the spine. More like something very serious, but I'm not going to sound. It is better to go to the doctor, let poobsleduet.
Pain in the head is not always connected with the spine, you need to establish their exact cause, although, now doctors are accustomed to a lot of things to write off the spine, I know one man who has constantly hurt back. He also said, what you want, this is the age of pain in the spine. But when carefully examined, then it turned out to be cancer, and at the stage when too late - to do anything.
Mary, correct to say that it is necessary to clarify the diagnosis to be surveyed, and not rely on the fact that the spine patient. First of all we must always exclude the most dangerous diseases, and then to deal with the treatment of less serious when all of the most serious diseases are excluded. The disease, fortunately not fatal, and responds well to correction.
Not only by its own weight spoils the spine. From wearing the wrong bag, for example, on one shoulder, too, you get distortion. So how to go to school, first-graders only recommend a good backpack and desirable quality. Then the back straight, and there is no load on the spine. This is the ideal. Shoes also affects if bad. That flat forms. A flat foot, the body is not in the correct position. Yes, many things.
Taisiya, you're right, shoes, many do not pay enough attention, and for nothing. Because due to the wrong setting of the foot and the presence of flat feet deformed spine to redistribute the feeling of heaviness and gain stability. As a result of pinched nerve roots large and there are all the symptoms of osteoarthritis. And the pain and stiffness.
I have it escalated during pregnancy, when the changed position of the spine. These were terrible pains, nor sit down. neither stand nor bend. Lying hurt, hurt to stand. The horror of some kind. And some drugs can not be! So my husband had a daily massage my back. It helps not bad. But finally passed only when the bore and the spine into place.
How I sympathize with you, Anne! Wedge during pregnancy and the weight is dialed, and we move a lot less, and that these diseases manifest themselves. And in fact, be treated just modzhno folk remedies, and even then not all, but selectively! Still have to do exercises to the extent possible, it will help to somehow avoid the aggravation or reduce pain symptoms.
Yes, we must move more to be had. All the vertebrae and disks need constant training, and even rust long. It's about the usual pain when you rise in the morning with a grunt from the bed, I say. To avoid this was necessary to do exercises and go on foot. You can always start doing it, and before his illness, and during it. Does it hurt? Anoint some ointment and continue.
Michael, indeed, there is even such a proverb: Movement - Life! The more will be involved in the movement of our joints and muscles, the stronger will be the frame of the body and less likely that it will start to sag under its own weight. As a result, it will not be diminished nerve endings. That's why people who exercise rarely suffer from this disease.
In his youth fond peshegornym tourism, 10 years went hiking and carry heavy backpacks of 23-25 ​​kg maximum, almost half my weight. Well, the giant, say ... And now come old age, and there was an osteochondrosis. No reason, no reason at all suddenly during sharp turns or lifting heavy bags, or failure of the spine tilted shoots. I think that somehow displaced discs and pinched nerves. It helps massage, which makes my husband, who graduated from special courses on the subject. It is, basically, somehow it massages the spine. At the same time the vertebrae are in place, and even heard a little crunch. After this massage the pain is much less, and, somewhere, one day releases. Social preparations with glucosamine. Here's a sad experience. So, think about what can cause the nose load on the spine in old age ...
Something you here has been written horror films that are dubious to me. All my life dragged heavy bags and I have no problems with his back. I even become stronger thanks to these physical activities, and those who do not take into the hands of gravity and remain fragile. We must constantly make something heavy, it will maintain muscle tone, and all these horror stories are unfounded.
Irina, if you were carrying heavy bags it does not mean that you have added health. And you know perfectly well, just do not understand what kichites. Too many people because of the heavy lifting and then lose their health and can not even walk properly, so do not recommend that you carry weights as you do, and argue that this is why you are healthy.
Irina, this is not nonsense, but a reality, it is obvious that you are young now and cocky, thinking that will always feel good, and if something hurts, and then be able to move steadily. With years of this little remains of confidence, because the injury of youth begin to be felt. Already, you should cease to carry heavy loads, to take care of your spine.
Much attention want to point out pulling weights, which is written here. I know one woman who had a lifetime dragged large shopping bags, which eventually led to the problems in the spine. As a result, she became bedridden patients and doctors could not raise her. Girls from the youth already accustom to their husbands, so that they went shopping with you and help you with shopping.
Daria, good advice, I hope that many will listen to him, because she often see women of all ages back to spare no hauling heavy bags, and then are faced with this disease. For the purchase of products in large quantities do not have to ride one, take it with their boyfriends or husbands, and let all the purchases they wear. Although the trading price *** now there are carts and there is, in principle, a man does not need to be even only impediment in the way.
5 years ago I had to do an x-ray picture of the spine, and that's when it became clear that I have low back pain. But nothing disturbed me not then, not now. So I with this problem and did not go to the doctor, I do not think it's too terrible disease that immediately after the diagnosis is necessary to begin to heal faster. Important Do not lift or pull of gravity and all will be well.
Dasha, I agree that we should not lift and drag of gravity, as she personally know women who because of this got back problems, one of them can not now even walk. But here's the rest of your thoughts, I do not agree, it is necessary to treat the fact that now you have nothing bothers this is because the initial stage. Then he can become worse and it will happen rapidly.
I'm only 27 years old, but with his back already so tortured. Actually I have scoliosis since high school. But it somehow did not bother, only X-rays could be seen. Who it is already noticeable distortion. but to all joined by the piercing pain, smack in the ribs, even headache and not to mention just about back pain, especially in the thoracic and cervical spine. Plus sometimes raises blood pressure. Who knows how low back pain and associated high blood pressure? I think a visit to the neurologist had not be delayed.
Olesya, I have all the same, but I'm a year older than you. Of course go to the doctor. I on this occasion there was a doctor, I was prescribed physiotherapy, exercise therapy. From the treatment of osteoarthritis is very good device darsonval, but unfortunately only for a short time. It is necessary to sit at the computer less, move more, go for a massage and a healthy lifestyle. And at the expense of pressure I did not know my blood pressure rises because of the VSD.
I wonder how low back pain and heart rate are linked. I have been suffering from back pain, and after the birth to get out of bed could not heart was racing, back hurt, could not breathe. The doctor said osteochondrosis. I thought, and I can not walk, but a very good specialist neurologist caught, without medication (mala I breast feed) among needles on their feet. For the past 4 years have passed and I have such pain is no longer felt.
Uncle strong osteochondrosis of hip, though he is still young enough. All because of an injury he received ten years ago. If you honestly do not know, and I had no idea that the cause of the disease can be damaged. In general there is a perception that this ailment causes such as salt deposits, and more sedentary, sedentary work. So - a strong bruise too!
I have a backache under the right scapula. I thought, maybe more, maybe more, and pass. And the pain is becoming stronger. One morning found that I could not get up because of the pain. They called an ambulance, was taken to hospital where he took a shot at the X-rays and found an osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine. He spent a month in the hospital and back ached three months. What is the only treatment is not administered. NSAIDs osteochondrosis usually help, but not in my case. Last time the doctor said that this is a self-suggestion and issued the appropriate drug. Most of these exacerbations were not. It became a regular basis go to the pool and swim - the best means of preventing this disease.
In general, I suffered from pain in his back in his student days about 4 years until they decided to consult a doctor and find out what's the matter. It was then, and I was diagnosed! And I think that's just too long sitting at her computer and books ... And who knew that banal flies before his eyes in osteochondrosis most common thing! So it pays to be attentive to yourself!
I know what this disease is not hearsay, it is now many, the reason for that environment and especially sedentary work, computer, that's my mother have such problems. There are periods when shooting like in the heart, but in fact it comes from the spine, so the doctors say. It is also true that the numbness in osteochondrosis happens often, especially the left arm or leg. And all this from the back, the disease is serious and unpleasant.
Val, you're right! Unfortunately, a terrible environment and widespread sedentary lifestyle (both at home and at work) lead to the fact that very young people get serious diseases of the spine. My niece, who is only some 21 years, began to complain of back pain. I went to the doctor, there is seen on x-ray osteochondrosis. We were all shocked! But the main thing - time to identify the problem will now be treated.
What usually complaint with osteochondrosis? My husband had pains in the back, somewhere in the region of the shoulder blades pulled from time to time. Most often it happens in the morning, sometimes even hard to get out of bed. That's what it can be? To the doctor it I can not send, and it is not clear to what doctor to go with it. He does not understand that tightens his fortune. Then it will only get worse.
It all depends on what kind of spine damaged. If the chest, it will numb the left half of the body, the pain gives to the heart. Of course, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Go to the reception to the neurologist. Without the help of a chiropractor for your husband, too, can not do. The diagnosis of "an osteochondrosis 1 and 2 degree" - is not a sentence. At this stage, the disease is curable.
In recent years, increasingly began to hurt back. Sometimes I can not even bend. What are the symptoms of osteoarthritis? Maybe this is it. Although I like the early age, only 35 years old. To what doctor to go then? I like to grab, I think about the doctor, and then let go again, I'm not going anywhere. But this is not the case. We must have somehow go surveyed, that I like.
You know, to say that in 35 years too early for such a disease, it's like something ridiculous. And to the doctor what to run, after all is not quite grab. Then, when it is irreversible consequences come, then be taken to the emergency room. Go to the neurologist. He knows how to diagnose low back pain after the test. And if there is a need to prescribe the necessary treatment.
Always thought connected low back pain and the weather. I when the weather changes constantly a headache, the doctor says that it is a consequence of ongoing work at the computer. But somehow, a headache is not always, but only by changes in the weather. Probably the same way, and yet the pain due to sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, it is necessary to do something to change their lives.
This sore personally brought me a lot of problems. I osteochondrosis of cervical spine. And he gives a very strong headaches and pressure surges. If I before someone said something in my life would not have believed that such a thing is possible. I have done a bunch of doctors to understand the reasons for my poor state, and the whole thing turned out to be in the neck. So, I was worn out from the soul. I helped a massage and I think it's a great way to solve problems.
Eugene, I have absolutely the same situation. It has long been experiencing pain in the neck after a long stay in a sitting position. And I suffer terrible headaches, comparable with migraine. It took quite a few times before I hit upon the idea to associate their headaches with pain in the neck. Well, that time went to the doctor, because my illness could develop into an osteochondrosis of the second degree.
Is it possible to bathe in osteochondrosis? My husband goes to a bath every week. Then I grab it back. He did not go to the bath. You never know what will be on the hot steam. Even more double up on his high temperature and overheating. Or on the contrary it will be better from heat? To the doctor, and he did not come down. Sometimes it's getting better and he goes back to the steam room. Of course this is not the case, but it does not convince.
What causes low back pain, I see the example of a neighbor. It is not that old, but always complains of back pain. Can not bend down, for it is a big problem. Because of the pain less exercise, and this is further compounded by the disease. It is a vicious circle. Yes, and she earned a disease of sedentary work.
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