Counter battles - a toy that will help to overcome the fear of childbirth

November 8, 2012

 Counter battles
 There are Internet sites with interactive counters fights. In principle, they do not represent anything special, like the same way you can record all pen on paper. However, often these counters soothe women and give them the confidence that everything is going as it should.

 Counter battles - a toy that will help to overcome the fear of childbirth

What is the counter fights

Typically, counter labor is a small plate, where you can press a button "Start" (when the battle began) and "Stop" (when the battle is over). The duration of the intervals between contractions counter will count itself. After a sufficient period of time counting (at least an hour with frequent fights and at least two hours with rare) I pressed a button "complete count" and there is a sign where you can see the frequency and duration of contractions, as well as bring in the Count his notes about a particular bout.

This plaque have to be analyzed if the contractions are regular, their duration increases and the intervals between them are reduced, then everything goes wrong. Most counters are starting to signal that it's time to go to the hospital when contractions over a minute duration and intervals between contractions are five minutes.

 Counter battles - a toy that will help to overcome the fear of childbirth

This approach

When regular contractions that require a simple count of the duration of labor and the intervals between them, followed by self-analysis, it is possible to counter labor use.

Positive aspects of this counter is also the fact that a woman is distracted from the pain, it reduces the level of anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 That certainly has a beneficial effect on her. It's like a straw, for which the woman kept hoping that she will not let drown.

But it can fully trust the results of which gives the counter? Of course not, that is, the time it is, of course, will calculate correctly, but the rest of the analysis is better to do it yourself.

 Counter battles - a toy that will help to overcome the fear of childbirth

In some cases, the meter does not fit fights

He did not fit in the case, when the bout is irregular. Time and here the counter will count properly, but its findings can be very confusing to introduce a woman, as it is just a program that does not take into account all the nuances of labor. Do not use the meter when irregular bouts Irregular contractions - an anomaly of uterine activity  Irregular contractions - an anomaly of uterine activity
   mainly because it can not only misleading, but also to frighten the woman his findings.

 Counter battles - a toy that will help to overcome the fear of childbirth

Why fight may be irregular

Occasional may be false or abnormal contractions. If false labor is almost no pain, some women simply do not notice them, whereas women are more sensitive, especially nulliparous, it may take them as true contractions, that is the beginning of labor. But the false contractions are different from true is irregular and painless. This battle is also called training: under the influence of the increased amount of estrogen in the weeks before the birth the uterus begins to train and gain strength to "not disappoint" during childbirth.

Abnormal contractions may be different. For example, they can occur before birth and wearing a very painful character - the so-called pathological preliminary period. Contractions in this case are uncoordinated and irregular and not accompanied by the opening of the cervix. In addition, the pain of this disease can be so great that the woman did not give anything to eat or sleep. It is possible the premature discharge of amniotic fluid, which is very dangerous when obstruction of the birth canal. This is a dangerous condition that requires medical attention and constant monitoring obstetrician-gynecologist, who will decide on the delivery woman.

If we compare with the false contractions abnormal, then they have nothing in common, except for irregularities. But the counter with frequent false labor contractions can advise immediately sent to the hospital, and in pathological - wait for further developments. And he and other advice, of course, unsuitable and may enter a woman astray.

 Counter battles - a toy that will help to overcome the fear of childbirth

Use counter labor or not?

Use is possible, but with the mind, that is the time to record and analyze their labor to carry out on their own - in this case the use of the counter will be good.

Every pregnant woman should have to leave to have a certain set of knowledge on how they will proceed. In particular it must have some idea about the first stage of labor - fights, and that is false, true and abnormal contractions. All this can be learned in the classroom in the special school at the women's clinic.

Galina Romanenko

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Attempts: The second stage of labor

September 9, 2010

 Attempts - is arbitrary cuts abdominal muscles and diaphragm, and along with the contractions in the second stage of labor, they are called by the generic cast out. Attempts are designed to help women resolve the burden, that is to accelerate meeting of mother and child. So nature intended that one fights the case can not do, so the woman has to help her to the best of his ability.

 Attempts: The second stage of labor

The second stage of labor

The second stage of labor has called the period of the expulsion of the fetus .  During this period there is a child born .  It is the most important and crucial stage of labor .  Lasts second stage of labor in nulliparous 1-2 hours multiparous hour .  Much will depend upon such factors as the size of the pelvis and fetal position of the baby in the womb and other .  About the beginning of the second stage of labor, say, when the cervix is ​​fully revealed (10-12 cm) and begins to promote fetal head down the vagina to the pelvic bottom .  But this does not mean that just ended during childbirth, it is time to push .  In fact, we must make an effort to start up when the doctor, and this woman in childbirth is transferred to the delivery room on a special obstetric beds .  How do we determine that the head had fallen on the pelvic floor? For this purpose there is a special method that is hand wrapped diaper midwife presses on sexual lip mother and feels head .  Why not make an effort to start with the beginning of the second stage of labor, that the head fell faster? Firstly, it will only slow down the process, and secondly, when the omission of the head, it performs a certain rotation, which can prevent premature attempts .

 Attempts: The second stage of labor

Attempts - it hurt?

Attempts arise as a result of reflex irritation presenting part, usually the head, the nerve endings of the cervix, vagina and pelvic floor (perineum). That is, there is a very strong desire to commit an act of defecation, some mothers even want to run to the toilet. Themselves attempts painless, it's just very hard work, which requires the mobilization of all forces and stresses. At birth, the head woman does not experience excruciating pain as the head compresses the surrounding tissue and nerve endings in them. Women in childbirth just want speedy birth of a child to get rid of stress and relax. Push as painful as going to the toilet.

 Attempts: The second stage of labor

Start push

When the fetal head down on the pelvic floor, having made the necessary rotation, and maternity cases transferred to obstetric bed. Here she takes the following position: legs bent at the knees wide apart, heels abut on a special stand, hand provided appropriate handle for a woman in labor who will be held during the attempts. With the start of the fight you need to dial a deep breath and start to push. This should be hard and smooth, without jerks and jolts, otherwise it may tear the perineum. Attempts lasts about 15 seconds, and fight for them to be exactly three. The woman will be more effective push, the faster the baby is born.

During attempts need to lift the shoulder girdle, heels rest on the stand, and pull the handle. Chin pressed against his chest, and you should try to push, start, midwives fingers, and then the very head of the fetus. It is necessary to push it to the perineum, as in severe constipation Constipation - Watch out for food  Constipation - Watch out for food
 Instead of in person. When incorrect vain attempts (in the face), all work will be ineffectual, as mothers at the next day will be on the face of hemorrhage from ruptured blood vessels, and headache Headache: Causes and Complications  Headache: Causes and Complications

There comes a time when the head emerges from the genital slit. But she no attempts fades back. Do not worry, everything is going according to plan, and this point is called vrezyvaniem head. When the baby's head is fixed and does not disappear back, this is a teething head. The most important period, now we can not make an effort above all to listen to the midwife, which protects the perineum (the prevention of fractures) and holds the head, protecting it from premature and abrupt extension. This is in order not to harm the baby. After attempts to breathe correctly is very important. In no case can not be sharply exhale, it should be done gradually. And while the fight is not over, without rest, re-dial the air and start to push. After the birth of the head can not stop, even if there is no more fight, and continue to work to give birth just a baby.

 Attempts: The second stage of labor

I was born!

Finally, the child was born. This he said with a loud shout, as if offended that he got from a warm place. But actually cry - a reflex when the baby whose lungs are developed. The child lay on her stomach mother that he felt tactile contact with her and her mother's contaminated with bacteria. This is very important because the skin of the newborn is sterile and can settle on it and various bacteria. Mom can pat their long-awaited child, and also imbued with a sense of unity with her baby. They are together again.

Anna Sozinova

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