Preparation for childbirth - but scared to death

October 23, 2006

 Every pregnant woman wants the delivery to be easily, quickly and without complications. To prepare for childbirth, you need to learn to control abdominal muscles and adapt to the labor pains, reducing their pain. But physical training - that's not all. No less important is the psychological training, the ability to respond to all the changes taking place in the body.

 Preparation for childbirth - but scared to death

Visit the training courses for childbirth

Childbirth preparation courses will teach you relaxation techniques Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic!  Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic!
   and breathing exercises, as well as mentally and physically prepare you for what will happen during childbirth. Many clinics and maternity homes offer courses of various kinds, for example, classes in the pool, during which trains the ability to hold their breath, which is very necessary during labor, and performed relaxation exercises and stretching the muscles involved in childbirth. Many couples believe that attending these courses every week brings them closer and makes it possible to mentally tune in to the next generations.

 Preparation for childbirth - but scared to death

Training delivery

But even without the help of an instructor, you can train the muscles, alternately tensing and relaxing them, as well as to practice relaxation breathing techniques. It is important that you do this helped my husband if he was going to attend the birth. You must learn to understand each other without words, to develop the signals, clear only the two of you. When you support a partner who fulfills all the exercises with you, it increases your psychological comfort, soothes and gives confidence that the birth will be fine.

Carrying a child takes away all the time and effort, and to find a few minutes to chat with a partner, especially in preparation for childbirth, it is not easy. However, this training will soon bear fruit: you become more relaxed, learn to relax, will know what to expect during labor and delivery. In the third trimester were 15 - 30 minutes each day for relaxation and joint training delivery.

 Preparation for childbirth - but scared to death

Here are some guidelines for a productive training:

  • Start with relaxation. Using any relaxation technique you choose, try to relax. All this time, the partner should talk to you. This is very important. Subsequently, the partner will be able to use this method to help you relax during labor.
  • "Rehearse" labor. Imitating a short bout at regular intervals, try to adapt to them, alternately relaxing and straining muscles. Gradually increase the duration and intensity of imaginary battles.
  • Ask your partner to leave control of imaginary fight. Partner tells you when the fight begins and ends, and you have to react as if everything is happening really - to focus on relaxing and breathing, ignore distractions.
  • As a partner must control the fight: Partner may say: "Quest begins, take a deep cleansing breath ... contractions become stronger, keep breathing, boy, relax, fight harder, breathe deeply ... ... battle ends over, breathe deeply. Well done! ".

If during exercise breath hitched, do not panic and do not interrupt the exercise - during childbirth have such an opportunity will not. Restore breathing and find the rhythm again.

 Preparation for childbirth - but scared to death

Breathing Exercises

Uterine muscles intensely reduced if it is provided with a constant supply of oxygen, and the rest of the body relaxed. Therefore it is so important proper breathing during labor. The use of specific breathing relaxation techniques can help you endure longer hours of labor and not lose serenity.

Breathing exercises, it is desirable to carry out every day, or to include them in the complex gymnastics (between exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   and at the end of the complex), or in the relaxation process or as an independent group of exercises. The total duration of respiratory exercises should not exceed 10 minutes per day. This limitation is due to the fact that in pregnant women, and so decreases the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, rapid breathing and will reduce it even more, which can lead to dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
 . If during breathing exercises you feel dizzy, inhale and exhale, if possible, for 20-30 seconds, and dizziness to pass.

 Preparation for childbirth - but scared to death


So, prepare for childbirth should begin with the collection of handbags, from where you go to the hospital. To start this important lesson to be at least one month before the expected date of delivery. No one can confidently predict the exact date of birth. Only your child decides when he was to be born.

Make a list of all the essentials that you need to take to the hospital. Do not forget to bring:

  • mirror and makeup;
  • removable sheets, two or three robe and nightgown;
  • hairbrush;
  • clothes in which you change clothes when you return home with your child (do not bring your favorite things that you wore before pregnancy, as no one can for a couple of days to lose weight gained in the first nine months. You might not be able to get into their old clothes, and it is only frustrate you and cause annoyance).

In advance make a list of phone numbers and addresses of persons to whom you can turn for help at any time.

The main symptoms of approaching childbirth are known to all, but every woman they appear individually. Some may define the beginning of the birth from the first second, and some suddenly remember just a few hours, when too late to go to the hospital. In most cases, the details of the long-awaited birth determines the fate and character (and peculiarities of health) of the mother. Approximation of birth can testify as mild pain Low back pain: the spine signals  Low back pain: the spine signals
   or sharp stabbing pain in his side, and the general feeling of discomfort or a sudden withdrawal of water.

 Preparation for childbirth - but scared to death

Follow instinct

If you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar feeling, but anything specific (eg, pain) can not complain, still call a doctor. If suddenly caught his breath, appeared weak and dizzy, if you can not stay on his feet, or wake up at night for no apparent reason, forget about the doctor, just call who can - friends, neighbors, in a word, who will be there and will be able to quickly provide help. Do not panic when the water gush uncontrolled flow - this is perfectly normal. Try to maintain her composure as much as possible (and as far as humanly possible). Remember that it is not in your power to stop these truly river flows, pouring out of your body. Use a towel to get wet feet, but be prepared for the fact that your panties and pants definitely get wet.

Do not think about what you think of others if you come to the hospital and after you will reach the water footprint. You will give birth to a new essence - no one expects to see you calm and stylishly dressed, graceful and confident!

A few tips:

  • Try not to lose touch with reality
  • Spread your precious energy to make it to the end of the delivery, do not waste power for nothing
  • Do not hesitate to openly tell the doctor or midwife what you feel
  • Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have
  • Try to listen to everything they say doctors and midwives
  • Listen to your body
  • Listen to the voice of your heart.
  • Listen to the advice of his partner leave (for example, the child's father)
  • Do not forget how long you've been waiting for this day. Feel the uniqueness of this vitally important moment and remember it for a lifetime.
  • Not for a second do not forget how much you want the baby was born healthy, and what a joy it will bring to you in the future.
  • Finally, trust your instincts, professionalism of doctors, soothing words and a partner ... my ears when at the end of torment hear the first cry of her child, announcing his official arrival of this strange and beautiful world.

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