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October 13, 2013

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Hello! I have such a problem that's many years ago, my mom placed a spiral doctor said supposedly need. But then I was born, and she was told that the spiral was removed! It turned out it and did not get out! It was found out when my mom recently to the regional clinic in another city approached, she found a cyst Plus! They said the consequences of infection because of the spiral! My mother was shocked! She removed the cyst and remove already tearing away from the uterus into our city said, and went to our clinic where the gynecologist said that it can not! We decided to enroll in private! I would like to know who once gynecologist can not, then the surgeon should do? What are the consequences and risks, if a spiral more than 25 years (read your article, what about the terms of application of 5-10 years)? The regional else to say that the spiral fused with a cloth! It is very dangerous? And can it still clean?
Good day to all! I have a Swiss spiral is already more than 2 years, everything was fine until recently, but rather seems to have been drawn mustaches during the next act .... *** Monthly gone, everything is fine, but a week went again as if the remains of the monthly .Krovotochit and bleeds, not abundant, but release est.Vrach said that this is normal, because because of the antennae, but it's starting to bother me, I drink krapivu.Ili can damage the walls of the uterus, if the mustache drawn into the cervix ... Need advice, whether someone something podobnoe.Spasibo!
Spiral.cherez delivered six months to develop a strong krovotechenii.propila Vikosol, stopped krovotechenie.nachila gain ves.popravilas on 10kg.snyala spiral and the weight nabirayu.byla doctors all different govoryat.hochu drink Xenical can help.
I spiral of six months after kesorevo (first child) .  The doctor has advised to put a spiral of unwanted pregnancy 2, t . to .  slucheev many pregnant lactating mothers, all but three months after childbirth .  It scared me, put a spiral .  Pravdv doctor had forgotten that I had kesorevo nothing numb - namuchalas zhud !!!!!!! Now it is very concerned about questions: 1 .  Why not to have a spiral do not put (t . to .  I myself did not actually give birth - kesorevo)? 2 .  six months later there was a general discomfort .  Something somewhere aches in the lower tier - is unclear? Plus, headache, nausea .  Especially after my husband and close . (by the way, he says, that he in me that it feels and prevents) .  I went to the gynecologist thought maybe dropped? No, all right, ultrasound - a spiral on the spot, no sore, changes, no problem .   And my discomfort, cystitis started (which was not, 4) and it looks like the first signs of thrush, a feeling that something prevents .  Podsazheny, good people, what to do: vynemat, keep waiting that everything will work out, or change doctor ?????????????????????????????? ???
Hormone pills NO! I saw them a year, my health is not just shaken it collapsed! As already put 2 times the spiral 1prostoyala almost 3 years and 2 one month left the two places, but I do not despair this month to try to go again. Although this procedure is not a pleasant one, I was born 7 months ago 2 children and I think that's much easier childbirth. Girls do not drink tablets !!!!!!!!!!!
I am 20 years.I did not give birth. two weeks ago delivered a spiral, I will not deny the first two days suffered from the pain, but then everything went, but to this day I have some strange isolation even without the smell, but it is very unpleasant, this did not exist before, and I there were problems with the skin, pimples, redness on the face. Who can tell whether this is due to the coil ?!
I have a very good gynecologist man. So he said, the effectiveness of the spiral of hanging not on its price, and the structure of the cervix !!! So it is important to choose the right doctor, but on the spiral can be "saved" because domestic counterparts no worse than imports, and cost a penny! I, for my spiral with propolis go for 4 years, will soon pull out, the second plan, and then immediately put the new birth. Spiral - it is very convenient! It is certainly very harmful, but not more harmful than the forced abortion and hassle of forgotten tablets!
I put a spiral 2 months after birth: Mother advised and present. Thanks mom! It is very convenient and although of course there is damage, but smaller than the forced introduction aborty.Posle two days kept the temperature and the condition was semiconscious, but then everything went. On rbilnye month I'm not complaining, quite the contrary: 4 days and everything. But it is very convenient for me and my husband. With tablets worse, occasionally forget to drink them and constantly worried that something might have vyshlo.Rebenku 4, a year and a half of the second plan, and again immediately after birth put new spiral.Spasibo scientists who invented it!
Hello everybody! I am 30. The first spiral set in 23, 5 years of Sovetova girlfriend. Took her several years without problems, I was very pleased. But then she could not conceive a child 8 months - still can not do it. I treat with her husband - and it worked. It can be seen very well were treated ... After giving birth again put a spiral, and a few months successfully became pregnant at Spiral !!! Here is my conclusion: the spiral gives the reliability of 97-98%, but if everyone were healthy and without problems could conceive the first time, its reliability would have fallen to the level of 50% .Vobschem spiral - bullshit.
set spiral "Nova T" set a spiral in the month, the first day of sick stomach, then stopped, monthly place 4 days were 7, then like everything was fine but after 21 days felt pain in the abdomen and started abundant amount of bleeding thought month came a bit earlier but by the evening it stopped. Only a stomach ache for three days, and some sort of scribble, nepoymu what kind of monthly and can not pahozhe spiral has shifted?
The first spiral "Finnish" delivered while still in college, 18 years ago. The pains of hell, and when placed and after. Every month on painkillers. 2 years ago I took a chance and again placed spiral. Compared to last is like heaven and earth. The only problem - monthly instead of 4 days, 6 are women, do not be afraid to put a spiral, if you have no contraindications. How many headaches eliminated.
I put a spiral almost 9 months. pogodok ago after the birth ... I never knew any inflammation ... But now constantly thrush, itching, pain during menstruation, and go long periods, and they are preceded by spotting ... and f *** everything is not painless posture . Now constantly live under the scheme: monthly, 2-3 days everything is normal, then to the next. inflammatory monthly allocation. Please always put candles, but now spat ... Prompt really after 9 months. such problems do not disappear (though the doctor says it is okay spiral of infections and I have no no) .... When this is all over ????
all basically write about Multiload.A anyone tried MIRENA? Does it have a lot of side? and what? I advised her vrach.Cherez-week periods to go ... I've installed all the esteemed and arrive now shocked ... Is it really so bad? or may be at peace with things differently? .. It is said to hormones (too scary, they influenced me ..) and even some medical .. Is it true? worth about eight thousand .., sorry to give so much money for garbage ..
Hello, girls. after reading the above will of course put my head spin or not? Yesterday I put everything in order, it was a little painful. and in general, we have nothing to vedb not SAG *** ovany, you just have to look at things positively, and everything will be fine, but we just got used to the bad but the bad !!!! Postavte try, do not like the clear! and about s ***, trenches are the same as in other methods. and everywhere there are side effects. 100% nobody will give you, unless her husband izviniti "chiknut" or something to cut himself. Be courageous, and all will be well !!!!!!!!!
Oh, just disgusting to read about what is abortion. In your every missed *** atozoid - is abortion? And what about the smaller pleasures, so I have the pleasure once every six months and each time obort. It is true? All tired, you need to try a spiral.
I am 30 I no accident spiral "Multiload" was 5, 5 let.Ochen convenient, as long as the doctor to choose the correct you spiral.Edinstvennoe, menstruation is not dolshe.Mne was not hurt and it does not hurt to insert udalyat.Vse happens very quickly. After removal of the helix can be put through the following month ie where some two months later.
His first spiral Multiload put a year after cesarean in zhen.konsultatsii. no pain and inconvenience of the procedure is not felt, and then everything was comfortable, and most importantly in the *** s nothing to wear inappropriately and swallow! 5 years later, I took it off (of course it was unpleasant, but tolerable), and a year later is easy to become pregnant a second child. kesariras successfully re - passed another year and then again going to put a spiral. This necessarily consult with the doctor and rent strokes yesterday. and to do that pelvic ultrasound and swabs for STDs, the doctor gave the green light, I hope everything goes as smoothly as the first time! Good luck to all!
I am 22 years old .  During his 22 had already done 2 abortion .  During the second abortion, my doctor advised to put a spiral - in any case it's better than doing a third abortion !!! Honestly, I really did not want to set the Navy, read through all the articles and the sea of ​​literature on the subject, had heard horror stories from friends, in short, a complete horror! Not once discussed with the physician and other methods of contraception, including IUDs before abortion .  In the end, I decided to .   Pain in the introduction, I felt, that is, . to .  It was under anesthesia .  No pain will no longer felt, only this first period have been very painful and too liberally, but then everything went .  I wear a spiral about a year, I was completely satisfied with everything .  As for the problems with microbes, there is a way: I drink very low-dose OK .  Dear girls and women! Pregnancy should be desired and safe! Choose a method of contraception individually, together with the gynecologist !!! Be happy and loved!
If you count, then about 1 good tip for about 4 is not very cheerful. Women certainly have a lot to endure and put on an experiment. To me the doctor prescribed hormonal birth control pills, I bought, but I can not decide to start drinking again now missing. I thought I put a spiral, but changed her mind and been reading ... Good luck, good health and less pain!
I am 40 years old. She gave birth to two children. I decided to put a spiral, but when she learned that the amount of it to me "will result," my zeal diminished. According to the doctor of the Moscow honey. Center - "with all preliminary analysis of about 1000 dollars" .Podskazhite - it's all so worth it or honey. Room price "twisted."
I want to put Multiload, worried that the change cycle (monthly start before) and between monthly will be problems in the form of bleeding. In the coming months it is unacceptable to me, because I am going to go rest. Can anyone suggest how likely the above problems, especially in the first month after installation?
I helix is ​​3, 5 years, very happy. Monthly become painless, although many say the opposite ... Once upon a time trying to drink tablets, it's terrible ... the cycle there was no-go monthly 3 days a week and do not go back ... And then, it hormones, they must be careful.
I am 29 years old, gave birth to seven years ago, before the birth repeatedly tried to get used to the tablets .  It is full of horror - a terrible pain during the day, once a month is guaranteed, as the case of poisoning, although intended experienced doctors .  after birth, again a couple of years tazha situation with pills, but intended more experienced doctors .  (Femoden - *** o) .  Four years ago, scored on expensive doctors and went to the clinic, set Multiload® - just super .  pain during installation is comparable to a small battle in 5 seconds duration, turned gray in the waiting room for 10 minutes and went home on foot, as if nothing had happened, even had time to take a walk .  Neither any bad memories .  Pain in the next days, a small, even the tablets did not drink nor any .  Complete independence in the actions .  Monthly - regular, heavy only on the second day, but "spotting" a little delayed sometimes (but it depends on the overall immunity) .  Husband happy, I too .  At the expense of conscience - not tormented, as if by faith grasp, so even hair dye can not shave your legs and also a sin - so far you can go before obsurda and complete neglect of life and his personality .  And at the expense of the monthly "samoaborta" - and without sperali (with *** s *** or interrupted intercourse) cell is destroyed and goes every month .   So, girls, slushayti only themselves, not advisers .  And be sure to visit DOCTOR At least every six months, and without it spiraling ALWAYS .
Six years ago, I gave birth to a daughter, and it was already after three abortions. Each time before shaking mesyachnymi- they appear when they want to, then 35 days, then 40, etc. It was at different doctors and one says - Put the spiral, another says - Drink pills in general I have a dilemma, what is still to do? My husband sailor, and there is no home for half a year, why would I spiral? And the house is three to four months, do not have time to get used to the pills as it will be necessary to wean already. Besides her husband *** partners there, so what do I do? I never tried any contraceptives but s ***. Help !!!
here you are, all who complain of a spiral, what do you think if you get pregnant and give birth to an unplanned child, and even worse to create one abortion UTB would be ludshe and painless, hurt hurt, to suffer need UTB do you need a nidrugim and popovodu tablets are inconvenient postayanno zabyvaesh accept them, especially when the head is filled with two children and a husband, and they are very Tamuzs hormonal, takshto my personal experience shows that the spiral UTB only convenient and well, still a sensible way
Read about the monthly miscarriage - was not myself. We use farmateks, everything was fine until it is two-week delay. Thank God there were not need to give birth again because doche only 7 months (we were forced to have tuned in to her second child.) In written testimony to farmateks - applied to the coil can in this case, the risk of miscarriage drop at least 90 percent. While we did not let farmateks but terrible happened to him ...
I do not know straight. I put a spiral 2 years ago. Year accustomed (abdomen ill almost all the time) .Only HB beginning the second year of constant pain stopped, but there are often (in high heels walk - hurts purchase up to 5 kg am - hurts during exercise - it hurts). It's a nightmare - the 2 years I am suffering, not rented. My husband does not permit, although *** happens 3-5 times per month, the remaining days of the month, the spotting. The doctor says that everything is fine, drink Remens appointed to restore menstrual tsikla.Tak girls choose .....
I put a spiral after 1, 5 months after birth, feeling uncomfortable, but the next day everything went. Three years later, I pulled it, I want a second child, and I will tell you honestly nekak 3 years nebylo problems, only that I have recovered 15 kg. But the doctor says that it is not from the spiral and on gormanalnom level, but the most insulting that I can`t lose them.
I have a child after the first 5 of 5 years was Navy. I decided to have a second child and the doctor also advised me to protect half of the year. I worried that I could not get pregnant. Safe 3 months, afraid of what will happen vykidysh.A then it turned out that zaeremenela. No problems with the pregnancy nebylo, not lying on keeping even passed on sroku.No I think all individually and can for Subfam *** ovki still wait a bit with pregnancy. Stay healthy.
I'm 26 years old, a child 2 pregnancy used the pills for 8 years - 1 abortion *** eating pills. after the birth of his son, and after 12 months of breastfeeding. again continued pills. 10 months. 2007. another abortion and now on the abortion pregnancy 7 weeks. ie *** ate pills then was menstruating, it was another month. Strange but true, none of pregnancy has not been obvious signs. just felt, I went to vrachu and est.postavila spiral 2 weeks ago. bastard I honestly would not worry. totally it did not hurt my doctor stavit.u golden hands. increased desire (and *** ualnoe including) move mountains in every sense of slova.gormony, tablets and any other rubbish psychologically, and physically also brings dipresnyak. spiral was floating in the air. girl, how are you nastroete will. DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!
Long tormented by the question put or not to put a spiral (daughter 3 years), permanent partner, health pooh-pooh everything is fine, but after reading all of your reviews finally the fog in my brain cleared! I never will not put !!!!! The mixing into the body against the will of nature do not need .... Properly said Sergei, better not think about the pain or fear - it MISCARRIAGE almost monthly, what is all this necessary? And not the fact that you are after all the violence on the body will be able to safely carry and give birth .... I realized that I would be protected tablets (it certainly matter, but for me it is the best option). Simply, we all want everything at once, and even more so for us it was nothing .... it does not happen! We must think not only about fun but also (at least occasionally) about other, more pressing and important things !!!
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I am 40 years old.
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