Candles farmateks: comfortable spermicides

November 28, 2011

 Candles farmateks
 There are many examples where a woman can not use any of modern methods of contraception Contraceptive Methods: Ten myths about contraception in the mirror of facts  Contraceptive Methods: Ten myths about contraception in the mirror of facts
 . It may be impossible to wear an intrauterine device (pain during menstruation and intercourse, her spontaneous loss), intolerance or contraindications to the use of hormonal contraceptives, but the physiological method is very unreliable, especially if irregular menstrual cycle is different. How to protect themselves from pregnancy if she does not plan to or already have children? This problem can help solve farmateks candles.

The first spermicides were created in the late 19th century, but, no doubt, as compared to candles farmateks they did not have a significant contraceptive effect. Candles farmateks simple and very easy to use, and their use is allowed at any age.

 Candles farmateks: comfortable spermicides

Structure and mechanism of action of candles

Candles farmateks produced 10 pieces per pack, and the main active ingredient is benzalkonium chloride. The content of active ingredient in one suppository is 0 and 0189 grams. Benzalkonium chloride is an antiseptic (ie anti-inflammatory action) and has a spermicidal effect (spermicide). The content of benzalkonium chloride in the candlelight farmateks and causes their contraceptive and anti-inflammatory effect. The active component is capable of spark sperm membrane damage (primarily flagella, and then the head), resulting in defective sperm fertilization becomes impossible.

Moreover, candles farmateks have antiseptic and antimicrobial action. They detrimental effect on gonorrhea, chlamydia Chlamydia: insidious and widespread disease  Chlamydia: insidious and widespread disease
 , Trichomonas Trichomonas - leads to infertility  Trichomonas - leads to infertility
 Herpes virus, and yeast-like fungi. However, benzalkonium chloride is not active against mycoplasmas and weakly acts on gardnerelly and causative agent of syphilis.

Candles farmateks not alter the hormones of the body (which does not lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle) and have no effect on normal vaginal biocenosis.

 Candles farmateks: comfortable spermicides

Indications for the use of candles farmateks

Candles farmateks used as a local contraceptive with contraindications to the use of oral hormonal contraceptives or intrauterine device. Also candles are suitable for use in the postpartum or postabortion periods. Breastfeeding is also one of the indications, as well as the period prior to menopause or irregular sexual life. Moreover, candles farmateks allowed to use as an additional method of contraception while skipping pills (in the case of continuous use of hormonal oral contraceptives).

 Candles farmateks: comfortable spermicides

How to use candles farmateks?

Introduction candles must be done in the supine position for 5 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. Action candles lasted four hours. Candle need to enter deep into the vagina. It should be taken into account that before every (re) sexual intercourse should be introduced a new candle. Advantage spark farmateks (unlike other spermicides) consists in that they cause discomfort, such as itching or burning to the vagina Burning in the vagina: find the cause  Burning in the vagina: find the cause

 Candles farmateks: comfortable spermicides

Side effects

When using spark side effects practically are not observed. This is due to the fact that benzalkonium chloride is not absorbed into blood in the vagina, and only equally distributed on its walls, that is, it has no systemic effect on the body.

 Candles farmateks: comfortable spermicides

Contraindications to the use of candles farmateks

No specific contraindications. Not recommended for use in case of hypersensitivity to the candle components of the drug.

 Candles farmateks: comfortable spermicides


When used properly, spark farmateks their efficiency is 70%. Of course, this percentage is much lower than when wearing hormonal tablets or IUD, but much higher than when using a physiological method of contraception.

In addition, it should be remembered that when using candles can not wash with soapy water and clean water only, as soap destroys the active substance. Also, the combined use of candles and any drugs administered intravaginally, reduce the activity of spermicide

Anna Sozinova.

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Evra Patch: side effects - no surprises

November 23, 2011

 Evra patch side effects
 Evra - dermal (transdermal) patch for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. This is a new dosage form of hormonal contraceptive, which contains the minimum dose of synthetic analogues of female sex hormones at high efficiency. The patch is firmly attached to the skin and is not washed off with water. Removed, but with great difficulty.


The principle of operation of the patch Evra

The principle of operation of the patch Evra is the same as the other hormonal contraceptives they contain synthetic versions of estrogen and progesterone, which inhibit the secretion of pituitary hormones. Under the influence of the latter matures and leaves the egg from the ovaries. If Gomonov pituitary small, then ovulation does not occur, ie the egg is not released from the ovary.

Features of the contraceptive in the dosage form: it is very convenient for women. The patch is adhered to the skin once a week for three weeks, then - week break and menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding. No need to remember that every day at a certain time to be taking pills. According to statistics, about half of all women at least once forgets about it.


What side effects may occur while using the patch Evra

Side effects with Evra patch there, and no less than when taking hormone pills.

The most unpleasant side effects occur from the organs of blood circulation - venous insufficiency, which is accompanied by thrombosis. It can threaten a woman's life, because blood clots tend to break off and clog the large blood vessels. Hemorrhoids can occur. In addition, increased blood pressure often occurs tachycardia, edema appear.

On the part of the central and peripheral nervous system may experience dizziness, headache (including migraine), sensory disturbances in the form of pins and needles in the body, increased sensitivity (pain, bright light, loud sounds), trembling of the limbs and body, seizures, changeable mood, irritability, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders;

On the part of the gastrointestinal tract - inflammation of periodontal tissue (gingivitis, periodontitis), increased or decreased appetite, inflammation of the stomach and intestines, nausea, vomiting, unstable stool (constipation may alternate with diarrhea), abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms

From the upper and lower respiratory tract - the accession of infection by reducing immunity, shortness of breath, bronchial asthma.

On the part of the female genital organs - reduced local immunity of the external genitalia and the accession of infections (obesity, thrush), the changing nature of vaginal discharge and mucus released from the cervical canal, pain during sexual intercourse. Furthermore, there may occur violations of ovarian function, ovarian cysts Ovarian cysts - normal or dangerous?  Ovarian cysts - normal or dangerous?
 That lead to menstrual disorders (including painful menstruation, intermenstrual bleeding, a large blood loss during menstruation), decreased libido, breast enlargement, the appearance of secretions from the breast not related to childbirth, inflammation and benign tumors of the breast glands.

On the part of the kidney and urinary tract - general decline in immunity may lead to the development of infectious and inflammatory diseases of these organs.

On the part of the musculoskeletal system - pain, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, joint pain Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?  Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?
   and bones (such as in the spine, hip bones, bones of the lower leg).

Skin and appendages - dry skin, various skin rashes, including eczema and contact dermatitis (inflammation, swelling and blisters on the skin at the location of a patch), pustular rash on the face and upper trunk (acne) change complexion, sweating, loss of hair, photosensitivity (allergy to sunlight).

From the senses - conjunctivitis, visual disturbances.

On the part of metabolism - a sharp increase in weight, an increase in the blood levels of "harmful" cholesterol.

In addition, when using the Evra patch may be flu-like symptoms (cough, runny nose, fever), a constant feeling of weakness and fatigue, heart pain Pain in the heart - always consult a doctor  Pain in the heart - always consult a doctor
 , Anemia, suppurative processes in soft tissues, lymph node enlargement, sometimes - fainting.

And possible overdose, during which amplified all the side effects, there are nausea, vomiting, bleeding from the genitals of varying intensity. In this case, you must remove the patch and if the condition does not improve, call an ambulance.

Evra transdermal patch is a hormonal contraceptive like hormone pills, he has a lot of contraindications for use, so the obstetrician appointed after a preliminary examination of the woman.

Galina Romanenko

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