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September 30th, 2010

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Puncture lips as a type of body piercing

Puncture the skin in the mouth, followed by the introduction of a puncture decoration (lip piercing) is known for a long time, several thousand years ago in such a way to adorn themselves nobles. Today, at the height of fashion piercing and lip piercing it is the most secure of his views, as in this area are relatively few blood vessels and nerves, and it is available for processing.

Puncture lips is actually a small surgical procedure, so it should conduct a surgeon in a sterile procedure room or operating room. The main conditions for this procedure - it is sterile and knowledge of the anatomical features of the area of ​​the lips (otherwise you can get into the blood vessel or nerve). All the tools that are used for lip piercing and jewelry must be sterile needles are used for these purposes only disposable. After the puncture is made, and the decoration was introduced, appointed a special rehabilitation treatment, the decoration is not removed until complete wound healing, which occurs during the month, swelling Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
   redness and tissues are kept for one to three days. Wound must be processed antiseptic (e.g. miramistinom), while not injuring the surrounding tissue.

After piercing the lips for some time (about four hours) can not eat, to drink alcohol, smoke. As long as the wound heals is necessary to limit the sharp, salty, smoked, hot meals, alcohol, and less smoking (nicotine constricts blood vessels, and thus slows down wound healing).

Making multiple lip piercings can be at once, but no more than two, as this can lead to deformation of tissue lips.

 Contraindications | Puncture lips trust professionals

This is counter-piercing mouth

Puncture lips, like any surgical procedure has contraindications, which is why it needs to carry out surgery. Contraindications include:

  • severe diseases of internal organs (eg, cardiovascular or renal failure Kidney failure - when treatment is vital  Kidney failure - when treatment is vital
   - In any of these states, once the source of infection in the body to anything);
  • acute illness (flu, sore throat Angina - is it worth it to carry "on their feet"?  Angina - is it worth it to carry "on their feet"?
 , Cold - it may be a complication);
  • allergies of various origin (allergic skin diseases, bronchial asthma - it is not known how the body will react to metal);
  • diseases of the blood, including bleeding disorder (bleeding and the possibility of various complications);
  • any skin conditions (such as psoriasis, eczema - skin irritation effort);
  • hormonal drugs Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives  Hormonal treatments - not only contraceptives
 Including hormonal contraceptives (lowered immunity - the threat of infectious complications).

 Contraindications | Puncture lips trust professionals

Complications of lip piercing

After the procedure, puncture lips may experience the following complications:

  • an infection that causes inflammation of the soft tissues of the face, followed by the formation of scar (scar); the infection can quickly spread to the brain (rare, but may be meningitis, encephalitis) and other internal organs;
  • bleeding or nerve injury - puncture lips these complications are rare, would still, they can not be deleted;
  • the formation of keloids - in contrast to conventional (light), they are red, above the surface of the surrounding tissue and covered with a thin layer of delicate skin that is prone to ulceration; in keloid scars often appear burning, itching, pain and other unpleasant sensations; it looks very neestetitchno and prone to sprawl and sometimes impossible to remove it, as this complication depends on the individual characteristics of the patient;
  • ingrowth Labret parts on the inside of the mucous membrane of the lips (this occurs if the jewelry is too short - they need to be changed at a doctor's surgery);
  • Labret rejection - are rare, and only when wearing low-quality jewelry or wrong care.

Puncture lips - the procedure is simple and can be performed with the right nice to decorate the face.

Galina Romanenko

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Pressure therapy - a method of lymphatic drainage - Contra

May 10, 2009

  • Pressure therapy - a method of lymphatic drainage
  • Contraindications

 pressotherapy contraindications

What is the lymphatic drainage and why you need it

Lymphatic drainage - a withdrawal of excess fluid How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways  How to withdraw excess fluid from the body - all sorts of ways
   from the intercellular space by using different methods. Inside the water is our cells, and the cells themselves floating in the intercellular space, where they receive the nutrients coming from the blood. Here, in the extracellular space, ejected unnecessary waste substances and displayed using a special drainage system (lymphatic system). The tone of the lymph and blood vessels over time is reduced, the liquid begins to linger in the intercellular space. Together with the liquid waste delayed toxic substances. Hence the swelling that occur with age. To remove fluid and waste products from the tissues is performed lymphatic drainage.

Lymphatic drainage restores the metabolic processes in cells, tissues and organs, helps normalize weight, reduces tissue swelling and restores the water balance, eliminates laxity of the skin (the skin becomes elastic and smooth) and the phenomenon of cellulite, improves venous circulation, stimulates the body's defenses, increasing its immunity and stress resistance.


What is pressotherapy

One method is a pressure therapy or lymphatic drainage effects on the pressure of compressed air, causing the excess fluid output and harmful (waste) material. This improves the venous circulation and metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   in the cells of the skin and subcutaneous fat, then there is a method of prevention and treatment of varicose veins and cellulite.

The method is based on the creation of a special bandages pressure applied in sequence to various parts of the body. During the procedure, pressure therapy occurs:

  • powerful lymphatic drainage,
  • improve blood circulation (and thus power) distant body sites
  • improvement of all metabolic processes.

Pressure therapy improves skin elasticity, reduces swelling, reduces the weight and volume of the body, the phenomenon of cellulite and varicose veins.



Pressure therapy is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • with severe cardiovascular diseases;
  • with severe liver and kidney diseases;
  • in inflammation of the arteries and veins;
  • at elevated viscosity and clotting (the threat of blood clots), and the recently adjourned thrombosis and thrombophlebitis;
  • during infection in the area of ​​pressure therapy (eg, pustular rash);
  • for mental disorders;
  • acute infections (both viral and bacterial);
  • when abdominal hernias;
  • vascular disorders and diabetes mellitus Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
  • during pregnancy and during menstruation;
  • in all tumors (massage stimulates the growth of tumor cells);
  • for violations on the part of the thyroid gland The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones  The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones

Appoint pressotherapy can only physician with all the indications and contraindications, and perform the procedure - a specially trained nurse. Then pressure therapy will certainly beautiful, just a magical effect on the body.

  Galina Romanenko

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