Myostimulation - to restore internal organs - Exercise

June 14th, 2009

  • Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs
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Myostimulation and exercise

Regular physical exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   muscle tone at the same time, causing pain, especially if the training is concentrated on a specific muscle group. If the muscles are not trained, they will be sick for a few days, preventing the further training. Some electrical muscle stimulators (devices for myostimulation) are both means of electrotherapy for muscle training. They are often used in sports training.

 Exercise | Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs

How It Works

While some devices for myostimulation used for medicinal purposes, there are modern facilities that play an additional role in the physical training. They work on a specific muscle group using electroimpulses, and can be used, without interrupting business as usual. These units are trained abdominal muscles, arms and obliques, as well as the legs and thighs. Usually soft sticky pads with electrodes attached to the skin, and the electric current source delivers small electrical pulses directly to specific tissues under the skin.

 Exercise | Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs


Electrical muscle stimulators have been created specifically for people who can not afford to train their muscles in normal conditions. Basically devices for myostimulation used by physiotherapists in hospitals, health clubs, spas, and sports medicine at the ligament sprains and strains. They stimulate blood circulation and accelerate the process of toning muscles and help cleanse the skin from dead cells and various pollutants pores. After the session myostimulation you will feel fresh and rested.

 Exercise | Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs

Typical applications

Who devices for electrostimulation can be used instead of the usual practice. Some of them are for 45 minutes of work is replaced by 300 swing press, 100 exercise "scissors" or 100 push-ups on the go. These devices can be used to train the muscles, but they can not replace the necessary exercise in diseases of the cardiovascular system. Myostimulation used as a substitute for the usual physical exercises, such as sit-ups, push-ups and floor exercises on the floor. At the beginning of use of the device for myostimulation work with him three to six times a week for 30-45 minutes. Then gradually go to classes two or three times a week.

 Exercise | Myostimulation - for the restoration of internal organs


In addition to the use of these devices for normal muscle training, they can also save you from the pain and help prevent muscle atrophy. If you are injured sporting character, a special method - rest in the muscles, use of ice myostimulation. Devices myostimulation help restore blood flow to the injured area to reduce swelling and accelerate the healing process. During treatment, the electrical impulses at the same time strengthen your muscles. This helps to maintain and increase range of motion, even if you still can not walk.

Microcurrents: electrotherapy for beauty and youth - Action on the human body

September 30th, 2010

  • Microcurrents: electrotherapy for beauty and youth
  • Action on the human body

What microcurrents and how they act on the human body

Microcurrents - a weak electrical impulse currents of low frequency that can have a stimulating effect on the fabric of the human body. Microcurrent therapy - is one of the techniques of electrotherapy, which is one of the main sections of physiotherapy.

Microcurrents can penetrate deep enough into the area of ​​the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles, stimulating them to action. Therefore the greatest distribution has received this kind of treatment in cosmetology. Furthermore, microcurrents have excellent analgesic effect, thus are used in various pain syndromes.

The mechanism of action is based on micro-currents that, penetrating deep into the tissue, they stimulate the metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   in the cells, improve blood circulation at the level of the smallest blood vessels (capillaries) and lymph flow are as relieves spasms of smooth muscles of the walls of capillaries and lymphatic vessels. Through dilated capillaries to the cells of tissue receives extra food and oxygen, which improves metabolism. As a result of improved education of elastin and collagen - the main elements of the skin defining its elasticity, wrinkles (lifting effect). Through advanced lymphatics skin is cleansed of toxins and metabolic products Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
   (lymphatic drainage effect) and literally comes to life in his eyes, removed the hidden edema, swelling around the eyes.

When acne Acne: facial trouble  Acne: facial trouble
   improve blood circulation and lymph drainage promotes more rapid removal of inflammation, including inflammatory edema. Through advanced lymphatic vessels are removed from the site of inflammation infectious agents and their metabolic products as well as products of the inflammatory reaction - skin is cleansed, it becomes smoother and less exposed to infection.

Improved circulation in the muscle tissue contributes to tightening loose and flabby muscles. This property is used for micro-tightening and contouring of the body.

Microcurrent therapy can be performed at any age, it is perfect for preventing aging. Microcurrent treatment can be combined with common cosmetic procedures such as microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, oxygen therapy, massage and so on. In addition, microcurrents well with a variety of cosmetic products, increasing their absorption. Microcurrents also have excellent soothing properties.

 Action on the human body | Microcurrents: electrotherapy for beauty and youth

Indications for microcurrent therapy

Indications for the treatment of microcurrent are:

  • lifting (lifting) of the skin on the face and body - the creation of new contours of the oval shape of the face and surgical methods;
  • removing edema on the face by improving limfootoka;
  • improvement of the skin of the face and body;
  • treatment of inflammatory diseases of the skin (eg, acne), and improving the overall condition of skin prone to acne, smoothing the scars left behind by acne;
  • preparation of tissue for facial and body plastic surgery and restoring the normal state of tissues after her;
  • the healing of wounds and fractures;
  • treatment (anti-aliasing) Cellulite - its manifestations become less visible;
  • pain in any field, including pain and inflammation of the joints, radiculitis, pain herniated discs and so on;
  • hair loss, including to the hair transplant surgery;
  • neuroses.

Microcurrent treatment is contraindicated for pregnant women, people who have had a myocardial infarction and stroke, suffering from malignant tumors, seizures and severe diseases of internal organs in the body have different metal implants (eg pacemakers).

 Action on the human body | Microcurrents: electrotherapy for beauty and youth

How is the treatment microcurrent

Microcurrent treatment is carried out using special equipment (BioLift - 4 Mikrodzhey and other). Current is applied to the skin by means of electrodes having a different shape depending on the place of application.

A course of treatment is usually conducted for about 10 treatments (2-3 treatments per week lasting from 10 to 40 minutes), after which the procedure is carried out several times a month. In accordance with the existing problems with the patient's skin The most common skin problems and their solutions  The most common skin problems and their solutions
 , Treatment microcurrent join other procedures - microcurrents enhance their effect.

The effect is visible already the first session, after treatment, he held a few months. In order to prolong the effect is recommended to take a second course of treatment after a few months.

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