Neck Rejuvenation: systematic care

April 25, 2014

 Neck Rejuvenation
 If you are tired of wearing turtlenecks, it's time to do the rejuvenation of the neck - the same body, the care of which we often neglect. Most of us for decades caring for the face, neck, forgetting that, in the end, and the issue of our age. The skin on the neck is thinner than all other parts of the body, and therefore more susceptible to fading. It turns out some of the many anti-aging remedies that you put on your face, and neck can help to look younger. There are also procedures, although expensive, which ensures rejuvenation of the neck and make the skin more beautiful.


Lighten spots on the skin

The ultraviolet rays of the sun stimulate the production of cells that produce the pigment, causing the appearance of age spots on the skin.

Solution: Lightening cream that contains kojic acid or a cream with mushroom extract or licorice can lighten dark spots .  But be patient: the result may appear in a few months .  With careful use means that contain hydroquinone as the lightening component can cause irritation .  The neck skin is more dry and sensitive, because it has fewer sebaceous glands that produce grease .  These anti-aging creams on the basis of retinol or alpha-hydroxy acids help lightening ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, making them more effective .  To reduce inflammation, apply them to your neck every three days, in the evenings, slowly rubbing the skin .  Cream with UV protection wide range of daily use can prevent the appearance of new spots .  To ensure the best protection of the skin, choose a cream with these ingredients like avobenzone, or Meksoril Geliopleks .


Smooth out wrinkles on the neck

Years of exposure to sunlight breaks down collagen, which supports youth and elasticity of the skin.

Solution: Means for skin care products, including those that contain retinol and peptides Peptides: The new panacea?  Peptides: The new panacea?
 , Can restore collagen and smoothes the skin, reducing even circular wrinkles on the neck. Experts recommend that such salon treatment as fractional resurfacing performed such as the Fraxel laser and Affirm. They stimulate cell renewal and collagen production of fresh, creating thousands of microscopic wounds more than 20% of the skin. As the rest of the skin remains intact, the recovery time is minimal. Slight redness that occurs due to this procedure, disappears within a few days. You will notice significant improvements: wrinkles are often cut to 50% after five or six monthly treatments.


Strengthen sagging skin

The folds are formed on the skin due to excess fat, saggy skin and weak muscles.

Solution: As a quick fix specialists offer liposuction, which is performed under local anesthesia. During this procedure, a half-hour behind the ears and under the chin made a small incision; excess fat is sucked through a tiny tube. To reduce bruising and swelling that can last up to two weeks, offered another option: liposuction with ultrasound. In this procedure, sound waves liquefy the fat before it is sucked through the tube. (If any of these procedures, you will need to wear a bandage around his neck for two weeks, so that the skin has taken the correct position).

If you have excess skin, you may need to carry out liposuction with tummy to fully restore the elasticity of the neck. During the procedure, which lasts for 1-2 hours, make small incisions behind the ears and under the chin, and then the excess skin is cut, pulled, and then closed with stitches.


Reduce wrinkles

Vertical wrinkles on the neck are formed when muscles begin to stretch and lose shape.

Solution: Botox injections directly into the platysma (platysma) to temporarily smooth vertical creases by relaxing the muscle. The effect of the injection is stored up to about four months. Operation provides more lasting results. During plastic platysma muscle is strengthened and secured through a small incision under the chin. Any post-operative bruising and swelling should disappear within a week. Then, your age will be your secret that you can either keep or open.


Lifting Neck

During the operation of tightening the neck incision is made behind the ear and scalp. This is done in order to correct age-related changes of the neck, when a person does not need to tighten. Neck Lift includes incisions, skin tightening and suturing to pull deeper tissues.

It may be accompanied by cuts under the chin, to tidy up sagging tissue just under the chin and above the Adam's apple. Neck Lift can be done at any age, sometimes it is performed in patients younger, if the fabric is too limp due to genetic factors. Some people see these changes from their parents and want to have an operation to prevent the occurrence of this problem.

However, neck lift and face lift often spend a liposuction procedure. Adipose tissue can be removed under the chin, or in the area of ​​the jaw, to restore the circuits where this is necessary. Often liposuction do by itself. Little cannula with an opening and the pump is used to pull the fat tissue. Fat cells can not divide. When the fat is removed, it can not return, but if a person gain weight, fat will accumulate in other areas dominated by fat cells.

The incisions liposuction have a length of 3 mm, and eventually become imperceptible.


The risks of cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate the neck

If the operation to lift the neck performed by an experienced surgeon, complications are very rare. The recovery time can be a bit complicated bruises and slight swelling, which should disappear within two weeks.

Besides bruises, may feel some discomfort and tightness. Some patients find that they have lost sensitivity in the area around the jaw under the ear, and it may take several months. In general, over time, this should not be a big problem, and the majority of patients becomes still sensitive for several months.

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Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished

September 1, 2013

  • Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished
  • Safety regulations
  • Risks
  • Nursing
  • What changes

 navel piercing
 Among adolescents especially a lot of people who want to do a navel piercing How to do a navel piercing - the whole thing in technology  How to do a navel piercing - the whole thing in technology
 . Parents are usually against the piercing, and prohibit, or at least, trying to dissuade him from it. However, not all supporters and opponents navel piercing know how to explain their position.


Navel piercing - for and against

It should be easy to discuss with the child of his desire - explain why you are against it, but please refrain from unnecessary emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
 ; facts are always much more effective and persuasive.

Potentially navel piercing is as dangerous as, for example, a puncture of the skin around the eyes. The greatest risk is that the needles used for body piercing can transmit infection from person to person. So-called "guns", which are still used in some stores, it is very difficult to properly disinfect and it is impossible to say with absolute certainty that the visit of the interior will not cause any harm. Moreover, piercing in the navel becomes an open door for all sorts of infections pathogens. Decoration in the navel will be constantly cling to clothing (unlikely in the school can wear tank tops, do not cover the navel), and the puncture will heal very slowly. In addition, the navel piercing requires a rather careful maintenance (we'll discuss this later).

On the other hand, a navel piercing is becoming increasingly popular, and you can not endlessly resist the desire of the child if he was determined to stand his ground. If earlier it was believed in the navel jewelery lovers attribute all sorts of alternative fashion, today it has become part of the mainstream. The sale comes more and more new models of jewelry for your navel, navel piercing of the stars became quite common, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that teenagers follow fashion trends. Besides, beautiful navel piercing can really make a person more attractive - the main thing that it was done according to the rules.


Types navel piercing

Sam does not usually pierced navel - a puncture made in the skin above the navel. There are several kinds of navel piercing.

  • Vertical upper navel piercing

This is the most common type of navel piercing. The puncture is made in the crease of the skin above the navel

  • Vertical lower navel piercing

In this case, make a puncture in the skin fold, which is below the navel. Separately, this type of piercing is rarely done; usually it is combined with the upper vertical piercing - it turns a double navel piercing.

  • This navel piercing

This piercing is done for people with bulging belly button. Master not pierce the skin above or below the navel and scar tissue directly to the navel.

  • Horizontal navel piercing

Punctures making the sides of the umbilicus so that the decoration (usually the post) can be inserted horizontally. Sometimes doing superficial punctures on the sides of the navel, and every individual is inserted into the puncture earrings.

  • Multipirsing navel

Multipirsing - a combination of several of these kinds of navel piercing. Such piercing looks very impressive, but only after being fully healed, and it will take a few weeks or months of careful care of the pierced navel.


Decorations for navel

The most common jewelry navel-shaped curved rod, as a rule, with the two balls on the ends. Of course, you can also wear a belly button rings and other ordinary earrings, but if they cling to the clothes or anything else, it can cause quite severe damage (to the pole, thanks to its shape, such problems are quite rare).

Decorations for the navel is usually made of surgical steel, high grade gold, niobium or titanium. There are also jewelry made of gold-plated or silver-plated inexpensive metal that can quite easily break and cause skin irritation. This in some cases can lead to potentially dangerous infections of the abdominal cavity and even blood poisoning. The risk is especially great if the navel ring is not completely healed. Such complications are rare, but, nevertheless, to do everything possible to prevent them. On infection may indicate pain, redness and inflammation of the skin in the navel. Sometimes puncture begins to fester, and the skin around it becomes hot to the touch. When such signs should be as soon as possible to see a doctor.


This should not be a navel piercing

Navel piercing is not suitable for those who have not big enough skin fold above the navel, or who have very bulging belly button. Strictly speaking, in both cases, the piercing can be done, but the decorations can look ugly; They also will often cling to clothing, increasing the risk of skin damage. For people with weakened immune systems The immune system - how it works?  The immune system - how it works?
   and diseases that increase the risk of bleeding, a navel piercing can be dangerous. In these cases, before you go to the salon, where do the piercing, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.


How to do a navel piercing and does not harm health

First of all, it should be easy to consult with an experienced master of piercing - it can tell whether or not you even do body piercing, or the structure of your navel is that decorations will not stick to it as necessary.

Pay attention to the way work is organized in the cabin, where you will do the piercing. Make sure that the wizard uses sterile equipment, disposable needles and wears new gloves before starting work with another client. In addition, in good stores should be able to purchase high-quality treatment and to seek advice after piercing, if the customer need any help.

Do not do a navel piercing, if in the next few days you will be to exercise. In addition, we must remember that in the weeks after placed navel piercing, you should refrain from yoga, dance and most sports.

Before you go to the lounge for a navel piercing, wear loose, comfortable clothing. Suit pants or skirt with belt low and wide shirt or tunic. In general, wear any clothes that will not fit very close to the body and put pressure on the stomach.

During the procedure, body piercing watch your breath (it must be flat and deep), with focus on some fixed predmere. This will help you to relax the muscles and significantly reduce the discomfort that is inevitably linked with punctures the skin.

Immediately after the piercing, choose jewelry for the navel of those who will offer you a master. As a rule, the first is better to wear ornaments made of titanium, surgical steel or niobium. These metals are less likely to cause irritation and lead to some other undesirable consequences. Gold, contrary to popular belief, it is better to wear even after a puncture heals.

Although many girls think that the navel is best to pierce the summer - because of the possibility to wear the clothes, leaves the stomach open - remember, swimming (in swimming pools and in open water) and even to take a bath is not recommended, at least for a week after the procedure navel piercing.

Moreover, in the first week after the piercing is necessary to observe extreme caution when choosing clothes. This is extremely important, because clothing can catch on jewelery, and if the puncture has been made recently, it will be very painful.

If there was a reddening of the area of ​​the puncture, which does not pass in a few days, severe swelling or pain, you should seek medical help. On the other hand, a slight suppuration and formation of dry crust does not necessarily indicate an infection - in most cases normal body function features aimed at healing of the damaged tissues.

Improperly done piercings can also cause damage to the nerve endings, so if you notice any other unusual symptoms that appeared after the piercing, and consult a doctor.

Most people make a navel piercing, say experienced during the procedure only mild pain. However, if you know that you have a low pain threshold, it makes sense to use a local anesthetic for the procedure.

After the procedure, set master all your questions and listen carefully to what he tells you. You have to get out of the cabin, knowing exactly how to care for pierced navel, and what to do if the healing process goes wrong.