Surgitron - the achievements of science in the service of a surgeon

August 26, 2013

  • Surgitron - the achievements of science in the service of a surgeon
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 Surgitron - a device for carrying out the procedure in which benign growths in the skin, such as warts and moles, is removed by high frequency radio waves. This technology also allows you to remove warts, papillomas, dermafibromy, granulomas, and some other types of tumors. To carry out this procedure is not required to scalpels or sutures.

Procedures performed on Surgitron, sometimes also referred to as radio wave surgery. A few minutes before the start of the procedure in that area, which will remove a wart or mole Warts - germ of cancer?  Warts - germ of cancer?
 Administered a local anesthetic (anesthetic creams are sometimes used). Removal of tumors only takes a few minutes. Remaining in their place to heal wounds like normal scratch - it usually takes 10 to 14 days.

 Surgitron - the achievements of science in the service of a surgeon

Removal of warts

The process of removing warts using Surgitron somewhat different from the removal of moles Removal of moles - a deadly process?  Removal of moles - a deadly process?
   and warts: in the course of the procedure not only removes the wart itself and but also damage to the surface of the skin. This is necessary to avoid the re-occurrence of warts in the same place. Such sores on the skin usually heal 4-6 weeks later. They usually do not hurt and do not cause significant discomfort, and patients can return to their normal activities within a few days after the procedure. In place of the warts in most cases are small scars, but they are not as noticeable as the warts themselves.

 Surgitron - the achievements of science in the service of a surgeon

Mole removal

Flat moles can not delete Surgitron, but using it can be easily removed convex nevi. After the procedure they are sent to a laboratory for analysis to ensure that the tissue was no precancerous lesions. Precancerous changes or cancer cells exhibit extremely rare, but if it occurs, may require additional surgery and / or the use of other methods of treatment.

Before the procedure, a mole often examined using special instruments. If the doctor will suspect that a mole could be cancerous, it may recommend its removal by any other means.

 Surgitron - the achievements of science in the service of a surgeon

Surgitron and pacemakers

It is theoretically possible that Surgitron can disrupt the pacemaker Pacemaker: heart flaming engine  Pacemaker: heart flaming engine
 . Patients who implanted a pacemaker should consult with a physician - most likely he will recommend him an alternative way to remove skin tumors.

 Surgitron - the achievements of science in the service of a surgeon

Aspirin and warfarin

Since the procedure is carried out using Surgitron, associated with minimal risk of bleeding, stop taking aspirin or warfarin Warfarin - indirect anticoagulants  Warfarin - indirect anticoagulants
   before the procedure is not necessary. However, you should inform your doctor who will perform the procedure of any medications you are currently taking.

 Surgitron - the achievements of science in the service of a surgeon


After removal of moles, generally do not require any special care. If the wart is removed during the first week of its cover dressings need to be changed 2-3 times a week. Your doctor may prescribe you a survey a few weeks after the procedure - he usually spends only a simple inspection of the area of ​​skin from which the tumor was removed.

 Surgitron - the achievements of science in the service of a surgeon


As a result of the injection of local anesthetic may occur bruise - it most often occurs when the removed tumors on the face, especially - on the skin around the eyes. Bruising completely disappear in about a week.

The skin on the place of the removed wart or a mole may be pinkish or red for several months. This usually takes 4-6 months after the procedure.

Infection - this is a rare, but still possible complication of surgery using Surgitron. Chance infections particularly great in those cases where the skin wounds are deep - typically after removal of warts. Signs of infection include pain, fever, skin redness, and discharge with an unpleasant odor. When an infection is suspected, you should immediately consult your doctor. If untreated, the infection can slow the healing process of the skin and lead to the formation of visible scars.

After removing moles using Surgitron on the skin usually are only barely visible scars. Much more noticeable scars may remain on the places where the warts were removed.

Slow healing of the skin - a very rare complication, which occurs usually after the removal of growths on the feet. Blood circulation in the legs can be much less intense than in other parts of the body, so the process of restoration of the damaged tissue is not always fast enough. As a rule, this complication occurs in people leading a sedentary lifestyle, and those who have any disease associated with blood circulation.

In rare cases, removal of moles can stimulate the production of pigment, resulting in the appearance of age spots. The skin on the place of the removed mole in such cases is healing normally, it is smooth, without any bumps, but after 3-5 months, there is formed a spot of brown or black. Usually, doctors recommend that you leave this spot, as it is, because you can remove it only damage the surface of the skin, and then the scar may remain.

Some people on the site removal of moles begin to grow new benign. If this occurs, usually within one year after the procedure.

Complications related and incomplete removal of tumors. This occurs when a doctor leaves a small piece of skin moles or warts - it is so small that it can be seen only after the skin is completely healed. In this case, carry out simple additional procedure - it takes a little time, and the skin after it is restored very quickly.

Navel piercing - ornaments made of different materials

August 31, 2013

 navel piercing jewelry
 Each person has their own idea of ​​beauty. Everyone has their own ideas about the body is that it should take, and that - to reject. You can decide at once navel piercing - Jewelry for him is not difficult to find, and you can choose the style that best highlights your personality. But to buy jewelry for your navel, is not enough just to find something that you enjoy. It is very important that you enjoy the material from which it is made, to your body.

Pierced ears is difficult to surprise someone - a tradition with a long history and even a good tone for the girl. With this type of piercing is difficult to stand out and express their own individuality as possible, for example by piercing the lips, nose or eyebrow. These types of punctures caused condemnation and wonder, especially when talking about a young girl. Piercing navel - is another matter.


Erroneous roots

According to some sources, navel piercing has come to our days of ancient Egypt, where they were first used many cosmetic procedures and ways of decorating the face and body. Some historians argue that it really was the place to be, while others refute these conflicting reports, writing off these facts on the imagination of homegrown researchers.

It is known that ancient Egypt, as in other civilizations were widespread rings, served on the one hand, accessories, on the other hand, the symbol of authority and power of the powerful, military leaders and other people standing at the head of the public masses. One has only to recall the biblical story of the ring is engraved with Solomon. But wearing rings on their traditional place - on the fingers - is a historically proven fact that requires no proof.

Apparently, based on the popularity of rings in ancient civilizations, some contemporary "chroniclers" and began to ascribe a navel piercing Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished  Navel piercing - only for the most distinguished
   ring history length of a few thousand years. According to them, a massive ring in the navel of the precious metal symbolized power and is the personification of wealth for the wealthy Egyptians. But these statements do not stand up to scrutiny when compared some facts. If a navel piercing was born in one of the ancient worlds, why until the middle of the twentieth century it was not heard?


"The Feast of the stomach"

The birth of sexuality, which is demonstrated in the modern world, including the decoration of the navel and refers to the fifties of the last century. With the invention of the bikini women became more liberated: changing swimsuit fused to separate and exposing the navel, they have been condemned by the conservative society. Flaunting the navel in that era can be compared with bare breasts on the beach today. Of course, about any accessories in the middle of the century can not speak - it was time to slow awakening of femininity, which reached its peak in the eighties.

Young and the Restless Louise Veronica Ciccone, who became known as the Madonna, in the early eighties trampled all befitting foundations, mixing together music, religion and fashion. She introduced the fashion for open navel accessories with diamonds, crystals, crosses and other religious symbols. This trash trend was later reworked to become more calm, having moved to the podium, and the cover of glossy magazines. The era of supermodels, who "promoted" belly button piercing with diamond, which became a symbol of refined luxury and newfound sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality  Nine ways to experience their sexuality

In addition to the reign of the top models, fashion, and pop stars do when hip-hop direction, which is known to have always been partial to the accessories, especially gold, and certainly with precious stones. Gold jewelry for navel piercing have become an indispensable attribute of street culture, and navel piercing with diamond was a real culmination samoukrasheniya, to which many aspired to, but not everyone can get.


Wide selection

In modern fashion, nothing is impossible. Piercing navel with a diamond - is not new, it successfully decorate their tight stomach is not only celebrities, but also many young girls, seeking to emphasize their youth and beauty. Cost jewelry for this area of ​​the body does not restrict anyone in a variety of accessories.

There is no problem in order to find a stylish gold ornaments for piercing at an incredibly low cost, and if there is a willingness and ability to spend on your stomach a considerable sum, the attention of men and women open hundreds of directories with products from world producers of jewelry. Ample financial capacity to purchase customized accessories allow modern dandies make products to order, carrying out any form of the desired color and with your favorite stones and precious metals.

It is necessary to decide on a navel piercing jewelry is more than a dozen years does not cause the public debate and condemnation. All the rest - a trick master who will do the puncture, and your imagination, which will orient in the choice of stylish earrings, rings and pendants.


Surgical Stainless Steel

Jewellery navel of surgical stainless steel can be purchased in many shops and stores, where do piercings; they are inexpensive and varied. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the composition of the alloy includes nickel in some people such ornaments cause allergies. However, many of them are no problem; if you're one of the lucky ones - feel free to choose earrings made of surgical steel.



Niobium is used for the manufacture of jewelry, usually anodized - which is why it is presented in a variety of colors. Although the risk of allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat  Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat
   on niobium is very low, it is not always recommended for initial piercing. But when the puncture heals, niobium jewelry can be worn safely.



Titanium jewelry for the navel is considered the most secure, due to the high biocompatibility of titanium. He rarely other metal allergy, and distinguished by high strength, but are quite expensive. Most titanium jewelry undergo a process called anodization, during which it is given a different color.


Glass (Pyrex)

Glass ornaments for the navel is very beautiful, but they can be seen quite often. Although the glass is rarely causes allergic reactions, wear it for a long time is difficult and uncomfortable. Jewellery Pyrex come in all colors and shapes; they can be original accessories for a summer party or a beach holiday, even if you normally wear a navel metal earrings.


Wood and other natural materials

Jewellery navel of wood and other natural materials look very unusual and stylish, but they can be worn only after the puncture edge completely covered with scar tissue. Otherwise, irritation and possible allergic reaction.



Acrylic does not cause allergies, but wearing acrylic jewelry in the navel is recommended only for short periods of time. The fact that the acrylic restricts access of oxygen to the skin areas to which it is in contact, the skin begins to sweat, and this sometimes causes discomfort and unpleasant odors.

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