Waxing bikini: Fresh summer

October 19, 2011

 Bikini waxing
 Today, hair removal bikini is mandatory for a woman who used to take care of yourself. Waxing can be done in different ways, the main thing in it - the regularity and some types of hair removal in time acquire the effect of hair removal - that is, the complete removal of hair from the root.


What types of hair removal used in the bikini area

Waxing - this surface hair removal, the roots of which remain unaffected and therefore the hair grows back. Waxing hair in the bikini area - the procedure is not purely cosmetic, but also hygienic, as the hair retain remnants of biological fluids, which are a good breeding ground for various microorganisms. Many women find that the hair removal of hair in the bikini area gives a unique feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Hair removal can be done in many different ways, but not all are suitable for hair removal Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   in the bikini area, because the skin in this area is particularly sensitive. There are both home hair removal methods and techniques that are only used in beauty salons. The most popular types of hair depilation include bikini shaving, chemical methods of hair removal, hair removal using wax and sugar.


Waxing hair in the bikini area with the help of shaving

It's probably the most popular form of female hair removal of hair in the intimate area. But it is not the best, because after this procedure, the skin begins to itch unbearably, that you will agree, is not very nice, especially if after the procedure is still a working day. In addition, the skin after shaving often formed small scratches (sometimes they are invisible to the eye), which can become infected and rapid bloom color as pustules. Itching will increase, and the infection can spread to the genitals, and this is a real danger. Finally, even if you really try and avoid all these dangers, there is another - very small hairs when regrowth may grow into the skin - appear very unpleasant sensations.

To avoid all these hassles, it is necessary to carry out depilation after a shower (private parts are cleaned with a special hygienic cleansing gel), and treatment of the skin disinfecting solutions (such as alcohol). Shaving is carried out only in the course of the hair after the procedure is applied to the skin of special tools that help remove skin irritation after shaving and prevent ingrown hairs in the skin, thinned growing hair.

Hair shaving hair grow especially quickly, so shaving has to be repeated several times a week.


Chemical hair removal of hair in the bikini area

Chemical depilation of hair in the bikini area produced special creams and gels. For example, the French cosmetics company Vit produces a series of tools that can be applied on dry skin and washing in the shower. The mechanism of action of chemical agents is that they contain compounds that dissolve keratin (hair protein). Hair thinning after such exposure, become brittle and break off after a certain time at the roots.

Chemical hair depilation procedure performed on the attached instructions to the drug. Usually it means applied to the skin for a certain time (here be sure to adhere to the instructions, otherwise it will burn) and then the hair is removed the special spatula. Like simple, nevertheless, and complications may arise, for example, are allergic to certain components of the preparation.

Some drugs for hair removal have marks that can not be used during the summer period, since they are incompatible with sunlight.


Waxing hair in the bikini area using wax and sugar

Wax hair removed long ago, today it is one of the most popular procedures, even in spite of their pain. Conduct depilation Waxing: the easy way to beauty  Waxing: the easy way to beauty
   this way you can both at home and in a beauty salon.

For such depilation cosmetic industry produces special sets of wax. One of the most popular types of waxing Waxing - effective, but the disease  Waxing - effective, but the disease
   Brazil is a method of hair removal in the bikini area. It is held only in beauty salons special (quite painful) way, but after a depilation hair does not grow longer than usual, and the skin in the bikini area is particularly smooth.

Houses do this procedure, causing the wax to the skin first, and then the fabric strips are then torn in strict compliance with the instructions given to the wax against the hair growth. A feature of the wax hair removal is that if it is done regularly, the hair becomes thinner and disappear entirely, that is, there is the effect of hair removal Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   (removal of hair along with the root).

Just as wax depilation is carried out by using sugar. Many like this procedure even more than "wax", as it does not cause burns and allergies. Cosmetic industry and then warning in advance: special formulations are available for sugar waxing.

Bikini Waxing - this is a good fashion, which helps women to comply with the rules of personal hygiene.

Galina Romanenko

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Waxing: questions and answers

June 3rd, 2013

 Waxing removes the hair along with the root. After hair removal hair become soft, light and more rare. Waxing removes hair quickly, and the result is stored for a few weeks. After the procedure, the skin is very smooth as the wax along with the hair and removes dead skin cells, that is, acts as a good exfoliant. Because this procedure is so popular at the moment, but, nevertheless, about her a lot of questions.


What is the optimal length of hair waxing?

To waxing is successful, the hair should be no shorter than 6 mm. For most people, the hair on the legs, arms and armpits hair grow to a length of about a week. If your hair is too long (more than 3-4 cm), prior to epilation is necessary to cut them.


How often do you need waxing?

Every 3-5 weeks - depending on the rate of hair growth. In either case, the hair should grow for at least 6 mm.


I hesitate to do Brazilian hair removal in the salon. Can you do it yourself?

Theoretically - yes, but it is strongly discouraged. First, the skin around the genitals is very sensitive. Secondly, it is very difficult to put on her own wax, hard enough to stretch the skin properly positioned on top of the wax cloth strip, and then rip them quickly in the right direction. Hair labia often grow in different directions, and the non-specialist to remove them will be very difficult. In most cases, attempts to make the Brazilian epilation Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair
   wax at home only lead to pain, bruising, and sometimes serious damage to the skin, the hair often and stay in place. So either entrust this work to professionals, or simply use the razor.


How quickly it passes redness after waxing?

Typically, redness of the skin goes through 40-60 minutes after the procedure. People with sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care  Sensitive skin: causes and care
   it may be retained until the next morning.


Will the second session waxing less painful than the first?

Yes. If you are after the first session will be held not too long hair is shorter and thinner than they were for the first time, so their removal will be a lot less painful. Moreover, the second time waxing takes less time. Subsequent sessions will cause less pain because the hair will become much thinner. But it provided that you will only remove hair wax, instead of doing waxing, then shave some time, and then seek the help of wax.


In which area of ​​the skin is removed hair while Brazilian waxing?

Remove all of the hair in the bikini area, on the labia and around the anus. Optionally, you can leave a thin strip of pubic hair.


Why is Brazilian hair removal is so popular?

It allows women free to wear any swimwear and lingerie without fearing that they will be seen by the pubic hair. In addition, a smooth leather is very pleasant to men.


What a person wears when he makes Brazilian hair removal?

During the procedure, there was nothing to be no clothes and underwear from the waist down. If you go to the salon, better wear a skirt or slacks, not skinny jeans or leggings. They are easier to put on and remove, and they avoid friction that immediately after hair removal can cause skin irritation.


What about ingrown hairs?

After waxing Waxing: delicate solution to the problem of unwanted hair  Waxing: delicate solution to the problem of unwanted hair
   ingrown hairs occurs too often, but in some women, this problem arises is always, regardless of the manner in which they remove hair. One of the best ways to prevent ingrown - do regular exfoliation. Several times a week, use a scrub, or just rub the skin vigorously with a stiff brush.


Regrowth of hair in the bikini area can be accompanied by itching?

Usually this does not happen, especially if you regularly do peeling. In addition, growing hair will be more soft and thin, and they rarely cause unpleasant sensations. However, some people at the time of hair regrowth begins very strong itch - fortunately, in most cases, it goes rather quickly.


As waxing on the skin?

Some people after waxing the feeling of burning or tingling in the skin - it can be done with special soothing lotion. It is also possible reddening of the skin, which passes through several hours. Bruising and severe pain say that you caught a bad specialist - normal waxing does not cause such complications.


Are there any contraindications to the waxing?

Do not remove hair wax on the areas of the skin where there are warts, acne, birthmarks, rashes. In no event it is impossible to apply the wax on the damaged and badly peeling skin, as well as skin, under which there is a varicose vein. Also, do not use wax depilating Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   around the nipples and male genitals.

Waxing is not recommended to those who take Retin-A, Differin and Accutane. These drugs relax the skin, which can lead to serious damage during epilation.

Also, do not do waxing during the month: this time under the influence of hormones is particularly sensitive skin, and hair - more rigid, which can make it difficult to remove them and make the procedure too painful.


Do I need to take any extra precautions for those planning to do waxing?

  • If you are very afraid of pain, half an hour before the procedure to take paracetamol or ibuprofen.
  • Before hair removal does not apply skin creams, lotions or oils.
  • Do not go in the pool or in the bath, do not swim in open water, and do not take a hot bath for a few hours after waxing (especially if you do hair removal bikini area). Heat, chlorine, salt, and various chemicals, which today can be in any open body of water, it is very harmful to the skin, the sensitivity is very increased after epilation.
  • If you have a skin bruises easily formed, perhaps waxing - is not the best way for you to remove hair.

Some physicians do not recommend waxing for patients with diabetes, varicose veins and circulatory disorders, as they are particularly susceptible to infections. If you have any of these conditions, talk with your doctor to choose the best and safest method of hair removal.

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