Waxing: precautions and contraindications

June 3rd, 2013

 Waxing Precautions
 Failure to comply with safety regulations when waxing can cause severe redness, peeling, and even burn the skin. If you have any doubts about whether this procedure is safe for you personally, it never hurts to consult a specialist. It is important to comply with the waxing precautions and consider all the possible contraindications.

 Waxing: precautions and contraindications

Who, making waxing, you need to take special care

  • You are pregnant, taking hormonal contraceptives, antibiotics, or go through hormone replacement therapy

All these factors greatly increase the sensitivity of the skin, so 24 hours before the hair removal is best to do a test on a small area (on the arm or leg). If during the day you see signs of irritation or allergic reaction, so you can remove the hair on large areas of skin.

  • Do you smoke or have rosacea

Smokers and patients with rosacea blood vessels and the skin surface can be expanded, eased or damaged, and waxing can hurt them even more. If even with the simple inspection of the skin is noticeable that it is unhealthy for the capillaries (eg, there are signs of inflammation), from hair removal should be avoided.

  • You are taking blood thinning medications, you have diabetes or phlebitis

Before you do waxing, you should consult with your doctor.

  • You use a strong exfoliating agents

Salicylic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, white willow bark extract - all these substances eliminate a significant portion of the top layer of skin cells. In conjunction with the waxing is too strong it will impact on the skin, which can lead to redness, peeling intensive and even bleeding. It is not advisable to use these products, at least three days prior to epilation, and for at least three to four days thereafter. (This period may vary depending on the type of exfoliating agents. For example, if a product contains more than 8% alpha-hydroxy acids, you have to wait at least a month before you can make waxing How to make a professional waxing legs alone  How to make a professional waxing legs alone
   without the risk of serious damage to the skin.)

  • Do you drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol

These stimulants can make the skin more sensitive to waxing, ie, the probability of redness and inflammation will be greater than usual. For this reason it is necessary to refrain from caffeine and alcohol for at least two hours before and after epilation.

 Waxing: precautions and contraindications

This can not be done waxing

Contraindications to hair removal Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   wax are:

  • Admission Accutane, or cessation of treatment Accutane less than one year ago;
  • Acceptance of any prescription drug for the treatment of acne;
  • Lupus and AIDS;
  • Man undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy;
  • In the last 24 hours of a person for a long time remained under direct sunlight, or was in the solarium Solarium: harm or benefit?  Solarium: harm or benefit?

In addition, you can not do waxing Hair removal: perfect skin without hair  Hair removal: perfect skin without hair

  • In inflamed, irritated and damaged skin;
  • In all areas of the skin on which you apply Retin-A;
  • On the feet, if you have varicose veins;
  • In areas of the skin where there is a rash of newly formed scar tissue, acne, warts, birthmarks;
  • In the areas of skin that in the last three months were subjected to dermabrasion;
  • The skin inside the ears and nose, nipples and male genitals;
  • In all parts of the body, which in the last 3-7 days were taken Botox injections;
  • In the areas of skin where you apply products containing more than 8% alpha hydroxy acids;
  • Around the areas of the skin, which made piercing.

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Deep bikini waxing: a victim for the sake of beauty

December 27, 2012

 deep bikini waxing
 Increased sexual pleasure, erotic symbolism and especially the aesthetic aspect - all the reasons for which a deep bikini waxing is attracting more and more women. 21% of men reported that they love when a woman such depilation. But to do it, you must first think well.


What is the deep bikini waxing

Deep waxing involves complete removal of hair from the bikini area, depilating pubis, labia and gluteal area. The genitals are completely naked.


Symbolic uncovered

Recently, much has been said about the full waxing the pubic area and even create a real debate. Some attributed this to the character of the child-woman, sensual Lolitas, others insist that it is more suitable for adult film actresses. But what about real life here more often it is a question of hygiene requirements and the practicality of such a hair removal for women. Many men find it sexy and more comfortable for intimate caresses.


Disadvantages deep depilation

After the complete removal of hair in the bikini area intimate zone requires special care. Pubic hair had purposes: they form a barrier that protects the delicate mucous membranes of the genitals, and thus is saved intimate microflora.

If you do a deep depilation Waxing: the easy way to beauty  Waxing: the easy way to beauty
   regularly, for the bikini area will have to look carefully. The skin in this area is very delicate and sensitive, so you should take care of moisture to avoid red spots, inflammation and ingrown hair.

In addition, this type of hair removal - a matter of taste. Someone finds it exciting, it will seem unacceptable to another.


Razor and cream for depilation

Razor is the easiest solution for hair removal, the cheapest and most affordable. But be careful! For Bikini Shaving can bring unpleasant consequences: ingrown hair, small red bumps, not to mention the risks of cuts on this sensitive part of the body. Therefore, it is desirable to avoid a deep hair removal using razor.

The same applies to hair removal creams. They contain chemicals which can not be applied to hypersensitive mucosa.


Wax for depilation deep

Waxing is the most common for the complete removal of hair Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?  Hair Removal: Which method is right for you?
   in the bikini area. Of course, it is painful, but it can eliminate vegetation in a fairly long period (up to 3 weeks). The optimal solution for deep bikini waxing may be to use the Eastern wax, which cares for more delicate skin.

Choose depilation in a beauty salon. At home you will be difficult to make quality hair removal, especially since there is always a risk to get hurt and hurt yourself. Beautician-aesthetists quickly, efficiently and safely relieve you of unwanted hair, so you should allocate a separate budget for the procedure.


Deep bikini waxing: not whether it is dangerous to health?

Today, women have a tendency to depilate all areas of the body that have the misfortune to be on the nature covered with hair. This is done to improve the hygiene, aesthetics or to obtain increased sexual pleasure. But many doctors are sounding the alarm, because resorting to this procedure, women risking their health.

Removing pubic irritates the skin and causes inflammation of the hair follicles, leaving microscopic open wounds. Frequent waxing Waxing - effective, but the disease  Waxing - effective, but the disease
   or a razor can cause severe irritation. When the genitals using deep depilation rid of hair, moist environment in the area is favorable for the development of harmful pathogenic bacteria.


Hair form an anti-infective barrier

After a deep bikini waxing increased risk of herpes pustules formation, cystitis, fungal and other infections, women are more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases. This occurs because the hair act as a barrier to protect the genital mucosa, and if they are removed more nothing prevents microbes to get inside. Therefore, if you decide to take a deep depilation Deep depilation: Beauty requires sacrifice  Deep depilation: Beauty requires sacrifice
   bikini, think about the consequences.

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