Triderm - care for skin diseases

February 9, 2014

 Triderm - a drug for external application, which consists of three active substances, which complement each other's actions. As a result, a cream and ointment triderm have anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, antipruritic, antifungal and antibacterial action.


The mechanism of action triderma

The cream and ointment triderm includes three active current component: betamethasone, clotrimazole and gentamicin. Manufacturer - pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough (USA). Auxiliaries in the ointment is liquid paraffin, white soft paraffin. Auxiliaries in the cream are liquid paraffin, white petrolatum Vaseline: old friend  Vaseline: old friend
 Cetostearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, cetomacrogol 1000. Benzyl alcohol, dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, purified water.

Due to its constituent components triderm has anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, antifungal and antibacterial effect:

  • betamethasone - a synthetic glyukokordikosteroid (GCS), which has a rapid and prolonged anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, and anti-allergic effect potivozudnym;
  • clotrimazole - antifungal mechanism of action which involves a violation of the synthesis of ergosterol, which is an integral part of the cell membrane of fungi; show sensitivity to fungi that cause trichophytosis, microsporia, athlete's foot and smooth the skin, as well as the yeast genus Candida;
  • gentamicin - an antibiotic aminoglycoside with a broad spectrum of action; sensitivity to it shows the majority of bacterial pathogens causing skin diseases.


Indications and contraindications for the use of ointments and creams triderm

Triderm ointment used mainly for skin infections accompanied by inflammation and itching without soak. Cream is more suitable for the treatment of skin infections accompanied by inflammation, itching and weeping, because it has a drying effect.

Triderm prescribed for skin diseases complicated by bacterial or fungal infection, sensitive components triderma: dermatitis (simple and allergic), atopic (congenital allergic) dermatitis, eczema, skin fungal infections.

The ointment or cream is applied thinly to the affected skin twice a day for a few days to cleanse the skin.

Do not use this triderm ointments and creams for skin tuberculosis TB skin - a rare form of the disease  TB skin - a rare form of the disease
 , Syphilis, herpes on the lips Herpes on the lips - problems with immunity  Herpes on the lips - problems with immunity
   and in the genital area, chickenpox, shingles, under any skin eruptions following vaccination, children under the age of two years, nursing mothers, and hypersensitivity to components triderma. Nor triderm applied to open wounds.

Precautions triderm administered during pregnancy and for children. This drug should not be used for a long time on large areas of skin under the bandage.


Side effects and overdose triderma

As with any drug, which is composed of corticosteroid hormones, triderm has a number of side effects. This is primarily due to a decrease of local immunity and the addition of a secondary infection. The peculiarity of these infections is the insensitivity of their pathogens to many antifungal and antibacterial agents, including the components triderma.

With prolonged use triderma may also cause white spots on the skin White spots on skin - What are the causes and how to treat?  White spots on skin - What are the causes and how to treat?
 , Regions atrophy (reduction in volume) of the skin, increased hair distribution, dry skin, and so on. Perhaps the emergence of itching, soak sections of the skin, stretch marks, or striae (white or brown lines on the skin, resulting from rupture of the collagen fibers of the skin). Children triderma prolonged use, particularly under the bandage can result in reduced adrenal function.

Clotrimazole and gentamicin can cause various types of allergic reactions, but this is rarely the case, as part of the triderma betametazol smoothes any allergic reactions.

Overdose triderma may occur when long-term use on large areas of skin. It is manifested in increased side effects of this drug. As a rule, the timely elimination of the drug and the appointment of adequate treatment of all violations of the reversible.

Triderm - is an effective drug for external application, which is assigned by a doctor to treat skin diseases with a strong inflammatory or allergic effects.

Galina Romanenko

Erythema nodosum: vasculitis Skin

January 6, 2011

  • Erythema nodosum: vasculitis Skin
  • Signs

 nodular erythema
 Erythema nodosum - an inflammation of the skin that is localized to a certain part of the fat layer of the skin. Erythema nodosum leads to painful reddish nodules, most commonly located on the front part of the leg below the knee. The diameter of these nodules is from 1 to 5 centimeters. The reason for their appearance is the inflammation of the fatty layer of the skin

Erythema nodosum can be self-limiting disease that goes untreated for three to six weeks. After recovery, the skin may remain a temporary bruise or a permanent dent that appears in the place where there was inflammation of adipose tissue.

There are several variants of the disease course. In most cases, inflamed nodules disappear a few weeks after its launch, and there comes a full recovery. Sometimes the inflamed nodules appear from time to time in different places, and it can last for several months, after which also comes the recovery. In some cases develop chronic nodular erythema, which may last several years - sometimes it is caused by other diseases.

 Erythema nodosum: vasculitis Skin


Erythema nodosum may develop both in itself and in conjunction with other disorders. For reasons of erythema nodosum may be streptococcal infections, cat scratch disease, fungal diseases, infectious mononucleosis, sarcoidosis Sarcoidosis - how to protect themselves?  Sarcoidosis - how to protect themselves?
 , Behcet's disease, inflammatory bowel disease Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Symptoms and Treatment  Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Symptoms and Treatment
   (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis). In addition, sometimes nodular erythema is caused by reception of sulfa drugs, contraceptives, but also during normal pregnancy.

 Erythema nodosum: vasculitis Skin


A characteristic feature of erythema nodosum are painful nodules that often arise at the ankles, but may also appear on the thighs, forearms, face and neck.

The diameter of the nodules may vary from 1 to 10 cm, but in most cases it does not exceed 5 cm.

The first non-specific symptoms erythema nodosum may be fever, swelling of the feet Swelling of the legs - do not leave without attention  Swelling of the legs - do not leave without attention
   and joint pain Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?  Joint pain - how to understand what is going on?

 Erythema nodosum: vasculitis Skin


Usually the diagnosis erythema nodosum is enough visual inspection. Experienced doctors to detect the disease does not require additional tests.

If on the basis of the appearance of nodules diagnosis is not possible, the fence can be made of a tissue sample for laboratory analysis - a biopsy. Using a special device under local anesthesia and takes a small piece of fat tissue, where inflammatory processes occur.

 Erythema nodosum: vasculitis Skin


Treatment of erythema nodosum is focused primarily on the treatment of the underlying disease - if it exists. At the same time used therapies aimed directly at inflammation of fatty tissue.

For the treatment of erythema nodosum used antirheumatic drugs and cortisone, oral or injectable. Colchicine also effectively reduces inflammation. The treatment must be individualized for a specific patient, taking into account the major diseases and the general state of health. Importantly, nodular erythema, although it is a very unpleasant and often painful disorder is not dangerous for the internal organs and the prognosis for patients with this disease is very favorable.