Exoderil - treat fungal infections

December 20, 2009

  • Exoderil - treat fungal infections
  • Indications and contraindications

 Exoderil used to treat a variety of fungal skin infections such as ringworm Ringworm - how not to be left without hair  Ringworm - how not to be left without hair
 , Athlete's foot, and others. Exoderil - is an antifungal drug that works by preventing the proliferation of fungi.

The drug is intended for external use only .  Clean and dry the skin area to which you will apply the cream or solution .  The cream should be applied a thin layer, gently rubbing it into the skin .  Depending on the disease ekzoderil be used once or twice a day .  Wash your hands immediately after use Exoderil if the diseased parts of the skin are not at hand .  No bandages or tape patch the affected areas of skin infection, if this is not recommended doctor .  Avoid contact with the eyes, nose, mouth, and vagina .  Do not use the medication more frequently than indicated in the instructions or for longer than recommended by the doctor - this may increase the risk of side effects .  Continue to use ekzoderil, even if the symptoms virtually disappeared - too early discontinuation of treatment may lead to recurrence of infection .  Tell your doctor if your condition worsens or if you do not notice improvement after four weeks of treatment .

 Exoderil - treat fungal infections


Contraindications to the use are hypersensitivity to the drug, pregnancy and lactation. Furthermore, the drug is usually not administered to children and can not be applied to open wounds.

 Exoderil - treat fungal infections

Side effects

Side effects can be Exoderil burning, irritation, redness, dryness or itching of the skin in those areas where the drug was applied. If any of these side effects persist or worsen, consult your doctor. Seek medical attention if symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, such as rash, swelling Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause  Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause
   (especially facial, tongue or throat), dizzy Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet  Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet
 , heavy breathing.

 Exoderil - treat fungal infections

Safety measures

Before using Exoderil, tell your doctor if you have ever had an allergic reaction to allylamines or other drugs.

When used correctly Exoderil overdose is practically impossible. However, ingestion of this drug can be very dangerous; If you accidentally swallow ekzoderil, contact a physician immediately.

 Exoderil - treat fungal infections

Drug Interactions

Before using Exoderil need to tell your doctor about any medications you are currently taking - including food additives Food additives - basic classification  Food additives - basic classification
   and grass. Application Exoderil may not be recommended to those who take medicines that weaken the immune system (such as cyclosporine and corticosteroids).

 Exoderil - treat fungal infections

Storage preparation

Ekzoderil Store at temperatures not above 30 ° C, as far as possible from sources of heat and light. Throw away the medication if it ran out of shelf life, or if you no longer need.

Boils and carbuncles - do not squeeze or open their own - on the buttocks

June 2, 2013

  • Boils and carbuncles - do not squeeze or open yourself
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 how to treat boils on buttocks

How to treat boils on buttocks

Boils called painful reddish swellings on the skin filled with pus inside, and caused by Staphylococcus aureus, or, more rarely, other bacteria or fungal organisms. Boils on buttocks may appear as one, and clusters. Development boil begins in the hair follicle, but it can also penetrate into the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.

Boils are most often appear on the skin areas that are most of the time in the heat, sweat, and often rub against the fabric. Therefore boils on buttocks are very common. Also boils often appear on the neck, armpits, groin and face.

Most often boils occur in young and elderly people, obese and diabetic patients.

Boils are almost always painful, especially if they are on the buttocks, as they complicate the process of seating you. Treatment for boils may accelerate recovery, and earlier treatment can prevent complications requiring treatment to the doctor.

 On the buttocks | boils and carbuncles - do not squeeze or open yourself


In most cases, to diagnose simply boil medical examination. Sometimes it also makes analysis of a smear from the surface boils, but in most cases this is not necessary.

 On the buttocks | boils and carbuncles - do not squeeze or open yourself


Possible complications of boils: the spread of infection to other parts of the body, abscess Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers?  Abscess - why it is so dangerous ulcers?
   liver and other internal organs, cellulite endocarditis, septicemia, osteomyelitis Osteomyelitis: severe inflammatory disease  Osteomyelitis: severe inflammatory disease
 , Lymphangitis, an infection of the brain or spinal cord.

 On the buttocks | boils and carbuncles - do not squeeze or open yourself

High-risk groups

People belonging to the following groups, there is an increased risk of occurrence of boils on the buttocks and other body parts:

  • Diabetics - high blood sugar Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health  Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health
   may interfere with the immune system;
  • People taking medications that weaken the immune system;
  • Patients with HIV and other diseases that weaken the immune system;
  • People suffering from some skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and acne.

 On the buttocks | boils and carbuncles - do not squeeze or open yourself


Typically, for the treatment of boils on buttocks enough home treatment. Several times a day apply to boils a clean cloth or cotton wool - it will speed up the growth and rupture the boil.

If a boil on the buttock prevents you normally sit (especially if you have a sedentary job) as soon as possible consult a physician. In the clinic, you can very quickly carry out drainage of the boil - in the course of this simple procedure boil opened, drained, treated with antiseptic and bandage, and then skin healing usually takes place very quickly.

What to do:

  • Apply heat to boils. You can sit in a tub of warm water, taking care not to sit directly on the sore spot. You can also attach to the patient place a hot water bottle for 10-15 minutes. The heat increases the influx of leukocytes and antibodies to the affected area.
  • Open the pustule, when it'll be, if you like. You will learn that this happened when the boil is formed "head", and it will look like a big white eel. You can do it, punctures "head" boil using a sterile needle. Sterilize a needle you can dip it in rubbing alcohol or boil it. Although this step, you may not need, because he can break the boil.
  • Warm the affected area again to accelerate the release of pus. You can gently push the skin around the "head" boil to allow the liquid to drain, but do not open a boil, do not squeeze or squeeze it, so it can only cause even more irritation.
  • Boils can move to the other and the one who came into contact with pus oozing from your boil, then can also get this problem. Most scrub pus from a boil, throw the cloth or boil them, to reduce the chance of spreading the infection to other parts of your body or to other people.

Consult your doctor if you do not see any improvement after a few days, especially if the boil is located in the area between the buttocks. These boils are usually require treatment by a specialist. You should also go to the doctor if you have a fever.

Systemic antibiotics are not required for the treatment, except in cases when the appearance of boils accompanied by high fever in a patient and secondary infections.

If necessary, it can be assigned to receive treatment with penicillin. If there were boils on the buttocks of the infection caused by a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, can be assigned to these antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?  Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future?
 As vancomycin, linezolid, daptomycin, and others.

When boils on the buttocks and / or other parts of the body appear again and again in a short period of time, it is necessary to pay attention to the conditions in which the patient lives and works. Staph infection is sometimes transmitted to the sports teams, between sexual partners (from one to another and back again, so that no one has time to fully recover), and family members. In this case, you better watch out for the hygiene and the use of laundry and cleaning sanitary equipment more powerful tools.

 On the buttocks | boils and carbuncles - do not squeeze or open yourself


To prevent the appearance of boils should take the following measures:

  • Observe the rules of hygiene, regularly wash the whole body, using antibacterial soap;
  • Any damage to the skin should be washed immediately, even if they look very small. Then you need to bandage wounds and wear them regularly changing, until the skin is healed;
  • Sticking to a healthy diet and getting regular exercise - it helps to improve their health, and, therefore, reduce the likelihood of formation of new boils.