14 natural remedies for skin cleansing

March 3, 2013

  • 14 natural remedies for skin cleansing
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 natural products for skin cleansing
 You probably know that in most commercial cleansers for skin containing surfactants, or surfactants and emulsifiers, which can cause serious damage to the skin. Laurilfulfat sodium soap and even surfactants derived from sugars (common ingredient in many organic cleansers for skin) natural lipid layer washed from the skin and destroy its protective barrier.

In general, the funds are too hard, especially for sensitive or problem skin. That is why today more and more people seek to use natural skin cleansing agent. Fortunately, there are many home remedies that can be used very effectively to treat skin. Another important factor is that natural remedies are much cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

None of the funds, which will be discussed below, does not wash the skin squeaky, as do foams, gels and lotions which contain surfactants. And this is good. If the skin after washing little squeaks when you spend a finger on it, it means that means that you used too strong for your skin type. Many people think that after the purification of natural means their skin is not as clean as after application of commercial vehicles. This is not true. The fact that you're used to certain sensations that you associate with cleanliness, but you can always change the habit.

Switching to natural cleansers will make you forget about problems such as irritation, tightness, dryness and peeling of the skin. With these tools in skin cells will be more moisture, and you will need less moisturizer.

Mild cleansing home remedies do not relieve you from the problems such as acne or eczema, but it is, at least, help improve the skin without exposing it daily exposed to many chemicals.

Despite the fact that organic foods are generally softer than commercial, before starting to use them, a preliminary test on a small area of ​​skin. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care  Sensitive skin: causes and care
 Or you are prone to allergic reactions.

 14 natural remedies for skin cleansing

1. Clay

Clay takes their skin toxins and stops the inflammatory processes .  It can be used not only as a mask, but also as a means for the daily cleansing .  There are many views of clay - for example, red, green, blue, white and black clay, and Rassoul (Moroccan clay) .  The clay can be mixed with water, aloe vera gel, decoction of herbs, organic yogurt, kefir milk, and so on .  Approach skincare creative .  But remember that you should not use too many ingredients at the same time - it could have unexpected and undesirable consequences .  For once in a mask or cleanser can add only one new ingredient; carefully observe the reaction of the skin .  Apply a mixture of clay with the chosen liquid on the face for a few minutes, and then rinse off .  Let the clay dry, but when you use it as a mask .  Regular cleansing of the skin with clay is especially useful for oily and combination skin, but you can find clay and any other type of skin .

  • Oily skin: Rassoul, green clay, bentonite, kaolin, and Fuller's earth.
  • Sensitive skin: white and red clay.
  • Dry skin: red clay.
  • Dull, tired, lifeless skin: pink clay.

If you have very dry skin Dry skin: care and treatment  Dry skin: care and treatment
 , Add cleanser clay few drops of organic oil. Those who have problem skin, you can add a little lavender essential oil, tea tree or laurel, tea box Manuka honey or a little apple cider vinegar.

From clay also make great masks for hair and body. Rassoul - a great alternative to shampoo: this clay absorbs oil, eliminates chemical residues contained in the means for styling and other cosmetic products, makes hair shinier and gives volume. However, do not vigorously rub Rassoul hair - because of that the tips of the hair may begin to split.

Do not use clay, if you are allergic to nickel. The clay may contain small amounts of this substance.

 14 natural remedies for skin cleansing

2. Ground orris

Orris root powder has moisturizing properties, gently cleanses the skin and smells like real violets. Mixed with water (or yoghurt, milk, aloe vera gel Aloe - its amazing healing properties  Aloe - its amazing healing properties
   vera, and so forth), and is also used as a mixture with the clay. It can also be used as tooth powder. Orris root powder can be a good alternative for those who have an intolerance or allergy to fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, peppermint essential oil, or other common ingredients of toothpaste. In some regions, buy ground orris root can be difficult. It can be found in shops that sell herbs.

 14 natural remedies for skin cleansing

3. chickpeas flour

If you have very oily skin Oily skin: Natural and artificial care  Oily skin: Natural and artificial care
 , Chick-pea flour can significantly improve her condition. Mix it with water or other liquids, and use as well as clay and ground orris root. Buy chickpeas flour can be in many Asian food stores.

 14 natural remedies for skin cleansing

4. organic yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt or whole milk

Yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt and whole milk - are natural detergents that do not contain surfactants and affordable to almost everyone. Lactic acid, which is part of these products, normalize the acidity of the skin, dissolve the lipids and helps remove dead skin cells.

If possible, use organic, unpasteurized dairy products. Apply to the skin with light massage and leave for a few minutes. Then rinse with cool or lukewarm water. Yogurt and cheese are a bit softer detergents than yogurt and whole milk. Whole milk should not be used for the purification of highly sensitive skin - this is due to the fact that it contains a lot of lactic acid. For this reason Whole milk is an excellent exfoliant.

 14 natural remedies for skin cleansing

5. wool and butter

Apply a few drops of oil (olive, almond, jojoba oil, apricot kernel, evening primrose oil - or some other, to your taste) on the moistened cotton pad or ball, and gently slide it across the face (do not rub the skin! ). Then rinse your face with water at room temperature.

 14 natural remedies for skin cleansing

6. Fruits and vegetables

Grated avocado, papaya, cucumber, mango, bananas, and other fruits and vegetables are excellent cleansers for the skin. In fresh fruits contain enzymes that remove dead skin cells and sebum, cleansing pores and allows the skin to breathe. Probably, most of the following recipes are too complex, that they can be used for daily cleansing of the skin, but you will surely find the time, several times a week to make such a mask. Be careful - the skin can be very sensitive to contained in fruits and vegetables acids, so the new mask must first be tested.

  • Oily and combination skin

Cucumber juice is very effective cleanser. In addition, it is well soothes and softens the skin. Apply on the face cucumber juice mixed with whole organic milk and leave for a few minutes.

Papaya - a rich source of nutrients such as carotenoids, vitamin C, B vitamins, enzymes and minerals. The papaya pulp also contains a variety of phytochemicals, including - polyphenols. Massage your face for a couple of minutes with a piece of papaya and apply on your face pounded pulp of papaya mixed with organic honey or rose water and leave for 15-20 minutes.

Lemon juice - a natural exfoliant; He lightens the skin, struggling with potential infectious agents. The starch contained in the potatoes absorb oils from the skin surface. Crush one boiled potato and mix it with a few drops of lemon juice (squeeze it out of the estuary - do not use lemon juice, bought from the shop!). Apply the mask on your face, hold 20 minutes, then rinse with cool water.

Mix lemon juice with a little organic honey (or honey manuka), and ground cinnamon. Keep the mask on your face for half an hour, then rinse with warm water. This mask not only normalizes oily and combination skin, but also helps to get rid of hyperpigmentation.

Bananas contain a lot of vitamin A, E and B vitamins and are a rich source of iron, magnesium and potassium. Mask of bananas nourishes the skin and improves its tone.

Mangoes are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. They can be used for skin care, just as papaya.

  • Dry skin

Avocados and olives, rich in beneficial fats and phytonutrients, can significantly improve the condition of dry skin. Mix the avocado flesh with a small amount of olive oil that turned out not too thin paste, and keep getting the mask on your face for 20 minutes.