Drill press for men: muscular stomach macho

February 23, 2012

 drill press men
 High slack, the so-called "beer" belly does not paint anyone, neither male nor female. However, if the woman is usually only enough to tighten the muscles, the representatives of the stronger sex usually want to become owners of a belly bump "cubes" of muscles. To achieve this result will help drill press for men.

The difference between men and women engaged in self-correction of the figure is in the anatomy and the peculiarities of psychology. Some exercises for the press Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!  Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!
 Effective for a strong half of humanity, are not recommended for women because of the different structure of the genital organs of a small basin. Men are not available to large exercise and results, respectively, appear faster.

In addition, more men prefer to exercise with fitness equipment and weights. Therefore, drill press men at the initial stage of training are not much different from the exercise of women's programs, but in the future they acquire a fundamentally different nature.

 Drill press for men: muscular stomach macho

Basic mistakes in training schedule

Most women tend to be more formal training and are currently carefully, taking care to stress.

Men initially, until you enter into a working rhythm classes and classes not yet become part of their everyday life, often miss a workout and then seek to fill the gaps, trying to get a single workout and a double burden "to implement the plan." To do this in any case impossible. Such differences can lead to serious complications from the tears of the ligaments to serious diseases of the cardiovascular system and spinal injuries.

First you need to create a training schedule for the press. The optimal training regimen - three or four times a week. Later, if time allows, you can switch to the daily activities, but not earlier than two months after the successful observance of the previous schedule without failures and omissions.

On training days is unacceptable to drink alcohol, even in small doses, especially before exercise. The fact that it is desirable to give up smoking How to Quit Smoking: Tips for Women  How to Quit Smoking: Tips for Women
 , To mention unnecessary. However, if the habit Bad habits - second nature?  Bad habits - second nature?
   has not yet been defeated, it is advisable to refrain from smoking before exercise and do not smoke for an hour afterwards.

 Drill press for men: muscular stomach macho

Exercises for abdominal muscles

Coaches recommend that men do in the home every day, little by little, as a girl, and three times a week for an hour. To achieve faster results, you should combine training with a diet rich in protein.

The first step is to focus on all sorts of "twisting" - normal, reverse, double and diagonal. The starting position for this exercise - lying on his back on a hard surface, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor, hands behind head, elbows to the sides. It slowly lift your head and shoulders, not looking up from the floor the lower back (the usual "twisting") or bent knees ("reverse curl"), both shoulders, head, and feet ("double twist"), or drag the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa ("diagonal curl"). These exercises are very effective at the same time they are easy to perform. It is advisable to do each exercise for three sets of thirty reps.

Those who want to have "cubes" on the stomach, and do not neglect exercise for the transverse abdominal muscles. For example, it is well to achieve the desired result of the exercise, called "vacuum". Need to get up on all fours, keeping your back straight. Now you need to fully exhale, relax your abdominal muscles and then struggled to involve the stomach. Breathe it should be the nose, not holding my breath. Belly maximum retracted fifteen - twenty minutes, after which the muscles relax. Exercise should begin to do with twelve repetitions, gradually increasing their number to twenty-five - thirty.

Exercise "bicycle", known to everyone in childhood, very effectively burns fat in the abdomen and thighs, and helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Starting position - lying on his back on a hard surface, his hands behind his head. It should lift the leg forty-five degrees from the floor and simulate cycling. Head and shoulders off the floor should not be. Exercise is more effective, the wider range of movement than the movement more intense, and the legs are located closer to the floor. Suffice ten - twenty minutes of this "drive" a day to tone your abdominal muscles found.

 Drill press for men: muscular stomach macho

For best results,

Standard set of exercises that are performed lying on the floor, it is recommended to supplement and exercises that are performed in a sitting position. For example, lifting his knees in a sitting position strengthens all the abdominal muscles. It is necessary to sit on the edge of the chair (you can also use a flat bench for gymnastics) and take hold of the edge of it. After that, take the body back at an angle of thirty degrees, pull the leg forward. Now we should pull his closed knees to your chest as much as possible while straining abdominal muscles. Housing in this case should not be shaken. Exercise can be repeated only ten or fifteen times, gradually increasing the load.

Exercise "lateral jerk" effect on the obliques. Unlike many exercises on the press, it is done in a standing position. Starting position - standing on the floor, feet shoulder width apart. On one hand we must take polutorakilogrammovuyu dumbbell wrist expand outward, bend the arm at the elbow at a right angle. Now we need to make a small tilt of the hand with a dumbbell dumbbell and lower down. During the exercise you need to make sure that the oblique abdominal muscles tensed as possible - if not, there is a voltage only to the hand that holds a dumbbell, it means that the exercise is done correctly. Movement should be continuous: the slope, lower the hands back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise to be ten or fifteen times in each direction.

 Drill press for men: muscular stomach macho

Exercises for the press in the integrated programs of bodybuilding

Most of the men engaged in the home or in the gym are not limited to working with the abdominal muscles, and paying the same attention to the muscles of the limbs and shoulder girdle. For pumping the press was effective enough to observe a few basic rules:

You can not start training with exercises for the press, because pumping other muscle groups, and a man engages the abdominal muscles. If tire them first, then it can not be a good workout. Leveling the press should be the final stage of training.

The most effective exercises for the press, which are carried out efficiently, to the burning sensation. After the occurrence of this feeling is enough to make "through force" only three to five repetitions, and then switch to the next exercise. Read the exercise is not necessarily a symptom of the aforementioned himself will know when to finish. Account - a good psychological distraction and not get tired of the load.

The first stage is a set of exercises, and purchase exercise equipment for home workouts better with a more experienced coach or athlete. Otherwise, beginners can overestimate their strength and instead of the desired "cubes" to get health problems.

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