Power Aerobics: the example of athletes

August 28, 2011

 Power aerobics
 If the whole aerobics as such is considered to be non-traumatic sport, it is of such a direction as power aerobics, this is absolutely impossible to say. Doing it it is recommended only to those who already have a good basic training. It is considered one of the most effective methods to lose excess weight, since the results achieved in the process of training, are usually stored for a long time.

Under aerobic power is understood complexes of various exercises with shells - dumbbells, heavy sticks, mini-bars, the rubber hand espnderami and squats, bench presses and slopes. This kind of aerobics maximizes develop strength endurance and adjust the figure, pulling the muscle is on the part of the body where it is needed. It involves a relatively high load, and inadequate training of the newcomers at risk of injuries to joints and ligaments.

In the power aerobics class, there are four load: Upper Body - training the muscles of the upper body, AVT - training gluteus and abdominal muscles, TIT - exercises for the muscles of the legs and or Super Sculpt Body Sculpt - training of all muscles of the body at once.

 Power Aerobics: the example of athletes

The body with a sculptural relief

Systems Super Sculpt Body Sculpt or based on the aerobic mode and allow the body to bring relief to perfection. This class of power aerobics has a strong athletic orientation. Most of the exercise promotes strength endurance, and therefore carried out using different weights. Admirers systems Super Sculpt Body Sculpt and become not only women but also men: last see them as a great alternative to traditional male power sports.

The positive effect of training makes itself felt not only in the form of postroynevshey shape or dropped in a short period of extra kilos. Lessons power aerobics strengthen the cardiovascular system, accelerate metabolic processes, increase resistance to stress, improve mood due to the fact that during intense movements in the body significantly increases the level of endorphins, known as the hormone of happiness. Moreover, even competent doctors confirmed that intensive and regular training are accompanied by improved blood supply to the brain, resulting in increased learning ability and ability to concentrate. But we should remember that the power aerobics classes are contraindicated for people suffering from hypertension Hypertension - dangerous consequences  Hypertension - dangerous consequences
   and varicose veins Varicose veins - the operation is inevitable?  Varicose veins - the operation is inevitable?
 As well as having problems with joints and the spine.

 Power Aerobics: the example of athletes

Types of weights

Most fitness clubs as weights for strength training aerobics visitors recommend using dumbbells - usually small, weighing up to ten kilograms each. It is suitable for this purpose, for example, Alex dumbbell with ergonomic rubber handle. They are often made with a cargo of rubber, which is undoubtedly somewhat reduces the risk of injury during their operation.

Women often perform complex exercises with special rods Pampa. So called small rod weight from two to twenty kilograms. Sometimes they have to hold in their hands continuously for forty to fifty minutes, and at the same time to make intense movements to rhythmic music. It is clear that they can not have anything to do with dance elements: basically, it presses, bending and squatting.

Another type of weights used in the classroom aerobic power - weighted stick bodibary weighing up to five kilograms. They are hollow steel tube enclosed in a plastic frame. At the end of the stick is put cargo - in the same way as in the bar. Exercises to strengthen the muscles bodibarami contribute to both the upper and lower body.

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Exercises against scalpel - is there an alternative to cosmetic surgery?

December 9, 2007

 exercises for facial muscles
 Many people are talking about exercises for facial muscles as an alternative to surgical braces. Whence do these magical exercises? The fact that the muscles, which are located under the skin, are extended in time, and reflected on the outer layers of the skin. Regular load on the muscles of the face helps to tone and strengthen them, thereby tightening the skin and making facial contours more straightforward.

The skeptical attitude to the exercises for the face is quite understandable, but really useful regular exercise facial muscles, no less than the muscles of the body. If you have already spent money on a book or a special program of gymnastics for the face, you do not have to do it! All of the most effective techniques collected in this article are absolutely free. Why not experiment a little?

In addition to exercise, every athlete needs a massage, which improves blood circulation. Forefinger very quickly, but strongly tapping the skin. Then climb ears, starting and ending with the lobes of the sink. This will give the skin a healthy youthful glow.

 Exercises against scalpel - is there an alternative to cosmetic surgery?

In order to achieve results in this area of ​​concern, these exercises should be done at least five times a week:

  • Lie down on the bed, his head hanging over the edge. Slowly lift your head up until the chin touches the chest, pause for ten seconds. Then, just slowly lower. This exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the neck.
  • To soften the forehead, try the following exercise. Sit comfortably and place your fingers on the hairline on both sides of the forehead. Lightly pressed, use the muscles as much as possible to lower the eyebrows down. Linger in such a tense situation five times for ten seconds, alternating tension with relaxation. Do not overdo it: too much load can cause headaches Headache: Causes and Complications  Headache: Causes and Complications
  • Sitting or standing, tilted his head slightly. Forefinger and thumb press on the area under the jaw. Squeeze your teeth and push the tongue on the inside of the lower teeth, first gently, then harder. Reaching maximum pressure, stay in this position for eight seconds, then slowly relax. Repeat four or five times. This exercise prevents the formation of double chin.
  • The area around the lips, too, needs to be charged. Zaprokinte head back so that your face was almost parallel to the ceiling. Collect the lips as if to kiss the ceiling. Pull them as far as possible within 10 seconds and then relax your mouth and return the head to its original position. Repeat 5 times.
  • You lose shape cheekbones? Try the following. Open mouth half, and then lower down the corners of her mouth as possible. Put your fingers just below the cheekbones: you have to feel the strain. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat ten to fifteen times.

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