Fitness after birth - when there is no time

January 13th, 2013

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 fitness after childbirth
 Almost every mother soon after birth to strive to bring the body in order, but it is unable, unfortunately, not all. The main reason for this - not too lazy, and an elementary lack of time and effort. Here are a few tips that will help to reconcile his schedule child care and fitness.

 Fitness after birth - when there is no time

Start slowly

It took you nine months to bear a child, so give yourself at least the same period, to return to their "doberemennuyu" form. Begin to do fitness slowly and carefully: Follow a few stretching exercises per day, walk at least 20-30 minutes, and gradually increase the load. If you immediately start with intensive training is likely unaccustomed muscles of the entire body will get sick, and you for a long time do not want to even think about fitness. In the worst case load intensity after birth can cause serious harm to your health. Take your time, do the simple exercises, adding a few reps during each new training. Rule "from simple - to difficult" for fitness after childbirth Fitness after giving birth - only with the permission of the doctor  Fitness after giving birth - only with the permission of the doctor
   very important.

 Fitness after birth - when there is no time

Be consistent

A few minutes of stretching exercises Stretching exercises - Be careful  Stretching exercises - Be careful
   Stretching every day is better for your body than the grueling two-hour training session once a month. Often it seems that the only effective workouts that you squeeze out all the power, which has to overcome himself. This is not always the case, and for women after childbirth, such loads can be simply dangerous.

Make Me personal fitness program and follow it consistently. Every morning, as soon as get up from bed, perform stretching exercises; At the same time, remember that you should feel tension in the muscles, but not pain. Every day, go for a walk and climb stairs foot (of course, if you are not with a stroller). At the end of the day get another 10 minutes for any exercise, what you like - it can be squats, kicks, or dance exercises. Do all this every day, and you'll begin to notice that increase muscle tone and stamina, you will have more strength and load are all easier.

 Fitness after birth - when there is no time

Use any free minute

This is one of the main rules of fitness after childbirth: use every free minute that appears during the day. For example, when your child is sleeping, do some exercise, or take a nap, too. In general, physical activity and recreation in one command, that is, the team of fitness. The task of fitness - not only to create a slim and beautiful body, but also to become healthier - both physically and psychologically. Therefore, rest is as important as doing sports: one without the other completely ineffective. If someone from relatives or friends offers babysitting - agree, and themselves go in the pool, shopping, ride a bike or take a walk in the park and feed the ducks. So you combine a holiday with fitness and temporarily distracted from everyday worries.

 Fitness after birth - when there is no time

Include the child in a fitness program

Walking with your baby is helpful for you and for him. You can carry a child in a stroller, carry it in a bag or a kangaroo in a sling - it depends on your own preferences. Most raise a child - it's also a great burden for the muscles of the hands and the whole body. Finally, the game with the baby helps to develop the muscles of the body - just need to use a little imagination.

 Fitness after birth - when there is no time

Set goals

That's right - the goal (to lose a certain number of kilograms), and goal - in the plural. For one big purpose it is best to walk through a number of intermediate, so you can track the results of their efforts in a few days or weeks, and see progress. Without it, achieving long-term goals may seem high it almost impossible. Because of this, people at first, perhaps, begins to work hard on himself, but quickly despair and removes goal in a long box. In order to be frightened ahead of time, put in front of him, such objectives: to walk half an hour a day for a week; There are three servings of fresh fruits or vegetables every day; 300m swim in the pool three times a week. When a goal is achieved, we can move on to the next - to walk an hour a day, and so on. You can celebrate your goals on your calendar, put a tick when the next goal has been achieved, and for each check to make yourself small gifts.

 Fitness after birth - when there is no time

More traffic - more fitness

There is a common misconception that the fitness and physical activity in general - is the implementation of specific exercises such as squats or twisting. In fact, any movement somehow relates to fitness and helps strengthen muscles. Our body is designed for movement - walking, running, jumping, anything but long sitting on the ground. So go! Jump on the kitchen when cooking dinner (include music - and will be even more fun). Dance with your baby - so what, he still can not walk or even crawl, but he hears and feels great. As often as possible go on foot, and enjoy it. Writhes faces, playing with the child (an excellent exercise for the facial muscles) and laugh (laughter put a strain on the abdominal muscles).

Fitness after childbirth - how to start

January 8, 2013

 fitness after childbirth
 Fitness - perhaps the last thing a woman wants to think after childbirth, but once the moment comes when it is necessary to come back. In fact, fitness after childbirth - one of the best gifts that you can make yourself.

 Fitness after childbirth - how to start

Use of fitness after childbirth

Regular exercise after childbirth can help you:

  • Reduce weight;
  • To improve the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • Restore muscle strength;
  • Strengthen your abdominal muscles;
  • Raise your mood, to feel the full force;
  • Relieve stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis
  • To prevent the development of postpartum depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 And if the depression has already begun - to facilitate its course and speed recovery.

Finally, my mother engaged in sports, will be a good example for the child and may also help him to opt for a healthy lifestyle.

 Fitness after childbirth - how to start

Fitness and breast-feeding

It is believed that fitness does not have a negative impact on the volume of milk in the mother during lactation, as well as the composition of the milk; it does not affect the development of the infant. However, according to some studies very intense exercise can lead to the fact that breast milk increases the content of lactic acid, which is why milk gets sour taste that can not like a child. If you are breastfeeding, to prevent this problem, choose a moderate load, and drink plenty of fluids during and after workouts.

If in the first few months after giving birth, you need to train very intensively, feed your baby or express milk prior to exercise: since the baby gets the milk with normal lactic acid, and you during your workout will feel more comfortable. You can also decant and pour milk, formed within half an hour after the gym - it usually contains the most lactic acid Lactic acid - shows our health  Lactic acid - shows our health
 . After 4-5 months postpartum physical activity will have less influence on the composition of milk.

 Fitness after childbirth - how to start

When and how to start

In the relatively recent past, doctors recommended that women begin to engage in fitness not earlier than six weeks after childbirth. Today, experts believe that if a woman trained in pregnancy and she had uncomplicated vaginal birth, it may begin to fitness after a few days after delivery - or as soon as feel that is ready for this. Those who have had a caesarean section, multiple vaginal tears or complicated work before starting to train again, you should talk to your doctor.

Women's health in the first months after birth is recommended to do fitness at least 150 minutes per week. Proceed to the occupations, adhering to the following tips:

  • Warms up before exercise and for several minutes after it perform simple exercises at a slow pace;
  • Start slowly and gradually increase your pace;
  • Avoid over-voltage;
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Wear on supportive bra fitness;
  • Stop exercising if you feel pain;
  • Stop exercising and seek medical help if you have vaginal bleeding began, more copious than the usual monthly.

 Fitness after childbirth - how to start


When you're ready to fitness, start with something simple - such as absenteeism and daily or small swim in the pool (you can swim only when vaginal bleeding will stop). You can also sign up for fitness classes for young mothers - they spend many sports centers.

During the lessons at home you can try to do the following exercises:

  • Bridge. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the trunk. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Tighten your abdominal muscles, place your hands on the floor and lift the hips and torso. Keeping this position, take three deep breaths. Return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
  • The rise of hip from the supine position. Do this exercise several times a day to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks. Lie on the floor, bend your knees. Clutching his shoulders to the floor as high as possible, lift the hips. Hold this position for 10 seconds, then return to starting position. Start with five repetitions, and when the muscles become stronger, do the exercise 10-20 times.
  • Kegel exercises. These exercises increase the tone of the pelvic floor muscles, strengthen the walls of the vagina, promote healing tissue in this area and help to cope with problems such as urinary incontinence. Stretch the muscles as if you are trying to hold back urine. Keep them tight for 10 minutes, then relax. Repeat the exercise ten times, at least three times a day.

 Fitness after childbirth - how to start

Overcoming obstacles

When you are caring for a newborn, to find time for fitness can be extremely difficult. Because of hormonal changes, many young mothers become more emotional, and sometimes do not want to once again get up and do something. Sometimes a woman after childbirth just feels so tired that the forces for training, it seems, not at all. However, this does not mean that you can put on the bar afterwards. Do what you can do: Ask your family members or friends to help care for the child, schedule workouts and try to follow him, despite the difficulties; Train together with someone, to not lose motivation. Connect to your child's classes: go for a walk with a stroller, put the kid next to him on the floor, when you perform the exercises while lying down.

Do not think that fitness after childbirth Fitness after giving birth - only with the permission of the doctor  Fitness after giving birth - only with the permission of the doctor
   you just have to be given - not at all, but it can work wonders, giving you the strength needed to raise a child, and fully enjoy the joys of motherhood.

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