Exercises for the feet - wear protection limb

December 14, 2006

 exercises for the legs
 The slender, strong legs with nicely outlined by muscle attract attention and deliver a lot of joy to their owners: it is not only sexy, but comfortable - on these legs can run all day and in the evening go for a walk with friends. Yes, you need to train the legs, not only for beauty but for health. The following exercises will help you gain if not quite flawless legs, then pretty slim, and most importantly, hardy legs.

 Exercises for the feet - wear protection limb


This exercise is familiar, perhaps all, and that it provides an excellent load on the legs. Stand up, legs spread shoulder-width apart, back straight, and - squat. You may want to keep in the hands of small dumbbells - so you will increase the load on the leg and arm muscles pumped up a little bit. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs and promotes endurance. Its drawback is that it is quickly bored. Perform at least ten sit-ups in one go.

 Exercises for the feet - wear protection limb

Exercise with fitball

Put on fitball fitness mat, lie on his stomach, place your hands and knees on the floor. Slowly lift your right leg (do not straighten it) so that the foot was sent to the ceiling. Keep this position for ten seconds. Then lower the leg and do the exercise left foot. Repeat the exercise ten times for each leg.

 Exercises for the feet - wear protection limb

Squats with fibolom

Stand with your back to the wall, the story between the back wall and fitball - do not press too hard, enough to make it just did not fall. Slowly squat, counting to ten; when the knees are bent at 90 degrees, once again count to ten and stand. All this time the ball must remain behind. Perform the exercise 10-15 times.

 Exercises for the feet - wear protection limb

Squat on one leg

Stand with legs spread as widely as possible. By moving your body weight on the left leg, bend it at the knee. The right leg of this should be rectified. If you do the exercises correctly, you feel like her muscles are stretched when the squat on the left leg. Return to the starting position, then sit down on the right foot. Do this exercise ten times for each leg.

 Exercises for the feet - wear protection limb

Raising the legs from a prone position

Lie on your back, legs outstretched. Slowly raise the legs until they are at an angle of 45 degrees from the floor, hold them in this position ten seconds, then lower the leg.

 Exercises for the feet - wear protection limb


Any dancing can not only complement the special exercises for the legs, but also completely replace them. For example, Irish dancing well develop leg muscles. However, it is not necessary to engage with the instructor. Turn home cheerful music and dance vigorously for half an hour - it will strengthen the muscles of the legs and lift your spirits.

 Exercises for the feet - wear protection limb

The benefits of exercise for the legs

  • Over time, the cartilage that connects the bones of the knee joint wears out. When worn joint capsule, the joint can not function properly, causing pain in the knee Knee pain: it is necessary to restrict the movement  Knee pain: it is necessary to restrict the movement
 . Regular and disciplined exercises to strengthen leg muscles may protect against osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Adherence to regular exercise to strengthen the leg muscles requires not only willpower, but also engaging a large amount of muscle mass. Intensive use of muscle mass during training increases the number of calories burned. In addition, the selection of specific exercises for the legs helps build lean muscle. Capacity of dry muscle increases the elasticity and tone the legs and buttocks.
  • Another advantage of building lean muscle mass on their feet - a marked improvement in metabolism Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 That helps to burn more fat all over the body
  • Regular exercises to strengthen leg and foot health reduces the likelihood of any diseases of the feet and improves the work

Do leg exercises part of your daily life - and after a while will be able to assess the benefits of such activities. Health of the body can not be complete without a strong healthy legs Healthy legs - tripping  Healthy legs - tripping

 Exercises for the feet - wear protection limb

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the legs

Walking, jogging or running 10 000 steps a day, running or jogging 30 minutes a day - the result is the same. These exercises allow you to maintain a healthy weight, increase bone and muscle mass.

Lunges: attacks aimed at training the muscles of the buttocks, especially the gluteus maximus. Lunges can be performed with or without weight loads. Beginners are recommended to perform a set of exercises of the three attacks, 15 repetitions on each leg - 2 = 6 cycle approaches. Having mastered the technique of attacks, you can vary the exercises. Possible variations - reverse lunge, lunging forward, lunging inner thigh, cross lunges (forward and backward) and lunges to the side.

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Straighten your back, take a strictly vertical position
  • With the right foot to make the most wide step forward
  • Hands on hips remain
  • Slowly lower down
  • Check whether the legs form a right angle at the knee
  • Set in motion the leg muscles
  • Slowly lift
  • Repeat first

Raising heel: This exercise trains the muscles of the calf. In addition, this exercise may be performed at any time, anywhere, in any clothing.

  • Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width position
  • Put your hands on your hips
  • Lift up on toes
  • Fix this position for a few seconds
  • Slowly lower
  • Relax and repeat this exercise 120 times (for 3 sets)

Squats: initially, these exercises are aimed at strengthening the quadriceps muscle at the front of the thigh, but also help to build up an excellent muscle mass. Squatting - the best exercise for those who are dissatisfied with the shape of the hips, buttocks and legs.

  • Grasp the edge of the desk or other fixed support or leaning against the wall
  • Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width position
  • Sit down as if sitting on a chair
  • Try to keep your back straight and knees bent
  • Do not squat too low
  • Tighten your buttock muscles and rise
  • Repeat 20-30 times (10 times for one approach)
  • To improve the effectiveness of exercise, add the power load

Leg press: an exercise aimed at building muscle thighs, as well as strengthening the gluteus maximus, abductors, hamstrings and quadriceps.

  • Take a sitting position on a special machine Leg Press
  • This helps stretch the abdominal muscles, bend your knees slightly and straighten the chest
  • Lower weight
  • Make sure that your knees do not rise above the toes
  • Focus on the distribution of weight between the hip and knee joints
  • Stay until my knees will not completely vertical position
  • Change direction and continue the exercise.

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