Exercises in the inguinal hernia - with great caution

July 7, 2014

 exercise in inguinal hernia
 Exercises for inguinal hernia in some cases, can help to strengthen the anterior abdominal wall. But do these exercises only with a doctor's permission and under the supervision of a specialist - physiotherapist instructor. Self-employment can lead to a strangulated hernia.


Do gymnastics inguinal hernia?

Gymnastics inguinal hernia strengthens the abdominal muscles and the muscular system to help keep the hernia in the reduction state. Unfortunately, the only one in the gym inguinal hernia is not enough. In order to eliminate a hernia, hernia repair is necessary to perform the surgery and subsequent plastics hernia aperture. Exercises for inguinal hernia in men Inguinal hernia in men - at any age   fraught slighted besides the efficiency of their use questionable.

But after hernia repair gymnastics helps restore the body, it helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles, prevention of relapses and contributes to weight loss, which is also important for inguinal hernia.

But in any case, physiotherapy inguinal hernia (exercise) to be assigned a doctor and carried out under the supervision of a specialist, at least initially, until the patient clearly has not mastered all the movements.

Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles are excellent prevention of inguinal hernia. If the hernia is not, as people often lift weights or perform other hard physical work, a set of exercises for the abdomen to help prevent the development of an inguinal hernia.


Exercises after surgery inguinal hernia - the first stage

Physiotherapy after hernia repair surgery helps patients recover faster. There are special complexes of exercises aimed at the prevention of pulmonary complications, activation of motility of the gastrointestinal tract, prevention of thrombosis and embolism (blockage of blood vessels), stimulate blood and lymph circulation in the area of ​​post-operative wounds.

In the first hours after surgery to improve peripheral circulation in a complex exercise therapy lead exercise to include small and medium-muscle groups of limbs: tilting the head forward to touch the breast chin, bending of the lower limbs in the knee and hip joints, alternate diversion legs to the side, lifting the pelvis to support on elbows and feet, rotate the torso to the side.


Second phase

After 4-6 hours after the operation the patient should get up and walk to 40% of the time in an upright position. A few days later, this time is 60% of waking hours. At this time, you can start exercises for abdominal muscles, stimulates the process of recovery of postoperative wounds and breathing exercises with the turn of a trunk in the operated first, and then in a healthy way.

Includes exercises with the slope bent knees in the operated and healthy side, lifts the pelvis as you exhale, simultaneously bending the legs at the knee and hip in the supine position.

Performs diaphragmatic breathing exercises (under the supervision of an instructor LFK) lying on its side, legs bent at the knees and hips. On the exhale is removed foot back, raising his hand up. Then repeat all the exercises, lying on the other side.


Third and subsequent stages

After removing the stitches for the correction of carriage Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight  Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight
   are assigned exercises for the muscles of the shoulder girdle, trunk twists in a standing position. Torso forward, lateral tilt, sit-ups, increase intra-abdominal pressure, are included later.

A few days after removal of stitches (length of time depends on the condition of the wound and the nature of the operation) after doctor's permission physiotherapy inguinal hernia may include the following exercises to strengthen abdominal muscles:

  • twist obliques: position - lying on his back, stretches his left knee to right elbow and vice versa; repetition of exercises should be very gradually increase to 40-50 times twice a day;
  • Bike: supine position, arms curled behind his head, legs twist imaginary bicycle pedal, gradually increasing the speed and angle of the legs;
  • Scissors: supine position, arms curled behind his head, legs extended and elevated above the floor; Vertical movement of the scissors legs to do a slow pace;
  • circular rotation of each leg in the extended position: supine position, hands behind head, separately for each leg to make circular motions, holding the place of surgical wounds by hand;
  • abdominal breathing with the weighting on the stomach: supine position, a small weight on the stomach (eg, a book); inspiratory bulging belly as high as possible while exhaling - draw;
  • lift the pelvis: supine position, knees bent, should gradually be raised and lowered.

All the exercises in the inguinal hernia do only after consulting your doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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12 ways to make fitness fun

October 23, 2006

  • 12 ways to make fitness fun
  • Change the classroom

 A visit to the gym is not your former enthusiasm? Workouts become a boring routine? Tired of fitness and thinking about how to end the occupation? Of course, no one requires you to "passionate love" for the sport, but little pleasure to do what inspires you disgust

As you know, dedication process significantly improves the result, so we decided to offer you a twelve ways to revive interest in fitness, learn to enjoy the process and achieve outstanding results.

 12 ways to make fitness fun

Join the group

Fitness alone quickly bored. Some days you do half-heartedly in the other - do not do, and relax in the bar with juice. In the group there is competition enthusiasm, interest in communicating with the instructor and other participants, diversity, appropriate music, and most importantly - a mirror that supports your motivation and allow to see the results immediately.

 12 ways to make fitness fun

Invite your partner

 The probability of continuing training for long periods of those who engaged in fitness in the company of a friend or acquaintance, is almost 90%. Choose a partner level of fitness which approximately corresponds to your (or slightly exceed). Promised each other not to miss classes or even made a bet who will reach the best results. Thus, you will be responsible to each other, will become strictly monitor the progress of your partner, do not let him sleep training, you take a little more intense than in self-employment. Do not look for fitness partners will among distant acquaintances. Best partners - spouses.

 12 ways to make fitness fun

Join a training center for beginners

Craze in the training centers for newcomers, we are obliged to TV. Such centers can be found almost anywhere - even the most provincial - town worldwide. Classes at the beginning of such a center, usually early in the morning and held five days a week for four to eight weeks in a row. During the period of intensive training followed by two weeks of "vacation." This mode allows you to practice a long time to lose weight and create a new body you've always dreamed of.

 12 ways to make fitness fun

Use a library card

How can you lose weight with the help of a library card? Very simple! In libraries, you can sometimes find whole shelves of aerobics videos, access to which you can get for free at any time. Every week you can take the new cartridge and choose among multiple formats and techniques of training (and trainers). These classes do not require little or no equipment like treadmills.

 12 ways to make fitness fun

Keep track of time

Have you ever seen people at the gym who supposedly settled there? Their jaw muscles move more strongly than any other muscle in the body - because it does not close his mouth for a minute. Know that these people will never reach the desired result. Do not talk - and can reduce training time up to twenty-five minutes (this is enough). The time and intensity of training - is inversely proportional. If you exercise intensely and spread to the full, it is not necessary to carry out in the gym for an hour. If you only have twenty-five minutes, apply a little more effort than usual, and achieve good results, even in such a short time. Did you knock out power, but the realization that with the sweat out calories, should inspire you to further achievements. A refreshing shower will get you quickly back to normal and restore power.

 12 ways to make fitness fun

Conditionally divide the body into sections

If you normally perform exercises to strengthen all the muscles, try to focus on a single muscle group. This will improve the effectiveness of training and help disrupt the established routine. For example, on Monday, strengthen the upper body, on Tuesday - the bottom, legs, and on Wednesday - the abdominal muscles and lower back. Take a break and repeat the cycle again.