Flat stomach - a dream or reality?

August 12, 2007

  • Flat stomach - a dream or reality?
  • Exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles

 slim stomach
   Flat stomach - is the dream of many women, which for many remains elusive. Not the least reason for this is that not all are able to soberly assess the real capabilities of the organism, and also to understand that you can not lose weight just one part of the body. In fact, make your stomach flat and store it so constantly is quite simple. We just need to remember that we should not try to be like the models in magazines (in the end, there is a huge difference between the flat and sunken belly), and follow the simple rules.

 Flat stomach - a dream or reality?


One of the biggest mistakes women seeking to obtain a flat stomach - severely restricting calorie intake. This does not give good results, firstly, because often, after hunger failures occur, and secondly, because starvation seen as a threat to the organism, it begins to accumulate fat, instead of burning it. Therefore, you need to eat small meals 5-6 times a day.

 Flat stomach - a dream or reality?

Fat, proteins and carbohydrates

Eat healthy fats, lean protein and complex carbohydrates. Another common mistake: to get rid of belly fat, you need to grease was not on the plate. In reality, it is necessary first of all to avoid trans fats, which are especially a lot of fast food, fried food, and many semi-finished products. However, healthy fats, like those found in fish and vegetable oils, are necessary for normal functioning of all systems of the human body.

 Flat stomach - a dream or reality?


Drink 1.5 liters of water a day. Water not only washes away the toxins from the body, but also helps longer to feel satiated.

 Flat stomach - a dream or reality?


Exercise regularly. Contrary to popular belief, twisting - not the most efficient way to get a flat stomach. One of the most effective ways to make a perfectly flat stomach - running. While running all muscle groups get the load, including abdominal muscles, the intensity of this load is significantly superior to traditional twist. In addition, well develop abdominal muscles exercises raising feet from a prone position, standing up, and even better - in the vise on the bar. Last not everyone will be able to perform the first time, but it is really very effective. In addition to a flat stomach it has become more useful to perform squats with small dumbbells. The abdominal muscles are involved in nearly all body movements, and during the sit-ups while you develop leg muscles, back and press that at a certain perseverance will provide you with a beautiful figure.

 Flat stomach - a dream or reality?


After a workout, be sure to eat protein foods. Proteins help to increase muscle mass, and muscle mass, even at rest burns significantly more calories than fat tissue.

 Flat stomach - a dream or reality?


Eat as many vegetables - fresh, baked, boiled and grilled. Vegetables - is the low-calorie source of fiber (in most fruits significantly more calories). An exception is the potato - it has a lot of calories, but it contains the necessary human nutrients, so it is to abandon it is not necessary.

 Flat stomach - a dream or reality?


Avoid soft drinks. Absolutely. Remember, this is not an exaggeration: they - the real enemy is not only a flat stomach, but your overall health. One bottle of the drink with taste what some fruit or berries contain large amounts of sugar. Their use causes dramatic changes in blood sugar levels Blood sugar - a very important indicator  Blood sugar - a very important indicator
 That eventually can cause diabetes.

 Flat stomach - a dream or reality?

Proper motivation

No need to say to yourself, "I do not want to be fat," or "I do not want to see those terrible wrinkles on his stomach." It is much more efficient to want to be "even more beautiful and slimmer." Starting with the fact that you are now looking bad, and then it will look good, you virtually deny themselves in the present and depriving yourself of your own self-love. Thus, you are preparing to kidney failure, which will lead to overeating, abandonment of training and so on. Why is that? Because the man who himself says that "he is so bad", afford such behavior are more likely than those who "now is good and will be even better." In the latter case you just do not let yourself down below, which they themselves have set for ourselves.

Gymnastics angina - the need for mandatory

October 27, 2014

 Gymnastics angina
 Gymnastics angina is necessary, as a sedentary lifestyle contributes to even greater disruption of cholesterol metabolism and deposition of atherosclerotic plaques in the coronary vessels. At the same time physical activity in angina pectoris should be dosed.


Physical activity in angina

Angina - a sudden attack of acute pain developing in ischemia Ischemia - when the brain fails to work  Ischemia - when the brain fails to work
   (anoxia) infarction. Myocardial ischemia develops due to the narrowing of the blood vessels that bring him arterial blood - the coronary arteries. Narrowing of the coronary artery occurs due to deposits on the walls of atherosclerotic plaques.

When physical exercise myocardial oxygen demand increases, leading to acute oxygen deficiency, accompanied by bouts of severe short-term pain. Angina, which develops during exercise, called exertional angina Angina - the consequences of the activity  Angina - the consequences of the activity
 . That is why exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe  Myths about exercise: do not believe
   angina patient should choose a specialist - a doctor of physical therapy.


Breathing exercises with angina

Proper conduct breathing exercises promotes blood oxygen saturation, and thus completely or partially removes oxygen demand of the myocardium. You can do the following breathing exercises on the system of yoga:

  • sitting on a chair with a straight back, relax and think about something pleasant, to breathe through the nose at the 1 - 2 - 3, hold your breath for 1 - 2, and exhale through the mouth in the 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 ; together with an exhalation should be slightly bent at the elbows to hit his arms like wings on the chest; repeat the exercise 10-12 times from one to three times a day.

When angina should also make daily leisurely walks in the fresh air and imagine how oxygen-enriched air flows from the lungs, and from there into the blood and the heart muscle.


Physiotherapy angina

Physiotherapy in coronary heart disease (CHD) and angina is very important. But the selection of exercises the patient should not do on their own, keeping in mind that high physical activity can lead to strokes.

Depending on the degree of exercise tolerance stable (in which there is a clear dependence on the physical exertion) angina is divided into four functional class (FC). Exercise must comply with angina angina:

  • FC I - a familiar operation not reduced, angina occur when loads are much higher than usual, for example, long-term running, lifting weights; this angina can be detected during the stress tests for certain categories of professions; such patients may be a long walk at any pace and run at a slow pace;
  • FC II - a familiar operation not reduced, angina occur when loads are slightly higher than usual, for example, fast climbing stairs, brisk walking or jogging; the degree of stress in this case depends on the fitness of man; these patients tolerate walking at a moderate pace;
  • FC III - decreased physical activity due to the fact that the angina can occur with normal physical activities such as climbing stairs leisurely on one floor, walking and etc .; they can recommend walking at a slow pace for 40-60 minutes;
  • FC IV - angina occur at rest or with minor physical activity, such as walking on foot at a slow pace over short distances; Patients suitable for such long walks, but with mandatory rest periods.

For patients with stable angina Stable angina - one of the manifestations of coronary heart disease  Stable angina - one of the manifestations of coronary heart disease
   I and class II can recommend the following set of exercises for angina:

  • starting position sitting on a chair, hands down; Hands dissolve in hand to shoulder level, take a deep breath, lower down - exhale: repeat 5 times;
  • IP - sitting on a chair, his hands on her waist; raise one arm over the side to shoulder level, inhale, return to the starting position, exhale; Complete the exercise with the other arm; repeat 3 times;
  • IP - standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms bent at the elbows and horizontally lock the front of the chest; twist the body with breeding hand - inhale, return to starting position - exhale, repeat 4 times;
  • Ends complex walking in place for a minute.


Angina and Sports

On the question of sports with angina should be treated with great caution, as the sport - it's a high physical and emotional (competition) load.

After consulting with a doctor, patients angina FC I may be able to engage in certain sports, such as swimming, but only if the load on the background they do not appear angina.

Fitness angina - is obligatory, but the sport - always questionable.

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