Sport as a cure for pain: an alternative to pills - Benefits

March 12, 2013

  • Sport as a cure for pain: an alternative to tablets
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 sport as a pain medication use

Why is it useful

People who do not do sports, sometimes motivated by the fear of pain during and after workouts. Others can not imagine themselves without exercise, and do not feel any pain. However, the pain in sports - is, first of all, the question of susceptibility.

For example, try to feel the clothes that currently you are wearing. It will be difficult, because if you do not make any movement, it is not felt. We feel clothes when put on or remove anything, because our nerves react to it as a stimulus, but it does not last long. And what if they suddenly ceased to do it - it would be more comfortable to us from that? No, because the brain does not carry out operations, meaningless to the body.

The brain responds to any changes in the external environment, allowing us to feel them. This may be a noise temperature increase humidity. However, a person who always living in hot weather, the body does not react to the high temperature.

Sports and pain, of course, related. At the beginning of training the pain will be severe, because the muscles are developed and produced microfractures. To avoid severe pain should be very attentive to the regular classes and not exhaust yourself. Over time, the body gets used to a constant load, and Sports will not be painful. Besides its undeniable benefits for the general strengthening of the body, and for the sake of its stability both physically and morally.

Sport for human life is a great school, because regular exercise improves endurance in general, constantly raising the pain threshold. On the contrary - if a person is not engaged in sports, it is likely he will be pampered and hypersensitive to any external influences. To increase the pain threshold necessarily do something debilitating - it may be running, walking, cycling.

Maria Bykov

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Pilates - the star system of training - Activities

September 17, 2009

  • Pilates - star system training
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 Pilates classes


Pilates, as we know it today, is aimed at improving flexibility, strength and ability to control his body, usually without a significant increase in muscle mass. However, Pilates exercises closer to power than to running, cycling and other aerobic exercise.

The system of exercises "Pilates" was developed in the 1920s; its author is Joseph Pilates. This system was designed for rehabilitation, for example, dancers and soldiers returning from war. Pilates not only restores muscle strength, but also facilitates body aches.

During the lessons the instructor constantly reminded of the need to concentrate on their muscles and breathing - to monitor the muscle contractions and the greatest attention to quality rather than quantity of exercise. The main objective of Pilates - coordinated work of the body, mind, and spirit.

 Classes | Pilates - star system training

Pilates and Weight Loss

So far there have been no single study that would prove that Pilates can help reduce weight. Generally, the basic rule of weight loss - to spend more calories than you consume. If you adhere to this rule, with the help of Pilates, you can lose weight; otherwise it would not help even jogging marathon. Studies have shown that a person weighing 75 kg per hour of intense Pilates loses 480 calories an hour of moderately intensive activities - 380 kcal; the least intensive training allows you to burn about 276 calories per hour. However this figure may vary considerably depending on the weight, metabolism features Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 And other factors.

 Classes | Pilates - star system training

Pilates during pregnancy

Pregnant women before engaging in Pilates, you should consult your doctor. Until now, experts do not have sufficient data to make a definite conclusion on the safety and effectiveness of Pilates during pregnancy.

 Classes | Pilates - star system training

Where do pilates

Most experts believe that doing Pilates, especially if you are - beginner, it's best with an experienced instructor. When choosing an instructor, try to find out what kind of training he received. It is obvious that the courses at the weekend - it's not the same as the annual in-depth course, during which studied not only the technique of exercise, but also anatomy, physiology, psychology.

However, if for any reason a class with an instructor possible, buy CDs with exercise program or find a video on the internet - and engaged whenever and wherever you want. The main disadvantage of Pilates at home is that the instructors are usually used during the training, special training equipment, you are unlikely to become a home to buy.

Pilates is suitable for comfortable clothing from well-trailing material. Engage recommended barefoot or in socks. Before training you need to shoot long chains and big bracelets. If you have long hair, gather them in a hairstyle to the hanging strands do not interfere with training.

Useful Habits: How to change your life - for men

November 11, 2013

  • Useful Habits: How to change your life
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 healthy habits for men

Good habits for men

The modern man's busy life. And be honest, healthy eating and fitness does not always fit into it. Yes, we can go to the gym regularly, but also outside the fitness club you can find plenty of opportunities to tighten the fit. Unfortunately, we do not always use these opportunities and are rarely able to organize them. To help a friend move, play basketball with the children know to help an elderly woman to bring heavy bags - all this helps to maintain the shape. Here are ten good habits, so that you can stay at the peak of your physical capabilities.


Lean right

As the proverb says, our body - the temple, and should treat it accordingly, with respect and care. Particular attention should be paid back, one of the most vulnerable parts of the male body, because it is so often exposed to injuries and bruises. To avoid injury and degenerative disc disease, try to lean right: a little squat and keeping the back straight.


Do stretching in the mornings and evenings

To keep fit and stay healthy, you need to train hard flexibility. Many men most of the working day is carried out at the table, so their muscles are constantly tense and compression, which significantly increases the chance of injury in the performance of any active physical activities. To your body works as a well-coordinated mechanism, do not forget every morning and evening to stretch (of course, after the warm-up), or at least the minimum charge, so as not to "rust."


Breathe properly

Most of us breathe properly, feeding, doing superficial breaths. Meanwhile, should breathe stomach, diaphragm. Inhale deeply and slowly follows. To do this, the body needs to spend less effort, and lungs more oxygen, which contributes to the relaxation of body and spirit. Just learn how to breathe correctly How to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques  How to breathe correctly - modern and traditional techniques
   - And dramatically improve your health, increase resistance to stress and reduce anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 . The breathing technique is very important for health.


Eat breakfast healthy food

Surely this is not news to you: Breakfast - the most important meal of the day. A healthy breakfast not only provides the body with nutrients and sets the right tone to the day ahead, but also activates the metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   and improves mood. To activate all the resources of the body, including in the morning diet foods that contain carbohydrates (in reasonable amounts), protein and a little healthy fat. For example, an omelet with spinach, tomatoes and avocado and toasted wholemeal - excellent breakfast, healthy and tasty!


Replace fast food with vegetables

If you eat three times a day, most likely between meals you feel the decline of energy, which makes up for with the help of fatty fast food. Try replacing fast food wholesome food - this will allow you to satisfy your appetite without compromising health. Traditional fast food contains a large amount of sugar and fat, so immediately after a meal, you feel a surge of energy. But it will soon be the same rapid decline. Calories while still with you. But healthy food provides a steady burst of energy throughout the day!


Eat less, but more often

Many men eat three or four times a day, but thoroughly (in part a tribute to the tradition). And there is nothing wrong or harmful, but nutritionists are increasingly recommended to switch to another power mode: to reduce the number of servings and increase the number of meals, ie eat less but more often. For example, six to seven times a day. However, the main thing in this case, not even the number of meals and planning diets and food restriction. This strategy helps to control your appetite throughout the day and night do not go for all that there is in the refrigerator.


Carry a bottle of water

Of course, a bottle of mineral water - not the most stylish accessory, but a very useful thing. And although no one can say exactly how much fluid you need to drink a day, do not forget that our body is composed mainly of water. The liquid is needed for normal functioning of the muscles and joints. Even partial dehydration worsens our health increases vulnerability and reduces immunity to infection and injury.


Get enough sleep

The modern working man is forced to do business almost around the clock. But that in no case does not mean you have to sacrifice sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . According to many studies, healthy sleep is very important for our health, and chronic sleep deprivation eventually leads to the most disastrous consequences for health, including depression and weakened immunity. Try not to break the daily routine and go early if the next day you have to get up early.


Involved in fitness at least 3-4 times a week

Even all the good habits together will not help you keep fit, if you all day lying on the couch. Healthy man - an active man. But how often do you need to go to the gym? Most health organizations recommend to do fitness at least half an hour a day, with exercise need not be intense. This mode of training also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Most go on foot

Try walking to work, climb stairs, and use every opportunity to walk. Of course, it is naive to think that the majority of men have the time (and patience) to walk, but still ... It is necessary to learn how to improvise, to adapt to circumstances and seize every opportunity to exercise the muscles. For example, you can do push-ups, listening to the news. This good habit that will help to preserve the old vigor and energy, no matter how saturated your life.

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