Exercises for abdominal muscles - the right way to the ideal figure

February 22, 2012

 exercises for the abdominals
 Abdominal muscles - one of the largest muscle groups of the human body. In bodybuilding, it requires a special approach, because without a trained press outlines of the figures remain imperfect. This drill press form a complete image of proportional body with muscle definition.

A trained abdominal muscles is of great importance not only for beauty but for health. To the internal abdominal organs function normally, they must be in the correct position, and this requires a good tone of the rectus abdominis muscle.

Fit the stomach - is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also an excellent prevention of omission of internal organs. Women taut abs also helps to give birth and recover your figure after giving birth. That is why doctors insist that exercises for the abdominals need everything.


The main objectives of drill press

Set of exercises for the press pursue progressively two main objectives:

  • burning subcutaneous fat in the abdomen;
  • the formation of relief "cubes press."

The first stage of training - this is the burning of fat, and laying the foundations of solid muscle. You must be aware that in the field of muscle tone in any untrained person belly - the weakest place. Although physical inactivity - the scourge of our times, and from the whole body suffers, all the muscles in the arms, legs, back, shoulders, a man in everyday life gives at least some work. On the abdominal muscles are not. So they got a load, "earned", requires special training.

Formation muscle relief is only possible after the first stage.

Unfortunately, many cease to exercise after getting rid of the fat folds on the stomach to give the illusion of a flat solid muscle. It is not advisable, since the tone quickly lost, and the fat begins to be delayed again. To keep in shape and achieve even more impressive results, it is necessary to continue training.

The second stage - the formation of "cubes". "Cubes press" - a trained rectus abdominis, which is symmetrically divided into six - eight segments. Under the influence of exercise, these segments are raised and, indeed, look like cubes.


Golden rules for dealing with abdominal

Choosing a set of exercises for the press, it is recommended to start from their own physical fitness at the start of classes. There are courses of intensive training, enabling effective rendering relief abdominal muscle in six weeks. But such systems are designed for bodybuilders with experience of employment at least one year. Doing these programs untrained people do not just difficult, it will have no effect, because it does not set the stage solid muscle. In addition, there is also the most novice excess fat. Such incompetent selection of training programs, and is a source of myths about the "inefficient courses" or that after a certain age it is impossible to buy tightened muscular figure.

To achieve excellent body contouring can be at any age. It is important to develop a phased, progressive program. It is best to start a fight with the soft fat belly instructor of fitness, which will determine the level of physical fitness and recommend the appropriate exercise program.

  • Any exercise program assumes that the following simple rules, without which it is impossible to achieve timely tangible results, but you can easily harm your own body.
  • All exercises for the press Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!  Exercises for the press: a flat stomach and wasp waist - easy!
   it is necessary to perform a rounded loin. When working on the press with the back straight there is increased pressure How to deal with high blood pressure?  How to deal with high blood pressure?
   on the back of the lumbar joints located between the vertebrae. Such compression with simultaneous displacement of at best provokes lumbago, and at worst - can lead to serious injury of the spine.
  • During exercise should not be jerks and abrupt movements.
  • If there is no instructor, you need to periodically monitor the accuracy of the exercise, the relevant provisions of the back, shoulders, legs descriptions given in the course of training. If the wrong position of the body load is redistributed to other muscle groups and exercise will be meaningless.
  • To work successfully with the press need positive motivation, appropriate mental attitude.


Exercises for the upper press

To strengthen the muscles of the upper press is quite simple - at least easier than the muscles of the lower abdomen. Most of the exercises for the upper press Proper strengthening of the upper part of the press  Proper strengthening of the upper part of the press
   are variations on the classic "twists."

"Twist". Exercise is carried out after the warm-up. Starting position - lying on the floor on his back. Legs bent at the knees, feet flat on the floor. Elbows out to the sides, and hands - in the "castle" on their heads. It is necessary to slowly twist the torso, trying to reach the chin to the knees. During the exercise you need to make sure that the waist was tightly pressed to the floor - otherwise the burden is on the spine, not on the abdominal muscles. Elbows should remain divorced in hand.

This exercise is to perform relatively simple: It is recommended to do twisting fifty times in three sets. Some trainers recommend to move as quickly as possible, while others, on the contrary, it is advised to do the exercise as slowly as possible, pausing for a few minutes with a strained or relaxed muscles. In this and in another case of "twisting" will be effective, if done correctly, but beginners might find it easier to deal with a slow pace.

"Double twisting" - a very effective exercise, which affects both the upper and the lower press. The starting position is the same as the conventional "twisting", feet flat on the floor, bent at an angle of forty-five degrees. It should slowly raise the legs and shoulders at the same time, trying to reach the chin to the knees. Loin of time the exercise is held tightly to the floor and elbows - divorced in hand. The starting position should be back just as slowly. It should do three sets of eight - ten repetitions.


Exercises for the lower press

To lower press particularly effective exercises based on the rise of legs - straight or bent at the knees. For example, a "reverse curl". Starting position - lying on his back, arms along the body (you can put his hands under the buttocks), legs bent at the knees. On the exhale should slowly raise the legs bent up, straining the abdominal muscles. Taz thus should get up as high as possible, but remains lower back pressed to the floor. It is also necessary to slowly return to its original position. Exercise should be repeated at twelve - fifteen repetitions in three approaches.

Another popular exercise for the lower press Exercises for the lower press - that's where the need patience and hard work!  Exercises for the lower press - that's where the need patience and hard work!
   - The rise of direct legs. Starting position - lying on his back on the floor, legs straight, arms lie along the body. It is also necessary to raise the straightened legs, so that they, together with the body form a right angle. First exercise is carried out ten times for the right leg, then - ten times to the left, then five times should be to raise both legs together. Taz at the exercise a little bit lifted, but the loin should be pressed to the floor.


Exercises for the obliques

Obliques form a thin and flexible waist. Very effective for them to use a gymnastic hoop workout, which is also called a "hula-hoop". To work primarily abdominal muscles rather than the hips, you must try to exert primarily abdominal muscles, rather than trying to keep the hula hoop, transferring weight from one foot to the other. Hands desirable to raise as high as possible. However, even if the twist hula-hoop wrong, your abs will still be strong, just not as fast.

From exercises for obliques very efficiently "diagonal curl." Starting position - a puddle on his back on a hard surface, legs bent at the knees, feet on the floor, elbows out to the sides, his hands behind his head. Now you need to perform "twisting" of the body, touching the right elbow of the left knee and vice versa - the left elbow right knee. Repeat the exercise for thirty times in three sets.

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