Water aerobics classes - a medicine and a source of pleasure

November 30th, 2012

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 water aerobics classes
 "Who is the last to jump in the pool, the ..." You were shouting something like that, when we went to the pool the whole class? Today, adults realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle, this playful phrase can acquire new meaning. Do not be the last person who will discover the benefits of training in the water - for the cardiovascular system to the muscle strength, flexibility, relaxation, as well as to set the mood, and better control over stress How to beat stress? Create an oasis  How to beat stress? Create an oasis

Stereotype that water aerobics is only suitable for older people and those who suffer from severe obesity, is gradually destroyed. It attracts more and more young people; there are new areas, special programs for athletes water aerobics classes.

If the last time you went to water aerobics for more than ten years ago, came to the gym today, you will see that a lot has changed. Previously, these sessions focused on proper breathing, people learned to float and most of the exercises are performed in a horizontal position. Today, this is also taught, but also focuses on stretching and various exercises, under which a person is in an upright position.

In addition, water aerobics classes today use a variety of equipment: floating belts, boards for swimming, weights, armlets, akvaperchatki, and so on. If a few years ago, equipment for aqua aerobics are usually available in one size and style, but today you can find tools, tailored to individual needs and tastes.


This is useful aqua aerobics

As physicians and aqua aerobics instructors Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure  Water aerobics: Lose Weight with pleasure
   They believe that it will benefit almost everyone. In some countries, water aerobics (intensive course) is used in the framework of physical training of firefighters and police officers. It is also used to recover from sports injuries and for mixed training. Elderly water aerobics is recommended as a safe and easy way to keep fit, despite age-related changes. Finally, water aerobics is very useful for arthritis sufferers Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications  Arthritis - a variety of forms and complications
   and some other diseases, because of which they can not fully train on the ground. Activities in the water to help these patients to increase range of motion in joints, relieve pain and reduce joint stiffness.

Age and physical fitness do not matter much for those who want to engage in water aerobics - the water is friendly to all. Kids like to just play in the water and they do not even think that it is for them not only a source of pleasure, but also health benefits. Elderly people, even those who move with the stick or wheelchair in the water, too, experience the joy of what can stand up without support - or rather, with the support of water. Pregnant women are also very useful for water aerobics - in the pool at the time they cease to feel the weight of his belly.

The ability to swim is also irrelevant. Most of the exercises in the water aerobics classes is performed at shallow depths, and the people at the same time there are feet on the bottom of the pool (what hair remains dry - another advantage, which is especially appreciated by women with long hair).

Water makes training safer for patients with brittle bone joints and so the pressure on them becomes weaker, the deeper a person is immersed in water. Moreover, since a depth (even relatively low) water pressure greater than just below the surface, the blood quickly and easily raised from the extremities to the heart, and this is useful even for perfectly healthy people.


Helpful hints

However, despite the relative safety of the water aerobics, running and jumping in the shallow water on the joints of the leg still is significant pressure. For this reason, training is required to buy special shoes that can be worn in the pool - it will soften the blow. For starters, almost any suitable shoes for the pool. Someone even wears a simple water aerobics shoes (of course, they have to be clean, you can not go into the water at the same sneakers, in which you went down the street). If you understand that I want to constantly water aerobics, can buy more expensive shoes specifically for water aerobics.

However, the shoes, as well as various equipment is a secondary factor for successful employment. The presence of an instructor, it is desirable, but not necessarily the same. It is important that the water has your movements resistance at least 12 times greater than the air resistance, so that each movement in the water is a significant burden on the muscles. So you can feel the beneficial effects of water aerobics, you do not need any expensive equipment or Olympic-size pool. What you really need - it's your body, willpower (which bring himself to come to the pool), and the pool itself, however small.

Water aerobics will help those who are very shy about their bodies. In fact, it is difficult for many people to deal with any kind of sport, and the appearance in a swimsuit in front of strangers except that dream into a nightmare. However, it can and must be overcome, because as soon as you enter the water, all your shortcomings become imperceptible. In the water are all equal - every body is distorted, it looks vague and broad. Doing aerobics studio, surrounded by mirrored walls, psychologically much more difficult. The water is very democratic. However, if you are not comforting, can wear a bathing suit instead of the usual water aerobics classes on the blinders and jersey lycra - employee pool just will not object.


Will water aerobics lose weight

For quite a long debate about how effective exercise in water burn calories. According to some reports, the water aerobics classes subcutaneous fat is consumed more slowly than usual "ground" training. One reason for this is considered that the large muscles of the legs and buttocks in the water does not have to work as actively as in the earth.

Nevertheless, water aerobics helps reduce weight. Stay in the water helps to relax Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic!  Relaxation and stress - calm, not panic!
 , Relieves stress, thereby reducing appetite. Some experts even believe that exercise in water can to some degree help with compulsive overeating.

In addition, studies show that the number of calories expended increases with increasing depth at which trains people. For half an hour water aerobics classes at great depth (depth of the water up to his neck), burned an average of 300 kcal. During a half-hour jog on the ground, you can burn 200-250 calories in half an hour of playing tennis - 150 calories (this figure for the fans, not the professionals). 30 minutes of aerobic training usual "cost" the body of 150-200 kcal.

How to remove fat from the abdomen: exercise to slim waist

July 17, 2012

 How to remove fat from the abdomen Exercises
 It is difficult to overestimate the importance of sport in the difficult task of losing weight in the stomach area. If diet and various dietary restrictions only help get rid of excess fat, the sport exercises make muscles toned, model figure, giving the belly attractive shape. Therefore, the issue of concern to many, how to remove fat from the abdomen How to remove fat from the abdomen - train the body to respond correctly  How to remove fat from the abdomen - train the body to respond correctly

 How to remove fat from the abdomen: exercise to slim waist

Why is sport so important?

Physical inactivity - trouble modern man. Now fewer people working physically: human labor increasingly operate various machines. In everyday life, too, do not have to move: to and from work, people go on a personal or public transport, in their homes, as a rule, have elevators, and is the most popular passive recreation - on the couch watching TV or in a movie theater with a bucket of popcorn. Not surprisingly, the abdominal muscles at this life remain out of work: they become flabby and weak. The only thing that can help your muscles - it is a sport.

What kind of sport is especially useful for the stomach? The choice is wide enough. Tighten your abdominal muscles while swimming, playing tennis, gymnastics. Extremely useful for a variety of stomach dancing, especially the Arab and Latin American. But the best help strengthen the abdominal muscles are special exercises and twisting the hoop. Hula hoop is desirable to choose a massage, with a slight worsening: it is well warms up the muscles. Classes with a hula-hoop for half an hour a day for a month to help reduce waist by several centimeters. A nice bonus is also strengthening the muscles of the back - with the help of many people manage to get rid of the hoop back pain Low back pain: the spine signals  Low back pain: the spine signals

 How to remove fat from the abdomen: exercise to slim waist

The muscles of the upper press

Exercises for the upper abdomen are quite simple and effective. These exercises are performed on special low bench or lying on the floor. On the floor you need to lie down on his back, bending your knees so that your heels almost touching the buttocks. Hands engage "the castle" for his head, elbows "look" in hand. Pressing the lower back to the floor, you should raise the upper torso, as if trying to reach the chin to the knees.

In this exercise, there are many modification: changing the position of the feet and elbows can increase and decrease the burden of certain muscles. Trying to reach the right elbow to the left knee and left, respectively, to the right, you can train and obliques.

 How to remove fat from the abdomen: exercise to slim waist


For thin flexible waist responsible obliques. There are many exercises to train these muscles. All of them are quite similar and based on that, to pull the left elbow hands folded behind his head to the right knee and vice versa, right elbow - the left knee. These exercises can be performed in different positions.

Good for obliques and twisting the hoop at the waist. In addition, there are many inexpensive and compact home treadmills Home Gyms: a day without sports!  Home Gyms: a day without sports!
 Acting on these muscles. Finally, to improve the flexibility of the waist and make it more subtle reversals simple trunk and tilt housing.

 How to remove fat from the abdomen: exercise to slim waist

The muscles of the lower press

Most often it is necessary to lose weight in the lower abdomen. These muscles are rarely tense, so quickly lose their shape. For them, this exercise is well suited.

Starting position - lying on his back on the floor. Hands placed under the buttocks. Crossed straight leg rise up to forty-five degrees, linger in that position for a few seconds, then lowered down and retained at a distance of five to ten centimeters of the floor, this exercise should not bend at the waist to reduce the load on the spine.

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