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October 29, 2011

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Many people have heard the expression diffuse changes in the structure of the liver begin to worry and worry, which in no case can not be done. Our head of this happened because of alcohol abuse. It is time to understand that soon lose their jobs and will remain till the end of life to sit at home began to carry out all the instructions of doctors, so still and running without any problems.
I'm sick of the gall bladder, and he is closely associated with the liver. As a result, diffusely increased echogenicity of the liver. So I'm on a strict diet, often go to the survey. I made every effort to protect the liver. I do not agree with the maxim that everything should let things slide. As far as I know, a healthy portion of the liver is restored after cutting the patient area. No need to bring to this state of his health.
Unfortunately increase and diffuse changes in the liver starts to occur more often affects the environment, and in particular change the food, if earlier we ate only natural, but now hammering your body additives and preservatives. The main blow comes on the liver, say for myself that I do not drink and do not smoke, but occasionally feel pain in the liver. I suppose that is because of the products in our time is not enough not to drink or smoke, one also has to have a garden that is not really in my case.
Milena, the symptoms of diffuse changes in the liver can not occur unnoticed unless the child hepatitis, as the child will be seen that he was ill. For hepatitis B no age preference, it affects everybody and just did the weak link are children. Deterioration of the liver can cause strong medicines that can even provoke hepatitis, a side effect of some medicines is listed as it is not strange hepatitis.
When such a diagnosis is found in adults, the reasons are more or less clear, but if there is a change of diffuse liver in a child, it is an occasion parents think! Maybe the kid is sick with hepatitis? Be sure to have to donate blood and eliminate the possibility of this disease. Unfortunately, it often takes place unnoticed and symptoms such as a little "yellowed" whites of the eyes can parents simply do not notice.
Milena, you're right. Hepatitis trifled with. Even if the ultrasound showed mild diffuse changes in the liver and the doctor said everything is normal. Run from this doctor. Be sure to take a blood test on biochemistry. After all, everything can be much more complicated than people think. After all, one ultrasound is not possible to put a terrible diagnosis. Yes, and the liver can be increased quite a bit, but what is behind it ...
Increasingly began to meet diffusely focal liver changes, if earlier it was a rare disease, but now because of the deterioration of the environment and the quality of food is more common. If you are not already taken measures to reduce harmful substances in food, the situation will get worse with a large increase of the time.
Over time, diffuse enlargement of the liver will be more frequent to blame the people themselves. Which is why the accused manufacturers of products that add the chemicals in products that are allowed. But are blind guilt when whipped low-quality alcohol in large quantities.
Even an increase in liver and diffuse changes can not force people to give up not conscious of what a devastating effect on their bodies. Now, many health problems are found in much younger age than they should be. This suggests that many already exposed to bad habits from an early age.
Digestive disorders and pain in the right upper quadrant - signals that it is time to see a doctor. Liver ultrasound - a very important diagnostic event, which is the first step to determine the most appropriate treatment. And if the ultrasound showed slight diffuse changes in the liver, it is an occasion to radically revise its food!
Even moderately expressed diffuse liver changes should cause concern for the normal person. This occurs not only in the contingent, abusing alcohol, but also those who may not drink alcohol. While this body has the properties to recover and still not worth it to overload.
In identifying the sonographic signs of diffuse liver changes is read a little about it, to have a rough idea. It is necessary to understand whether the correct treatment prescribed by a doctor. Because 100 percent trust them not. They are not the ones that were before during the Soviet Union.
After I passed a blood test, I was diagnosed with elevated levels of ACAT 57. The ultrasound showed signs of diffuse changes in the liver that does not rule out chronic pancreatitis. The doctor has appointed me to diet №5 by Pevzner, however, advised to forget about alcohol, fatty and fried foods. Also I have been many drugs are contraindicated, as it may lead to cirrhosis and as a result fatal. The next examination was scheduled a year.
I discovered on ultrasound diffuse structural changes in the liver. But the diagnosis is not the result of research. This is a serious signal for more accurate research to find the right treatment regimen. Then the doctor suggested to biopsy sampling (poke a needle into the liver!) Or Fibroscan (not cheap procedure, but without the intervention).
The liver - it's a real hard worker in our body, all doctors are of the opinion that it has a lot of resources, and to ditch it still must try. Therefore, it is not clear to me why occurring diffuse changes in the liver of the child, it is hereditary reasons, any infection or a consequence of a wrong way of life from birth?
If signs of diffuse liver parenchymal changes suddenly appear, it is necessary to address immediately to the local doctor to diagnose quickly conducted and identified problem. The body though has the property of self-healing, still in need of care if something is suddenly the place to be.
Lera so on US and guides are usually local therapist. A doctor who makes ultrasound result and always says what it might mean. But in any case, if there is a change in the diffuse hepatic parenchyma, the conclusions of the treating physician should do. And not the patient. Additional studies may be appointed, and can say, go enjoy yourself everything is fine.
Of course, if the liver is beginning to bother, you should immediately carry out the necessary examinations. For diffuse liver disease - it is very dangerous. If abnormal liver function gets off the whole rhythm of the body, and does not restore later. Better yet, periodically check the liver, without waiting for the ache and begins to bother!
Unfortunately, in recent years, diffuse liver disease has not so rare. Everything goes to the fact that soon there will be people who have completely missed liver problems. The main reason is the diet, if earlier people ate healthier food, it is now full of chemical additives, which have a negative impact on our body.
Gabriel, God forbid, that you never heard about such a disease in the future! And why are you so confident thinking that this fictional disease? You are a doctor? If not, then do not say that the diffuse changes in the liver tissue - is not serious. Here are the other well-read you, and myself, too, so the findings sdelayut.A health - it is one of a lifetime for him to watch out.
If the doctor has a method of treatment of diffuse changes in the liver parenchyma, we must use it and not deal with this problem to the healers and folk healers. That without proper equipment and knowledge will not be able to diagnose and treat the patient. Now a lot of charlatans who for money will be cured of anything.
If the doctor found diffusely heterogeneous changes in the structure of the liver, it is clearly necessary to give up alcohol, which has a devastating effect on the liver. For some reason it seems that most of the problems with the liver due to alcohol, some ladies drink it on a par with men, if not more.
If a person is found moderate diffuse changes in the liver, it is not worth much panic. You just need to radically change the style of diet and lifestyle, eliminate alcohol and nicotine. And also it is important to periodically undergo ultrasound control in time to discover the aggravation or resolution process.
One thing is clear. Not set - diffusion of the liver. The most important thing to understand why it happened. A reason could be set. And even the worst predictions still leaves hope for healing. However, the total mass of all boils down to one thing - you need to look after their health and do not abuse alcohol.
My friend in a private clinic found signs of hepatomegaly diffuse changes in the liver, but when she went to a regular clinic at his residence revealed that nothing like it does not have. Later in the clinic began to abandon their same diagnosis, saying that it they only assumed, but not claimed and were going to find out exactly after the diagnosis.
Olga 53, your friend was lucky that she only found signs of hepatomegaly and diffuse changes in the liver and could find something like appendicitis heel or something like that. Because of her just wanted to extort money for treatment and diagnosis of diseases of the imaginary, by the way, which could lead easily and have real liver damage and more.
We must have a good understanding of what is diffuse liver disease. Otherwise, doctors at a private clinic can diagnose it, seeing that the patient does not understand anything in this area. They do so in order to heal from what a person does not get sick from it and get paid for it. It's so convenient to treat what is not, success is always guaranteed.
You're right, there is a very poorly surveyed, and, for the money. I was about 10 years ago in private clinics diagnosed with cirrhosis. I even kept this scribble a sentence. I thought everything. But with cirrhosis more than 5 years do not live, and that one of semolina gruel. Frustrated, I went to a free clinic. Looking at me, the doctor laughed and said that the sight of me, "the young woman blossoming," and do not look like tsirrozniki. So much for paid medicine! A diffuse changes in the liver is still there.
Tatiana, what a nightmare! I would have died on the spot, if I said so. And where they looked when put a terrible diagnosis. Hands to pootbivala such doctors and deprived of their license. And why only such ailments as diffuse liver come from? One conclusion, you need to look good doctors to establish the correct diagnosis and the time to begin treatment.
Generally the liver - a real "Mother Teresa" of our body on a daily basis and makes the feat to clean us from toxins. But if the person does not protect the liver, then sooner or later diagnosed with diffuse liver changes, indicating that the liver can not cope with their functions
They wrote to me too, as a result of ultrasound "diffuse changes in the liver." But I was sick geppatitom, so expect another was stupid. Generally, the liver will need to follow to carry out cleaning. There are many ways. Stove in general, an interesting organ. If you lead a healthy lifestyle, its function restored. Even I heard, that it is capable of regenerating, i.e., removing part of the liver, it can grow.
What is interesting to express the symptoms of diffuse changes in the liver? Sometimes people are very careless about their health and get to the doctors already in serious condition. I myself no exception. I go to the hospital when absolutely pripret, which is very bad in itself. Prevention of diseases related to liver disease, I think simple. Move more, eat less high-calorie foods and do not abuse alcohol. I saw people die with a diseased liver, and the reason is always However Alcohol!
In its course, I also would not let such a state. That's just why it is called diffuse changes? As far as I remember more of the lessons of physics that diffusion - is the interpenetration of the particles. This process is similar to what occurs in the liver, or is it completely different? Hepatic collection is necessary for the prevention of drink.
That is, if I suddenly say that I diffuse changes in the liver, then do not worry? This state has a chronic nature, or beyond repair? Still, I would like to be completely healthy, because with age even small sores greatly exacerbated and could begin complications.
Diffuse changes in the liver of a lot of people give reason to think about the correctness of their way of life. Of course, I realize that this does not apply to recover from gastritis or suffering from diabetes, but most people are to blame for the fact that their liver begins to transform. Lovers of fast food and alcohol is thus obtained from the liver of his last warning.
Changes in the biochemical analysis of blood is not always evidence of any organic changes in the internal organs, and vice versa. As a rule, the initial stages of liver disease markers first to give a signal about the problems, and only then react to the tissue. A "diffuse changes" is the same diagnosis as "chronic gastritis" from endoscopists. Just because there is healthy and there are poorly sampled.
And I was sent to do ultrasound of the liver after the found deviation in terms of hepatic blood sample, but an ultrasound examination everything is fine, no deviations from the norm. And how can bilirubin, AST, ALT, exceeds the norm several times without effect on the ultrasound?
What did not come up with some physicians, that you people actually believes that this disease can be? Personally, I have serious doubts that this disease is taking place in nature. What it came up with the dreamer, and then spread this fantasy, I'm often visit the hospital, but have never heard of diffuse liver changes. And even if such deviation is, probably not more serious than usual gastritis, which suffers most people even knowing about it.
And I was sent to do ultrasound of the liver after the found deviation in terms of hepatic blood sample, but an ultrasound examination everything is fine, no deviations from the norm. And how can bilirubin, AST, ALT, exceeds the norm several times without effect on the ultrasound?
As a child I had hepatitis A after no complications ensued. I feel good, the liver is normal, no complaints, and the doctors have never said that I do something wrong. But now I'm interested in - if I have a predisposition to me to have proizoshlidiffuznye changes in the liver? Something I'm afraid.
And rightly delaete.Vasha the liver should always be under scrutiny, you do not want a sad outcome.
Liver - a very important organ, our main filter in the body. Oddly enough, that the liver was healthy, we just need to conduct a correct way of life. About hepatitis, I will not speak, is not always the person responsible for the fact that he had hepatitis, particularly when A. went for an ultrasound, the doctor told me that my liver is almost all right, but as an option to soothe said once a year can be cleaned with special herbs liver - liver collection, it will reduce the risk of diffuse liver changes.
I also saw on the ultrasound diffuse changes in the liver, but the doctor said to me that the most likely consequence of this treatment, I had to take it to a fairly strong medication. Additional methods of examination of the liver did not appoint me. Just checked the blood indicators of ALT, AST were normal. After half a year again repeated the US, everything was normal. So do not be afraid when you are in custody after the US write "diffuse changes in the liver"
Hopefully, these changes in the liver I have, even though a child had been ill with hepatitis A. I am now wondering, I heard somewhere that, say, the liver of people who recover from the disease Botkin, will never be completely healthy. So, I want to ask whether this is true statement or not? I'll wait for the answer
Also suffered geppatit B. periodically visit an infectious disease, to monitor the status. They write that there are diffuse changes. Generally, liver, an amazing organ. Probably the only body that has the ability to regenerate, that is, even if we remove Chakste body, it can grow. Well, with a healthy lifestyle, the liver may recover. This fact I like that comforting.
I think that before doing liver ultrasound, you must first do other tests. If they indicate any liver disease, then we have to do ultrasound diagnostics. Because the practice of life shows that diffuse changes in the liver has many, but this is not always critical.
After suffering a childhood hepatitis B have to constantly be aware of the health of your liver. Ultrasound showed diffuse changes in the body, the doctor explained that it is not deadly, so you have to watch your diet and lifestyle. It helps reception of mineral water. Now in stores appeared Borjomi.
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