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March 17, 2014

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 than treat hepatitis C

The treat hepatitis C

Currently, the treatment of hepatitis C. Treatment of hepatitis C - not an easy task  Treatment of hepatitis C - not an easy task
   you can achieve a result that is officially called an undetectable viral load after the course of therapy - that is, the state in which the analysis does not identify the virus after six months or more after the end of treatment (this condition is also called a sustained virologic response). Patients in the treatment which it was possible to achieve this result, called cured, but can not say that hepatitis C can be cured completely. Even in patients with sustained virologic response (SVR) is a high risk of developing liver cancer, especially if the course was started only after the appearance of symptoms of cirrhosis.

By itself, the treatment of hepatitis C is complicated, but decide when to start therapy and whether it is worth his place, too, is difficult. Since treatment can cause many side effects, and to ensure the success of the treatment is not possible, before making a decision about whether or not to start treatment, patients must weigh many arguments "for" and "against." As a rule, it is recommended to begin therapy until signs of cirrhosis of the liver (which can be determined by biopsy), but only to people who are at increased risk of developing cirrhosis in the future. The course of treatment for hepatitis C is not recommended to take patients with clinical depression (patient did not take place until the treatment), those who have suffered organ transplants, who has thyroid disease Thyroid disease - women at risk  Thyroid disease - women at risk
 , Pregnant women and parents of children under the age of two years.

If hepatitis Hepatitis - the scourge of our time  Hepatitis - the scourge of our time
   With a virus called genotype 1, used for the treatment of such drugs for hepatitis C is pegylated interferon, ribavirin, and protease inhibitors. The treatment lasts up to 48 weeks, and 70% of its result becomes the SVR. At 2 and 3 genotypes using pegylated interferon and protease inhibitors. Treatment results in an SVR in 90% of patients with genotype 2 virus, and in 65% of patients with genotype 3 virus. Depending on the viral load, the treatment can last from three to twelve months.

If antiviral therapy is effective for hepatitis C viral load becomes undetectable in 4-12 weeks after initiation of therapy; this result is maintained throughout the course of treatment and for at least six months after its completion.


How dangerous hepatitis C

People can live for many years with hepatitis C without knowing that they are infected and are not experiencing any health problems.

But sooner or later the symptoms of hepatitis Symptoms of hepatitis - are not always clear  Symptoms of hepatitis - are not always clear
   and will, as a rule, it takes place only when the patient is already beginning to develop cirrhosis.

Just how dangerous hepatitis C, can be judged by the following data. Cirrhosis affects approximately 20-30% of those infected with hepatitis C. Approximately 4% of those who became ill with cirrhosis later develop liver cancer. This type of cancer is rare in people who have not previously been identified cirrhosis. Liver cancer mortality ranked third after lung and stomach cancer.


Hepatitis C and HIV

Many data suggest that hepatitis C in HIV-infected patients leads to more serious consequences, in particular, a more rapid and significant damage to the liver tissue than in all other. The reasons for this are unclear. It is known that a small number of people with hepatitis C and HIV, which are starting to take antiretroviral treatment exacerbations of hepatitis C. This may be a sign of changes that occur with the immune system. Typically, such an exacerbation of short duration and are held shortly after therapy starts and the immune system is stabilized.

Some experts have suggested that HIV affects not only hepatitis C, and hepatitis C provoke a more rapid progression of HIV infection. More research is needed to determine how to influence each other's HIV and hepatitis C, and to identify the most effective strategies for the treatment of patients who are infected with both these two viruses.

Hepatitis C - "the tender murderer" - Forum

March 17, 2014

  • Hepatitis C - "the tender murderer"
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Here I read and find myself thinking that this virus is almost similar to AIDS - is insidious and invisible to a certain point. And what is most concerned with - is the lack of confidence that you will not get infected, even if kontaktiruesh with the patient, in fact there is no guarantee that the virus is not ENTERED, hospital, beauty salon. My friend showed slight positive hepatitis C, he still does not understand is dangerous or not.
Angelina if and to make comparisons, it is best to let us compare hepatitis C and diabetes, I have a lot of similarities in them. Both diseases are unpleasant and they are not so easy to get rid of. Ill have to radically change their lifestyle, they simply do not have other options, because it affects the length and quality of life. As you can see, I unlike you concrete examples of analogies.
Alain, this terrible disease can be compared and AIDS, and diabetes, and a bunch of terrible illnesses. In principle, all diseases are bad, require adjustments in your life. I, for example, bile stasis. I have to follow a strict diet, even less nervous that the disease has not worsened and not spill the bile, then it exactly goes into jaundice.
Brrrrr horror. Here are all read a lot of nightmares here, then even afraid to go to doctors, suddenly something will infect similar. In general, I am afraid of medical instruments: syringes, needles, drills. So you go to the hospital to treat teeth, and then do not know why you die. It's so insidious sore that all organs can fail to withdraw. And interestingly, disability hepatitis C give?
Yurets, your fears are well justified, even in the hospital, there is a risk of catching this infection is usually worried about itching for hepatitis C, so if you have something begins to itch, you should immediately consult a doctor. But first check this place themselves, and then suddenly it is because of mosquito bites or may not be washed for a long time and there is infested fungi or hives.
There is a strong possibility that Hepatitis C and smoking related. There are people who love to shoot a cigarette, in the sense of them and beg them if no one gives, then they can pick up from the floor, half-smoked cigarette butts for others. If the bull threw a sick person, the person who will pick up and shove it in your mouth picked up the infection. I'm not saying that everything is so sick, but this way you can pick up this stuff.
Alena, well, that you're really bent. Nobody knows exactly how many lives the hepatitis C virus is the human body, but everyone knows that the route of transmission - blood-borne. Accordingly, the cigarette butts to be almost blood clots and the one who picked up a cigarette butt, a large wound on his lip. Poor I imagine that even antisocial personality will smoke a bloody stub!
Vasilisa, where such confidence that no one will pick up the bloody cigarette butts, do not care about all the consequences of hepatitis C, which is just awful. We have a neighbor, an alcoholic who does not work anywhere, he only smokes cigarette butts, collecting them in the yards of homes. I do not think that in this case a drunken man worried about being healthy if there were those who smoked these cigarettes.
The disease is not a disease could have come from the gallbladder, it is infectious, and therefore the source of infection has been. As is known, ALT in hepatitis C increases are not due to violations of the outflow of bile from the biliary tract, and because of the destruction of liver cells as a result of severe inflammatory reaction that causes the virus in the tissue of the body.
It is not sad, but the prognosis of hepatitis C is very disappointing, but the treatment is very expensive. At the girlfriend is sick husband for about 10 years, is feeling well, they have a complete family, a healthy child. Now therebetween *** *** it happens only e, and otherwise no constraints. They really believe that soon invent drugs that can kill 100 percent of the virus.
Valentine, unfortunately I can not share your optimism, instead of getting a new antibody to hepatitis C virus, which would help to better fight the virus mankind spends huge amounts of money for the development and production of weapons, including biological. That is, creating new viruses specifically to kill people, that's such a harsh reality.
Recently, I am watching the news. In the United States we found a cure for this disease. They argue that hepatitis C can be cured completely. Heal manages 90% of patients, even in the severe stage. Contracts of the United States at the time of conclusion with some European countries, Russia is selling this medicine does not plan to, manufacturing secrets are not disclosed. Let us hope that we will be it.
How to get rid of hepatitis C, can anyone know? I brought her a blood transfusion. A I learned this recently when tests. Immediate treatment, the doctor advises not to worry, to be treated with patience. The disease has only just begun, you can get rid of it without consequences. But I'm still worried, would like to hear those killed by the disease.
Hepatitis C can be cured if completely? Over time, I think so. Just recently I read the good news that the drug still was invented in the United States and a group of subjects healed by 97%. If this is true, then eventually it will win mankind. However, the forecast for the moment disappointing. If the medicine is invented, then it will be available only to the wealthy, and the public will be very long. By the time a bunch of new viruses appear, from which also need to come up with treatment.
Larissa, had not heard of such news, but this is good progress. And at present it is necessary to observe die from hepatitis to people because of lack of money for a good prevention and timely treatment aimed at inhibiting the development of the virus. Because we all know that death comes not from the disease itself, but from complications such as cirrhosis, which can be completely avoided, so that the most offensive.
My husband recently had antibodies to hepatitis C. Now we suffer from them to appear and whether the analysis of false? As far as possible that the disease is actually not, and tests show a positive result? And could cause contamination at work, because it has one of the employees is a carrier of the sores.
Galina, I handed over to the clinic tests it zabolevanie- the result was positive. Extremely upset, it can be said to hysteria, because never in contact with the patients, lead a healthy lifestyle, and now this. The doctor said that a false positive result for hepatitis C is also available and offered to get tested again. Thank God, all oboshlos- negative. So, do not just fall into despair, try to repeat the study.
Galina, to have no doubt about the false positive result, hand over the analysis of PCR for hepatitis C. I heard that the reliability of this method of diagnosis is 99, 9 percent, the inventor of this method even received the Nobel Prize. Now, many diseases, especially *** infection detected in this manner. But opredeli source of infection is very difficult, you can catch the virus even when visiting stamotologa.
I read that even Angelina Jolie is sick with hepatitis C. It is a terrible disease. Infection with this disease is increasing. We must be very careful to avoid it. In the salon you can not walk. And what if the disease? My neighbor, for example, infected blood transfusion. But doctors reassured her that the liver is slightly contaminated, can be cured.
There is a misconception that hepatitis C is transmitted through saliva. They can get sick just in case you got the blood to the patient. This knowledge I had, after a friend picked this unfortunate disease. Like many women of her "reward" those in the beauty salon. There are prettier there, and eventually get permanent illness.
More recently stopped attending manicure in the salon, when a friend told the doctor how many cases of infection is now just after manicures - *** Yurov. And then problems begin hepatitis C and work in our country is not very compatible concepts, still someone knows and will spread, and for effective treatment will have to work and not a little. So it is better to take a nail file and a series tidy nails than to lie in hospitals
Alucha, ways of infection with hepatitis C are diverse and in the beauty salon, though the likelihood is small, but theoretically present. However, your fears were groundless, it is unlikely you will be able to catch it, but the decision on their own at home to tidy their appearance, I welcome. Because a bunch of other infections it is possible to pick up, especially during epidemics of influenza.
Julia, I was interested in a friend's infectious diseases doctor about whether hepatitis C is transmitted through the instruments used in manicures. And he did not rule out such a possibility, and then you say the likelihood of such an event is low, but I'm sorry, but you have statistics and how someone was infected? How do we know that no one here is not so sick? My decision was made not just by a *** a, quite consciously.
What hepatoprotectors hepatitis C is best taken? The doctor assigns Essentiale forte. But it is too expensive. Take you often, and I was down to buy it. Something can be replaced or is it the best way. Recently often seen advertising and I think that physicians have a percentage of sales, that is prescribed to all patients in a row. Is it good for?
Olya, you need to ask about these things on the forum patients with hepatitis C, there are people who have experienced this disease can give examples of its Microcontroller bases DC even there you can not believe everything 100%, however, learn something useful can be. Doctors are now often specifically prescribe expensive imported drugs, although there are domestic counterparts at an affordable price. Probably have a vested interest in this.
For those who think that hepatitis C is infectious, I can say with confidence - if not in contact with the blood of a sick person, you will be healthy. My mother received a blood transfusion as soon as I was born and infected by the disease. And so we live for 20 years - we have a healthy dad and mom - with chronic hepatitis. By the way, she feels under constant maintenance treatment is quite normal.
Sofia, the diagnosis of hepatitis C is similar to the verdict read your comment tested with ***, is it normal for a person as a child in the hospital infect so scary after all zabolevaniem.I likely culprits in this have not suffered any responsibility, and your mother They spoiled all my life, and those who have made a mistake surely working in the same field.
But I'm very worried when I hear stories about children who have received this terrible disease is the fault of the medical staff and disorder! After all, how hepatitis C are different, and are often found in the blood transfusion. I believe that it is necessary to introduce strict punishment in such health workers up to the ban on the employment of medical activities and lifelong benefit of human infection!
That's right, Lily! And I am still interested in such nuances are compatible with the concept of hepatitis and the army? Really sick children will be sent to the office, where they are located side by side with the healthy guys and can infect their household by. Or is it with this diagnosis does not take the service? Especially if the child was a child inadvertently infected nurses, for example, in blood transfusions.
What if there is suspicion of hepatitis C? To what doctor to go and what tests you need to take? Maybe better to donate blood in advance to have ready to go with the results of the reception. And that is all you will wait to see a doctor, then wait for the test results, and again all. I'm plagued by all. Too impressionable at all, much less with the sore. I think that every day counts.
But who am I really explain whether hepatitis C can be cured or remains in the body for life? Just one friend was such a diagnosis but he claims that a fully cured. And I do not believe, and I am afraid to be with him in the same company and all kinds of contact. It is possible to catch and by household or am I wrong? I would like to hear the opinion of a knowledgeable person, a better doctor!
Recently I read an interview with Professor Isakov, because he says that the disease Hepatitis C - is not a sentence. It so happens that the antibodies produced in the blood, ie, the body itself can overcome this disease. And, according to the doctor, it is not so rare - one out of three patients around. Maybe that's what happened with your friends. Perhaps he helped drug. It's real.
I understand you can normally exist side by side with the sick person if you follow the basic rules of hygiene and know how hepatitis C is transmitted through. I calmly refer to all sorts of diseases, but knowing the way of their transfer to avoid visiting beauty salons, because they are afraid that it is not in good faith process tool and pick up some muck like that is not desirable.
Something I'm very confused, out hepatitis C and HIV infection are often drug addicts at the same time? And what of the disease occurs when ordinary people are likely other species, which is popularly called "jaundice"? Just have a nephew suffered some hepatitis, and he's still a child goes to kindergarten, and can not be antisocial personality!
Often, this kind of infection is found in drug addicts using the introduction of a single dose syringe for the whole company. In this case, the disease is a kind of co-morbidity in detecting HIV infection. Sometimes a person becomes ill through the fault of doctors, with poor sanitation in the treatment room for a blood transfusion. So the modes of transmission of hepatitis C are different.
I am very interested, and hepatitis with inherited? Just when he served in the army brought the plague to the field hospital, and then was long treated. Now married and to have children, need to know, it is not dangerous if my disease is my child, and it would be good to know in advance. It seems to me to cure a long time has been registered, a special diet are followed, test results are good, the register was removed, but the question is ...
To quote Natalya:
I'm on the verge of suicide on the other can neither how to express their condition. In one day, I became a very unhappy woman. The Mo in the LCD mezhduprochim doctor said that I have a positive hepatitis C, I retake in invitro 2 analysis and they confirmed that it is so. I walk around the apartment like a nailed do not know where to put myself. Suddenly, like a black and white movie. From a healthy happy woman expecting a second daughter, I one day become a sick, contagious mummy. The hall is wheelchair with little things like that perestirat this week can not live without hysteria look at it
  I also learned in the LCD, I had hepatitis C when registration would get up, I'm not drunk, not a drug addict, too, everything swam before his eyes, came home, roared, then all read about this sore and calmed down, gave birth to in a normal hospital in abservatsii, attitude towards me was excellent, not a word of humiliation, and the midwife then to extract walked up to me and gave advice (really cool aunt) in children's outpatient clinics, too t t t no persecution, they also see me, I'm an adequate mother until tests child antibody did not give up - too early to hope that the child will not find anything, and I'm watching the same time, so my blood will not hit immediately patch glue, so it's not the end of the world, everything will be fine
Good evening! 10 years ago I have found hepatitis C, it was difficult to reconcile .  I want to tell you, do not despair, fall into a panic, and live in constant depression, it only aggravates the condition and harms our health, because it can not change anything .  It is necessary to rely only on the Lord God, thank passing day, to appreciate what we have and believe in all the best to eat, and most importantly, love yourself .  After all, how much evidence that people with the power of words were healed .  On account of the fact that hepatitis C patients are afraid to tell their loved ones that they will throw, do not fear, not without reason it is said that we are afraid, even upon us, if a man gave up because it is a selfish person, and yet no one knows how life will turn, the who is ill, can live to a ripe old age, and those who die healthy Accident .  Dear loved ones if you suffer from hepatitis, support them love, because in our place could be any healthy person, because in this life we ​​do not why not SAG *** ovany and turn away, it's the easiest way, it is only underwear so do and after this action as soon as possible to go on living, because conscience will remind about it . 
I live half a year with this thought, confused because in the clinic analysis shows HCV and other imunnologicheskie lab do not show me anything, and the baby gave birth to 2 9 months ago, at the antenatal clinic also handed over analyzes nothing! And I come to the clinic are rent again!
Hello. Thank you.
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