Vermoxum - anthelmintic drug is a broad-spectrum

November 1, 2009

  • Vermoxum - anthelmintic drug is a broad-spectrum
  • Mechanism of action

   Mebendazole, the active ingredient of the drug Vermoxum relates to anthelmintic. Vermoxum used to treat certain types of helminth infections. Mebendazole interferes with helminths (ie worms, parasitic worms) to absorb sugar, it is critical for their survival. This leads to the depletion of their reserves of energy and, as a result, a few days later they die. Dead worms Worms - how dangerous they are?  Worms - how dangerous they are?
   derived from the intestines of his chair.

Vermoxum prescribed mainly for the treatment of infections, which are caused by pinworm, but sometimes with the help of the body as the conclusions of roundworms, nematodes and flatworms.


How to take Vermoxum?

To get rid of pinworms single dose usually sufficient, however, to avoid a recurrence, two weeks is recommended to take Vermoxum again.

To get rid of roundworms, hookworms and flatworms, Vermoxum need to take twice a day for three days.

Generally, treatment is appointed (but not required) to all who live in the same home with the patient.

Vermoxum produced in the form of tablets or suspensions. Bottle with the suspension before each use must be properly shaken. The normal symptoms of infection begin to subside within a few days after the start of treatment. If this does not happen within a week, you need to consult a doctor.



This drug can not be used for children under two years of age and pregnant women. Until it has been proved that Vermoxum harmful to the future mother and the fetus, but there is no sufficient reason to believe it safe. Therefore, we should refrain from taking this drug even if you only suspect that you may be pregnant. In addition, Vermoxum can not be taken for patients with disorders such as liver failure, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease.

The active ingredient in small volumes Vermoxum displayed together with breast milk. It is believed that these quantities it is not dangerous for the child, but it should be possible to reduce the rate of reception and to reduce the dosage.

If you are allergic to components of the medication take it as it is not recommended, however, patients often do not know what is for them an allergen. If after starting Vermoxum you notice any signs of an allergic reaction, consult a specialist.


pay attention

Overdose symptoms are diarrhea Vermoxum and vomiting. If you have these symptoms, you can take activated charcoal Activated carbon - old but indispensable  Activated carbon - old but indispensable
   and drink plenty of fluids, but it would be better if you as soon as possible consult a physician.

Use of the drug in high doses and for a long time may cause malfunction of the liver and neutropenia Neutropenia - immunity under attack  Neutropenia - immunity under attack

These side effects are reversible, but may require prolonged treatment. Therefore, if you avoid a long course of treatment can not, the patient should undergo regular medical examinations.

During the reception Vermoxum strongly recommended to minimize the use of alcohol, or abandon it altogether. It is better to refrain from fatty foods and refuse to accept laxatives.

Most patients tolerate Vermoxum welcome, but some of them there are side effects such as diarrhea, abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
 , Skin rashes, and allergic reactions - swelling of the face, lips and tongue (angioedema).

Be sure to tell your doctor if you are taking any medications, including vitamins, nutritional supplements and herbs. At the same time taking cimetidine liver can not properly break down mebendazole, which leads to an increase in the content of mebendazole in the blood. During the reception Vermoxum also not recommended to take the antibiotic metronidazole.

Withdrawal of worms - the most effective measure

June 24, 2013

 removing worms
 For successful breeding of worms requires a set of measures aimed not only at the very sick, but also to those who reside with him in one housing, even if they do not have symptoms of helminthiasis.

These measures include:

  • Adherence to the strict rules of hygiene (of which we discuss below) for six weeks;
  • Medications. Some drugs from worms can be purchased without a prescription, but it is better to consult a doctor and take what he will appoint. Always follow the instructions exactly physician or the manufacturer of the drug.

Be sure to visit your doctor if you have a suspicion of worm infestations and you are pregnant or have a child younger than 2 years, there are signs of infection with worms.

 Withdrawal of worms - the most effective measure


Strict hygiene rules can accelerate the healing process of helminthiasis, and reduce the risk of re-infection. This should follow all the rules of living in an apartment with an infected.

  • Once you or your child was diagnosed, wash all bed linens, pajamas, towels, underwear and stuffed toys. This can be done at an average temperature, but it is important that things are rinsed with plenty of water.
  • Carefully vacuum clean and wipe the floors and other surfaces throughout the house, paying special attention to the bedrooms. After that, within six weeks in the house will be cleaned 2-3 times a week.
  • All surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, wipe with a sponge or cloth and a good detergent. As often as possible, rinse the sponge in hot water. Regularly cleaning of such a period of six weeks.
  • Do not shake the sheets, towels and other things, which may be the larvae of worms. Just stack them and take it in the washing machine.
  • Do not eat in the bedroom - as a rule, there is, despite the precautions, there is a certain amount of larvae of worms that can get into the food, which will lead to re-infection.
  • Short cut our nails to the larvae could not hide under them.
  • Not biting his nails, and unlearn the habit of their children. This is useful in any case, even when there is no risk of contamination helminthiasis.
  • Wash your hands often, and special brush clean the space under the nails. It is especially important to do this before eating, after using the toilet and before and after you change the baby diaper.
  • Wear bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
   Close-fitting underwear.
  • Change your underwear, morning and evening.
  • Regularly take a bath or shower. It is important to wash in the morning, and carefully clean the skin around the anus and the vagina, where they can collect the larvae of worms.
  • Highlight each family member a separate towel. Within six weeks, even hand towels all have to be different.
  • Keep all toothbrushes Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing  Toothbrushes - make no mistake in choosing
   in individual plastic boxes and rinse them with hot water before each use.

 Withdrawal of worms - the most effective measure


Since the risk of infection with worms family members is high (it is about 75%), administration of drugs for the treatment of worms can be assigned not only to the ill, but also to those who live with him. Mebendazole and piperazine - two drugs commonly used in the treatment of helminth infections.

 Withdrawal of worms - the most effective measure


Mebendazole worm does not absorb glucose Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
   - Substances which they feed - resulting in worms Worms - how dangerous they are?  Worms - how dangerous they are?
   They die within a few days. It is the drug of first choice for removing worms in patients over two years. Its release in the form of liquids or solutions.

Typically, removal of worms, only one dose of mebendazole, but since the risk of re-infection is very high, it may be recommended to receive another dose two weeks later. In rare cases, mebendazole cause side effects such as abdominal pain and diarrhea. This is especially observed in the treatment of severe forms of helminthiasis.

 Withdrawal of worms - the most effective measure


Piperazine paralyzing helminths, and they gradually leave the body through feces. It is often used in combination with laxatives to accelerate excretion of worms. Piperazine can be given to children older than three months (for the treatment of younger children, usually only recommended hygiene measures).

As in the case of mebendazole, one dose is sufficient for successful treatment, but in order to reduce the risk of recurrence can be recommended prem second dose.

Piperazine is not recommended for patients with epilepsy and those who are disrupting the liver and kidneys.

Efficacy of mebendazole and piperazine at elimination of adult worms reach 90-100%, but these drugs do not kill the larvae. That is why it is so important to follow the above rules of hygiene.

After completing the course of treatment is required to be surveyed by a doctor to make sure that you fully get rid of worms.

 Withdrawal of worms - the most effective measure

How to bring the worms using pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds - long known remedy for worms. They contain large amounts of kukurbitatsina and possibly others not yet identified substances which paralyze the worms, causing them to lose their ability to adhere to the walls of the intestine, and are excreted during defecation. Use pumpkin seeds for the treatment of helminthiasis is recommended as follows:

  • Mix 200 grams of pumpkin seeds (preferably organic) with a cup of plain yogurt in a blender. If desired, add a small amount of honey.
  • Continue to add small amounts of yogurt mixture until it acquires the consistency of a thick paste sparingly. Put the paste from the blender into a cup with a spoon with a long handle.
  • Eat a paste in the morning on an empty stomach - instead of porridge. It is delicious and very satisfying, so eat all at once can be difficult, but you have to make an effort - remember, it's not just breakfast, and medicine.

After about an hour, drink a large glass of water. Even better, if you drink several glasses of water for a couple of hours after lunch.

Two hours after drug administration of Cucurbitaceae seeds take into castor oil in an amount that is recommended that the oil have a laxative effect. Usually it is one or two tablespoons, but be sure to read the instructions on the package - different manufacturers may recommend a different dose. Castor oil has a strong laxative effect, so that pretty soon you will feel the urge to defecate. For this reason, this treatment is best done in the days when you are at home.

To get the best results, perform this procedure in the morning for two or three days (but not longer than a week, since castor oil is not recommended for too long).

Pumpkin seeds are helping to get rid of many but of all species of worms, so they are best used in conjunction with other anthelminthics. To make sure that you really get rid of worms, pass a medical examination after the end of treatment.

 Withdrawal of worms - the most effective measure

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or nursing, taking mebendazole and piperazine is not recommended. In many cases it is necessary to restrict hygienic measures - treatment will take longer (about six weeks), but will not harm the health of unborn baby. In some circumstances, however, even pregnant women can be assigned to prescription drugs for the treatment of helminthiasis.

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