How to use the vaginal suppositories - practical guidance on the application of

December 30, 2012

 how to use vaginal suppositories
 In obstetric practice is widely used as a topical therapeutic agent candles, appointed vaginally. They have anti-inflammatory effect, but the result of treatment depends largely on how well the woman to use them. About how to use vaginal suppositories should be detailed to ask the doctor, who prescribed topical treatment, or carefully read the enclosed instructions.

 How to use the vaginal suppositories - practical guidance on the application of

Prerequisites for intravaginal candles

Produced vaginal suppositories are several forms of release. They can be:

  • spherical shape
  • egg-shaped
  • flat shape

Each package of candles included detailed instructions with the instructions, what conditions must be observed for the proper administration of the candle, it should be available before the start of treatment. Some types of candles is necessary before introduction of small amounts of liquid to moisten, otherwise they will have no therapeutic effect. If you do not wet the candle with water, then into the vagina, it is dissolved, it remains unchanged, the action did not have any.

Candles should enter into the vagina just before bedtime Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . If a woman is using candles during the day, the contents of the candle will leak out of the vagina.

To prevent leakage of contents, the woman should lie down on the bed in such a position that the legs were bent at the knees and divorced. With a special applicator or finger candle need to enter deep into the vagina (if possible at a depth of a finger). If the candle will be introduced is not deep enough, then as soon as a woman gets up, she falls out of the vagina before he could dissolve.

 How to use the vaginal suppositories - practical guidance on the application of

Tips hygienic orientation

Before the introduction of vaginal suppositories woman should spend a toilet genitals. This can be a hygienic shower, douche Douching - a controversial procedure  Douching - a controversial procedure
   antiseptic solutions, decoction of herbs, or other procedures. Any manipulation should be done only with clean hands, so a simple hand washing should always remember. This will minimize the risk of infection, as hands can be a source of infection.

Hygienic water treatment carried out before the introduction of the candles, you can not do it after the candle is already in the vagina.

It is important to comply with the necessary conditions of storage vaginal suppositories. In the composition most candles have gelatin base, so they need to be kept at a certain temperature to prevent melting. If you long to hold a candle in hand, it is also can occur violation of its integrity, it begins to melt, it is recommended to immediately proceed with the introduction of the drug after taking it out of the package. Optimal storage is lower side cooler. If you put a drug to a higher level, then its destruction can occur due to freezing at a low temperature.

Some vaginal suppositories Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation  Vaginal suppositories - for contraception and treatment of inflammation
   They operate on the principle of vaginal baths (like candles "Hexicon"). Their peculiarity is that they are administered once a day, with discharge becomes larger, and they will flow out of the vagina. Knowing this, it is necessary to explain the mechanism of action of candles and Share for a period of treatment with daily use sanitary napkins Feminine pads - talk about wings  Feminine pads - talk about wings
   and change them often. If you are using these candles there is no need to appoint additional treatments or vaginal douching, which is their unquestionable advantage over other vaginal suppositories.

Another important recommendation - to exclude the period of treatment sex life. A full course of treatment depending on the clinical form of the disease can vary from a few days up to fourteen days. If topical treatment will be carried out against the backdrop of regular sexual life, there can be no question of getting a positive result. There is a risk of re-infection, which may lead to the need to appoint a course of therapy which will include drugs not only local, but also systemic effects.

Marina Solovyov

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Dicynonum uterine bleeding - is used to reduce blood loss from

October 21, 2012

 Dicynonum uterine bleeding
 Uterine bleeding usually last for a long time and may occur for various reasons, but whatever the reason, they almost always lead to the development of iron deficiency anemia Iron deficiency anemia: how dangerous it is?  Iron deficiency anemia: how dangerous it is?
 . In addition, uterine bleeding can occur with tumors, so they require examination and treatment in accordance with the identified pathology.

 Dicynonum uterine bleeding - is used to reduce blood loss from

What is dysfunctional uterine bleeding

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding (DUB) are characterized, as a rule, delayed menstruation, bleeding is replaced. Sometimes the cycles are, on the contrary, shortened.

The cause of such states is usually a violation of hormonal, that is a failure in the system of the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovary. Normally, menstrual cycles in such disorders are formed at high content levels of female sex hormones estrogen and absence of ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
   (release of the egg from the ovary for fertilization). The egg in the ovary or long-maturing, and the comfort of it and producing large amounts of estrogen (persistence follicle), or simultaneously ripen several follicles and, before reaching a state of maturity, atrophy (atresia follicles) - while estrogens stand out in waves over a long time as the maturation of individual follicles.

Prolonged exposure to estrogen causes a significant growth of the mucous membrane of the uterus, which is after the hormones cease to apply rejected, accompanied by heavy bleeding.

As a result of changes in the DMK associated with persistence of the follicle, the bleeding starts after the long break, usually very strong, but not too long. When DMC associated with follicular atresia, bleeding, in contrast, it is not so long, but strong.

Women with MQM examined and the results of a survey administered treatment. If the cause of the disease become inflammatory process (this happens more often in child-bearing age), then prescribe anti-inflammatory treatment and hormone therapy. In violation of a purely endocrine nature (this is more common in adolescents and during menopause) is assigned to hormonal correction. In any case, to stop the bleeding and reduce blood loss as part of a treatment prescribed hemostatic drugs.

 Dicynonum uterine bleeding - is used to reduce blood loss from

How does Dicynonum with dysfunctional uterine bleeding

In gynecological practice to stop bleeding often used Dicynonum which stimulates physiological processes such as blood clotting, platelet promotes rapid maturation, their exit from the bone marrow with increased activity. Simultaneously increases platelet adhesion and aggregation (bundling and adhere to the surface of the walls of blood vessels). Also improves blood circulation in the capillaries, strengthens their walls, reduces brittleness.

All these qualities Dicynonum Dicynonum - help with bleeding and increased bleeding  Dicynonum - help with bleeding and increased bleeding
   very important with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, since the rejection of fast or slow increase in volume of the mucous membrane of the uterus produces a lot of yawning blood vessels. Basically this capillary, which has a particularly Dicynonum active effect. Under the influence of this drug slows the bleeding first, and then stops bleeding as a whole are reduced.

When DMK Dicynonum prescribed courses, starting from the fifth day of menstruation for ten days. Take it in the next two menstrual cycles. The usual dose - is one or two tablets (250-500 mg) four times per day.

 Dicynonum uterine bleeding - is used to reduce blood loss from

Uterine bleeding of other origin

Uterine bleeding may have other origins. For example, their cause may be benign or malignant tumors of the uterus - fibroids, polyps, cancer of the uterus and cervix. In this case, the examination is especially important, since even benign tumors in the long course can go into malignant. But even before the final diagnosis in order to reduce blood loss appoint Dicynonum, which promotes the improvement of these patients.

Sometimes the cause of uterine bleeding Uterine bleeding outside of menstruation - a sign of a serious breach  Uterine bleeding outside of menstruation - a sign of a serious breach
   They are intrauterine devices (IUDs - often called spirals). In this case, the IUD removed and after survey prescribe, including to stop bleeding apply Dicynonum.

Dicynonum in this case is usually very effective, because the IUD caused mainly capillary bleeding.

Dicynonum almost always prescribed for uterine bleeding, but the bleeding require a preliminary examination.

Galina Romanenko

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