How to treat adenomyosis - the most effective method

September 17, 2013

 how to treat adenomyosis
 The choice of treatment is determined primarily by the spread of disease process, the patient's age and condition of her reproductive functions. It is important not only to achieve reduce the severity of symptoms and subsequently restore the fertility and prevent relapses. How to treat adenomyosis doctor determines the terms of an integrated approach, which involves a combination of several methods.

 How to treat adenomyosis - the most effective method

Basic approaches to hormone replacement therapy

The leading method of medical treatment of adenomyosis Adenomyosis - treatment should be individualized  Adenomyosis - treatment should be individualized
   It is a hormone therapy. The goal of such therapy is considered to be the impact of hormones on the level of central regulatory mechanisms to trigger the principle of mutual communication endometriodnyh regression of lesions. If the pathological process extends to the adjacent organs, it is possible to combine the appointment of hormonal drugs to surgery.

Selection hormonal agents depends largely on the patient's age. In identifying the disease in younger women, especially young women, we can recommend the appointment of the scheme contraceptives (or CCO). This method is not only independent, it is used for the preparation of the patient before surgery. Preference is given to those drugs that are low dosage:

  • regulon
  • Silest
  • Janine Jeanine - not only contraception but also protection against acne  Jeanine - not only contraception but also protection against acne
  • marvelon

A positive result can be achieved by the duration of reception of at least six months (average of six months to one year). Standard treatment regimens represent 07.21.21, while allowed the individualization of the regime, depending on the clinical situation.

 How to treat adenomyosis - the most effective method

Possibilities of conservative therapy

As a remedy for adenomyosis appointed progestin drugs, hormone agonists central. During long-term administration of progestogens a decrease in the severity of clinical symptoms, pathological centers have evolved over time reverse development. The preferred considered the appointment of natural analogues of progestogens, which has fewer side effects and is well tolerated by patients during long-term therapy. Didrogesteron (or drug "Duphaston") was adopted taking into account the phase character of the menstrual cycle at a dose of 30 mg per day. The dose may vary as determined by the peculiarities of the disease.

Due to the pronounced therapeutic effect of the drug of choice for adenomyosis inhibitors are considered the central production of hormones. The drug "danazol" causes reversible changes in the secretion of pituitary hormones, after the abolition of a gradual recovery of hormonal relationships and ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?
 . There is a maximum allowable daily intake, which should not be exceeded in the course of treatment (up to 800 mg). It is possible to recommend a treatment regimen for a gradual increase in the dose, depending on the symptoms.

Inhibit the production of gonadotropin-releasing hormone drug "gestrinone." It can also be effectively used for medicinal purposes for a long time when adenomyosis. The frequency of administration is regulated individually, often assigned treatment dose twice a week. During the first month of treatment, some patients noted the appearance of discharge from the genital tract meager character (like "spotting"). If in a subsequent character of the discharge does not change, it is necessary to conduct a survey to exclude concomitant adenomyosis disease that has not been identified previously.

 How to treat adenomyosis - the most effective method

How to determine the indications for hospitalization

Adenomyosis has a variety of clinical manifestations, which are largely determined by the degree of severity of the disease. If the measures of the conservative therapy does not bring relief, increases the severity of pain, there is a need for hospitalization of the patient to decide on surgical treatment. Preparations for the planned rapid intervention should be carried out in a hospital. The effectiveness of treatment depends on the conduct in the period after the operation of the complex rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation treatment should include:

  • physiotherapy treatments that improve pelvic blood flow, metabolic processes at the cellular level
  • appointment of immunomodulating agents
  • Vaginal microflora and restore
  • normalization of the menstrual cycle (cycle must always be two-phase)

Surgical correction may also include the operation to restore a woman's reproductive function. Adenomyosis can often cause infertility, so for many women is the issue of fertility in the first place. Best results are obtained when the first stage of the disease, when the process is not common. With progression of the severity of the disease there is a reduction in the incidence of a positive result.

The success of the surgery is estimated for the first five years after surgery. Relapses of adenomyosis in the meantime developed almost 20% of cases. The highest percentage of cases, relapse occurs within the first year, so mandatory postoperative hormone therapy is conducted. Timely administration of hormone therapy affects the quality of life of women, as the marked decrease in the severity of pain and the amount of blood loss during menstruation.

If the background of the complex therapeutic measures in patients with adenomyosis Adenomyosis - avoid constant stress  Adenomyosis - avoid constant stress
   pain persists, it shows a survey of doctors of related disciplines in order to avoid urinary tract abnormalities or diseases of the digestive tract. Often the intensity of pain and persistent nature is reflected in the psycho-emotional state, so in this situation can not do without consulting a psychiatrist.

Marina Solovyov

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How to get rid of yeast infection: treatment options

November 25, 2012

 how to get rid of thrush
 Thrush, or genital candidiasis is a rather unpleasant disease. Intense itching, as if the fire in the vagina, abundant, with an unpleasant sour smell discharge, pain during intercourse or even his inability to violate not only the physical and mental condition of the woman, but also lead to discord in family life. Therefore, to the fore the question of how to get rid of yeast infection. The process is difficult, and treatment often takes a long period of time. The main thing is to remember every woman that you should not self-medicate, because such measures to combat thrush lead to a chronic process and the future is almost impossible to get rid of it.

 How to get rid of yeast infection: treatment options

Basic principles of treatment of thrush

Treatment of genital candidiasis should be based on the following principles:

  • identifying the cause of thrush Causes of yeast: what should be afraid of  Causes of yeast: what should be afraid of
   and its elimination;
  • getting rid of the pathogen of the disease;
  • restoration of normal vaginal flora;
  • normalization of immunity.

 How to get rid of yeast infection: treatment options

Treatment for thrush

  • Eliminating the cause of the disease

In the first place in the treatment of genital candidiasis is necessary to identify and eliminate the cause of its occurrence. If there was a thrush while taking the contraceptive pill, is to give them up. When antibiotics are often appointed by the prophylactic antifungal drugs. In the case of disease against any hormonal disorders or chronic somatic diseases, e.g., diabetes mellitus Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 , Held their correction.

  • Adherence

With the development of thrush Equally important is adherence. Should refuse to visit the baths and saunas, where heat creates optimal conditions for the development and reproduction of fungi. Also, do not a long time in the sun. Underwear should be made of cotton material that allows the skin to "breathe". Sports is best done in loose clothing to avoid excessive humidity and temperature increase in the crotch area.

  • Dieting

If you have genital candidiasis is very important to follow the diet. It should give up the sugary foods (pastries, jam, etc.), as the sweetness encourage the growth of fungi. It is also necessary to impose a ban on the reception of sharp and acidic foods, they increase the expression of yeast. In the diet should prevail milk products that contain bioculture. Furthermore, there should be as many fruits and fresh vegetables (they contain vitamins that stimulate the immune system).

 How to get rid of yeast infection: treatment options


Until recently, treatment for thrush commonly used antifungal drugs such as Nystatin and levorin Nystatin - help with candidiasis  Nystatin - help with candidiasis
 . To date, developed a more effective means to combat genital candidiasis. They have virtually no side effects such as liver toxicity, decreased libido, decreased taste sensitivity and the emergence of resistance to the pathogen him.

Terzhinan is a combined treatment for thrush. It is used topically. You must enter Terzhinan one tablet into the vagina at night before going to bed Dreams: how to understand our dreams  Dreams: how to understand our dreams
 . Pre-wet a tablet in water. The course of treatment is ten to twenty days.

Gyno-pevaril refers to a group of econazole. The drug has a high antifungal activity, altering the permeability of cell membranes of fungi. Gyno-pevaril in candles used at 150 mg for three days. To achieve the full effect it is recommended to conduct two similar courses with an interval of seven days.

Diflucan (fluconazole) belongs to the group of bis-triazoles, and apply inwardly. Accepted 150 mg dose. The concentration of drug in the blood is stored for three to four days. In the case of recurrence of the disease after a week is necessary to repeat the drug.

Pimafutsin - a polyene broad spectrum. The active ingredient is natamycin. Pimafucin destroys the cell wall of fungi. The drug is given one vaginal tablet (0, 025 gr.) Twice a day for ten days.

In addition to the antifungal drugs for the treatment of thrush should take vitamin complexes to stimulate the immune system, as well as strengthening means.

Anna Sozinova

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