Douching soda: an effective method

August 26, 2012

 douching soda
 Baking soda came into our lives for a long time and still holds a strong position. Perhaps there will be no home where there was no pack of soda. Bicarb - is not only indispensable product for cooking, but quite often used as a prophylactic and therapeutic medicine. Not least take baking soda and gynecology. Douching soda is accessible, affordable and efficient manipulation in the treatment of thrush, and increase the chances of conception. Undoubtedly, douching with a solution of baking soda are not the primary, but only an additional treatment, so they must be combined with more powerful drugs.

 Douching soda: an effective method


Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate or sodium bicarbonate) - used food, chemical, medical and other industries. Baking soda is a white crystalline powder, odorless and salty-alkaline taste. Sodium bicarbonate is soluble in water (1: 2) to give alkaline solutions, and practically insoluble in alcohol.

In medicine, baking soda is most often used as an antacid at high acidity of gastric juice (especially with heartburn), gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Also, sodium hydrogen carbonate used in the treatment of hypertension, renal hypertension and chronic renal insufficiency. Local solution of baking soda has an antiseptic effect, which makes it suitable for rinsing and washing of the mucous membranes (for diseases of the eyes, mouth, upper respiratory tract, and vaginitis purulent processes of the skin). For washing and rinsing using 0, 5-2% sodium bicarbonate solution, and for the treatment of skin 2% solution.

Prolonged use of sodium bicarbonate solution (internal administration of a) possible violation of the acid-base equilibrium with the development of alkalosis (loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
 , Headaches, cramps). In some cases, may increase blood pressure.

Contraindicated use of solutions of baking soda into the low acidity of gastric juice, as well as the use of alkaline mineral waters and other protivoizzhogovyh funds.

 Douching soda: an effective method


Douching - a therapeutic and prophylactic treatment, which is based in the washing (irrigation) vaginal drug solution. Manipulation is not recommended during pregnancy, postpartum and post-abortion periods of acute gynecological diseases (adnexitis, endometritis), and during menstruation. Douching in gynecology is used as an additional means of treatment, as well as for hygiene purposes and as a method of contraception.

 Douching soda: an effective method

Douching with soda

Douching soda is widespread in the treatment of thrush (candidiasis urogenital). Douching solution of sodium bicarbonate for thrush eliminates the itching and burning, and helps eliminate heavy cheesy discharge.

The essence of soda douche for thrush is the disastrous effect of the drug on the yeasts (due to the destruction of their microfibers).

To a solution for irrigation is necessary to stir to completely dissolve half a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm boiled water. You can carry out the procedure on his haunches, and in the supine position (in the bath) with elevated pelvic end. On one half of manipulation is necessary liters of solution. Soda douche for thrush should be combined with the use of antifungal drugs internally and locally. Manipulation should be carried out twice a day (morning and evening), the eleventh to eighteenth day of the menstrual cycle The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases  The days of the menstrual cycle: Four phases
 . During the course of douching both partners should abstain from sexual activity, alcohol, steam baths Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures  Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures
   or sauna.

In some cases, use douching soda solution if you can not get pregnant on a background of absolute health. This is due to the fact that the vagina is too acidic environment, which is detrimental effect on sperm. For alkalinization (deoxidation) vaginal douching medium soda used in the days of ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?  Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible?

Anna Sozinova

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Remens - indications to the use of homeopathic medicine

February 17, 2013

 Remens readings
 Remens - is a homeopathic drug that produces an Austrian pharmaceutical company Richard Bittner in the form of homeopathic drops and sublingual tablets. Remens has a mild anti-inflammatory effect and regulates the body women suffer from various gynecological diseases, as well as during menopause.

 Remens - indications to the use of homeopathic medicine

Indications for use Remens in the menstrual cycle in women of childbearing age

Homeopathic medicine Remens widely used in the complex treatment of various disorders of the menstrual cycle in women. The use of this drug can reduce the doses of other potent drugs and remove unpleasant symptoms that accompany hormonal disorders.

For example, some women against various diseases and stress disrupted menstrual cycle, sometimes completely disappear or become scarce and infrequent menstrual bleeding. Such violations are called amenorrhea or oligomenorrhea Oligomenorrhea - too short menstruation  Oligomenorrhea - too short menstruation
 . In some cases, menstruation accompanied by severe pain (dysmenorrhea) or severe prolonged menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia), intermenstrual bleeding (metrorrhagia). In all these cases, the gynecologist can prescribe Remens.

The regulatory impact has Remens and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). In this case, a woman in the second half of the menstrual cycle, mood changes dramatically, it becomes irritable, aggressive, whining, peevish in the team. There are also headaches, drops in blood pressure and other unpleasant symptoms associated with disturbances in the regulatory system of the hypothalamus - pituitary - ovary. When PMS Remens improves mood, relieves irritability Irritability - you try to control my temper  Irritability - you try to control my temper
   and anxiety Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?  Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease?
 It reduces headaches and disorders of the cardiovascular system.

But this alone is not worth taking the drug - it is necessary to conduct a preliminary thorough examination and find out the cause of the violation. Only after that the gynecologist can prescribe Remens as part of a treatment or a separate course for a period of three to six months.

 Remens - indications to the use of homeopathic medicine

Indications for use during menopause syndrome Remens

After 45 years the majority of women begins a gradual decline in hormonal levels - in the blood reduces the number of female sex hormones secreted by the ovaries. It causes the pituitary to secrete increased amounts of hormones that stimulate the activity of the ovaries. This hormonal imbalance causes a number of unpleasant symptoms, which are called climacteric syndrome. When menopausal syndrome in women dramatically change the character: there irritability, aggression, tearfulness, resentment, bouts of depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood  Depression - a little more than a bad mood
 . The woman appears. That no one does not understand and do not like.

All this is accompanied by a number of characteristic changes in the autonomic nervous system: increased sweating, flushing, and the upper half of the body of blood, attacks of tachycardia, a sudden decrease and increase in blood pressure and so on.

Menopause can occur quickly, with minor violations. In this case, it is possible to apply Remens as an independent course for a long time. If menopause occurs hard Remens prescribed as part of a treatment - it will help to reduce the dosage of other potent substances, including hormones.

 Remens - indications to the use of homeopathic medicine

Indications for use Remens when pelvic inflammatory disease

Remens often administered as part of combination therapy for the treatment of inflammatory processes in the uterus (endometritis) and its appendages - ovaries and fallopian tubes (adnexitis).

Chronic endometritis and adnexitis - a disease that usually occur a long time unnoticed and cause infertility. Infertility in this case, not only is often caused by inflammation, and hormonal disorders, which are formed on its background.

Remens when pelvic inflammatory disease is used as part of a treatment. HE has a mild anti-inflammatory and regulating hormonal effects. Long course reception Remens often reduces the dose of other drugs (antibiotics, hormones, etc.).

Independently Remens can be used only with easily flowing climax. In all other cases, you should consult your doctor - a preliminary examination before prescribing this drug with hormonal disorders and inflammatory processes in women should be carried out necessarily.

Galina Romanenko

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