Cervical cyst: treatment is required

April 14th, 2011

 cervical cyst
 Cervical cyst - This often find in preventive gynecological examination of women of childbearing age. In most cases, these cysts do not require any special treatment, but sometimes they suppurate, and then they are removed. Today, such operations are done using modern techniques.

 Cervical cyst: treatment is required

The structure of the cervix

The cervix is ​​located at the exit point from the uterine cavity and is a dense body with an oval channel in the middle. Channel cervix connects the uterus to the vagina hole, which opens into the uterus, called the inner throat, and vagina - outdoor shed.

The mucous membrane that covers the inside of the cervical canal is a cylindrical epithelium in the thickness of which has glands that produce mucus and secret. Content endocervical thick, transparent, capable of killing bacteria, it shuts off the infection into the uterus. Properties of the cervical canal contents can vary depending on the age of the woman and the phases of the menstrual cycle Menstrual cycle and its characteristics  Menstrual cycle and its characteristics

Outside (on the side of the vagina), the cervix is ​​covered by stratified squamous epithelium, which has glands and appearance substantially different from the columnar epithelium of the cervical canal. The boundary between these two types of epithelium is most often located in the external os is called the transformation zone.

 Cervical cyst: treatment is required

As a form of cervical cyst

Cysts of the cervix called Nabothian cyst. They are formed more often in place of pseudo (growths bright pink columnar epithelium of the transformation zone that looks like erosion on a pale background of stratified squamous epithelium). Pserdoerozii most often congenital, with stratified squamous epithelium "comes" at a cylindrical, gradually reducing the area of ​​pseudo. But at the same time closed ducts of glands located in the cells of columnar epithelium. These clogged gland eventually turns into a cyst filled with clear content.

Nabothian cyst may be formed without pseudo, such as blockage excretory ducts of glands exfoliated epithelial cells. This may be a consequence of inflammatory processes in the art, or hormonal disorders.

Cysts of the cervix - a phenomenon very often, they usually occur in women of childbearing age when pserdoerozii start to grow, and the mucous membrane of the cervix takes normal appearance.

Many gynecologists believe Nabothian cysts are normal. However, a woman who has any, must always be seen in the antenatal clinic, as Nabothian cyst may be complicated by suppuration. Most cervical cysts are multiple.

 Cervical cyst: treatment is required

What are the symptoms of cervical cyst

Usually women are no special feelings and cervical cyst is a random finding during routine inspection. In some cases, Nabothian cyst abscess and then they are removed surgically. Nabothian cysts usually do not pass on their own, and sometimes they are growing rapidly, distorting the cervix. Some experts recommend the removal of cysts of the cervix before they are festering and expansion for prevention of pelvic inflammatory disease.

 Cervical cyst: treatment is required

Diagnosis of cervical cyst

The diagnosis of cysts of the cervix can be put on the basis of examination of the gynecologist: Nabothian cysts appear as white, firm to the touch, convex inclusions in diameter from a few millimeters to two centimeters or more on the mucous membrane of the cervix in the area of ​​transformation. To clarify the diagnosis is performed colposcopy Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?  Colposcopy - how to prepare it properly?
   - Investigation cervical mucosa by means of special optical equipment.

 Cervical cyst: treatment is required

Treatment of cervical cysts

Conservative treatment of cysts of the cervix does not exist. But modern methods of surgical treatment are very diverse and allow you to select the most appropriate method for this woman.

Apply techniques such as moxibustion cysts electric current (electrocautery), liquid nitrogen (kroiodestruktsiya), laser, radio wave method.

The method of choice is certainly a radiowave surgery. In this case, the cyst is removed by surgery Surgitron radiowave device. This cyst is first pierced, it is deleted from the content, and then the cyst cavity is processed radioskalpelem Surgitron device that prevents possible bacterial infection and bleeding. Healing after this operation is faster than any other method.

In any case, if a lot or cysts are large and the doctor recommends to delete them, it is better to do it on time, without waiting for complications.

Cyst cervix - this is not a serious illness, but as with any other illness, it requires prompt treatment.

Galina Romanenko

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Cystoma ovary - which determines the prognosis of the disease

November 30, 2014

 cystoma ovary
 Cystoma ovarian tumors refers to true, which tend to be progressive, proliferative growth. Modern instrumental methods of diagnostics can detect changes in the ovaries at an early stage when a woman has no clinical manifestations of the complaint. Cystoma subject to mandatory surgical treatment, the prognosis of the disease depends on the result of histological structure of education.


Modern diagnostic capabilities

Symptoms of ovarian cystoma at an early stage of disease may be absent. Often the tumor is diagnosed at later stages, when the patient is already in the process of appeals of complications. To prevent possible negative consequences, if the time to conduct the necessary examination. First of all we are talking about an annual preventive examination at the gynecologist. Gynecological examination on the chair is one of the main methods, which contributes to the early diagnosis of ovarian tumors. During physical examination the doctor can detect the presence of complications such as torsion cystoma legs, signs of tumor compression of adjacent organs.

Ultrasound examination of pelvic and abdominal cavity is an important additional method of examination of patients who have suspected the existence cystoma ovary. The study describes the education, its size, structure, and you can suspect the presence of signs of malignancy of the tumor, which is a signal to select the active tactics. In this case, it is recommended endoscopy state of the uterus. Laparoscopic surgery in the first step is diagnostic, if necessary, make the expansion of the scope of the operation.

At the current level in terms of examination of patients with ovarian cystoma include a study of the level onokomarkerov. When tumors in the appendages such marker is CA125. Increase its level is an important prognostic points, it should recognize that changes in the blood levels of tumor markers occurs in diseases of different nature.


What can predispose to cystoma

Reasons cystoma ovarian hitherto uncertain. As predisposing factors can act as follows:

  • the presence of ovarian hormonal dysfunction
  • transferred inflammatory diseases of the reproductive sphere of various localization (oophoritis, endometritis)
  • genetic predisposition
  • deferred surgery on uterine appendages

In recent years, increased the role of infectious agents in particular viral nature. Carriage papillomavirus Papilloma - do not treat lightly  Papilloma - do not treat lightly
   man requires the appropriate treatment in case of its diagnostically relevant concentrations, as this virus is also considered as one of the contributing factors of the disease.

Risk are women who have entered a period of pre- and postmenopausal Postmenopause - is it possible to control it?  Postmenopause - is it possible to control it?
 . This category of women should be under the supervision of a physician gynecologist, which includes conducting an active follow-up. In the absence of pathological changes sufficient preventive care once during the year. The survey should include an examination of gynecologist with an ultrasound of the pelvic organs.


On the need for ovary removal cystoma

The most dangerous complication cystoma ovary may be the development of malignant disease. In this connection it is not permissible to carry out a conservative or expectant management, so the main strategy is operational. Treatment cystoma ovary removal is education appendages, while the volume of surgery depends on the size and type of the true tumor, on whether or not a woman is planning a pregnancy, and other factors.

The urgency of the operation is determined by the momentum of complications. If there is a clinical emergency conditions, such as torsion leg tumor, then surgery can not be delayed, it is urgent.

Cystoma ovary can affect both ovaries or develop only one ovary (unilateral cystoma). The nature of the defeat largely determines not only the clinical features, as well as the choice of treatment tactics.

Cystoma left ovary should be differentiated from tumors of the colon. It is therefore necessary to conduct further examinations in the form of barium enema, abdominal ultrasound. Patients should be counseled by specialists of related professions (doctor proctologist, a gastroenterologist). Treatment cystoma left ovary, if questions have been previously excluded suspicion of cancer, is to remove formation on the affected side. At a young age it is necessary to preserve ovarian tissue.

In the process of carrying out diagnostic measures cystoma right ovary must be differentiated metastatic Metastasis - danger everywhere  Metastasis - danger everywhere
 Which may be formed in stomach cancer Stomach cancer: genetics and lifestyle  Stomach cancer: genetics and lifestyle
 . According to the testimony appointed endoscopy of stomach (gastroscopy), and X-ray examination. The ovaries are the ways of metastatic diseases of the stomach, so it is necessary to take into account this feature when examining patients with ovarian cystoma.

Special attention should be paid to the tactics of those patients in whom the formation of the ovary detected during pregnancy. Cystoma ovarian pregnancy is subject to rapid removal only with strict indications, as the operation can be a risk factor for the development of the threat of interruption and other serious complications.

Marina Solovyov

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