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February 11, 2010

  • Badger fat - the beneficial properties: not exactly a cure, but still treats
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 badger fat contraindications

Contraindications for use

Application of badger fat, like any other people's money, has its indications and contraindications that must be followed. But it would be more correct to take badger fat on prescription and under supervision of a physician who is familiar with the traditional methods of treatment.

 Contraindications | Badger fat - the beneficial properties: not exactly a cure, but still treats

What part of the badger fat and how it works

A feature of badger fat is that it consists of a variety of fatty acids, including those that are more common in plants - oleic, linoleic and linolenic. These fatty acids normalize metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 They are the source of the formation of "good" cholesterol, involved in all metabolic processes and inhibit the formation of "harmful" cholesterol from atherosclerotic plaques which are formed, clogging blood vessels.

Large amounts of vitamins (A, B group) and minerals promotes metabolism activation Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things  Metabolism: The basis of life of all living things
 . It was found that the badger fat has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, tonic effect, inhibits the development of atherosclerosis. His take in lung diseases, decreased immunity, frequent colds, as well as in all cases when the body needs additional support.

But badger fat and may produce side effects. As with any fat, it can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The abundance of biologically active substances creates conditions for the development of allergic reactions. Therefore, when taking badger fat is necessary to consider features of its structure, main and side effects, and contraindications for admission.

 Contraindications | Badger fat - the beneficial properties: not exactly a cure, but still treats

Contraindications first - chronic pancreatitis

Chronic pancreatitis - a disease characterized by recurring inflammatory processes that result in tissue of the pancreas gradually loses its function and replaced by connective tissue.

The main function of the pancreas - is the secretion of digestive juices, which includes enzymes that break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates. And as in chronic pancreatitis enzyme for digestion of fats (lipase), produced little badger fat intake leads to the fact that the patient acute inflammatory process, there are diarrhea, abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms  Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms
   zoster character, loss of appetite, aversion to fatty foods.

 Contraindications | Badger fat - the beneficial properties: not exactly a cure, but still treats

Contraindications second - diseases of the liver and biliary tract

Diseases of the liver and biliary tract diseases are closely intertwined with the pancreas. The liver produces bile, which is involved in the digestion process. Bile is output through the bile ducts into the gallbladder, where admission is allocated portions of food in the duodenum. The duodenum is opened common duct that carries the pancreatic juice and bile.

Therefore, the disease of the pancreas Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know  Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know
   always lead to violations of the liver and biliary tract, and vice versa, liver disease and biliary tract cause disturbances in the function of the pancreas.

The physiological role of bile is associated with the digestion and absorption of fat. Proceeding into the duodenum, bile activates lipase pancreatic juice, thereby contributing, digestion of fat. In addition, bile is involved in the emulsification of edible fat in the intestine, which makes it possible to process it further absorption.

If you violate formation of bile (it occurs in liver disease), its stagnation in the biliary tract or gall bladder is a violation of digestion and absorption of fat. Admission badger fat in the liver and biliary tract will cause worsening of the underlying disease and adversely affect the work of the pancreas.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism. If a person lives in a place where no badgers, and had never tried badger fat, perhaps, in his body enough enzymes for its digestion. In this case, the reception badger fat also will not benefit and harm. For the same reason badger fat is contraindicated for children under six years.

 Contraindications | Badger fat - the beneficial properties: not exactly a cure, but still treats

Contra third - allergic processes

Allergy to badger fat is common and usually occurs in the form of itchy skin rash, urticaria, angioedema, and so on. Even if a minor allergy, take further badger fat should not be, because every time an allergic reaction can be harder.

Application badger fat may cause the development of acute and pancreatin, in the event that the patient develops an allergic reaction to it in the form of acute pancreatic edema and disorders of the digestive juice its outflow. This leads to digestive juice digestion of the pancreatic tissue, i.e. in acute pancreatitis.

By accepting the fat badger should be approached with caution.

Galina Romanenko

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February 11, 2010

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It really is a very good drug. When I had a sore throat, I read on the internet how to make homeopathic drops limfomiozot in this disease and strictly followed the recommendations. So I just did it go for 4-5 days, and earlier had to use antibiotics that are very harmful to the intestines. These droplets appeared salvation.
Tatiana, I too used these drops, and quite successfully. First, they treated them in disbelief. I do not think that they will cope, where only helped with antibiotics. But I was amazed how a few drops a day for a short time to get rid of the pain in my throat. Preparations homeopathic invented to get rid of a small number of major problems.
Olga, and you even read the instructions Limfomiozota there like about herpes there is not a word, and your recovery is not due to the fact that you are taking this medication. This virus during the weakening of immunity is starting to show, but even if it is not treated, it is itself held after about a week, and sometimes two, depending on the size of sores on the lips.
Sergey, where is the logic, where elementary considerations? Have you any idea what the function of the lymphatic system and for what is used limfomiozot? After any viral disease should be carried out detoxification of the body, and during treatment to help the body also does not put. read about the functions of the lymphatic system, and let it be an epiphany!
I use limfomiozot herpes. Standard before the change of seasons from summer to autumn, and winter in the spring with drops, or you can go through a five-day course of injections. Excellent steam preparation - Engystol. It may also be used in the same form - or intramuscularly, or tablets. On currently checked - effectively. It contributes to the overall background of improving immunity, and does not develop a variety of infections that live hidden in us.
A limfomiozot for kids produced separately and have already begun to doctors to prescribe or not? If he is healthy, he must be released for a little sweet syrup or chewable wafers with different fruits taste. I'd love to have removed from sale and ceased to assign potent drugs with side effects that are harmful to developing organisms and introduced a new generation of drug.
I think Oleg, your dreams did not come true. The human body is very complex structure to like that, drank a universal magic pill and you are healthy. While I understand your desire. A limfomiozot tablets really good drug, take it to your service. Interestingly, while it is sold in regular pharmacies or special homeopathic?
I limfomiozot administered for sore throat. It is great to ease my condition. It's good that this time the doctor prescribed mnedeystvennoe means. How many years of suffering from the disease. Particularly suffer during the cold season. He harassed me difficulty swallowing, sore throat. Constantly coughing and watery eyes. Now, I think I found my salvation.
Oleg, that you have listed some diseases, which in the future may be treated with this drug, but not affected by the problem of excess weight, which causes many complications. What do you think how much likely that limfomiozot diet will also be applied. Of those components that are present in the composition has something against overweight?
Have you seen Limfomiozota part, this is a unique tool that is still underestimated until the end. I am sure that in the future, this medicine will be improved and become a solution to the problem of so many diseases. It is high time to invent a universal medication that will help and headache and diarrhea and in case of problems with the pressure.
Hope, and you thought that maybe you have an allergy to limfomiozot and because of that the doctor did not prescribe it. And you instead of being grateful questioned the professionalism of the person who saved you from a sore throat. They also have your data in the card on which they decide what the patient can be aversion on the part of the body.
And I'm the first time I heard about it an effective treatment for a variety of diseases and I thought, why when I was ill with angina limfomiozot my doctor is not recommended. I believe him to my recovery was much faster, because it activates the immune system. You know, I have noticed that most of the doctors know a few drugs only prescribers.
Hope, doctors generally known drugs based on chemical components, only few of them have an idea of ​​herbal preparations. A drop of limfomiozot - just a homeopathic remedy, so it is rarely assigns. In general, it is a pity that our doctors so maloosvedomleny about homeopathy. After all, chemistry can help in one and then mopped digestive problems and liver.
This is what happens? Reviews Limfomiozot only positive. I have noticed that it is not recommended for use during pregnancy, and here some ladies write, that were treated with this drug, and no harm. And another interesting fact. When you receive your symptoms may get worse. Well, what's the point of this treatment? Maybe these are isolated cases, but there is a principle - do no harm.
Sergey, if there limfomiozot than replace, the doctor must prescribe a different medication if this is not possible, he will not risk the health of pregnant women. After all, he is fully responsible and can recommend this drug only when absolutely sure that there will be any adverse effects, so that you vain agitated.
And who knows what may be replaced limfomiozot during pregnancy? I was in the fifth month, as I have, unfortunately worsened chronic tonsillitis. I wanted to ask the doctor, but he went on vacation last month, and another hit me hard, especially now in the streets slippery and I'm afraid to fall. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Help, but do not pull with the answer.
Larochka, and if on the site was the first doctor, you would not be slippery to go, then what is the reason to go to really hinder the one who replaces him right now. Take a little more serious, consult and appoint limfomiozot Maternity can only be a doctor, not unknown people on the Internet. If the other does not work, call a taxi to the hospital, it's better than to take risks.
Limfomiozot swelling face is very effective, my friend appointed this medication at face edema. He helped her quickly, before she suffered long as another drug with the same fast action was not. But its use is only on prescription and under his control. As a new means to the end is probably still not known, so its a *** and not worth the risk to self.
With drug familiar personally I applied many times, and even in the state (all intended therapist). At the expense of a homeopath, I had not communicated with, and I do not know whether we have in the city. For the first time I applied the cocktail limfomiozot-Engistol intramuscularly 5 days, as a prevention of viral infections, the second time during pregnancy in the second trimester of strongly simple, just to the 5th day of intramuscular administration, all the cold: coughing, tears, runny nose, removed instantly . My personal opinion - do not spare the money, the drug is worth it. If you want a child, you better try during planning, improve the immune system and at the same time check whether there is an allergy. But as for me, limfomiozot during pregnancy will not harm, only benefit.
Ioannina, you happen to know how to take limfomiozot children? The child has adenoids, offering surgically removed. But somehow I'm afraid to do his surgery. Could this medication help? Son, 6 years old, he has a weak immune system, apparently from the endless colds. Or perhaps ask the doctor, although I doubt that it will give me an answer.
Eve! You ask advice about taking the drug for a child with a stranger on the Internet, it is not even known who he is and what kind of education is! Only the homeopath can explain how to use limfomiozot, especially in childhood. Are not you scared to use drugs after such correspondence consultations? Look for a homeopath in my town!
Barbariska, I just asked about drug limfomiozot and was not going to do what would have written in response. If you listen to strangers, and because of this there were problems in the past, do not assume that others are. I just wanted to know, then this information would be rechecked by a doctor. I am the way, even after the school nurse went to the courses and know how to give injections.
Barbariska, I also tried something like self after hearing advice from anybody, right then and there was no one to accuse. It is best to consult your doctor and let him appoint limfamiazot, puts a stamp and signature, in case something happened to you go to court. Health is better not to joke and all doctor's appointments should only be done in writing, thereby confirming his responsibility.
Barbariska not understand your claim. It's just a fellowship where people share their tips and follow them or not is a personal decision. I certainly still check with your doctor whether you can take limfomiozot children. I'm just interested in here is. This does not mean that I just run drip it to your child. I am a normal adequate mother and her baby do not wish any harm, but rather take care of his health.
I was prescribed a tool for skin if their own use, you can overdo it and use beyond what is necessary. It is important to know how to take limfomiozot effect to be maximum. Therefore, before using consult your doctor better, it will help avoid the negative effects and get good results.
As I know limfomiozot often used in gynecology. My aunt had a benign tumor, and so she was appointed a course of treatment, according to the drug, and a number of tablets. Take it easy, and as I understand the actions well. After a series of procedures, the state of health improved. So I think, a good and quality product, also produced robust German company.
I checked with a friend on allegicheskie reaction limfomiozot, I was lucky, but a friend's body has not taken the drug. So it does not fit all, those who are allergic to many things should be especially careful to treat the beginning of the application. If the doctor does not suddenly appointed susceptibility test, then it is helpful to first ask him to avoid certain problems.
Limfomiozot in gynecology and cosmetology have long been, it is not so new drug. Against this background, I do not understand your argument on the subject. I do not think that there are still hospitals and doctors who do not know about the drug. It is unique in that it is used in many cases, and because of it did not know two or three specialized physicians, and most physicians.
Gosh, you're not a doctor, and have no idea, and all are trying to comment on a person who has already passed the treatment with this drug. How to take limfomiozot today know not all doctors, I suppose, because the vehicle is new and has not yet got used to it all and use in their practice. So I believe Rimma and I was interested to read her experience to use and would like to learn from others as they are used and what results were achieved.
Gosh, why so critical to perceive speech, medicine limfomiozot tested it on himself and judging by her said she was pleased with the result. I see no reason to doubt what she would lie, what with her this benefit. I am very interested in this drug, I hope here to read the reviews and other people who are more objective than any advertising.
Gosh, you wonder ironiziruete in our neighborhood was built a few years ago, a modern hospital, which is equipped with the most modern equipment. From medicine there all the news and apply limfomiozit began long ago. Unfortunately, not everywhere it has been widely used, but it's a matter of time and soon all will be administered to patients. So it is impossible that new drugs again began to be used at the same time everywhere.
Rima, I did not realize that your hospital is modern and limfomiazot began to use you well before its release. This is a new drug, a promising, but why lie to you, it is only in your hospital is. It is available to all, not just those who live close to your institution. After testing in the laboratories, he begins to apply universally, not selectively.
Rima, strange, but I have never heard about homeopathic drug limfomiozot can not all doctors are aware of it and therefore no appointments. But you've already had to experience for yourself. Perhaps you have worked in the group of subjects on whom tested this tool before it began to mass-produce. On behalf of the entire international community I want to thank you for that.
One day, my son was ill with the flu, and I thought that at last all the burdens of the disease left behind, we suffered a new disaster. The child began to breathe through the mouth. When I tried to get him to breathe through the nose, he complained that he could not do it. I had to go to the children's Laura I even had the idea that his son stuck his nose a foreign object. However, the doctor examined the child told me that the baby replenishment adenoids. ENT learned in my child's age and wrote us this tool. Then he explained that the drop limfomiozot children aged 3 to 6 should be used at a dose of 5 drops at a time. Thank God, after the course of treatment, and we have coped with the disease.
Tatiana my son, too, adenoids and tonsils are increased more, with it from birth. We have 8 years to remove the adenoids are afraid. You write here that you helped limfomiozot in adenoids. You could not tell you how long you need to take it. One vial is enough for the course. We have a doctor about it or when not told, can not yet use. I'd like to try, can not remove the dispense.
One day, I decided to lose weight for Lymphomyosot. This idea, I visited thanks to a friend who works as a nurse. She explained that the drug has excellent absorption properties, and displays the excess fluid from the body, which in turn gives the extra weight. As a result of my actions, I really took off overweight, though not with the same speed with which we would like.
As it is not clear that it treats limfomiozot. It is understood that the new drug, and in Russia it is unlikely to prescribe. Personally, I have not seen this in pharmacies. For a description of a lot of pluses, but it is alarming. And herpes and edema, straight miracle cure. Hardly an ordinary physician prescribe this medication, and the doctor is difficult to find a homeopath.
My aunt suffers from edema and diabetes mellitus. Her friend, who also struggles with this scourge, advised her to the drug, which it is not the first month, and takes notes significant improvements in health. Action Limfomiozota is to remove toxins, toxins, decay products, etc. Now my aunt taking this medicine. We will see what happens.
In the medical field, I work is not the first decade, with the drug, a sign close enough. Tool truly effective. Its main secret lies in the fact that the therapeutic effect Limfomiozota implies a complex operation: first, of course it is immunomodulation, which recovers lowered immunity. Then, lymphatic drainage, thus, there is functional recovery of the lymphatic vessels, and deep layers of the skin. And finally, detoxification - elimination of various toxic substances in the body. Therefore, if the doctor will prescribe this medication be sure, soon, your disease will go into retreat.
Many people are very happy with this drug, as I often suffer from pharyngitis, too, wanted to buy it in the medicine chest. That's just never been able to find information about the side effects Limfomiozota. Now the situation is somewhat clearer. Still, I think that before you buy you should consult with your doctor.
The fact that the drug is produced in Germany, does not guarantee its safety and reliability. However, even homeopathic remedies have a number of contraindications, therefore before taking, please read carefully contraindications Limfomiozota, so you do not regret the wasted money spent.
Antonina, on the contrary, I believe that the homeopathic drops limfomiozot - the safest means. Side effects are not observed practically, and contra-well, except that if you are hypersensitive to the drug, pregnancy or allergies. Well, the rest of the medications should also be taken with caution.