Euphorbium kompozitum - homeopathic treatment of rhinitis

May 16, 2010

 Euphorbium kompozitum
 Runny nose - is one of the most common diseases that can become chronic and complicated by inflammation of the sinuses. Anyone who has ever been ill with a cold, know that it is very difficult to treat. In addition to traditional medicines for the treatment of rhinitis and homeopathic remedies are available, which also are very good.

 Euphorbium kompozitum - homeopathic treatment of rhinitis

Homeopathic remedies - what is it?

The Basic Law of homeopathic treatment is that like cures like. All homeopathic remedies are used in ultra-small doses, but if you apply them to the usual doses used in traditional medicine, we can see that they cause symptoms of diseases in which they are encouraged to nominate. It is believed that ultralow dose, capable of causing a particular disease in large doses, stimulate certain organs and tissue and promote healing.

The action of homeopathic drugs is tested on healthy volunteers, which drug is given in high doses. That is revealed the mechanism of action of homeopathic remedies. In order to treat patients with homeopathic medicines Homeopathic remedies - without contraindications  Homeopathic remedies - without contraindications
   assigned to the usual treatment for this type of ultra-low doses.

 Euphorbium kompozitum - homeopathic treatment of rhinitis

The mechanism of action Euphorbium kompozitum

Euphorbium compositum is a complex homeopathic treatment for the common cold, which is produced by the pharmaceutical company Heel (Germany), specializing in the production of homeopathic medicines. Comprehensive drug called because it includes a set of eight herbal medicines and minerals. The dosage form of the drug - a nasal spray in bottles with a dosing device.

Small doses of the substances in Euphorbium kompozitum moisturize the nasal mucosa and promote restoration of altered portions mucosa by stimulation it contains biologically active substances.

Especially shows a drug for chronic inflammatory diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses with dryness and atrophy (decrease in volume) of the mucosa. This stimulates the metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   in the damaged areas, and there is a restoration of their functions. Euphorbium kompozitum not irritate the nasal mucosa and has no vasoconstrictor activity.

Euphorbium kompozitum has antiallergic effect, relieves inflammation in the nasal mucosa, restores the function of damaged tissues. With Euphorbium kompozitum possible to treat a runny nose from any source, it can be administered together with other like homeopathic and non-homeopathic medicines.

Euphorbium compositum has a therapeutic effect, which does not appear immediately, unlike vasoconstrictors that are purely symptomatic treatment, that is, only for a while reduce swelling and alleviate nasal breathing. In Euphorbium kompozitum different mechanism of action, so the effect (and quite stable) from its use can be seen only after a few days of regular use.

 Euphorbium kompozitum - homeopathic treatment of rhinitis

To appoint Euphorbium kompozitum and to whom it is contraindicated

Homeopaths prescribe Euphorbium kompozitum the following diseases:

  • rhinitis any origin - infectious, non-infectious, allergic;
  • hypertrophic rhinitis, when the nasal mucosa and paranasal sinuses so growing that closes the nasal passages;
  • atrophic rhinitis, which is accompanied by a sharp decrease in the volume of the nasal mucosa;
  • inflammation of the paranasal sinuses;
  • adenoiditis - inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the adenoids Adenoids - the expansion of the pharyngeal tonsil  Adenoids - the expansion of the pharyngeal tonsil
  • evstahiitah and otitis - inflammation of the middle ear the auditory tube;
  • allergic rhinitis.

Euphorbium kompozitum improves the general condition of the nasal mucosa, as well as the mucous membrane is a barrier to the penetration of infectious agents into the body, this drug can be used for the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections, including influenza.

Contraindications for the purpose Euphorbium kompozitum - hypersensitivity to the drug.

Because of side effects when taking Euphorbium kompozitum may cause allergic reactions, the appearance of hypersalivation Increased salivation - deviation from the norm  Increased salivation - deviation from the norm
 , Itching and burning sensation in the nose. These states require discontinuation of the drug.

 Euphorbium kompozitum - homeopathic treatment of rhinitis

Mode of application Euphorbium kompozitum

Adults and children 6 years after Euphorbium kompozitum injected in the nose for 2 doses in each nostril 3-5 times a day for chronic diseases, and 5-6 times a day in acute inflammatory processes. Children under 6 years of drug administered one dose 3-4 times a day.

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Cleaning the bowel at home - how to reset the ballast - cleaning mechanism

April 12, 2009

  • Cleaning the bowel at home - how to reset the ballast
  • Cleaning mechanism

Cleaning mechanism

It's reasonable to assume that if the intestine is not digested or not suck, it certainly comes out .  For the most part the way it is .  But, unfortunately, some minimum number of substances the body remains unclaimed in various furrows, folds and recesses of the alimentary canal, with time "scoring" intestinal villi and worsening intake of the nutrient value of the material .  In addition, the stool, moving through the large intestine, also leave their "footprints", which later solidified, accumulate and turn into real fecal stones that weigh fifteen or even twenty kilograms .  That's really just what we needed suitable phrase "Cobblestones abdominal wear! " .  All these so-called ballast accumulation us absolutely nowhere .  Furthermore, they pollute the intestinal lumen and aggravate digestion may form toxins which are absorbed into the bloodstream and cause headache Headache: Causes and Complications  Headache: Causes and Complications
 Weakness, general deterioration of health. Therefore, to slag not "spoil" our lives, they are necessary from time to time to get rid of that is to clean the intestine.

The most competent and professional purgation Colon Cleansing - How to put an enema?  Colon Cleansing - How to put an enema?
   can offer in a medical facility. At the same time the patient is required to keep an eye specialist, who will be watching to ensure that the cleaning process has passed correctly and without complications.

However, bowel cleansing can be carried out successfully and at home. But at the same time it is necessary to take into account the presence of contraindications to this procedure. These include infectious and inflammatory diseases of any of the digestive tract, colon cancer, ulcerative processes, tendency to syncope, circulatory diseases and other. It is best to use the advice of a specialist gastroenterologist who not only determine the possibility of the procedure, but will also give several valuable tips. It is possible that some research will be recommended. They need to pass, or cleaning may not lead to the result that you expected.

 Cleaning mechanism | bowel cleansing at home - how to reset the ballast

What is the methodology of conducting?

The most affordable option - it is a series of enemas of warm boiled water or isotonic sodium chloride solution. This will require a special mug douches (it is possible to replace the conventional rubber hot-water bottle), which holds a sufficient amount of liquid rubber tube and a tip with a tap. A cup filled with liquid (usually not more than half a liter), one end of the rubber tube is fixed at the drain cup, the other end is attached to the tip. Mug (or heating pad) should be securely fixed at a height of about one and a half meters. Then you need to lubricate the anus and the tip with petroleum jelly Vaseline: old friend  Vaseline: old friend
 , Sitting comfortably on the couch, to introduce the tip into the rectum (about 6 - 8 cm) in small portions and gradually release all the liquid. The same procedure can be performed in a bath. Soon there will be the urge to void, but we must try to "hold" liquid at least about ten minutes. It is desirable to slightly shake my belly from side to side, as if "strips" the intestines. To bowel cleansing took place even more efficiently, can be added into the liquid 30 - 40 ml of vegetable oil, glycerine Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair  Glycerine: a miracle ingredient for skin and hair
   or a solution of 15 g of baby soap.

After the first five days enema make a second, four days later - the third in three days - the fourth, etc. until the sixth. Then each subsequent enema put five days, until the total number reaches eleven procedures.

But you can do without enemas. The pharmacy chain is implemented powerful laxatives "Fortrans." Its effectiveness is equivalent to a series of enemas. However, prior to its use should be carefully read the instructions and complete all of its recommendations and guidance!

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