Numbness in the fingers of his left hand - how to figure out why this is happening?

November 17, 2014

 numbness in the fingers of the left hand
 Numbness in the fingers of the left hand can occur, as in the cervical-thoracic osteochondrosis, and in cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, carefully examine the patient and then prescribe. Self-treatment (including folk remedies) in this case, is rarely effective.


Numbness in the fingers of his left hand against the background of cervicothoracic osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis - a degenerative (exchange), a disease in which there is a gradual destruction of the intervertebral disc. Intervertebral discs - this is a kind of lining Feminine pads - talk about wings  Feminine pads - talk about wings
   between the vertebrae, the main function of which is depreciation, prevention of injury and fracture of the vertebrae.

A rupture disk and deformed vertebrae begin to compress the spinal nerve roots. This leads to the so-called radicular syndrome: pain along the nerve and sensory disturbances in the form of numbness of fingers on the parties concerned. As a rule, this is the initial stage of the disease. Then there are pains in the course of a pinched nerve, the symptoms of cerebral circulation (headaches, dizziness, fainting, loss of coordination of movements) and unpleasant sensations in the internal organs (heart pain, heart attacks, respiratory failure, and so on).

To reverse the destruction of the vertebrae is impossible, and can stop completely.

But you need to completely change the way of life:

  • move more, but avoid strenuous exercise;
  • engage in physiotherapy - exercise is to choose a doctor exercise therapy;
  • lose weight;
  • eat right - 4-5 times a day with the exception of food, the metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
   (fatty meats, sweets, baking, strong tea and coffee, alcoholic beverages);
  • properly equip your bed: The bed should have a rigid foundation on which is placed a moderately soft mattress (preferably latex); cushion must be small and soft (best suited special orthopedic pillow with a roller at the level of the neck);
  • conduct all drug prescribed by a doctor and physiotherapy, including spa.


Numbness in the fingers of his left hand against the background of cardiovascular diseases

Even in ancient times it was observed that numbness of the fingers of the left hand may be associated with cardiovascular diseases. In ancient China, it developed a theory of chi energy movement in the body on special channels (meridians) with the release of her body to the surface in some places. In these places the output energy of Chinese doctors were working in different ways in order to restore the work of an organ.

For example, the meridian in charge of the work of the heart, begins in the heart and ending at the end of the little finger of his left hand. At points that are on the surface of the meridian can be influenced in various cardiovascular diseases. This proves that the numbness of the fingers of the left hand may be associated with cardiovascular disease.

In order to clarify whether there is any violation in this area need to be examined, and then perform the prescribing physician.

Cardiovascular disease may also be associated with a decrease in peripheral arterial lumen on the background of atherosclerosis. But in this case usually both hands numb, although early numbness may start with the left hand. This state also requires a complete examination and appointment of adequate treatment.


Numbness in the fingers of his left hand against the background of carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or carpal tunnel syndrome - a disease caused by compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel. As part of the median nerve has a sensory nerve fibers that innervate the first three fingers of the hand and the outer surface of the fourth finger. In addition, the composition has a median nerve motor fibers to short muscles of the thumb.

The cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is a swelling of the tissue surrounding the channel. They put pressure on the median nerve and cause the above symptoms. Prolonged compression of the nerve can lead to persistent degradation. The development of carpal tunnel syndrome contribute: after 50 years of age, presence of diabetes Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 , Thyroid dysfunction The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones  The thyroid gland - is responsible for your hormones
 , Rheumatoid arthritis, hereditary predisposition (similar to the disease were in close relatives), long-term hard work of a brush in the same position (for example, on a computer mouse - tunnel syndrome on the left in this case develops in left-handers).

This problem should be treated to a podiatrist. According to the results of the survey is usually given conservative treatment: wearing a special brace, offloads the wrist, pain medications, and sometimes (if necessary) change of work. If conservative treatment does not work for six months, carried out the operation.

Numbness in the fingers of the left hand may have different causes. To understand them, you should, without delay, consult your doctor.

Galina Romanenko

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Chronic ischemia of the brain - which includes the concept

October 25, 2014

 chronic cerebral ischemia
 Long-existing disorders of cerebral blood flow are responsible for the formation of brain damage. There are diffuse lesions and melkoochagovyj that will largely determine the clinical picture of the disease. Chronic ischemia reflects the presence of cerebral dysfunction, which exists in a long period of time.


Clinical features of chronic brain ischemia

At a time when the pathological changes in the brain there is a long, gradual progression of existing violations. In the initial stages of the disease is marked only the presence of functional disorders, which are then transferred to the morphological. Morphological changes are already irreversible, they are shown in the following features:

  • the deterioration rate of cerebral blood flow, slowing
  • the level of oxygen, glucose Glucose: The energy source  Glucose: The energy source
   Blood drops sharply
  • develops the tendency to form blood clots that heavier presence of capillary stasis

Chronic ischemia is a progressive course, the clinical picture of the disease can be seen staging of symptoms.

Neurological symptoms increase, which leads to the fact that patients generating several neurological syndromes. There are roughly in the course of the disease three degrees or stages. This division allows the specialist (neurologist) to objectively assess the severity of lesions. In many cases, subjective symptoms of a patient's symptoms do not reflect how the illness severity.

Symptoms of chronic brain ischemia progressively increases and reaches a maximum in the third stage of manifestation. There are both emotional and movement disorders that lead to loss of self-care, patient's disability in the third stage of the disease. It is a feature of the various stages as chronic ischemia stage 1 does not affect the viability of man.


Preventative measures

Among the main causes of dysfunctional disorders of the brain secrete two reasons. This is especially hypertension and atherosclerosis. There are other reasons, but they are determined as additional or secondary, and they are able to burden for cerebral ischemia Cerebral ischemia - how to overcome illness  Cerebral ischemia - how to overcome illness
 . The presence of concomitant causes of disease must be considered when choosing a treatment strategy.

Risk factors include the presence of overweight, sedentary lifestyle, the impact of "chronic stress" and bad habits (smoking, drinking). Starting from an early age is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle that will help in the future to prevent the development of cerebral ischemia. Adversely affects the health of excessive solar radiation, when a person stays for a long time in the sun.

As a preventive measure is considered timely treatment of comorbidity, diseases such as diabetes mellitus Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease  Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease
 , Hypertension, atherosclerosis. Treatment must be prescribed by a doctor based on the results of clinical and laboratory examination. The first appearance of symptoms, it is important to begin a course of therapy to prevent further progression of brain dysfunction.


The main directions of complex treatment

Treatment of chronic cerebral ischemia is acceptable to carry out in an outpatient setting. The issue of hospitalization is solved at risk of developing acute vascular disease, stroke, Stroke - a serious brain injury  Stroke - a serious brain injury
   or other severe complications. The first step is to restore the impaired cerebral blood flow, which is a kind of prevention of ischemic stroke. In parallel, should affect the platelet hemostasis as ischemic changes often occur in the background on the propensity to thrombosis.

The range of therapeutic measures include funds, helps to normalize blood pressure. Avoid significant fluctuations in numbers of blood pressure, antihypertensive drugs therefore dose picked individually, taking into account the general state of the patient. Stable blood pressure helps prevent destructive processes that develop in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia. It is essential that preparations are parallel to the protective effect on blood vessels (angioproteguoe action), as often in the background of developing high blood pressure changes in the target organs.

With the purpose of treatment prescribed acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), a drug that is effective antiplatelet agent. Therapy should be under the control of a blood test, to prevent the development of complications developing chronic administration of this group of drugs. If necessary, acetylsalicylic acid combined with other antiplatelet drugs such as dipyridamole. This solves the doctor individually depending on the clinical picture of the disease.

Implementation of lipid-lowering therapy is an essential component of the complex treatment of chronic cerebral ischemia.

Primarily statins possess hypolipidemic effect. They have been specially designed to effectively reduce blood cholesterol levels. To achieve a positive result is required to accept treatment for several years. At the beginning of the treatment appointed by the therapeutic dose, which is adjusted based on the results of biochemical analysis of blood.

Appointment of statins justified if the patient has no evidence of the presence of comorbidity. First of all we are talking about diseases of the liver. The presence of liver disease is a relative contraindication to statins. For this reason, it is important that prior to the complex therapy, the patient was examined in full. The mechanisms that lead to ischemic brain damage, are varied, so the approach to the selection of medical tactics should be individualized.

Marina Solovyov

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