Gymnastics for the eyes with hyperopia - help in the reconstruction of

November 23, 2014

 Gymnastics for the eyes with hyperopia
 Gymnastics for the eyes with hyperopia Hyperopia - than it is fraught?  Hyperopia - than it is fraught?
   It must necessarily be part of an integrated treatment. Tension and relaxation of the eye muscles contribute to their strengthening, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting  Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting
 , Activates the nerve cells of the visual cortex of the brain.


Where to begin?

Hyperopia or breach near vision - it is basically the problem of the elderly. Nevertheless, children and hyperopia occurs frequently. To treat farsightedness should be controlled by eye doctor. The structure of the complex treatment must include exercises for the eyes, which will help relieve eye strain.

To view exercise and stress relief should first do a set of exercises developed by American ophthalmologist U.G.Beytsom.

The basis of his gym eye on four relaxation exercises: solarization, palming, swinging and mental representation.


Solarize or saturation of light

Bates believes to improve vision should be to saturate the eye (retina) light. This will give an opportunity to work even in dim artificial light. Saturation can be carried out by sunlight or candlelight, removing glasses or contact lenses Contact lenses - whether they can completely replace the glasses?  Contact lenses - whether they can completely replace the glasses?

At saturation sunlight need to be on the border of shadow and light, close your eyes and slowly move your head so that it fell in the shadows, then the light. The light should fall directly on the closed eyelids. Head movement should be repeated as long as the closed eyes get used to the light. Once forever cease to tremble in the sun should be to face him, eyes closed, move your head from side to side and say to myself, "right-left". Pronunciation of this phrase will not detain look at the sun.

After his eyes adjusted to the bright sun, the need to tightly close one eye and hand to turn his head from side to side, blinking blatant eye and slide it along the ground. Then you need to raise your head, constantly blinking and moving his head to look at the sun. Repeat the exercise with the other eye.

Solarize light candles are also held with the head and turns first with your eyes closed. When his eyes adjusted to the light, you need to blinking and moving his head from side to side, concentrated look at a candle flame for a minute.


Palming - rest for the eyes

Starting position - sitting on a chair, with his elbows on the table, focus, back and neck straight. Hands cover tightly closed eyes, relax, think of something pleasant and sit still for 2-3 minutes. During palming relax the muscles of the body, including the eye. Finish the exercise should first take away from the hands of the eye. Then follows the count to 10 and open your eyes. After saturation light palming it helps the absorption of nerve cells.


Rocking - movement strengthens eyesight

When the eyes move, the vision becomes clearer. If the view is fixed, vision weakens. Rocking with turns destroys the habit of staring.

Starting position, facing the window, feet shoulder width apart. Slowly shift your body weight to the left foot, lifting right heel off the floor, turn your head and shoulders to the left. Repeat the exercise to the right. It should feel like during the turn passes by the window, but did not fix it with the glance. Repeat this exercise for three minutes.

Stationary put index finger in front of his nose and slowly turn his head from side to side, without fixing eyes on his finger. The illusion of movement of the finger. Repeat this exercise for two minutes.


Pleasant memories and dreams

Pleasant memories relax the muscles of the body, including the eye muscles. Remembering can be every time the same, it may be different memories and dreams, fantasies. The main thing - is that they evoke positive emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code  Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code
 . Memories combined with better palming.

Complex relaxation exercises is preparation for the exercises to strengthen the view. It should be done twice a day for a week.


Exercises for eyes with hyperopia - the main complex

  • Dial. It is convenient to sit down, close your eyes, back and neck straight. Submit a clock face, and slowly lead her head in a circle, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, fixing a look at the figure of every hour. Repeat 6 times.
  • Letter nose. The starting position is the same. With eyes closed, his nose in the air, write the words in full relaxation of the muscles of the back and neck. Write 3-4 words.
  • Text reading in poor light. Read the text and move the line 1-2 look at the bright intervals between the lines. Read at least the page.
  • Looking through your fingers. It is convenient to sit down, close your eyes, back and neck straight. Fingers breed, located opposite the eyes and slowly move your head from side to side, looking at things through his fingers. Then close your eyes and open again - there is the effect of moving the fingers. Repeat 5-6 times.

All complex of exercises should be done 2-3 times a day for a long time.

Galina Romanenko

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Treatment of strabismus - ways of correcting violations

November 27, 2014

 Treatment of strabismus
 Currently, we developed a lot of methods for correcting violations of fixation, which allow you to restore binocular vision and get rid of cosmetic defect. Treatment of strabismus should start when the first symptoms, as with time is the development of complications. The eye, which mows, visual function is suppressed, so the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions is largely determined by the time factor.


The choice of therapeutic techniques

To answer the question of how to treat strabismus, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient. The survey results will help the doctor determine the choice of further tactics. There are certain factors, the availability of which should be considered when deciding on the method of treatment:

  • cause of eye abnormalities
  • the severity of changes
  • side deviations
  • the patient's age
  • psychological condition

Strabismus treatment without surgery is performed in the first stage. With the ineffectiveness of conservative measures undertaken addressed the issue of surgical correction. Achieve a full or partial effect allows hardware strabismus treatment, which restores vision in patients without resorting to surgery. When strabismus develop skills suppression of one eye, so complex stimulation of special equipment aimed at suppressing this pathological habit.

Reduced vision in strabismus can be prevented by spectacle correction. Points restore the broken ties between the eyes, that is, the patient is formed a single visual image. In some cases carried correction lens with prismatic effect that makes it possible to approximate the image of each eye to each other.


The main objectives of surgical treatment

Surgical treatment of strabismus is mainly a means to redress the existing cosmetic defect. Restore binocular vision with the help of the operation is not given possible. The interference produced on one or both eyes at the same time, sometimes it is done in several stages. Surgery for strabismus is aimed at strengthening the muscular system, that is strengthening or weakening of the main eye muscles.

Training of eye muscles should continue also in the period after surgery. To this end, it recommended that a special set of exercises and treatment hardware.

Exercises for the treatment of strabismus should be performed regularly for a long time. The whole course of complex treatment can take up to two years or more. In modern conditions, surgical treatment refers to outpatient procedures, ie for operations do not require a long hospital stay. Operational technology allows the patient to return home the day when the operation was performed. In the future, continued treatment of strabismus at home.

The use of modern machines, equipped with computer programs, reducing the time frame, so we can achieve restoration of vision in a shorter time. Action instruments aimed at stimulating job neurons in the visual cortex, so this kind of exposure enhances the effectiveness of the treatment in general. Treatment of strabismus in adults is a complex task, it is important to start treatment at an early stage of the disease.


Recent advances in the treatment of strabismus

Currently, developed unique therapeutic techniques that belong to the category of innovation to effectively restore sight to correct violations of fixation. Treatment of strabismus laser, radio wave therapy replaced the existing traditional surgical techniques. The advantages of this type of treatment minimal injury tissue, nerves and vascular bundles, and the rapid post-operative healing.

The question of how to treat strabismus in adults, should be discussed taking into account the possibilities of modern medicine. A significant drawback may be the fact that not all ophthalmic clinics have the necessary modern, innovative equipment, there are not enough trained medical personnel. For this reason, patients are forced to seek clinics, which are located far from the place of residence, which is associated with high material costs.

Current operations are conducted on the basis of exact mathematical modeling course of surgery.

This approach allows us to calculate the required angle of rotation of the eyeball, which provides correction of strabismus Strabismus - how to find the cause?  Strabismus - how to find the cause?
 , Symmetrical arrangement of both eyeballs. It is also possible to calculate mathematically the effects of the development of strabismus biomechanical nature. Successfully used microsurgical technology, which allows to save important small structures without damage. Vascular, nerve plexus bundles remain intact, there is no disturbance of blood supply to the tissues of the eye, so the healing process proceeds without complications and in a short time.

In many patients, the question arises whether or not a medicine from strabismus. Currently, this type of treatment has not been developed. The main methods of treatment of strabismus are conservative and surgical methods. Development of innovative technologies allows us to see the good results of the treatment of strabismus, so their implementation should be a priority in the development of ophthalmology and strabismus in general in particular. The most important condition for the effectiveness of therapy is the timely treatment of the patient to a specialist, especially if symptoms of strabismus in infancy and early childhood.

Marina Solovyov

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