The effects of sinusitis: Required information

March 23 2013

 the effects of sinusitis
 Sinusitis - a disease quite common among both children and adults. This, however, is not a reason to treat the disease lightly and to neglect treatment: the effects of sinusitis can be very serious. Timely treatment can help prevent the transition to chronic sinusitis, as well as protect against complications.

The origin and course of the disease

Most often, acute sinusitis Acute sinusitis - occurs as the inflammatory process  Acute sinusitis - occurs as the inflammatory process
   It occurs as a complication of influenza or the common cold, as well as other diseases that are accompanied by rhinitis. The main symptoms of sinusitis: nasal congestion, runny nose DC, shortness of breath, headache, which usually increases with an inclination of the head. Often the headache is one-sided - it is on the side where the sinus is affected. The main mechanism of sinusitis is sinus blockage of the channel due to edema or because of heavy discharge. This blockage leads to inflammation. The inflamed sinus pus begins to form, which gives the mucus is yellow or green. If nasal discharge or change the hue acquired an unpleasant smell, it is a reason to see a doctor immediately. The specialist will be able to diagnose the disease and prescribe appropriate treatment.

If treatment is not started in time, unpleasant symptoms worse. Sinusitis is very easy to become chronic, which means inflammation of the sinuses that will occur regularly after any disease, and against the background of the general decrease in immunity. Get rid of chronic sinusitis is very difficult, so it is important to treat the disease in the acute phase.

However, the transition to a chronic form of sinusitis - that's not the worst thing that can happen. The inflammatory process is easily spread to adjacent areas. The infection can also penetrate into the respiratory tract. Because the maxillary sinuses are in close proximity to the brain, high risk of meningitis.


Together with the secretions easily penetrates the infection of sinuses in the upper respiratory tract. This gives rise to sore throats and bronchitis. Symptoms of these diseases are known to all: the temperature rises, difficult swallowing, there is pain in the throat with angina, a painful cough and strong - with bronchitis. In addition, often develop pneumonia Pneumonia - Symptoms and Causes  Pneumonia - Symptoms and Causes
 . How to avoid it? Of course, you must permanently remove isolation, washing the nose and gently blowing her nose. However, such measures are usually enough. Therefore, in most cases, can not do without drug therapy. To treat the infection most commonly used antibiotics, preventing the emergence of new foci of inflammation.

It is also very important in the treatment of sinusitis pay due attention to improving immunity. It helps the body fight infection and to some extent protect against the emergence of new inflammation. As an additional preventive measures have proved themselves gargling decoction of medicinal herbs that have anti-inflammatory properties.

From the sinus pus easily gets into the surrounding tissue, resulting in inflammation, damaging the eye sockets, teeth, nerves, and in severe cases - even the meninges. In rare cases, there osteoperiostit - inflammation of the bony walls of the orbit. This disease leads to the limited mobility his eyes, and in some cases - to a decrease in visual acuity. It is very common due to sinusitis and otitis media and evstaheit, often suffers the periosteum in the upper jaw.

The most dangerous complication of sinusitis is considered meningitis Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges  Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges
   - Inflammation of the meninges. Major complications of meningitis Complications of meningitis  Complications of meningitis
 Headache, stiff neck, sudden fever, vomiting, various disturbances of consciousness, hallucinations, seizures. If you have the slightest suspicion of meningitis should immediately consult your doctor, who can diagnose and prescribe treatment. The consequences of meningitis can be really dangerous: intellectual impairment, deafness, blindness, convulsions, seizures, paralysis, and even death. The disease develops very quickly, so the success of the treatment should consult a doctor as soon as symptoms appear suspicious. It is better, however, not lead to an inflammation of the meninges, observing all the doctor's recommendations for the treatment of sinusitis.

How to avoid complications

Sinusitis causes dangerous consequences to treat the disease treated with the utmost seriousness. Earlier this treatment was a first puncture (puncture) followed by washing the sinus anti-inflammatory drugs. To date, these punctures are no longer the only way to treat the disease. If we turn to the otolaryngologist at the first symptoms of sinusitis, it is likely that will be able to do without a puncture. Modern treatment of sinusitis is carried out comprehensively: apply anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs to enhance immunity, as well as washing the sinuses are conducted (with or without punctures). If treatment is started in time, recovery may occur within a week.

When the use of antibiotics is very important not to stop treatment if the condition has improved, and bring treatment to the end. Otherwise, the possibility of incomplete curing, resulting in sinusitis go into a chronic form. After the treatment you need to keep your head warm and avoid possible colds.

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Preventing sinusitis: avoid possible diseases

March 24, 2013

 prevention of sinusitis
 In autumn and winter, when colds are common, it becomes important prevention of sinusitis. In order not to get sick this serious and very unpleasant disease, is sufficient to carry out tempering procedure, do not "run" cold and still observe some simple rules.

 Preventing sinusitis: avoid possible diseases

Symptoms of sinusitis

Sinusitis - a disease quite common, but that does not make it less severe. If sinusitis is not treated, it can lead to dangerous complications. That is why it is very important time to begin treatment.

The main symptoms in the sinus are:

  • nasal congestion;
  • severe headache, especially in the forehead;
  • headache, growing at an inclination of the head;
  • temperature increase.

If any of these symptoms you must rush to the doctor. It is better, however, be given sufficient time in advance of disease prevention.

 Preventing sinusitis: avoid possible diseases


Strictly speaking, strengthening the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system  Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system
   not a specific measure for preventing sinusitis: a good immune system will prevent many diseases. Ways to strengthen the body's defenses are known from time immemorial. In autumn and winter in the food should be a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, if necessary, recommend additional intake of vitamin-mineral complexes. It is important to avoid stress, which lowers immunity. In particular, it is better to abandon the strict diets for weight loss, which weaken the body, for nothing less nervous and more sleep. In some cases, indicated the use of immune and drugs - of course, after a consultation with a specialist.

Modern man spends outdoors very little time that even the majority of people engaged in sports indoor fitness clubs. Meanwhile, a walk in the fresh air are very useful for strengthening the immune system. The main thing - to dress for the weather: hypothermia can lead to colds.

 Preventing sinusitis: avoid possible diseases

"Normal" colds and allergic rhinitis

To treat colds taken with a share of frivolity, there is even a saying that if you treat a cold, it will take a week, and if you refuse treatment - is in seven days. Yet to refuse treatment should not be: colds dangerous its complications, among them one of the most common - sinusitis. Such simple measures, such as abundant warm drink, use drugs for the common cold and bed rest, allow to survive the cold without consequences. Very effective nasal lavage with warm solution of table or sea salt or a decoction of herbs. Such washing is easy to perform at home.

You should carefully monitor their condition, and if the background of a cold appear typical symptoms of sinusitis, immediately report them to the doctor. The earlier treatment is started, the more effective it will be. If you do not treat sinusitis How to treat sinusitis: basic methods  How to treat sinusitis: basic methods
 It is easy to go into a chronic form, and that means that the unpleasant symptoms are disturbed several times a year, after any previous infection or even due to normal exposure.

Contrary to popular belief, not only to colds and viral infections can lead to sinusitis. Quite often, sinusitis occurs on the background of seasonal allergies. So do not neglect the antihistamines and decongestants nasal spray. The use of these funds will help to reduce the risk of inflammation of the sinuses.

 Preventing sinusitis: avoid possible diseases

Local activities

Not only allergies, but also healthy people should avoid dehydration and breathing dry air, which is not good for the mucous membranes of the nose. If the nasal passages are damp, the germs are easily removed from the body, so it is necessary to drink more, hygiene, and if necessary - to use saline nasal sprays. Also useful prophylactic nasal lavage and just warm salt water or decoction of herbs. This simple exercise is very effective for the prevention not only of sinusitis, and viral infections. After washing of the nose should be gently but thoroughly to blow his nose.

If rhinitis is effective is massage the nose, which promotes blood flow and warming of the nose and sinuses, prevents stagnation and discharge of inflammation. For massage you can use mustard oil, which has a warming effect. In addition, when a cold is very important to keep your head, especially the forehead, warm.

 Preventing sinusitis: avoid possible diseases

If the disease still occurred

If avoid sinusitis is still not possible, you must immediately begin treatment, the disease is not passed to the chronic form. To cure chronic sinusitis Chronic sinusitis - the effect on health  Chronic sinusitis - the effect on health
   extremely difficult: the disease will come back again and again after every cold and the slightest exposure. To avoid this, it is necessary to completely cure acute sinusitis Acute sinusitis - occurs as the inflammatory process  Acute sinusitis - occurs as the inflammatory process

Very often, the fear of painful penetration, people avoid seeking a doctor, doing folk remedies .  No doubt, these tools are effective, but can be very inept self worsen the situation .  For example, warming up the nose and forehead with hot boiled eggs or bags of heated salt can be really dangerous when purulent sinusitis species .  Therefore, you need to see a doctor, and after consultation with the doctor, you can combine the methods of traditional medicine and folk remedies for treating the disease .  Fortunately, now for the treatment of sinusitis is not always necessary to do punctures in most cases, if the disease is not running, it is enough to drug therapy and physiotherapy .  In most cases, used for treatment of last generation antibiotics having little side effects .  What is important is not to interrupt the treatment as soon as the condition will improve and bring the therapy to the end .

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