Protargol - nose drops: a short shelf life

December 18, 2011

 Most of the population Protargolum known specifically as nose drops. And anyone who has ever used them, knows that drops protargola very effective. Here are just apply them better still on prescription - contained in protargola silver at long uncontrolled use can cause complications.

 Protargol - nose drops: a short shelf life

How does Protargolum the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity

Protargol is colloidal (i.e., a solution containing large molecules) silver solution. After contact with the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity Protargolum dissociates (breaks), with the formation of active silver ions. The silver ions on one side have antimicrobial activity, and with other binders.

The astringent action is due to the fact that silver ions form on the mucosal surface of the soft film of coagulated protein surface cells. The resulting film helps to reduce inflammation and slightly narrows blood vessels - it reduces swelling.

But the narrowing of blood vessels from protargola not as pronounced as, for example, after naftizina Naphthyzinum - carefully overdose  Naphthyzinum - carefully overdose
 So Protargolum causes characteristic of vasoconstrictor complications - paresis of the blood vessels.

Such complications occur long nasal congestion, which is difficult to treat.

 Protargol - nose drops: a short shelf life

Which diseases apply drops protargola

Protargol drops are used to treat various types of rhinitis. It perfectly helps with acute rhinitis in any of its phase from nasal congestion and discharge of liquid and ending with thick mucous secretions Mucus - what is the norm for a healthy woman  Mucus - what is the norm for a healthy woman
 . In this case, an active antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect of the drug promotes early recovery and prevention of complications of acute rhinitis.

Widely used in the treatment of adenoiditis Protargolum children. In this case, Protargolum has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, which in themselves prevent growth of tissue. A film of coagulated protein on the surface of the mucous membrane prevents the rapid proliferation of adenoid tissue Adenoids - the expansion of the pharyngeal tonsil  Adenoids - the expansion of the pharyngeal tonsil

If chronic rhinitis (chronic rhinitis) nose drops to help prevent protargola as worsening of the disease, treat it and prevent aggravation of mucosal proliferation of hypertrophic (with the growth of tissues) processes.

Contraindications for use in the nose drops protargola are idiosyncrasy drug, pregnancy and breast-feeding Breastfeeding - a personal choice  Breastfeeding - a personal choice

 Protargol - nose drops: a short shelf life

How to apply

The drops in the nose with protargola prepared in industrial pharmacies by prescription. Shelf life of such solutions is limited, because Protargolum silver compound is a protein. The nose is usually buried one- or two-percent solution protargola. Before you dig Protargolum in the nose, the nasal cavity of the need to remove mucus. To do this, dig the nose first drops that dissolve mucus. It may be a drop in the sea salt (for example, Aqua Maris) or two percent sodium carbonate solution, which is prepared on the basis of a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of boiled water.

After the nasal cavity will be freed of mucus, you can dig Protargolum.

Adults, he buried three to five drops of the two, and sometimes three times a day (the number of drops, the frequency of instillation, and the course of treatment prescribed by a doctor).

In acute rhinitis treatment continues to recover and is rarely more than seven days. In adenoids and chronic hypertrophic rhinitis treatment for at least two weeks, and sometimes more - Protargolum in this case prevents the proliferation of adenoids and nasal mucosa. In atrophic chronic adenoids, when there is a sharp decrease in the volume of the nasal mucosa, with drops protargola used with caution and short courses only during the acute illness.

 Protargol - nose drops: a short shelf life

Side effects

Side effects from the use of drops protargola very rare - the drug is generally well tolerated. Most often it manifests itself in the irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity, the appearance of dryness, numbness, burning and itching. Sometimes it can appear headaches and dizziness.

Such side effects as argyrosis when applying drops protargola almost never occur. However, it is theoretically possible for very prolonged and uncontrolled use. In this case, silver is deposited in the skin and mucous membranes, which leads to life changing the color from blue-gray to black.

Drops protargola and today is widely used in clinical practice physicians, pediatricians and otolaryngologists.

Galina Romanenko

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Catarrhal angina - superficial lesions

April 3, 2014

 catarrhal angina
 Catarrhal angina is also called the surface, because it affects only the superficial layers of the tissues of the tonsils. Catarrhal angina occurs in members of all ages, and the peak incidence occurs in winter.


Catarrhal symptoms of angina

The most common symptoms of bluetongue angina are:

  • A sore throat;
  • Increased body temperature (generally not higher 38-38.3S);
  • Bright coating on the back surface of the throat;
  • Headache.

Some patients also complain of pain in the ears, and they have observed an increase in the tonsils, although, as a rule, these symptoms are less pronounced than in other types of angina.

The symptoms of catarrhal tonsillitis in children Sore throat in children - a common disease  Sore throat in children - a common disease
   It may be more pronounced than in adults - they have the disease often causes a high fever and a very strong pain in the throat, because they may refuse to eat or drink. In young children, also observed changes in behavior - they may become unusually drowsy, lethargic, or highly excitable. Adults sometimes found catarrhal angina without a fever; other symptoms of angina Symptoms of angina - obvious and recognizable  Symptoms of angina - obvious and recognizable
   This may be mild, but the patient may still infect other people.



In most cases, a sore throat is caused by Bluetongue virus; Bacteria are usually the causative agents of a severe sore throat. The most common viruses that can lead to the development of angina bluetongue:

  • Rhinovirus;
  • Parainfluenza virus;
  • Coronavirus;
  • Influenza viruses types A and B;
  • Adenovirus;
  • Epstein-Barr virus;
  • Enteroviruses.

Among bacterial pathogens bluetongue angina are most often streptococci.

From time to time bluetongue angina Angina - is it worth it to carry "on their feet"?  Angina - is it worth it to carry "on their feet"?
   most people sick, but if you develop a sore throat several times a year to talk about it with your doctor and get tested - frequent infections may indicate a significant decrease in immunity as a result of any disease, receiving potent drugs or an unhealthy lifestyle.


How to treat angina bluetongue

Catarrhal angina is not a serious and dangerous disease, and usually does not require special treatment. Angina of this type takes place itself within the period of seven to ten days, and at this time only need to take measures to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

Catarrhal sore throat in children is treated much the same as in adults, but before you start treatment the child should consult a doctor; Tips qualified specialist is particularly important in the treatment of infants.

Recommendations for treatment of catarrhal angina:

  • Avoid very hot foods and beverages - the impact of high temperature causes irritation of a sore throat;
  • Drink plenty of warm or cold drinks, so that the body constantly receives the necessary amounts of water;
  • Eat broth, soups, yogurt and other products that are relatively easy to swallow when a sore throat;
  • Do not smoke and try not to be in a room where other people are smoking;
  • Several times a day, gargle with warm salt water;
  • Take nonprescription pain relievers, such as ibuprofen Ibuprofen: anti-inflammatory drug  Ibuprofen: anti-inflammatory drug
   or paracetamol;
  • Do warm compresses for the throat: warm water soak a piece of cloth, apply to the neck, put a piece of polythene and wrap the neck with a towel or handkerchief.

Antibiotics for bluetongue angina rarely used because, firstly, in most cases the disease is caused by virus, and secondly, even if the agents become bacteria, it usually passes without any special preparations. However, in the following cases can be given treatment catarrhal sore throat with antibiotics:

  • Catarrhal angina is a very strong pain in the throat, which can not be significantly ease using home remedies and non-prescription medicines;
  • The patient has an increased risk of developing complications of angina - it happens, for example, diseases caused by low immunity;
  • Patient previously suffered from acute rheumatic fever.

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